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The Big Takeover Issue #94

Allan MacInnis

Peter Stampfel’s 20th Century: A “Roundered” Lesson in (Mostly American) Musical History

23 April 2021

I heard the anthology, and had my first hallucinogen, peyote, in October of 1959, and I just recently realized that both the peyote and the Harry Smith Anthology made me realize that the world was far more strange than I had dreamed, and far more vast than I had dreamed… So yeah, Smith is absolutely a template for this whole project.

Titus Andronicus, Spider Bags, and Baked: a night at the Biltmore with bev davies

6 October 2015

The most striking moment was seeing a couple hundred people shouting along in the most rapturous manner imaginable with the lyric, “you will always be a loser.”

Getting Wet for the Wett Stilettos: a Pinto Stiletto interview

21 June 2015

It’s like Twisted Sister – a “Sister Fister” is a sister who fists. We’re not saying it’s RC, but…

Reverend Horton Heat Takes Vancouver: Jim Heath Interview, bev davies live photos

23 May 2015

Jimbo – he goes, ‘I looked over at the dance floor, and it was all guys, and there was this black cowboy French kissing a white cowboy.’ And he said, ‘at that moment I knew we were in the wrong place!’

Electric Wizard scares me: live at the Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver

19 April 2015

Hearing that Kasso’s victim kept insisting, while being stabbed to death, that he loved his mother, is heartbreaking, and no less so because I can imagine myself as a young man somewhere in this story, myself.

Immersing oneself in Magma: a Christian Vander interview

30 March 2015

I never worried about trends. Magma just flies through time and periods.

The Flesh Eaters' Chris D. talks A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die

3 January 2015
I didn’t want the album to be perceived as Satanic. It’s kind of an exorcism, the album is meant to be a spiritual/ personal exorcism of demons – demons of my love life…

Gerry Hannah - Coming Home (Self-Released)

2 December 2014

An an intimate, honest album, drawing on a unique and complex life.

Meatmen by Joe Gall

Tesco Vee for Dummies, or: He’s the Meatman, and I Suck

10 August 2014

The Tesco Vee character I crawl into – if I lived that persona 24/7, I’d either be dead or incarcerated. But it’s like – there’s a certain element of satire and tongue-in-cheek in what I do. I’m going for the throat, I’m going for reaction – I want people to react, if it’s laughter, anger, whatever. I don’t want them to stand there and be bored. That’s where I’ve been coming from my whole career – I want a reaction, thus the song titles like “Crippled Children Suck.” And obviously I don’t think crippled children suck – or as I say on stage, ‘they only suck when they can actually reach my zipper.’

Enrico and the crab

God is a Crustacean: Red Herring Rises!

20 December 2013

I don’t think anybody in the band is interested in just unfreezing the old Red Herring. What made that band really exciting to be a part of was creating together; I get the feeling that we got back together again because we all believe that the best is yet to come. We just had to take a break for a couple of decades to go gather more skills and experiences to throw into the soup.

Pere Ubu #2, Vancouver circa 1980, by Bev Davies

Pere Ubu/ David Thomas interview: "there's always a way around stupidity"

5 December 2013

The audience is there simply to observe. It doesn’t matter whether they applaud every song or at the end or at all. It has nothing to do with the music. We are not on stage for them. We are there to make music in the presence of an Observer. This is all made clear if you have a fundamental understanding of Einsteinian Relativity.

Joe by bev.davies

DOA calls it quits! A Joe Keithley interview

31 January 2013

When we started off playing punk rock, when I was a young man, the world was filled with warmongering, sexism, racism, greed – and it seems to me all these same things are still here. And they need fighting, they need people to rally against issues like that.

A Music Freak's Delight: Nardwuar and bev.davies new collaboration (a bev.davies interview)

24 December 2012

My Mom had it in her mind that (Nardwuar) was interviewing me and someone was going to be playing the tape, so she had to keep really quiet in the background… She and my son were, like, whispering and staying really quiet, and then Nardwuar goes, “TELL ME ABOUT THE NIGHT WHEN YOU WERE GOING TO PHOTOGRAPH IGGY AND HE PULLED HIS C**K OUT!” And I just went bright red.

