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Jen Dan: September 4, 2017

This playlist moves from blasting hardcore with a (somewhat obscured due to shouting) message to restless post-punk, fuzzy shoegaze, dance pop, soul, and singer-songwriter ruminations. Enjoy, hopefully!

1. Converge – “Under Duress”
Yep, that about sums up the world right now…

2. Autobahn – “The Moral Crossing”
Post-rock gets epic treatment on this long, dark, and rhythmically driven song.

3. Bad Channels – “Exo”
Post-punk and darkwave get a bit dreamy in the hands of this diverse Canadian act.

4. Miniatures – “What You Want”
New shoegaze tune from this Australian band on the Saint Marie Records roster.

5. SPC ECO – “Waking Up Again”
One of the Curve-sounding tracks from new album Calm by Dean Garcia (ex-Curve) and his daughter Rose Berlin.

6. Polartropica – “Crystal Ramen”
Genre-blending space-pop upstart mixes up a dance, rock, and pop sonic tonic.

7. Joseph of Mercury – “Do You Remember”
Dance pop with a dash of rock and velvety vocals never sounded so alluring…

8. Curtis Harding – “On and On”
Deeply ’60s-style soul is revivified by this stirring, vintage/mod singer.

9. Winter Witches – “Train”
Self-described queer couple Sweeney and Em travel down a reflective symphonic-folk road on this single.

10. Tamino – “Indigo Night”
A spellbinding story-teller from the Jeff Buckley-like Belgian-Egyptian wunderkind.


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