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Jen Dan: December 14, 2019

TOP 10 SONGS – 2019

1. “Clutching the Blade” by rev rev rev

2. “Serafina” by Bambara

3. “Borderlines” by Baroness

4. “Disappear” by Off With Their Heads

5. “Animal Kingdom” by Djunah

6. “Oxytocin” by Drab Majesty

7. “Wax and Digital” by Basement Revolver

8. “A Broken Person’s Game” by Primer

9. “Turn” by Tennis System

10. “Limbs” by Fassine


11. “This Feeling” by The Velvet Hands

12. “Sinew In Red” by Crooked Ghost

13. “Chasing Rabbits” by dielines

14. “Dizzying Heights” by The Stargazer Lilies

15. “Temporal Love” by SRSQ (Kennedy Ashlyn of Them Are Us Too)

16. “Running Up That Hill” (Kate Bush cover) by Another Heaven

17. “Bulletproof” by The Soft Cavalry (Rachel Goswell of Slowdive and Steve Clarke)

18. “List and Heel” by Defeater

19. “California” by Sleepspent

20. “For Sure” by Outward


21. “Forever Defend Her Story” by Frieda’s Roses

22. “The Absolute” by O Future

23. “Spirit” by Riches

24. “The River” by Reduction Plan

25. “Electric Lights” by Lunar Twin

26. “Lost At Sea” by Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch

27. “Right on Cue” by Summer Cult

28. “VTr” by The Twilight Sad

29. “Excess” by Perturbator

30. “Hole In The Sky” (re-recorded) by Fake Figures

And the following TOP 10 SONGS – 2019

31. “Death Wave” by All Eyes West

32. “This Is Not The End” by Spielbergs

32. “Cream” by Mannequin Pussy

33. “Daddy Guilt” by Dad Brains

34. “Bored and Lonely” by Boyracer

35. “Rebellion Story” by Hot Water Music

36. “To That Funny Place” by The Muffs

37. “Walden” by Mc Lars & Mega Ran

38. “Lovers Breakdown” by Seasurfer

39. “Do You Feel Nothing?” by Greet Death

40. “A Pastel Sky” by Citrus Clouds

And the last of my TOP 10 SONGS – 2019

41. “Remember Me” by Whimsical

42. “Ricochet” by Mint Julep

43. “Plastic Enemies” by Pixel Grip

44. “Nothing More” by Winter

45. “Krakenkombat” by Vlimmer

46. “Cold” (The Cure cover) by Ramsey

47. “Endless Summer Blues” by Ryan Traster

48. “Summer Angels” by Grant Earl LaValley

49. “Pretenders” by Joseph of Mercury

50. “This Is Where It’s At” by Twinfolds (The first half of this track is all spare, laid-back set-up, but on the last half listeners are spikily rewarded by a lyrically blistering, socio-politically right-on and relevant diatribe. A fitting ending for this list – and this year!)

TOP 10 ALBUMS – 2019

1. Amir (Deluxe Edition) by Tamino

2. Brickbat by Piroshka (Miki Berenyi of Lush, Moose of Moose, Mick Conroy of Modern English, and Justin Welch of Elastica)

3. Age of Unreason by Bad Religion

4. Kykeon by rev rev rev

5. We Are Not Really Here by Inkraktare (duo of Dean Garcia of Curve and SPC ECO, and Mark Wallbridge, AKA Vasko the Pig)

6. Dark Synthetics by Secret Shame

7. Exposure Therapy by Wingtips

8. The Stag King by Night Tongue

9. Memory Emotion by Electric Youth

10. Maybe Someday by Tombstones In Their Eyes

TOP 10 VIDEOS – 2019

1.“Tabula Rasa” by Bjork

2. “Candy is A Heartthrob” by Gone Sugar Die

3. “Fix Me” by Hearken

4. “Air BnB” by Kim Gordon

5. “Napoleon” by Riki

6. “Cracked Porcelain” by Kris Kelly

7. “The Edge of Infinity” by All India Radio

8. “ARAWA” by Electric Youth

9. “Caravan” by Ummagma

10. “I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus” by Beabadoobee

Top 11 Protest Songs (because it goes to 11, and beyond) – 2019

1. “Chaos From Within” by Bad Religion

2. “Our Great Divide” by Good Riddance

3. “(I Blame) Society” by Titus Andronicus

4. “(Little Black Square On My) Profile Pic” by Aaron Semer

5. “America, You’re Freakin’ Me Out” by The Menzingers

6. “What’s Next?” by Piroshka

7. “Big Mouth” by Petrol Girls

8. “We’re All Fucking Morons” by Comet Gain

9. “I Choose Live News” by Low Hummer

10. “People’s Faces” by Kate Tempest

11. “This Is Now America” by Magne Furuholmen (of a-ha)


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