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The Big Takeover Issue #88

James Broscheid

James Broscheid first appeared in The Big Takeover as a contributor to issue 66 with a feature on one of his favorite bands, For Against. He is known to travel obscene distances to see bands play live if they do not come to him. Relishing in the people he has met and the places he has seen, music has been a passion to him since memory started. He currently resides on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with his wife Alice Broscheid, son Elliott, named after Elliott Smith, and daughter Abigail, named after her mother’s favorite Beatles record, Abbey Road.

Force Field PR promo photo

Lunchbox: Thermos Full of Pop

2 March 2021

“If you think about names of famous bands, after awhile it becomes a signifier for the band, it’s drained of content. Is The Beatles a good name? It’s a stupid name right? But The Beatles are THE BEATLES!” – Tim Brown

“At least, the silver lining is that when we can play again, people will care about live music and it will be special again.” – Donna McKean

Fleeting Joys album art

Fleeting Joys Announce Despondent Transponder Reissue

26 October 2020

The first release from Fleeting Joys is now available again on vinyl! Released on CD at the start of 2006 followed by the vinyl version in 2011 with both versions long sold out since, Despondent Transponder is now the subject of a limited edition re-release.

Photo by Joseph Najera

Fleeting Joys: An Interview with John and Rorika Loring

21 September 2020

“Our approach to music has always been DIY. My first job was at a big label and I saw them spending artists’ money on ridiculous dinners, payola, etc. Their exploitation of the artists was disgusting. It seemed more pure to integrate recording and releasing into our daily lives so that we could do things exactly as we wanted them.” – Rorika Loring

“The ability to experiment endlessly is both the best and worst part of technology. Like everyone, we benefit, and suffer from it. We hated getting off of tape, but our writing process requires maximum flexibility to rearrange songs. Aside from multiple reverbs and a whammy, what’s really important is the instrumentation.” – John Loring

Photo by Yannick Pereira Bajard

Mundy's Bay: Remedy For These Times

3 May 2020

“People are going to re-evaluate what their time means to them and see how valuable it is to have time to focus on yourself and the things you want to do.” – Esther Mulders

“The fact that we have always been associated with hardcore a little bit makes us a bit more free of barriers in some ways because we’re not trying to please a “indie” crowd or not trying to please a “hardcore” crowd or any crowd for that matter.” – Victor Beaudoin

Photo by Anthony Tran

Tennis System: An Interview with Matty Taylor

19 February 2020

“Do you think Kevin Shields, Jim Reid or Kurt Cobain ever said they were a specific genre? We aren’t necessarily looking to fall into a genre, we’re just looking to make rad art that will move people, the same way the art that influences us has moved us.” – Matty Taylor

Photo by Kevin Condon

Bambara: In Conversation

10 February 2020

“The theme of death just kind of bubbled to the surface as the characters’ narratives started to take shape and intertwine. After I wrote “Heat Lightning”, I realized that death would have to be present in all the songs in some form or another. It was unavoidable.” – Reid Bateh

Image courtesy of Saint Marie Records

On Their Own: An Interview with L.A.'s The Meeting Places

27 December 2019

“Having good ideas or hearing good ideas from the band is motivating, and also getting great feedback from fans helps reinforce what you instinctively want to do.” – Scott McDonald

Photo by Naomi Lee Beveridge

Whoosh! - An Interview with The Stroppies' Gus Lord

23 November 2019

“I feel like it’s much easier to project your truth onto someone or something else rather than looking inside and trying to articulate it using your own voice. Through the imagined lens of someone else, feelings and ideas are a little more malleable and there is a lot more room for play. It certainly frees one up a fair bit!” – Gus Lord

Photo by Jason Hendardy

Neutrals: An Interview With Allan McNaughton

5 November 2019

“The character in the songs basically needs to put a lot of distance between himself and Glasgow because of things he’s done but, with me I chose to come to the States in search of a bit of adventure.” – Allan McNaughton

