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The Flesh Eaters' Chris D. talks A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die

4 January 2015
I didn’t want the album to be perceived as Satanic. It’s kind of an exorcism, the album is meant to be a spiritual/ personal exorcism of demons – demons of my love life…
Martin Carr

An Interview with Martin Carr (published in Issue75)

31 December 2014

“There won’t be another five year gap between albums. I knocked it down, and now I’m building it back up.”

Magic Castles

An Interview with Jason Edmonds of Magic Castles

7 December 2014

“I had a spiritual experience in Austin, TX. Long story short, I basically died and was reborn by some dirty old railroad tracks.”

These Estates

Prairie boys make good: an interview with These Estates

22 November 2014

Drawing upon the indie rock of yesteryear, Saskatchewan’s These Estates adds its own distinct voice. Meet the songwriting team behind not one but two of the smartest, most immediate LPs of 2014.

Interview With Mike Watt - Musings On Blue Öyster Cult, The Stooges, And Thurston Losing His Shit (Part 2)

12 October 2014

This was in the ‘hood, and you know you’ve got ethnic people; you don’t have “White Riot” on your jacket. They don’t know about The Clash song. You want a white riot? OK!


An Interview with Mark Peters of Engineers

30 September 2014

I think the current constellation of Engineers actually says more about me than any previous members – the other guys in the band both have their own projects but are happy to help realize my ideas and both bring aspects to my songs that I couldn’t achieve.


Revitalized Constantines' fire still burns

25 September 2014

Back in the early 2000s, Constantines’ emotionally charged, blue-collar rock was a welcome anachronism. As the Canadian five-piece gears up for its first round of U.S. shows in five years, frontman Bry Webb explains why the timing feels right.

Interview With Mike Watt - Punk Rock Legend, Plaid Enthusiast, And Honorary Italian (Part 1)

18 August 2014

“When I found out about bass, D Boon’s mom put me on bass – this is the 70’s. This is where you put the retarded friend, it’s like right field in little league. Punk changed a lot of that shit.”

James Board and Max Claps of The Proper Ornaments

An Interview with The Proper Ornaments

17 August 2014

It’s a classic early 60’s girl group thing to have super snappy/up beat songs with dark lyrics or serious messages. i’m a big fan of that.

Meatmen by Joe Gall

Tesco Vee for Dummies, or: He’s the Meatman, and I Suck

11 August 2014

The Tesco Vee character I crawl into – if I lived that persona 24/7, I’d either be dead or incarcerated. But it’s like – there’s a certain element of satire and tongue-in-cheek in what I do. I’m going for the throat, I’m going for reaction – I want people to react, if it’s laughter, anger, whatever. I don’t want them to stand there and be bored. That’s where I’ve been coming from my whole career – I want a reaction, thus the song titles like “Crippled Children Suck.” And obviously I don’t think crippled children suck – or as I say on stage, ‘they only suck when they can actually reach my zipper.’

Just For a Day: An Interview with Slowdive

28 July 2014

Neil Halstead: I would never write those exact songs at this point in my life. They are songs that come out of being 18 or 19 years old. It’s interesting how they still connect with many younger people. We’ve noticed that when we’ve been doing these shows there are some really young kids that are coming out and really loving the band and the records. We’re aware they are the same age as when we were first recording these tracks.

Len Price 3

Nobody Knows… But Us—An interview with Len Price 3's Glen Page

26 July 2014

“I remember the hardships and the frustrations bitterly. I wasn’t mourning Maggie Thatcher’s loss greatly!”

Motel Beds

An Interview with Motel Beds

21 July 2014

We own all of the rights to our back catalog, so we asked ourselves for permission to use some older tunes, and we generously told ourselves that we would be happy to let ourselves use them (we have a very good relationship with ourselves in that respect)


An Interview with German Shoegazers Seasurfer

5 July 2014

I love to play with all of these effects pedals and to create sounds. A lot of that stuff is from your country… the whole room flashes like a pinball game.

Canadian Ukrainian duo Ummagma.

An Interview with Shauna McLarnon of Ummagma

29 June 2014

That’s why a great song, just missing one or two pieces, can lie dormant for a few years before we finally polish it off, complete with icing and a cherry on top.

Tatiana Hammond of Daisy House.

