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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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nighTime - Animals (Toujours Mon Ami)

4 February 2024

Music made in the shoegazing, dream-pop, ambient, and cinematic realms has often featured a vocal style that is more part of the music than a means of direct lyrical communication. A texture rather than a tale to be told. So why not just make the music and do away with the vocal element altogether? I’m not advocating that as a blanket concept for all music made in such genres, but I am saying that often such music lends itself naturally to the instrumental form. And this new one from nighTime is a perfect example of the concept.

“Animals” is a delicate blend of gentle beats and sonic waves, gossamer-thin strands of guitar and skittering percussion, more robust riffs and dreamy soundscaping. There is a good reason why the artist describes the music as “nocturnal dreamstate”, which is a brilliant overall description of the musical vibe here.

It is more a state than a song. It’s more a feeling than a tune. It is more a soundtrack to a state of mind than something that is trying to follow the fickle fads or fashions of the mainstream. Some music is made for the mind, to be contemplated rather than experienced. Some is for the heart, something to be felt rather than listened to. “Animals” is a song that connects with the very soul of the listener. This is deep music. Deep music, indeed.