Photo courtesy of Grandstand Media

In Hot Motion: An Interview With James Bagshaw of Temples

14 October 2019

“The themes of the record aren’t necessarily dark so I think it’s the intensity of some of the decisions on instruments and it’s a more guitar-driven record but, they’re not “safe” guitar sounds. It’s sort of wobbly like an old gramophone or something.” – James Bagshaw

Photo by Pia Hannah

EXEK: An Interview with Albert Wolski

8 September 2019

“I enjoy reading scientific publications. Magazines like New Scientist, and then when something really interests me I look deeper and find the journal article it cites. We are living in a dystopia. Its amazing! How exciting. Better write another song about it!” – Albert Wolski

Pic by Benoit Drouet

C'est magnifique ! - An Interview with Marble Arch's Yann Le Razavet

3 September 2019

“The title of this album and in particular the track reflects a statement on our society between dream and despair, on an available and disposable youth, in the instantaneity and the ephemeral.” – Yann Le Razavet

Stand In Line: An Interview with Lunch Lady

25 August 2019

“My lyrical goals were similar; the songs on Angel are about your classic tropes of love and loss but, specifically loving and losing things that are fictional and that you never had.” – Rachel Birke

“I think that this record is really special to me because I was given total freedom to do whatever I wanted with my guitar playing (for better or for worse!).” – Juan Velasquez

Chris Cohen pic by Ebru Yildiz

Sublime Introspection: An Interview With Chris Cohen

23 June 2019

“I take time between releases because that’s how long it takes me to write and record – about 3 or 4 months per song. Also, there is so much music out there, I don’t think we need a new release from me every year!” – Chris Cohen

Photo by Michael Aguilar

Seablite: Record Release Day Interview

7 June 2019

“There have been several waves of people moving away to LA, etc. because they get evicted or simply can’t afford to stay anymore. We love San Francisco so much and even though it’s changing every year, we don’t want to give up on it as it still has a scene of very talented artists and musicians. We are just waiting for this bubble to burst, at least a little bit but, sadly this is happening everywhere right now in different ways, so all we can do is adapt and keep doing what we do.” – Galine Tumasyan

Cold Showers pic by Shannon Cornett

Cold Showers: An Interview With Chris King

2 June 2019

“Anybody that spends a few hours a day playing an instrument for a few years can shred, but to really convey emotion with a simple part that gets stuck in your head, that takes a great ear and instinct.” – Chris King

Photo courtesy of Seablite

Song Premiere: "French Disko" (cover) by Seablite

31 May 2019

“It feels extremely relevant considering the political climate we’re in right now,” states Lauren Matsui on choosing to cover “French Disko” by Stereolab.

reptaliens by James Broscheid

Invasion of the Reptaliens

24 May 2019

“There’s sadness in everything but there is also hope everywhere you look. It’s similar to how we connect the dark aspects of life with the beauty of art and music. I’m not sure if you can even really have one without the other.” – Cole Browning

CW pic by Alastair Thain

Catherine Wheel revisited - an interview with Dave Hawes

18 November 2018

“My first true punk concert was the UK Subs who came to Lowestoft in 1980. Then I saw The Damned a bunch of times from 1980 to ’82. It was just a magical time and I am so glad I grew up when I did. I don’t think kids today get that feeling from music but I hope I’m wrong.” – Dave Hawes

Pic by Anastasia Metluka

An interview with Just Mustard

7 October 2018

“We definitely don’t see ourselves as a shoegaze or a grunge band, I find those tags to be fairly meaningless, especially as those specific genres were more scenes from a time and place rather than a sonically defined music style, but we understand why we can be labelled as that.” – David Noonan

Photo by Chelsee Ivan

FRIGS - Defying Definition

23 September 2018

“Whether or not my feelings or emotions are properly translated, I always hope we can evoke some sort of feeling or reaction from our listeners (even if it’s pure hatred).” – Bria Salmena

