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Minimum Champion - Before It Gets Better (Westfall Recordings)

26 January 2024

Found just on the edge of the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” section of music, “Before It Gets Better, “ the latest offering from Minimum Champion, resonates with undeniable honesty and a sense of familiarity. Here, the band proudly wears its musical influences on its sleeve, drawing from the rich tapestry of pop-punk and alt-rock. It’s not a reinvention of the wheel but a celebration of genres that have proven their staying power since the rebellious days of the 90s, and their ability to evolve through ever-changing musical landscapes with unwavering popularity.

Minimum Champion doesn’t set out to revolutionize; instead, they adeptly take the well-established traditions, musical modus operandi, and unspoken rules of these genres and merely give them a fresh face. It’s about concocting something original and comfortably recognizable, inviting the existing audience on a journey without asking them to abandon their familiar comfort zones. Or at least keep them in sight as they explore fresh sonic territory. Nicholas Lopardo, the captain of this musical ship, excels in navigating through this delicate balancing act.

“Before It Gets Better” emerges as a bold and vibrant anthem, unapologetically tearing through the modern musical landscape with its energetic riffs and dynamic power plays. It’s not just a song; it’s a challenge. The track locks eyes with you, daring you to react—whether through a subtle foot shuffle, a spirited boogie, a full-blown mosh or an invitation to evoke pure chaos and dance-induced mayhem. Go ahead, accept the challenge. I dare you!