Swans The Seer

Swans: The Seer review, plus Mini-Interviews with Michael Gira (on Lady Gaga!) and Jarboe

2 September 2012

“I definitely was NOT attacking Lady Gaga, for God’s sake. I just didn’t have any lyrics finished for the song yet, and she seemed interesting, so I thought I’d invoke her demon spirit and I liked the way her name sounded. She’s obviously a master magician.”

Ray Davies by Ian Brodie

The Kinks' Ray Davies - a mini interview!

12 July 2012

Sid Vicious once got emotional about [a Kinks’] song with me in the Speakeasy Bar in London (forget which one), but I didn’t take it seriously…

SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say, by Chris Walter

SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say - an interview with band biographer Chris Walter

11 July 2012

It was like being the passenger in a stolen car piloted by reckless young men with a serious death wish, and every time I thought we were going to crash, they somehow steered around the obstacle and kept on going. Some nights I was physically and emotionally drained after writing all day, and I would lie in bed thinking about the story and wondering how they managed to keep going for so long.

Petunia and the Vipers: Dancin' with the Fire

3 May 2012

It was easy to yodel after I heard some guy on a tape doing it in a very cool old-fashioned way. I mean, the style, the history, the nostalgia for a time different than the present, there was so much romance in the music that… learning anything musical from that era came charged with all these other feelings and sentiments.

DOA by Cindy Metherel

DOA's Joey "Shithead" Keithley on his new book, Talk-Action=0

6 December 2011

The only thing we couldn’t find was stuff from when DOA played with the Clash and a couple of things with the Ramones. But everything else I have in this endless amount of boxes of crap!

Slaves of Fear: Amon Amarth’s Fredrik Andersson on Christianity versus the Vikings

10 August 2011

Obviously I think it’s a shame what Christianity did to different cultures, not only to Paganism but to cultures all over the world when they kind of pushed their religion onto everybody else by force. Their ideology is everything that Norse mythology doesn’t stand for.

Tunnel Canary: Musical Terrorists of Olde Vancouver

28 July 2011

“There’s a spiritual underbelly here that’s basically emerging, and we’ve got to get through the shit before we can get to the flowers.”

Sublime Frequencies and Group Doueh: Hisham Mayet and Doueh interviews!

25 July 2011

“I think Doueh tries to acquiesce to what he thinks western audiences will like, and he tends to get away from the foundation of what I know he’s capable of doing, when western eyes aren’t upon him. That’s a battle I have to fight with him all the time.”

Swans by Femke van Delft

Swans: A Whirlpool of Sledgehammers, Online: a concert description and Michael Gira interview

24 June 2011

I was looking at these hipster kids on the various music websites. It’s like I was thinking about raping them and killing them, only I couldn’t figure out which one – it was sort of from the point of view of a murderer that would be stalking these fashionable youngsters.

Peter Stampfel, Dook Of The Beatniks

Peter Stampfel - Dook of the Beatniks (Pietystreet Files and Archaic Media)

24 February 2011

“I really had a thing about the seriousness of folk music. I mean, with oldtimey – Dr. Smith’s Champion Hoss-hair Pullers, these old ‘20’s groups —they were all fuckin’ goofy-ass, weird nutty shit, you know? I thought the weird nutty shit was more, like, the point of it than the serious meaningful ‘People’s Rhetoric’ approach.”

Bison BC by Femke van Delft

Bison BC: The Good, the Bad, and the Shaggy

3 December 2010

I don’t like injustice, and cops – fuck, they got guns. I don’t like people with guns. I don’t like 22 year old cops walking around with guns – I think it’s stupid. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t think that’s political, it’s like logical, or something.

Still from Straight to Hell

Straight to Hell Returns: filmmaker Alex Cox on Joe Strummer, punk politics, and The Wonderful World of Kittens

15 November 2010

I watched the old DVD, and I thought, “Ohh, I wish we had, back in 1986, the digital technologies we have today, in order to amp this up and make it much crazier.” And then I thought – “but wait, we DO have the digital technologies that are available today!”

Jello Biafra and the GSM by Femke van Delft, 2010

Jello Takes Vancouver: Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine with the Subhumans, Oct 16, 2010

25 October 2010

It was inspiring beyond anything I expected to see the 52-year-old singer — who has endured criminal charges, lawsuits, physical assaults, and much abuse in his time — performing with all the vitality and passion that he brought to the stage in the 1980’s.