Mint Field 1 by María Fernanda Mollins

Mint Field – Hecho en México

24 February 2018

“We like Spanish, we like that we can express ourselves in different ways and have a broad language to say it. Sometimes it bothers us that simply by singing in Spanish we reach this stereotype that we do not like; “Latin alternative music”. There is no such thing, it’s just music.” – Estrella Sanchez

Pic by Andrew Volk

Catching Up With The Courtneys

23 October 2017

“The biggest struggle for me still seems to be convincing the average sound engineer that we are a rock band, not a vocal ensemble.” – Courtney Gavin

“One thing I can’t stand is when people describe music made by women as a consequence of their presumably limited skill and not as the outcome of deliberate artistic choices.” – Sydney Koke

Photo by Micki Rosi Richter

Lea Porcelain: An Interview With Markus Nikolaus

8 October 2017

“For some reason it can’t be explained, how to write a melancholic song – but if you write one, there is always a certain beauty, a pureness in it and the listener knows and feels, there is something very true about it. Really, a beautiful song has to be melancholic in some way, like a beautiful story always feels nostalgic too, in some way.” – Markus Nikolaus

Mourn by Noemí Elias

MOURN, Get Through This!

6 September 2017

“The album title is more or less related to the problems we had, we wanted to face them positively because they were directly affecting our daily life.” – Jazz Rodríguez Bueno on MOURN’s latest LP, ‘Ha, Ha, He.’

Jay Som - Credit: Cara Robbins

Jay Som - Wisdom Beyond Her Years

30 April 2017

“Knowing there are so many hardworking people in every DIY scene makes me grateful for all the opportunities that are handed to me.” – Melina Duterte

Aldous Harding by Harriet Were

Aldous Harding: Spellbinding Folk from New Zealand

18 January 2017
“I’m tired of watching any musician put aside their boundaries for people who are under the illusion that we are public property. I’m not your girlfriend. My boyfriend isn’t your gymnasium.” – Aldous Harding
Charlie Hilton by Brianne Wills

Interview with Charlie Hilton (Blouse)

12 October 2016

“I used to think that my impulse to write songs matched the very same need to write poetry or stories when I was younger. A sort of longing to abstract and simplify the disorder of emotion I felt inside.” – Charlie Hilton


BREATHLESS: An Interview with Dominic Appleton, Ari Neufeld, & Gary Mundy

21 September 2016

“We wanted to be like all our favourite bands but they were so diverse that ultimately you just end up sounding like yourself, which is how it should be.” – Gary Mundy

Seratones by Pooneh Ghana

Seratones: Redefining Southern Rock

11 July 2016

“I’ll be damned if such a one-sided overly simplistic representation of music from this land is all the world comes to know.” – A.J. Haynes

B Boys by Ben Trogden

B Boys: An Interview with Andrew Kerr

28 June 2016

“The songs represent an inward reflection more so than an outward one. What it feels like to live in society but not an analysis of society itself.” – Andrew Kerr

Esme Patterson by Devvon Simpson

A Brief Chat with Esmé Patterson

20 June 2016

“It’s interesting to me that as a woman in a male-dominated industry, we are congratulated when we show ‘masculine’ characteristics, but often chagrined for being ‘girly.’” – Esmé Patterson

Rogue Wave: An Interview with Zach Rogue

5 June 2016

“Writing songs has always been a cathartic experience for me. It’s a way of processing my life in a way that is not self-destructive.” – Zach Rogue

An Interview with Carlotta Cosials of Hinds

29 February 2016

Complete interview with Carlotta Cosials of Hinds used for the short take in Big Takeover #77.

Vaadat Charigim photo by Goni Riskin

Vaadat Charigim: Music Is Universal

28 February 2016

A post-punk/shoegaze trio from Tel Aviv that exemplifies the notion of music being universal.