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Starlight Alice - Pieces of My Heart (JB Records)

7 July 2024

If “I Swear To God” saw Starlight Alice follow in some frantic, British indie-folk traditions, their latest single, “Pieces Of My Heart”, leans more towards a pop-infused Americana vibe. But the great thing about the band is that their sonic scope is big enough to encompass both sounds and still make them their own.

I use the word pop quite deliberately, not in a way that suggests a throwaway mentality towards their creations, far from it. The pop that they weave into these otherwise roots-driven sounds is what builds the infectiousness and accessibility that is at the heart of everything that they do.

“Pieces Of My Heart” is that perfect crossover song. It oozes country cool and Americana maturity, not to mention that it is lyrically relatable by anyone and everyone who has been around life’s block a time or two. But it is a sure contender for chart success, too. Its easy ways and clever hooks, change of pace and dynamic lifts, buoyant nature and the fact that you will be singing the chorus even when it comes round for the second time during your first ever spin (imagine the effect that is going to have on people in the live setting!) make it the perfect blend of genre favourite and commercial contender.

It’s great when well-made music makes it through to the more mainstream places, and this is certain to be one of those times.


Starlight Alice · Pieces Of My Heart