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Chuck Foster: April 8, 2015

The Big Takeover Top Ten 04/2015 by Undiscovered Bum on Mixcloud

The slow creep of Spring…

  1. Nola Gras – “If Demons Come”
    Read my review.
  2. Fractal Mirror – “Event Horizon”
    Read my review.
  3. The Vagaband – “Black Sheep”
    Read my review.
  4. Chris Moore – “Pushed out the Door”
    Read my review.
  5. George Usher and Lisa Burns – “More Than That I Cannot Say”
    Read my review.
  6. Unlikely Friends – “Gold Coast Marauders”
    Read my review.
  7. Portia Winters – “Revolution”
    Read my review.
  8. King Mastino – “Ain’t Nothing to Fade”
    Read my review.
  9. Nuclear Santa Claust – “Dark Days”
    Read my review.
  10. American Culture – “I Like American Culture”
    Read my review.


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