A Chat with the In-Between Girl, Tatiana Hammond of Daisy House

28 June 2014

Daisy House is generous music, and very old school at heart. Who knows? It might even be revolutionary.

Ben Vendetta - From Wivenhoe Park to Los Angeles (and back)

14 June 2014

You don’t have to go to music school to be a musician and so it’s the same thing. You don’t have to take writing classes to be a writer!

Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane

13 June 2014

“You always get worried about going too far in one direction, because I don’t want people to think that I only write songs about sleeping around or cheating or being miserable. But those are the moments when I feel compelled to write and are also the moments that I feel compelled to listen to somebody else’s sad song about that shit.”

Kaleidoscope UK

A Snail Mail Chat with Eddy Pumer of Kaleidoscope UK

10 June 2014

I’ve talked to Peter and Danny about going back in the studio and making a fresh album. I have songs which I believe are some of the best I’ve written

Rose Berlin of SPC-ECO and BOFC

A Chat with Dean Garcia of SPC-ECO

10 June 2014

It’s also very refreshing for us to step out of the hazy gloom and into a different shade of light; it’s still a very melancholy sombre black bulb sort of light.

Negative Degree

Things to Do in Denver When You're Punk: Negative Degree

29 May 2014

Negative Degree talks about their favorite Colorado punk bands, their worst night on tour and how it feels to work in the service industry in Colorado.



28 April 2014

“My father still regrets the day when he gave me my first guitar.”

Interview With Stuart Braithwaite Of Mogwai

12 April 2014

LOUDsoftLOUD discussion with a master of the form, Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai

Little Victories Along the Way: A Conversation With Steve Wynn

1 April 2014

“ I’m never happier than when I’m onstage – I just love playing music. I love the chance to exist in the moment. You reinvent it every night – you either do something great or you fall on your face, and you get another chance the next day to do it again.”

Jeremy Jay: Synced In Time

20 January 2014

The London-based songwriter talks about his excellent new album Abandoned Apartments, his recent movie work, and his L.A. past.

An Interview with Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney

9 January 2014

Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney talk about growing up grunge, the shitty tour with Blind Melon, and GG Allin’s dick.

Enrico and the crab

God is a Crustacean: Red Herring Rises!

20 December 2013

I don’t think anybody in the band is interested in just unfreezing the old Red Herring. What made that band really exciting to be a part of was creating together; I get the feeling that we got back together again because we all believe that the best is yet to come. We just had to take a break for a couple of decades to go gather more skills and experiences to throw into the soup.

Pere Ubu #2, Vancouver circa 1980, by Bev Davies

Pere Ubu/ David Thomas interview: "there's always a way around stupidity"

5 December 2013

The audience is there simply to observe. It doesn’t matter whether they applaud every song or at the end or at all. It has nothing to do with the music. We are not on stage for them. We are there to make music in the presence of an Observer. This is all made clear if you have a fundamental understanding of Einsteinian Relativity.

Dave Davies by Ian Heath (edited).

An Interview with Dave Davies of the Kinks

9 November 2013

Dave Davies’ lofty position in the pantheon of popular music would be secure even without the existence of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the Kinks’ extensive body of work. His upcoming tour will feature songs from new album “I Will Be Me” alongside Kinks favorites. Davies discusses family foundations, sibling rivalry, and inspiration drawn from good times and hard times.

An Interview with Jacco Gardner

29 October 2013

JACCO GARDNER: Everything that is beautiful is sad at the same time, just because it’s so beautiful. I think that’s what melancholy is. Even beautiful memories can make you feel really sad at the same time so it seems very natural to me to combine them.

DTCV: Class Clown Goes To Hilarious Heaven

23 October 2013

We speak to the always-funny James Greer about his band DTCV’s stunning new album, Hilarious Heaven.

The members of Blouse.

An Interview with Charlie Hilton of Blouse

22 October 2013

We want to suck you in and take over your body!


Through the eyes of Silkworm, filmmaker Seth Pomeroy examines 1990s indie-rock

15 October 2013

From 1987 to 2005, Silkworm made records for a small yet dedicated audience, and seemed like a good bet to continue into old age before senseless tragedy struck. With the alternative-nation era as its backdrop, Seth Pomeroy’s documentary ‘Couldn’t You Wait?’ chronicles the trio’s existence and legacy. Here, the Nashville-based director discusses filmmaking, music, and — naturally — his favorite band.

