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Ramsey - Ramsey EP (self-released)

Ramsey - Ramsey EP
24 February 2017

Los Angeles-based electronic pop noir rising star Ramsey unveils her enthralling self-titled debut EP today, February 24th. Ramsey ensnares listeners with her daringly dark lyrics, vividly alluring vocals, harrowing emotional potency, and shadowy and menacing electronic sonics.

Ramsey has been on an ascendant trajectory since her initiation into the music realm just over a year ago. She’s been putting out pieces of her tormented, ardent heart in song form via SoundCloud, stirring up a massive listener response and major blogosphere buzz. Music critics and fans alike rave about Ramsey’s raw and passionate vocals and lyrics and her hypnotic electronic sonics.

Sounding like no other, flush with intense feeling, Ramsey exposes her fierce and vulnerable sides with electrifying fervor on her new EP. The listener will be hard-pressed to turn away from Ramsey’s captivatingly tortured vocal delivery that is filled with both erotic longing and restless distress.

Ramsey finds and mines the unkind underside of the City of Lost Angels where she lives and breathes in the mysterious, nocturnal atmosphere of destructive love and lust, broken trust, and lost innocence. Heartbreak, betrayal, and revenge are writ large through her bold and bleak lyrics as she decries her dire plight. Try as Ramsey might, she cannot escape from the obsession and possession of love.

EP opener “Pay” shivers with sensual energy as Ramsey curves her vocals through the track, stalking starkly through the verses, then winding to the sky with her cries on the chorus sections. She’s reeling from the betrayal of a lover who used her for his own gain, revealing, “…I dream about the day / when you face all the lives you hurt / Now it’s you who’ll pay.”

Ramsey turns the tables on the dominant man/submissive woman power dynamic on “Who You Do It For”, taking on the controlling masculine persona while vocally writhing amid the fast-ticking percussion, down-tempo beats, and twisting electronic notes. She eyes the object of her lust, declaring trepidatiously, “…it’s turnin’ me on / how you do it so good / Look at you go / the way your body moves in the black light / out on the pole.” It’s a weird feeling to be listening to a woman proclaiming these words, but it’s a potent reminder that gender equality is still not the norm in our modern, male-driven society.

A vocally penetrating Ramsey urgently pushes through “See You Bleed”, fluttering achingly on her rough lyrics, mixing pain with pleasure to striking effect. “Love Surrounds You” is rife with thick beats and buzzing electronics as Ramsey speaks of sin and how, once innocence is lost, it can never be regained. Sinuous, Middle Eastern vocal and sonic lines wind through the latter half of the track, building into a heightened, ominous ending.

The stripped back to full-on “Bow Down” finishes the EP in dramatic fashion as the instrumentation goes from a simpler guitar refrain to intimidating, high-octane electronic blasts, all tied together by Ramsey’s always-dangerously-in-overdrive vocals. The EP is a riveting ride that is both exhilarating and disquieting – and 50 shades darker than anything in the electronic and pop mainstream, yet its impact has mass appeal. Ramsey is the real deal.

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