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Jen Dan: August 15, 2017

1. The Vex – “Education Kills”
This song by London-based indie rock band The Vex honors the heroic Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. As a schoolgirl, she stood up to the Taliban and defended her right to an education.

2. Staring At Nothing – “Big Brother”
Progressive rock band Staring At Nothing delivers a thought-provoking socio-political message with powerful, on-target lyrics about current US government control and over-reach, and the loss of individual rights, including freedom, in the name of national “safety”. The perfect lyrical encapsulation of what is happening right now in the US.

3. The Suzan – “Ice Cream”
So this totally doesn’t go 100% with the flow of my playlist, but it’s such a fun summertime tune – and who can resist the temptation of ice cream?!

4. Spirit Valley – “Vacational Mind (Where Is My)”
Those seagull cries that sound like siren wails at the end of the track are disturbing… Like a seashore dream turned nightmare…

5. Psychic Hearts – “Sleeping Desires”
Yes, you may desire slumber… but this song definitely won’t make you nod off!

6. Forevr – “True”
Comes off a bit like a lost Curve track mixed with a touch of the noisier side of My Bloody Valentine from the Aussie band.

7. Life On Venus – “Kingdom of the Day”
Finally, a true, Slowdive – sounding shoegaze tune – and of course it’s way too short!!

8. Orange Soul – “The Haze”
Beautiful, sweet, longing vocal harmonizing… Classic, captivating retro-pop IMO.

9. Stereo Honey – “Where No One Knows Your Name”
More classic feels, but this time with a bit of Radiohead esque electric/acoustic post-rock featuring Aloric -like airily keening vocals. Cheers!

10. Knightstown – “First Cry”
And now for the comedown… Sure, the lyrics get a bit repetitive, but it makes for a hypnotizing, soulful, downcast atmosphere.


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