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Miles East - Lucky To Be Here Tonight (ECR Music Group)

13 February 2024

In today’s musical terrain, stumbling upon singer-songwriters is about as challenging as finding grains of sand on a beach. You toss a figurative stone in any direction, and odds are you’ll clock some fresh-faced troubadour sporting a wide-brimmed hat, an acoustic punk-popster, or perhaps a balladeer draped in hippy threads. Sure, it’s all well and good if you’re content with someone who has a limited, working knowledge of A minor and bombards your Instagram feed with the profound musings of their scant nineteen years on this mortal coil. But for those of us craving a bit more substance, the hunt continues.

Enter Miles East and his latest single, “Lucky To Be Here Tonight,” a beacon of hope for those seeking a higher-caliber singer-songwriter. Though perhaps labeling him as merely a singer-songwriter doesn’t quite capture his essence. His ability to infuse his compositions with the richness of a full band sound while preserving their delicate and delectable core is nothing short of genius—a testament to the adage that less indeed can be more.

And his lyrics? They speak volumes with a single line or a poetic twist that puts a host of would-be troubadours to shame. Whether he’s waxing lyrical about love, life, or longing, expressing gratitude, or simply reveling in the present moment, each syllable resonates with a depth of experience, maturity, and an acute awareness of life’s fleeting nature—a wisdom that can only be gleaned from having lived it for a while, not from thumbing through glossy magazines for writing prompts like those young bards I mentioned earlier.