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The Big Takeover Issue #93

Chris Bell

Chris Bell has been writing about music online for the better part of a decade, contributing articles to websites like 411mania, Earbuddy, Alphabet Bands, Buzz & Howl, and Syffal (though his proudest moment is as a one-time guest on the radio program Sound Opinions). His work in ‘music journalism’ actually started as an undergraduate in college. While working as a DJ at the campus radio station, he wrote a paper about the impact of Bob Dylan’s lyrical rhetoric on the New Left political movement of the late 60’s. That paper was eventually presented on a music-themed panel at the National Communication Association’s annual convention (in which, Chris was the only undergraduate presenting research). Since then, Chris has written about everything from garage punk to classic bop jazz. He currently resides in his hometown of Kansas City and is working on compiling a book of top ten lists about music. He also plans on being the only one to read it.

Shopping - Consumer Complaints (FatCat Records)

27 May 2015

A London trio mine some of punk’s greatest heroes in this debut LP.

The Underground Railroad to Candyland - The People Are Home (Recess Records)

26 May 2015

The Underground Railroad to Candyland is a gloriously democratic, technicolor chaos machine.

Diamond Youth - Nothing Matters (Topshelf Records)

21 May 2015

Four skater kids from Baltimore create a bunch of loud, dumb fun on their debut.

Dirty Fences - Full Tramp (Slovenly Recordings)

20 May 2015

This Brooklyn quartet make loud garage rock for fans of breathing oxygen (and maybe a little nitrous).

Dustin Lovelis - Dimensions (Porch Party Records)

19 May 2015

California psychedelic pop that hits the sweet spot from former Fling frontman Dustin Lovelis.

Jim O'Rourke - Simple Songs (Drag City)

19 May 2015

The Chicago legend returns with his most accessible (and best) solo album yet.

Du Blonde - Welcome Back To Milk (Mute)

18 May 2015

Du Blonde are coming at ya with a brass pair to remember.

Torres - Sprinter (Partisan Records)

14 May 2015

If you want straight up, raw-edged rock songs, Torres has got ‘em.

The Weather Station - Loyalty (Paradise of Bachelors)

13 May 2015

Canadian folk music brings you a little faith in humanity.

Crocodiles - Boys (Zoo Music)

12 May 2015

Warning. You must wear big black shades while listening to this album.

Brown Bird - Axis Mundi (Supply & Demand)

11 May 2015

The final album from Rhode Island’s Brown Bird send the group off with a bang.

Andy Shauf - The Bearer of Bad News (Tender Loving Empire)

4 May 2015

A Canadian folk singer with some serious chutzpah. We really just wanted to use the word ‘chutzpah’.

Ambrosia Parsley - Weeping Cherry (Barbes Records)

28 April 2015

New York songwriter Ambrosia Parsley returns after a hiatus with a porridge that is just right.

Lost Boy ? - Canned (Papercup Music)

22 April 2015

New Yorkers go back to basics on this new collection.

Chick Quest - Vs. Galore (Self-Released)

21 April 2015

An American expat in Vienna turns out great modern punk music that owes to your parents’ record collection.

Birds of Night - Birds of Night (Self-Released)

20 April 2015

Denton, TX produces a quintet that is blending the lines between rock and pop on their fourth LP.

Robin Adams - The Garden (Backshop Records)

15 April 2015

Another Scottish folk album? Really? Yup and this one is a doozy.

Dion - Recorded Live at the Bitter End, August 1971 (Omnivore Recordings)

8 April 2015

Omnivore keeps rolling with a stellar unreleased recorded performance from music legend Dion.

Marriages - Salome (Sargent House)

7 April 2015

Los Angeles trio Marriages revive the dark sludge of Robert Smith for modern audiences.

American Wrestlers - American Wrestlers (Fat Possum)

6 April 2015

Watch as the self-titled debut from American Wrestlers help Chris define a whole new genre.

The Silence - The Silence (Drag City)

27 March 2015

Psychedelic, proggy, cosmic slop from Japan hits the soul like a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Freedom Tower (Mom + Pop)

24 March 2015

Twenty four years in and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is still proving that they know how to kick out the jams.

Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield - Sing Elliott Smith (Ramseur Records)

18 March 2015

Seth Avett. Jessica Lea Mayfield. Elliott Smith. Get the hankies out.

The Wave Pictures - Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon (Team Love Records)

17 March 2015

Imagine if you will, The Violent Femmes are a bar band in the Delta…

Evans The Death

Evans the Death - Expect Delays (Slumberland)

12 March 2015

What happens when you put a Dylan Thomas reference, English angst, and a star-making vocal performance in a blender? That’s impossible. Those things aren’t material.