An Interview with Frankie Rose

23 September 2013

I really liked collaborating but it became really clear that I just needed to put out something on my own for sure and have as my vision. It can be more difficult and bittersweet because there’s no one to bounce ideas off of and no shared responsibility. There’s only you and there’s high risk and high rewards but it’s my name on it and it’s mine for better or for worse.

The Nature of Chelsea Wolfe

23 September 2013

Singer, songwriter and Gothstar Chelsea Wolfe talks candidly about her new album, Black Metal and S&M.

Stephan and Adam of [aftersun]

An Interview with [aftersun]

25 August 2013

Most of the melodies were made walking down the street, riding on the train, at random, and then recorded onto cell phones. You then have an idea that turns into a song skeleton and we build a shape around that. I believe that most of the best songs are written spontaneously.

Mary Donnelly, author of "Boys Don't Lie: A History of Shoes"

An Interview with Mary Donnelly, author of "Boys Don't Lie: A History of Shoes"

20 August 2013

When I began the process, I thought I’d have a 200 page manuscript by the end of that summer. Gary Klebe said, “No, this is going to be like a Shoes record. It’s going to take longer than you thought, but it’s going to be better than you thought.” He was right. Three years later, it’s a 500 page, wide-ranging consideration of the entire music industry over the last 40 years. Not what I envisioned at first, but much better.

An Interview With Loud City Songstress Julia Holter

12 August 2013

JULIA HOLTER: It’s usually pretty intuitive but it’s hard to know at one point when my brain is doing what. I change things depending on the song sometimes..there are certain things you have to do quickly like getting ideas out. You have to catch in real time what your brain is trying to get out and it’s hard to know how much of that is your thoughts and how much is actually something you are consciously figuring out

LSD and the Search for God

LSD and the Search for God continues

16 July 2013

Six years back, San Francisco’s LSD and the Search for God released a five-song EP of top-shelf shoegaze, then went quiet. Now, with a series of new singles on the horizon, singer-guitarist Andy Liszt called to discuss LSD’s past and future trips.

Doing Lines and Talking Booze With FIDLAR

29 June 2013

Zac Carper of FIDLAR talks to The Big Takeover about their new self-titled LP, getting high, and a world minus Chris Brown.

Interview With Hugh Cornwell

24 June 2013

The ex-Stranglers front-man discusses his new album Totem & Taboo, God, Arthur Lee, Jan Svankmajer, Manuel de Falla, Henry Moore and more.

John Fedowitz of Ceremony

An Interview with John Fedowitz of Ceremony

20 June 2013

I’m not into shoegaze music so much, it’s kinda boring. I want to hear a song. I think shoegaze was a great thing at one time, but now it’s all about delay and what pedals you have. I love crazy sounds and feedback, but there has to be a song.

Mark Mulcahy

A Rather Lengthy Interview with Mark Mulcahy

30 May 2013

After an 8-year hiatus, the influential “ex-singer of Miracle Legion” has overcome tragedy, revisited his roots, and redefined himself on new LP.

A Brief Conversation With Parlour Flames

29 May 2013

We have a nice, brief chat with Vinny Peculiar and Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs about their debut album, their new project, and the specter of the past.

The Stranglers Storm North America: An Interview with J.J. Burnel

28 May 2013

For the first time in 16 years, the Stranglers are returning to tour North America, where today they are releasing “Giants,” their 17th studio album. J.J. Burnel: “There are ups and downs. At the moment, we are in a very big up.”

Sanguine Hum: The Progressive Progress of Collaboration

20 May 2013

We have a chat with Matt Baber and Joff Winks of British-based Sanguine Hum, wherein we discuss the band’s recording process, their latest album, and the continuum of their friendship and musical collaborations.

Daisy House

An Interview with Doug Hammond of Daisy House

19 May 2013

Our future plans are to crush the pop world, make it bend to our will, and install Tatiana as the new un-spoilable, folk-rock, high priestess of pop.

Veronica Falls at Great Scott, Boston, MA

An Interview with Veronica Falls, Great Scott, March 7, 2013

22 April 2013

When people receive you quite well and like what you do, you can’t help but be influenced by that, and feel like you want to make something people will like. But we tried to do what we do, and make songs that we like, and not think about it too much.