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The Big Takeover Issue #92
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Jen Dan: October 27, 2017

1. Cloud Castle Lake – “Twins”
(The Dublin, Ireland-located trio turns complex and wandering tune into something sonically coherent and sublime.)

2. Choir Boy – “Sunday Light”
(Throwback ’80s synth-pop with tenderly yearning male vocals. Sigh…)

3. Slum Sociable – “Castle”
(On-the-rise Melbourne, Australian ambient electronic act delivers a mesmerizing downtempo track with longing male vocals.)

4. Twin Rains – “People Not Ready”
(The Canadian electro dream-pop duo contributed this lyrically incisive (People are “…still not ready for peace.” and “No one wants to get hurt / so I will hit you first.”), reflectively mournful, downtempo number to Rough Trade Publishing’s A Song A Day compilation)

5. Seasonal Beast – “I Can Make You Disappear”
(Debut album Muscle Memory came out mid-October for this Brooklyn-based, alternative pop and rock band.)

6. Quicksand – “Cosmonauts”
(The renowned NYC-based, alternative metal/(post-)hardcore band goes dream-pop on this entrancing tune!)

7. Phantom Phunk – “My Hands”
(The self-described ‘neo-progressive rock meets old-school classic rock’ band delivers an enjoyably vivid, stylistically hybrid number.)

8. Line & Circle – “Man Uncouth”
(The LA-based modern alternative rock band will drop Vicious Folly EP on November 3rd.)

9. Brandon Reilly – “Christopher Street”
(Yes, the main man of NYC-based, indie rock band Nightmare Of You and guitarist for The Movielife has gone solo with his recent Up the River EP!)

10. Breakfast Muff – “Clam”
(The endearing to raucous, Scottish, alternative/punk/pop band recalls the ’90s lo-fi, DIY ethos. This song represents the act’s sweeter side.)


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