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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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ON - Gator (Indiestructable Records)

14 September 2023

Some of the most profound ideas come from the simplest of observations. Like Newton watching the theorem-inducing apple fall, Darwin positing the notion of evolution through studying finches or Kim Kardashian realizing that she could become a pointless and vacuous celebrity merely due to her father being a multi-billionaire. Similarly, the ideas found in “Gator” comes from ON spending time in a Floridian gated community where the alligators were allowed to roam free and the people were behind gates and fences. It is a healthy practice, sure, but it is also the perfect analogy for the idea of societal control being presented to us as safety measures. Are all the controls and restrictions that governments hand down to us really all for our own good? That is a fair point!

And as always, ON drives its lyrical message along with some cool, alt-rock energy. Here, a low-slung groove forged of pulsing bass lines, razor wire riffs, and thunderous salvos of abrasive six-string sass all help to build a mid-paced, dense and delicious tide of down and dirty sonics. Grunge for a new age? Alt-rock gone full circle and becoming the perfect sound to salvage the mainstream from its woes? College rock that refuses to grow old gracefully (- the best sort)?

Call it what you will; I’ll just call it the most slinky, groovesome, and gloriously paced slice of rock I have heard in a long time.

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