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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Sometimes Julie - Seven Wishes (Walker-Sorensongs)

22 January 2024

Remember when rock and roll just got on with the job at hand? When it just seemed to swing with a low-slung groove? When the light got in and allowed the music to breathe? When it was more about simple, honest, and authentic infectiousness rather than an overabundance of velocity and volume or full of throw-away gimmicks and faddish foppishness. Remember when it just looked you straight in the eye and asked you to dance or at least sway or tap your foot? Remember those times? Well, if you do, you are not alone because on the strength of Seven Wishes, Sometimes Julie certainly does.

This is an album made in just such a style. Rock and roll has no problem leaning into country-fried sounds, bluesy sonic sentiments, and even, when called for pop-aware infectiousness. Again, seemingly a musical melting pot that we have lost somewhere along the way. This album is a return to substance over style. No, hang on, this is substance AND style.

So we find that we have an album filled with cool, grooving rockers such as the opener “Wish on the Wild Side,” and country-leaning ballads like “Fools’ Wish,” the spiraling, foot-on-the-monitor blues of “Don’t Take What’s Not Yours” and the scintillating soul-infused, pop-rock of “Missed The Boat.”

It’s an album that covers a lot of ground but not so much that it doesn’t sound like anything other than a duo gently exploring the boundaries of their own already broad, signature sound.