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Jen Dan: October 6, 2022

Jen Stratosphere Fanzine ยท Jen Dan -October 5, 2022 - TOP 10 SONGS - #58

1. Suede – “She Still Leads Me On”
Suede recently released Autofiction via BMG, a vivid and vibrant new album with deeply personal lyrics from frontman Brett Anderson, including this high-impact track that’s a beautiful tribute to Anderson’s late mother. It’s dramatic and sweeping symphonic indie rock, but radiates a wonderstruck elation through Anderson’s irrepressible and emphatic declarations of unconditional love of a child for his parent.
MY brief ALBUM REVIEW of Autofiction
Suede don’t have any official music videos out yet for this LP, so here’s the official audio for the glam-tastic “That Boy On Stage”:

2. Slowly – “Spark”
I don’t know anything about this artist (except his name is Charlie and he’s from Toronto – Thanks Bandcamp!), or how I found out about him/his project, but this is a nice blend of dreampop wistfulness, melodic pop catchiness, and shoegaze guitar drive. New album Distance is out now.
More info at Slowly’s Bandcamp

3. Faience Knife – “When?”
Stormy shoegaze to melodic dreampop with delicately ethereal female vocals from Russia. Again, I don’t know that much about the group. It’s either a duo or a trio (one article online says duo, but I’ve seen a photo of the outfit as a trio…), and they just put out a new EP.
More info at Faience Knife’s Bandcamp

4. Cold Gawd – “You Should Be Fine Down There”
Matt Wainwright is the main man behind this shoegaze-propelled project. A multi-instrumentalist who fled the cold winters of Chicago to return to the warmer climes of his hometown of Rancho Cucamonga in California, Wainwright built up a band of fellow friends and recently released the abrasively dreamy LP God Get Me the Fuck Out of Here via Dais.
More info at Cold Gawd’s Bandcamp

5. GLODER – “Kill What You Love”
This is yet another sterling project from Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO, STFU, Inkraktare), Preston Maddox (Bloody Knives, STFU), and Mark Wallbridge (Vasko the Pig, Inkraktare). They just dropped the lysergically saturated, droningly looping, and hynotically churning EP The Fall and this is the last epic track of the record.
More info at GLODER’s (there’s an umlaut on the O) Bandcamp

6. Last Tourist – “Public Service”
A compelling Leeds, UK electronic noir/shoegaze outfit led by John Wellby, and including Adam Simpson and Jason Booth, with ace musical connections – Simon Scott (Slowdive) has mastered at least some their output. I think this post-punk-steeped song is actually from 2021, but it was posted at SoundCloud today, so… It’s on my playlist because I’m into it! :) Expect more from the band (possibly in the early new year)…
More info at Last Tourist’s Bandcamp
MY SONG PREMIERE of “Cave In The Hills single

7. Seasurfer – “My Own Eyes”
German dreampunk maestro Dirk Knight is back with a transporting new 2-song single, “Jump To The Stars,” featuring Ricardo Silva Veloso on vocals, the first time male vocals have been on a Seasurfer composition. Knight usually enlists sublime female vocalists, but Veloso hold his own with his broodingly noir timbre.
More info at Seasurfer’s Bandcamp
We’ve premiered a whopping 5 videos by Seasurfer over the past few years, including the VIDEO PREMIERE for “Drifting” (Life On Venus Remix)

8. Timecop1983 – “Escaping The Void”
I found out about this retro-synthwave outfit/artist (Dutch electronic musician Jordy Leenaerts) because I’m a fan of Gunship who drive down a similar neon/noir-drenched, scintillating synths ’80s synthwave lane. This instrumental track is a bit poppier, but a fun throwback-enamored listen. Multiverse EP dropped in early September.
More info at Timecop1983’s Bandcamp

9. Night Tongue – “Asylum”
This darkwave duo are based in LA (by way of Australia). They recently released this ruminative, yet rising-to-the- skies lament with deeply affecting lyrics about loss and solace, and Andrew Dalziell’s velvety to keening vocals, backed by angelically downcast vocals from Carisa Bianca Mellado. Let it unfurl slowly as you listen closely to absorb it fully.
More info at Night Tongue’s Bandcamp
MY ALBUM PREMIERE of The Stag King from 2019

10. The Corrupting Sea – “Lungs Like Lead”
Speaking of trauma channeled into and released as music, Somewherecold Records owner Jason Lamoreaux recently dropped his extremely personal new album Lungs Like Lead that deals with his ongoing mental health struggles through dystopian ambient/noise soundscapes. This title track is the most hopeful of the run of songs on the LP, an ambient/synths moodscape with a brief message of survival against the odds… “Just breathe…”
More info at Somewherecold’s Bandcamp