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Jen Dan: October 24, 2020

Jen Stratosphere Fanzine · Jen Dan - TOP 10 SONGS - Socio-Political Edition 2020

1. Public Enemy ft. Cypress Hill and George Clinton – “GRID
A direct takedown of Trump and his rabid and unreasoning followers (in his administration and the general public) from the trailblazing outfit’s recent album What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? on Def Jam Recordings.
From official PR: “Determined to give voice to those who have long been ignored, unafraid to question institutional injustices, and intent on challenging any and all obstacles to social justice, Public Enemy have resisted with unprecedented intensity and eloquence. As America faces a fresh rebellion against racial division and social inequality, it is no surprise that the world looks to hip-hop’s original champions of change to continue the fight alongside them.”

2. Bad Religion – “What Are We Standing For”
An outtake from the band’s 2019 album Age of Unreason on Epitaph.
From official PR: _“The song is one of support and compassion for professional athletes, and others, whom have taken a knee to protest police brutality and racism. Bad Religion have always advocated for humanism, reason, and individualism, which in our current political climate is a message that has never been more essential. “In this time of tribal nationalism, dissent, as a form of political speech, is vital to democracy,” says co-songwriter and guitarist Brett Gurewitz.”

3. Friendship Commanders – “Your Reign Is Over”
The heavy/alt-rock duo dropped a 2-track one-off to pay tribute to National Indigenous Peoples’ Day on October 12th, including this raging wailer.

4. RebUke ft. Rotten James Dio – “Royal Flush”
That would be Milo Aukerman of the renowned Descendents’ getting pointedly political, and backed only by ukulele, on a track from 45…Not A LP via Epitaph.
From official PR: “The songs examine the current political state of the United States and the feeling of outrage and uncertainty that has intensified over the years.”

“Aukerman set out to get these political screeds off his chest in a stripped down format. “If you believe, like me, that 45 is not a LP, we ALL need to VOTE to make that a reality,” encourages Aukerman. “Only then can we hope to see a return to sanity, a turning of the page. These songs are my personal attempts to turn the page on our national nightmare…if only I could will it through music.”

5. Psychic Temple ft Cherry Glazerr – “(Who’s Selling You) Conspiracy?”
This track is actually a couple years old, but it’s been newly compiled with other numbers on a compilation album by Psychic Temple titled Houses of the Holy, out now via Joyful Noise Recordings.

6. Resistance Revival Chorus – “All You Fascists Bound To Lose”
I don’t know anything about this folk/soul ensemble, but they released their lyrically timely, astute, and powerful new album This Joy about a week ago on Righteous Babe Records. Oh, and this song is their version of a Woody Guthrie classic.

7. Gangstagrass ft Randal Wyatt – “Do Better”
Acclaimed Brooklyn-based pioneering country-rap outfit who just released their socio-politically relevant album No Time For Enemies via AntiFragile.

8. Joy Oladokun – “I See America”
Poignant, deeply personal, and insightful singer-songwriter who released her album In Defense Of My Own Happiness (Vol. 1) a few months ago.

9. The Menzingers – “America (Your Freaking Me Out) – acoustic
This is the acoustic version of the original track. It appears on the recent stripped down From Exile album.

10. Henrik Appel – “I Want To Lie”
I don’t know anything about this musician, but this song caught my ear with its lyrics of “I want to sail away / from this shit society”


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