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Jen Dan: December 7, 2017

1. “Egos with Genitals” by Guide Dog – Don’t be put off by the song title. It’s a cool, grungy, garage-rock tune from the Wales-based band.

2. “Red Queen” by Transylvania Stud – Don’t be put off by the project’s name. The tune is a cool, heavy, desert rocker from one-man-band multi-instrumentalist Andrew Godfrey.

3. “Times Is Hard” by Caverns – Give this one time to build. It rages with energy and freedom and expressive, soaring vocals in its second half.

4. “Time and Space” by MOLLY – Give this one time to chug along and then rise to the skies in its second half. “The winding and brooding epic “Time And Space” is a relentlessly chugging post-punk number that carves hollowed-out curves of gloom and sweeping-to-the-skies glory, spiraling at times with psych-rock touches and airily keening vocals.” – from MY ALBUMPREMIERE of Glimpse EP by the Austrian duo.

5. “Our Goal Is To Realize” by Amusement Parks On Fire – This is Saint Marie Records’ latest beauty out of the gate and it’s a shoegaze winner from the British alternative rock band.

6. “Stoned and Alone” by Teenage Wrist – The LA-based alt/indie rock act recently got signed by Epitaph, so this choice dazed ‘n’ dreamy morsel is getting sampled again, this time by a wider public.

7. “Stella” by Penny Diving – This Canadian indie rock band is made up of ex-members The Muscadettes and Malajube. Quite a nice pedigree and on this number they balance elements of psych and shoegaze to captivating effect.

8. “Honeymooning” by Holy Motors – The Estonian act’s members sound more like they’re from the Western US prairie and Badlands on this mesmerizing track.

9. “Boson of Love” by Jane Telephonda – Don’t be put off by the band name. The Icelandic indie rock/pop ensemble (nine members!) creates a classic melodic ‘n’ melancholic tune that will pull on the heartstrings for a long while…

10. “What Will Be Will Be” by Brother Oliver – South Carolina psych-folk/rock duo (and brothers!) delivers a sprightly and emotive tune.


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