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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Pete International Airport - Tic Tac 7" ft. Rachel Goswell (Little Cloud Records)

8 November 2023

I guess that is what they call a coming together of the great and good – Dandy Walhols’ man Peter G. Holmström being joined by Slowdive goddess Rachel Goswell and then the whole thing being remixed as an alternative b-side by Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. If you wonder what that clanging is in the background, it is the sound of me dropping names.

And the result of this meeting of minds, as you might imagine, is nothing sort of heavenly, and hazy and harmonious, and plenty of other superlatives that don’t necessarily begin with the letter aitch.

“Tic Tac” is a gorgeous slice of contemporary dream-pop, Peter’s guitars floating over a ticking and slightly urgent backbeat whilst Rachel’s shimmering vocals soften edges and soothe souls. Taken from Pete International Airport’s third and current album, It Felt Like The End of the World, this single acts as a wonderfully gentle starting point for the listener to start on the psychedelic and beguiling journey that the album takes you on.

Tic Tac 7” feat. Rachel Goswell
It Felt Like The End of the World LP
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