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Jen Dan: September 3, 2021

Jen Stratosphere Fanzine · Jen Dan - September 3, 2021 - TOP 10 SONGS - #54
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We’re goin’ for a ride with this playlist, through cinematic and intense post-punk depths, glorious shoegaze heights, ever-restless atmospheric rock, and soothing and gentle indie pop…

1. TRAITRS – “Oh Ballerina”
This Canadian post-punk duo with dramatic and Gothic tendencies produces compelling and noir tracks propelled by urgent instrumentation and anguished vocals. Their third album, Horses In The Abattoir, arrives in November via Freakwave.

2. Deafheaven – “The Gnashing”
This blackgaze-pioneering outfit turn the page, so to speak, and write a new chapter with clean singing (for the most part) and exhilarating shoegaze-inspired soundscapes. There are still tormented emotions, but it’s all done with a delicate, reflective touch. Their whole new album, Infinite Granite, out now via Sargent House, is a welcome surprise!

3. Slow Crush – “Hush”
This haunting and ethereal Belgian shoegaze-inspired heavy rock band expertly balance light and shadows on this mesmerizing and enveloping track. Their highly anticipated second album, Hush, materializes in October via Quiet Panic (US) and Church Road Records (EU).
MY FEATURE on Slow Crush
MY Album Premiere of reissue of acclaimed debut album Aurora

4. Vollam – “All I Ever Wanted”
This Dallas-based captivating and expansive shoegaze/ambient music group will unveil their upcoming album Mirror on October 15th via Somewherecold Records.

5. Peroxide Blonde – “No Reason To Pretend”
This is the heartfelt, restless, and dreamy debut single from the New York-located melodic indie rock/post-punk band. Filled with yearning and hazy vocals and lively instrumental patterns, existing in the sweet intersection of indie rock and post-punk… A full EP is in the works and will be released next year via Jetsam-Flotsam.

6. Pleasure Centre – “Opener”
I know nothing about this outfit except this track is labeled as “Alternative Rock” on SoundCloud, they’re from Scarborough, UK, and they play a dynamic and driven take on indie rock and post-punk (with fast-diving bass line, dispassionate British-inflected male vocals, and bleak lyrics) that catches the ear.

7. Letting Up Despite Great Faults – “Gemini”
This band has been active since 2006 and have released a whirling and dreamy dreampop/shoegaze number here with softly sung male vocals, and slightly abrasive, but luminous guitar runs. New album IV is expected in the (near?) future.

8. Mint Julep – “Halfway”
Creative marrieds Keith Kenniff and Hollie Kenniff are prolific in their ambient/electro/synth/dreampop musical output, what with Keith’s Helios and Goldmund projects, Hollie’s solo material, and their pairing as this duo. They never go wrong, releasing atmospheric music that ranges from diaphanous and drifting compositions to more melodic pop-based constructs like this radiant and propulsive number that adds piles on vibrant and vivid layers of instrumentation while Hollie’s vocals float calmly above the heightened fray.

9. THALA – “diditagain”
This German dreamy indie pop singer-songwriter is set to win hearts with her highly anticipated debut album, adolescence, emerging on September 17th via Born Losers Records (US) and Duchess Box Records (EU). Her sweetly swooping and swaying vocals sound like an alluring cross between Lana Del Rey and Hope Sandoval, and her melodic pop songs are meticulously produced and range from psych-pop to dream-pop/folk styles.
MY SONG PREMIERE of “contradictions”

10. älägator – “Mennyt Lapsuus”
This buzzed-about NYC-based outfit sings in Finnish, isn’t afraid of the umlaut, and delivers reflective, shimmering, and wistful ambient folk/slowcore tracks on their recent EP, unen syvyydessä, out via Friend Club Records.


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