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Sam Levin - Frame of Mind (Self-Released)

23 April 2017

Although New York singer/songwriter Sam Levin has been performing in some capacity or another since the age of seven, he has just released his first full-length debut album entitled Frame of Mind. His own style is reminiscent of newer artists like Kings of Leon or The Lumineers, but his songs are more firmly rooted in a classical pop tradition with strong hints of ’60s soulful melodicism. The production is full and lush, but still raw enough to put the focus on Levin’s unpretentiously introspective lyrics. When necessary songs like “Ride” have a chanting, group-like quality, whereas others such as “Shades of Pale” turn the spotlight solely on Levin’s guitar and voice.

Frame of Mind is definitely an album wholly devoid of pessimism, but neither is it blindly idealistic. Instead, Levin’s lyrics lean towards the cautiously optimistic with the occasional trace of melancholy. Electronic and synthpop elements sneak in once in awhile, typified best by album highlight “Hide and Seek,” but it never clashes with the more acoustic songs, blending in perfectly. Frame of Mind has a wonderfully charming home grown sound that perfectly suits Sam Levin’s quietly confident style, and should easily turn out to be surprise indie sleeper hit.