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Jen Dan: July 2, 2022

Jen Stratosphere Fanzine · Jen Dan - June 29, 2022 - TOP 10 SONGS - #57

I’m ba-a-a-ck… Couldn’t stay away totally, so here we go; another batch of tracks from the past several months that have me all shook up – not including the ubiquitous, but welcome “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush from the ’80s given new life in that harrowing to poignant scene from season 4, episode 4 (Dear Billy) of Stranger Things about the power and healing nature of music and love/friendship/connection.

Bush actually freaked me out back in the day with references to God and the kinda pagan-monk get-up of the live performance of the music video that MTV aired in the US instead of the original music video that was shown in the UK at the time).

1. The Afghan Whigs – “I’ll Make You See God”
They’re ba-a-ack! LOL Greg Dulli and the gang are rockin’, rollin’, soulin’, and ruminating away – as if they’ve never been away. This audio track, a fitting playlist intro, is a careening scorcher that blazes to the end.
Upcoming album How Do You Burn? sizzles September 9th via Royal Cream.
My Rebel Noise ALBUM REIVEW of Do to the Beast from 2014.

2. Gogol Bordello feat. The Cossacks – “Teroborona” (AKA “Civil Defense” in English)
The self-proclaimed and acclaimed gypsy punks release a rousing and relevant call-to-arms in defense of Ukraine against the horrific, unprovoked attack on the country.
Big Takeover NEWS on Gogol Bordello and “Teroborona.”

3. Scary Hours – “Uvalde”
The NJ/NYC punk/hardcore outfit led by Ryan Struck hits hard with a topical and blistering missive against gun violence/mass shootings, bogus news on, ahem, a certain TV channel, and extremist/hypocritical religious views.
Big Takeover SONG PREMIERE of “Suffer Peacefully.”
Big Takeover ALBUM PREMIERE of Margins in 2020.

4. Birds In Row – “Water Wings”
The French post-hardcore band drop a complex, but always intense number. A new album is expected this fall via Cult of Luna’s new imprint Red Creek Recordings.

Lyrics Video:

5. WAAX – “Help Me Hell”
The Australian alt-rock group give off Bleach – era Nirvana vibes on this choppy, tuneful, and seething venter about inner and outer turmoil throughout life.
Their upcoming second album At Least I’m Free unleashes August 5th via Dew Process and Universal Music Australia. This single was released with “Dangerous,” a track co-written by Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes, lauded pop/rock songwriter).

6. Cocaine Piss – “Cool Party”
The Belgian punk/rock act drop a hotly sarcastic, rampaging track about the hot mess of the current party scene.
The band state that “Cool Party” is a “…party song but you’re not quite sure you wanna be there. Ambivalence, yeah ! It’s about that time you didn’t wanna go but had the best night of your life. When you left without saying goodbyes. When you trashed the place. The times you fell in love.”

They’re releasing a smattering of new music over the coming months; singles, a split, and videos, etc…, so keep an eye/ear out for more!

7. Odd Beholder – “Hurt”
Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann pulls electro-pop into the domain of singer-songwriter confessional, musing winsomely, but lyrically cuttingly about disruptive relationships.
Big Takeover PROFILE FEATURE on Odd Beholder.

8. Sun’s Signature – “Apples”
Much-beloved Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) is ba-a-ack, along with music and life partner Damon Reece (Spiritualized, Echo & the Bunnymen).
Their highly anticipated self-titled debut EP as this entity will materialize July 29th via Partisan Records. Frazer’s voice continues to be gorgeous, ethereal, dreamy, sublime…

9. Elizabeth – “Happier Now”
A Big Takeover fave, Australian creative Elizabeth (Totally Mild) delivers an emotionally bittersweet, lyrically bleak meditation on happiness in a electro/synth-pop wrapper; the first in a trilogy of romance-oriented tunes.

10. Tamino – “The First Disciple”
I was smitten from the start, when hearing Tamino’s introductory haunting and passionate single “Habibi” in 2017.
The Egyptian-Belgian singer/songwriter/guitarist released two EPs, and then mesmerizing debut album Amir in 2018.
Tamino’s highly anticipated follow-up Sahar will be unveiled this September 22nd and he’s currently playing some live shows.
His captivating vocal range goes from dusky velvet ruminations to achingly soaring longing. Most songs are contemplative, but he’s added a melodic pop twist to recent second single “Fascination.”
Big Takeover exclusive FEATURE with Tamino’s Top 5 Inventive Music Videos from 2017, with David Bowie’s “Blackstar” and Bjork’s “notget” in the mix.
My Big Takeover Year-End 2017 FEATURE of BEST ALBUMS, SONGS, and VIDEOS, with Tamino in the mix for Best Album and Song.