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The Big Takeover Issue #93

Andy Turner

Andy Turner is a freelance writer and college English instructor living in Milwaukee. He is a former newspaper reporter and has written previously for many local and national publications, including No Depression, Pop Culture Press, Country Standard Time, Amplifier, and others. He has hosted Zero Hour on WMSE in Milwaukee for 11 years. You can also find his writing at Quixotronic, which he started recently with friends to further document his music and movie obsessions.

The Harmed Brothers – Across the Waves (Fluff and Gravy Records)

8 June 2020

The Harmed Brothers deliver a knockout with Across the Waves.

Bloodshot Bill – Get Loose or Get Lost (Goner)

26 May 2020

Montreal’s Bloodshot Bill returns with second album for Goner Records.

Tyler Keith – The Last Drag (Black & Wyatt)

13 May 2020

Mississippi’s Tyler Keith is back with a solo album on the Memphis label Black & Wyatt.

X Ray Cat Trio – Love, Blood & Monsters (Trash Wax)

21 April 2020

Leeds trio back with Love, Blood & Monsters on Trash Wax

Possessed by Paul James - As We Go Wandering (PPJ Records)

14 April 2020

Konrad Wert, a.k.a. Possessed By Paul James, returns with his first album in seven years,

The Sellwoods – Eight Great Shakers (Chaputa)

7 April 2020

Portland’s Sellwoods offer dynamite instrumentals, more on new Chaputa 10”.

Dan Montgomery – Smoke and Mirrors (a phonographic memory) (Fantastic Yes)

30 March 2020

Memphis singer-songwriter Dan Montgomery returns with a concept album about his drug-fueled past in 1980s South Jersey.

The Zemblas – Live It Up (Dangerhouse Skylab)

The Zemblas – Live It Up (Dangerhouse Skylab/F.F.Fascination Records/Ave The Sound)

8 March 2020

The French band returns with an excellent Jim Diamond-produced sophomore effort.