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Jen Dan: October 3, 2021

Jen Stratosphere Fanzine · Jen Dan - October 3, 2021 - TOP 10 SONGS - #55

A swirl of super-dreamy dreampop (Basement Revolver) and ethereal (Pale Dian) numbers segue into to slightly more abrasive shoegaze-leaning numbers (Bliss Fields, EEP, Diamondtown, Tidal Wave) before culminating in a fiery and driving alternative rock track (yes, that would be Mastodon) and then suddenly switches back to dynamic and atmospheric shoegaze (Resplandor) and gentle and bittersweet indie (Shoestrings) and electro-pop (Aloric).

1. Basement Revolver – “Transatlantic”
The Canadian (Hamilton, to be exact) dreamgaze outfit are back and as beautiful as ever in all aspects! Upcoming album Embody will arrive in 2022, but the band have already unveiled captivating lead single “Skin” and this enchanting track.

2. Pale Dian – “Emily”
The darkwave/ethereal act from Austin, Texas are back and as atmospheric as ever with a starkly entrancing, Cocteau Twins-inspired number via Mr. Pink Records. Expect more music from them in the future as they work on their follow-up full length to 2016’s acclaimed Narrow Birth.
MY MUSIC NEWS on Pale Dian’s return.

3. Bliss Fields – “Peal”
I didn’t know about this band until about a week ago, but from what I’ve read they’re shoegazer from Toronto. And that’s all I know! LOL The music speaks for itself…
Oh, except I just read the text on YouTube in relation to their music video for this song, and their self-titled EP came out in August via Acrobat Unstable Records.

4. EEP – “A Message To You”
This notable exploratory shoegaze band from El Paso, Texas are putting themselves on the map again with upcoming album Winter Skin (out November 5th) that just opened up for pre-order and follows up 2020’s acclaimed Death of a Very Good Machine.

5. *Diamondtown*- “Everyday Is Monday”
Canadian label Label Obscura will be putting out this, um, yes, Canadian (Nova Scotia, to be exact) outfit’s upcoming self-titled album on October 24th.

6. Tidal Wave – “Regrets”
Again, I only found out about this group very recently, courtesy of SoundCloud… and I’ve read that they’re a 7-member art rock band from, um, yes, Ontario, Canada! And that’s all I know, except that I swoon to this song…

7. Mastodon – “Teardrinker”
No words needed, right? But I’ll add a few anyway… Massive, dynamic, heavy, and passionate, as always, and never run-of-the-mill alt-rock.

8. Resplandor – “Blue” (Robin Guthrie Mix)
I’ve seen this Netherlands-based (originating from Peru) outfit mentioned in shoegaze Groups on Facebook, so I took a listen, and this is a shoegaze opus of various shifting layers that was mixed by the renowned Robin Guthrie! Enough said.

Audio for “Adore” (Robin Guthrie Mix):

9.Shoestrings – “Gone”
Another act I found out about via SoundCloud. They’re on Shelflife, so that says something right there. Pure indie pop; smooth in sound, tender in vocals, bittersweet in lyrics. The Michigan-based indie/synth-pop duo have actually been around for a long time, but took a lengthy hiatus, but they’ll be releasing a new album, Expectations, out November 5th.
And it turns out that I do know of lovely singer Rose Suau who was one-half of electronic pop duo Djustin (Johan Angergård of Acid House Kings, Club 8, and more is the other half), who I featured back in 2016 on my Top 10 Pop Songs list HERE

10. Aloric – “Poor Classes / Pour Glasses”
This enigmatic (always has a face-covering) UK producer/musician is back after a bit of break with another reflective and longing electronic/symphonic pop single. Looking forward to what comes next!


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