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Jen Dan: July 22, 2017

Here’s another rundown of my latest fave music – from noise rock to post-punk, retro indie rock, darkwave, dream-pop, and more styles.

1. Sharkmuffin – “Where My Mimosa?”
MY SONG PREMIERE of “Scully is a Sharkmuffin” by Sharkmuffin
MY SONG REVIEW of “First Date” by Sharkmuffin

2. Dead Arm – “Put It On Your Wrist”

3. Flying Hair – “Tantrum”

4. Beaches – “Void”

5. The Dream Rebel – “Hurt Me Bad”

6. Twinfolds – “Butterfly Sweater”
MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “Butterfly Sweater” by Twinfolds
MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “Get Away” by Vertigo (now known as Twinfolds)

7. Ultrviolence – “Let You Down Slow”
MY SONG PREMIERE of “Dead Bedrooms” by Ultrviolence
MY INTERVIEW with Nate Jerpersen of Ultrviolence
MY ALBUM REVIEW of Black Sea EP by Ultrviolence

8. Fassine – “Ursa Minor”
MY SONG PREMIERE of “Feather Jesus” by Fassine
MY SONG PREMIERE of “That Wave” (XTC cover) by Fassine
MY SONG REVIEW of “Dialectik” by Fassine

9. A Thousand Hours – “Bleach”
MY ALBUM PREMIERE of Sleep by A Thousand Hours
MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “Clutch” from Sleep by A Thousand Hours
MY ALBUM PREMIERE of Endless Grey by A Thousand Hours

10. Ummagma – “Lama (Robin Guthrie Mix)”
MY SONG REVIEW of “Lama (Robin Guthrie Mix) by Ummagma
MY SONG PREMIERE of “Winter Tale” by Ummagma + A.R. Kane