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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Tsunamiz - Os Bravos (self-released)

7 May 2024

Writing about songs not in your native tongue has an unexpected bonus. Of course, I can’t comment on the lyrics, certainly not as they relate to the listener in the form of direct communication. But that has a much overlooked silver lining. It means that I get to focus on what else the voice brings to the song – it’s sound as an instrument, its ability to set the mood through pitch and poise, the way that it ebbs and flows through the music, its richness and sound qualities beyond the delivery of just the words, and these are all things that are largely overlooked by those who just want to sing along, which is all most people seem happy with, but that actually enrich the experience in a way that having a bit of a sing-song can’t even get close to.

Once we move beyond those concerns, we should be in more familiar territory. But Tsunamiz, being the kind of artist that he is, still seems to pull the rug of expectation out from under the listeners’ feet. Is it pop music? Electronica? Rock? Well, All of them. None. A deft and delicate blend of each. Take your pick.

At a turn, you have pop beats, rock salvos, Latin motifs, electronic sheen, digital dexterity, analogue deftness, slow dance grooves, anthemic vocals, balladic pace and everything in between.

If you want any further proof that we are genuinely in a post-genre world, then this is it; this is the music that reminds artists that they are free to find influence and inspiration anywhere they see it, in any genre, age, culture and tradition. More people should make songs this way.