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David Camp: November 21, 2017

Yes, we are facing the end of November. Yes, I am horribly late with this top ten. I have a good reason. These songs are still ringing in my head. Earworms of love. Enjoy!  (not necessarily in order) 

  1. Jellyfish – Hush (instrumental version)
  2. Superchunk – Break the Glass
  3. Deer Tick – Jumpstarting
    It hasn’t gone away.
  4. The Brixton Riot – Slow Evolution
    I can’t resist
  5. Bastidas! – Vida
    Been waiting. Thank you.
  6. The Yawpers – A Decision is Made
    This is literature.
  7. Jade Helm – Human Condition & Tell Me Something 7”
    Don’t make me choose.
  8. Jad Fair – The Zombies of Mora-Tau 2
    It walks at night.
  9. Venta de Garage – Heroina del viernes
    Borders are irrelevant.
  10. The Successful Failures – Ichor of Nettle
    Every song is obsess worthy.


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