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Sophia St. Helen - To Where and Where From (TMC Publishing)

10 July 2024

With one foot in a drifting alt-country place and the other in an indie folk realm, Sophia St. Helen’s “To Where and Where From” is a gorgeous soundscape to find yourself passing through. And if both folk and country music are well-established styles, this is the sound of those rootsy musical roots being taken down routes that lead away from the past and towards a bright new future.

It is pertinent that Sophia St. Helen has her eyes on the sonic road ahead as “To Where and Where From,” as the name might suggest, is about the freedom of the road ahead, about taking risks and going with your instincts, about finding liberation, but liberation in both the ups and the downs, the joy and the sorrows, that this yet unknown road might bring.

It’s a spacious song, robust enough that the structures neatly hold it together but loose enough that all manner of dreamscape drifts and floating sonics seem to orbit and infuse it. Guitars resonate with the echo of a fifties twang, beats gently march the song forward, and Sophia’s lovely and lilting voice joins with the background vocal washes that she has created for it to dance delicately over, the whole sonic ebb and flow meshing together to create a truly memorable song.

If you ever wanted to know what freedom sounded like, this is the soundtrack to just such a state of grace.