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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Jen Dan: November 13, 2017

1. “I Got Cut” by Superchunk – Long-running indie rock band Superchunk kick the list off with a rousing punk/rock number from a split single that benefits Planned Parenthood South Atlantic.

2. “I Don’t Wanna Be The One You Love” by Beechwood – This NYC-based band delivers a gritty garage rock ‘n’ roller via Alive Naturalsound Records.

3. “Burn” by The Soft MoonAKA Luis Vasquez, this post-punk project delivers dark misery and cold rejection in spades, especially on this NIN -inspired industrial singed track.

4. “Lovers In Paradise” by Crying Vessel – On the other side of the proverbial post-punk coin is the lush misery and deeply alluring brooding of Slade Templeton’s darkwave project. New album A Beautiful Curse is out now.

5. “Black and Blue” by The Vedlt – This long-standing shoegaze/experimental rock band is finally getting its due as originators of a genre (or two, or three…) and once again they sonically shape-shift on this mesmerizing track.

6. “Hustle” by Madison – Indie pop phenom Madison has delighted my ears for years (“Lights Low” should have been a major dance pop hit!), and she’s back with a darkly enticing, enjoyably intricate, and energized single. Find more of her music by using the term “noiseofmadison”.

7. “By The Light Of The Moon” by Moon Darling – The psychedelic ’70s gets spun into the modern world on this rhythmically groovin’ tune spiked with unusually sharp and high pitched male vocals. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, but I think it’s delish!

8. “Moonlight Desires” by Brass Box – Dream-pop and goth rock go head-to-head on this number that is dreamily sweet at its start and then turns into a whirlwind of blasting guitars and drums.

9. “Weak” by Blushing – This dream-pop band comes on sweetly strong with its melodic female harmonies (just a touch of Lush), wavering guitar lines, and emphatic drum smacks.

10. “Autre Vie” by By An Ion – Pure celestial electronic pop from this California-located duo. Airily soaring male vocals, euphoric washes of synths, spangled electronics, and echoed drum beats take you away and into (a) contemplative space. Better than Calgon! ;)