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Jen Dan: September 28, 2019


1. Comet Gain – “We’re All Fucking Morons”
So true, so true… (Well, in general, and a specific few who will remain unnamed, but let’s just say it involves the political sector…) Founder David F. is always at the core of the long-standing British indie rock/pop/punk band, with an ever-revolving line-up. New album Fireraisers Forever! unleashes on October 11th via Tapete Records. The fiery and fierce flame of the band has been re-lit by all the socio-political shit that has been going down since the release of their previous LP Paperback Ghosts in 2014.

2. David Hasselhoff ft. the CarsElliot Easton on guitar – “Head On” (Jesus And Mary Chain cover; Who would’a thunk it?!)
I dare you not to clap along to this one! LOL Double dare ya! Not even The, ahem, mighty Hoff can destroy the foundation of this song. And actually, he delivers a pretty admirable and faithful rendition of the original – and now I know what the Reid brothers were surly (Ugh, there’s no adverb for this adjective! Blast the English language when you need it to come through for you! Although I guess I could substitute sullenly… – BTW, I’m for the Oxford comma. Yes, I’m in a mood today as I type this up.) murmuring all those years ago… The Hoff’s new album Open Your Eyes (What about ears?) arrived on September 27th via Cleopatra Records, of all labels!

Lyrically socio-politically astute “Open Your Eyes” ft. the StoogesJames Williamson on guitar (cover of Lord of the New Church’s 1982 track):

3. Tombstones In Their Eyes – “Open Skies”
LA-based desert/fuzz/-psych-rock band does it again on another massive and expansive track with a fitting song title. It recently premiered at The Record Stache and is taken from their upcoming debut album Maybe Someday out November 15th via Somewherecold Records.
MY SONG PREMIERE of “Silhouette”
MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “Always There”

4. Tennis System – “Turn”
LA-located dream-/noise rock band returns with their 3rd album, Lovesick, a follow-up to 2018’s dynamic and textured P A I N EP, and this track is a definite highlight off the LP (which came out Sept 6th via Graveface Records).
Recent INTERVIEW at Rebel Noise

5. Basement Revolver – “Wax and Digital”
Canadian dream-rock-pop band (i.e., shoegaze, dream-pop, lush and vivid indie rock combo) is a newer fave of mine since their debut album Heavy Eyes arrived in 2018. Wax and Digital EP is out October 18th via Sonic Unyon.

6. The Stargazer Lilies – “Living Work of Art”
The song title says it all. Well, what it should be included is the addition of “Post-Modern”, or “Post-Shoegaze”, or “Future Shoegaze”, or “Progressive Shoegaze”, or “Experimental Shoegaze”, placed before the “Art” part. This is Tobacco -produced (the only kind you should take in) – an ear-bending, mind-melting foray into experimental psychedelic shoegaze, for lack of a better description. All I know is it’s far-out, (hu)mannn! So far out that maybe only space aliens get it… Hardy har har (Yes, I’m still in a mood)! New album Occabot drops November 1st via Rad Cult (Again, the name says it all, doesn’t it?).
Big Takeover writer Kevin Burke’s recent ALBUM REVIEW of “Living Work Of Art”

Appropriately titled “Summer’s Gone” (from 3-plus years ago) video (at least in the Northern Hemisphere):

7. Secret Shame – “Creature”
Asheville, NC post-punk/darkwave act with a thick Goth streak released their relentlessly restless debut album Dark Synthetics on September 6th. While the atmospheric sonics are cool ‘n’ all that, it’s lead vocalist Lena’s malleable and fervent vocals that strike the ear the most.
MY socio-political/music PROTEST INTERVIEW with Secret Shame

Official video for, ummm, calmer “Calm”:

8. girl in red – “bad idea!”
From out of nowhere (at least on my radar), kinda like Billie Eillish, but with less mopey personality/tunes/lyrics, this young Norwegian singer-songwriter zooms into the pop culture/music blogger consciousness by hitting a Millennial nerve. Marie Ulven goes post-punk-pop on this super-infectious cut that will dizzy your brain for days if you’re not careful. Be sure to apply other music to your head after listening to this to decrease its viral effect.
Chapter 2 EP out now.

9. dielines – “Chasing Rabbits”
Silver Lake-located symphonic pop/folk duo unveils a dreamy reverie with limpid instrumentation and yearning, aerial vocals. Their type of lush and mellifluous music reminds me a similar acts like Aloric and Graph Rabbit, and more that I can’t recall at the moment…
MY SONG PREMIERE of “Chasing Rabbits”

10. Kris Kelly – “Cracked Porcelain”
Brooklyn-based chamber pop singer-songwriter delivers a nuanced and bittersweet narrative from his captivating debut album, Runaways, which arrived at the end of August.

MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “Cracked Porcelain”
Check out the equally poignant and mesmerizing video:


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