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Jen Dan: May 11, 2021

Here’s a YouTube playlist for a change of pace, with mainly music videos, but also a couple audio tracks, of songs I couldn’t find on SoundCloud.

1. Bowling For Soup – “Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody’s Doing It)”
I never thought I’d have a song/video by this band in a playlist, or anywhere, but this one definitely struck a chord lyrics-wise, and the video’s funny to boot.

2. Rise Against – “Nowhere Generation”
Punk/rock stalwarts always with a relevant message and passionate and anthemic delivery.

3. Garbage – “No Gods No Masters”
They’re baaack…! :)

4. Piroshka – “Scratching At The Lid”
Don’t take things for granted. Live each day to the fullest. Don’t look back with regret. And purchase upcoming album Love Drips and Gathers on July 23rd via Bella Union.

5. The Stargazer Lilies – “Purple Sunshine”
No video, but an amazingly trippy track from a band that went from traditional new-shoegaze to intriguing future psych(-out).

6. Last Ice – “Chains”
A super new group made from the combination of future industrial-ambient punks Bloody Knives and darkwave act We Are Parasols. Their self-titled debut album came out this past February. Last Ice is twice as nice!

7. Toni Halliday – “Fragile Seam”
A too-brief, but spellbinding darkwave (audio) number from the Curve vocalist’s recent dance pop-driven Roll The Dice EP.

8. Cold Cave – “Prayer From Nowhere”
More atmospheric darkwave, or is it coldwave, or… by one of the earlier artists (Wesley Eisold) on the scene.

9. Gion’s Tears – “Tout L’Univers”
Switzerland-based wunderkind with angelically yearning/lamenting vocals. The lyrics may be in French, but his emotions need no translation.

10. Willie Gibson & Helen McCookerybook – “Fatberg”
I know nothing, nothing… about these artists, but the song and video are a whimsical delight.


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