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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Omri Ash - Where is my Love (self-released)

8 February 2024

There is something special found at the heart of this new one from Omri Ash, a delicacy that you rarely find in modern music, even music made in the folky-acoustic realm that this song comes from. It is more than just the use of space and understatement, which he uses to significant effect, there is also something more. An honesty, perhaps, and a heartfelt urge that gives the song true fragility. Music made by an artist who is brave enough to show vulnerability.

It is like watching a watercolour painter add only a few fine lines and the most restrained hints of colour wash to a canvas and then marvelling at how the finished piece comes to life through mere suggestion and only the most sparing use of paint. The same is true of “Where is My Love.”

For every sonic line or musical hue he commits to the song, there is an equal amount of atmosphere and anticipation, which permeate and pool in the spaces between. It is as much what is not sung or played as what is that completes the picture here.

“Where is my Love” is a genuinely gentle piece. It makes its presence felt by cocooning the listener in ethereal vibes and half-heard beauty. Perhaps it is the act of the listener leaning into the song to hear what is going on that creates a bond that more prominent, more direct, more sucker-punch music doesn’t have; that is what keeps things intimate between the artist and audience here.

But also, technical details aside, it’s also a great song.