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Sister Speak - Rise Up For Love (Self-Released)

9 August 2014

Based out of San Diego, Sister Speak are an originally Canadian “Americana”/roots rock band, centered around the core of Sherri Anne (vocals/guitar) and Lisa Viegas (drums). Their debut album, Rise Up For Love, finds the duo augmented by Jacob Miranda (bass) and Tolan Shaw (guitars/harmonies), firmly maturing and enriching their already well-established sound. The songs here are left of the dial enough to keep you on your toes, and play like the result of the duo soaking in the sounds of both Canada and San Diego, creating a wholly unique and special sound.

Songs like “Chicago Dream” or “Say You Will” would have also made great soundtrack choices for pivotal moments of the best early 00’s teen romantic comedies. This is not to say their music is dated by any means; it’s to say their sound is timeless, fitting effortlessly into any era. Many of these songs could have just as easily been found on Rumours. Coincidentally, the album itself was produced by Alan Sanderson who has worked with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, a band whose influence obviously lies heavy with this band.

The entire album is inviting and comforting yet piercing like a warm cup of coffee. Songs like “Goodbye My Lover” and “Mirror (II)” strike directly to the heart, but in a way subtly enough that enfolds you and brings you down to the bottom of an emotional well. Rise Up For Love is an album you can sink into immediately, but you’ll be surprised how quietly it’ll immediately affect you and in this way the production is not only effective but brilliant. Sister Speak have just about crafted a debut album as perfectly as one could hope. Rise Up For Love will be released September 23rd.