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Jen Dan: November 1, 2019


1, Low Hummer – “I Choose Live News”
I stumbled upon this band/song on SoundCloud and no nothing about them/it. Turns out they’re British, from Hull (a music hotspot of late), and generating buzz for their angular indie rock and relevant lyrics.

“Don’t You Ever Sleep” by Low Hummer

2. Bambara – “Serafina”
NYC-based urban-gritty, grimy-underbelly post-punk/noise rock band release a stream-of-consciousness single that’s hard to look away from – or, well, hard to stop listening to. New album Stray bows in February of next year.

3. Spielbergs – “This Is Not The End”
British indie rock band gets explosive on this driving and fuzzed-up number. They released an album earlier this year with this song’s title, but this track actually comes off of their new EP, Running All The Way Home, which dropped October 25th via By The Time It Gets Dark Records.

4. Djunah – “Animal Kingdom”
Wild track from Chicago-based noise rock/post-punk duo of Donna Diane (who does triple duty live, simultaneously playing guitar, singing, stomping on a Moog bass organ with her feet), formerly of the band Beat Drun Juel, and drummer Nick Smalkowski (Arctic Sleep, Fake Limbs). New album, Ex Voto, out now via Triple Eye Industries.
MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “Animal Kingdom”

5. Riches – “Spirit”
Catherine McCandless, formerly of Montreal-based duo Young Galaxy, follows a solitary path with her new music, including this striking debut single that radiates a stark, ritualistic vibe.

6. INKRÄKTARE – “Saphirr Bomb”
Darkly mesmerizing soundscapes from the equally spellbinding duo made up of Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO, S T F U) and Mark Wallbridge (AKA Vasko the Pig). Their self-titled (It’s a Swedish word. Look it up. The name fits perfectly.) 2nd album will arrive later this month.
MY SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE of “Husk” this Halloween

7. Tempers – “Daydreams”
The hotly tipped post-punk/darkwave band just released their debut LP, Private Life, on October 25th via Dais Records.

“Capital Pains” by Tempers:

8. Mint Julep – “Ricochet”
Prolific musician Keith Kenniff (Helios, Goldmund) and wife Hollie Kenniff drop another scintillating and crystalline electro-pop single.

9. O Future – “Control The Rain”
Once known as OOFJ (real-life couple Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills-Rymer), the dynamic duo renamed themselves, but continue to put out vocally aerial and ecstatic electronica.

“Telephone” by O Future:

10. Failed Flowers – “Faces”
This catchy and chiming track comes from Slumberland Records’s 30th Anniversary Singles Club. The Michigan/Montreal-based band currently consists of Sarah Records -obsessed Anna Burch and Fred Thomas.


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