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Matt Hinton, Director

Interview: Matt Hinton (Director, Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury)

14 July 2021

Director Matt Hinton’s documentary about the Georgia band Luxury, sometimes described as Morrissey-fronting-Fugazi, is full of twists and turns including a nearly-fatal auto accident and three band members becoming Eastern Orthodox priests. Hinton shares how the film came together and some of the challenges he’s faced in getting people to give it a chance.

Michael Franti

Interview: Michael Franti

11 July 2021

Spearhead frontman Michael Franti discusses his life in Indonesia during the pandemic, and how he uses his music and shows to help others get through hard times

Lou Barlow

Interview: Lou Barlow

7 July 2021

Lou Barlow talks about his latest solo album, and reflects on playing with Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh

A Short Conversation with Leadboots

6 July 2021

With a number of well-received releases now under their belt, a full line-up in place and the opportunity to play live shows and festivals back on the menu, it was the perfect time to sit down with “Leadboots* and find out how lockdown has treated them, how they kept creative during those dark days and what the future holds for the band.


Interview: William Goldsmith of Assertion

5 July 2021

Drummer William Goldsmith (Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, Foo Fighters) opened up about where he’s been the last decade and how forming the band Assertion has reignited his passion for sitting behind a drum kit.

Daniel Avery

Interview: Daniel Avery

3 July 2021

Acclaimed electronic artist and DJ Daniel Avery discusses the unique origin story behind his fourth album, Together in Static

A Short Conversation with Carly Kraft of Coral Moons

30 June 2021

With the wonderfully nostalgic sound of “Like We Used To” already turning heads and attracting critical attention and a new album_Fieldcrest_ about to be released, it seemed the perfect time to sit down with Carly Kraft of Coral Moons to find out about, what we can expect from the new long-player, how the band stayed creative through lockdown and what they are looking forward to as we head into a slightly unexpected future.

Gary Numan

Interview: Gary Numan

29 June 2021

Gary Numan discusses his 18th solo album, the dystopian Intruder

Inquisition of a Musical Chameleon: An Interview with Chris Connelly

29 June 2021

When it comes to the world of alternative-industrial music, there are few names as well-known as Al Jourgensen, Skinny Puppy, Pigface, KMFDM and collaborators. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Chris Connelly, who is associated with not one, but two of these groups (Ministry and Pigface), along with numerous other projects, new and old (Fini Tribe, The Revolting Cocks, The Joy Thieves). But as it turns out, there is entirely another side to Connelly’s persona that is lesser known to the masses, but no less talented. On his latest album The Birthday Poems with Scottish songstress Monica Queen, his music is more in line with bands like The Proclaimers, The Pogues and The Clash than anything from the industrial realm. And a great album it is (stream it below). For now, we had a little chat with Connelly and here’s how it went.

Tim Ayre

Interview: Tim Ayre

28 June 2021

Australian indie dream rock artist Tim Ayre creates a sunny musical vibe with his new EP, Modern Life

Another short conversation with Kevin Daniel

26 June 2021

With a new album, Been Here Before now available and a year that saw his life turned upside down, I sat down with Kevin Daniel to discuss the personal and emotional hardships of the last year, the experiences and feelings that fuelled the new album, and why he believes that you should always live in the moment.

Interview: Jesse Marchant

25 June 2021

With some acting experience under his belt, Jesse Marchant’s music often takes on a cinematic quality, as do the videos he makes to accompany his singles. Marchant’s latest release, Antelope Running, paints beautiful pictures with rich and complex instrumentation and wistful vocals that are easy to get lost in.

Interview: Faye Webster

24 June 2021

Already four albums into her career, 23-year-old Faye Webster’s newest release, I Know I’m Funny haha, is a collection of real-life experiences from the lifelong Atlanta resident’s last two years set to a unique mix of pop, jazz, R&B and alt-country. And, it’s special enough to have caught the ear of a very important person who named “Better Distractions” one of his favorite songs of 2020.

Interview: T. Hardy Morris

22 June 2021

T. Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate, Diamond Rugs) set aside an album he started recording in early 2020 and wrote a band new album, The Digital Age of Rome, influenced by the rapidly changing world we all found ourselves in last year. We talk about the album as well as take a walk through his back catalog.

Brutus VIII photo

Interview: Brutus VIII

18 June 2021

Musician and filmmaker Brutus VIII (Jackson Katz) discusses his new album, Beyond, and short film, Sylvain’s Hunt

Joe Bourdet

Interview: Joe Bourdet

17 June 2021

Southern California’s Joe Bourdet is the first to acknowledge the critical role that mid-to-late ’70s singer/songwriters – whose music, these days, fills dollar bins at the local record store – played in the development and recording of his outstanding debut album, Meadow Rock.


Interview: Superbloom

14 June 2021

Brooklyn’s Superbloom are bringing mid-90s grunge back with raspy vocals and fuzzy guitars. Learn how the members of the band first heard grunge, the names they tossed around before settling on Superbloom and what it was like working with Will Yip on their debut album, Pollen.

Interview: Jim Ward

10 June 2021

While the pandemic put a halt to any plans Jim Ward may have made for promoting and touring to support the new Sparta record, the singer/guitarist has kept busy by hosting an Instagram interview series and writing and recording a solo album which is out now.

The Allman Betts Band

Interview: Duane Betts of The Allman Betts Band

8 June 2021

Coming this month, The Allman Betts Band will be performing three unique livestream shows – one will be all acoustic, the second will be playing the 2020 release Bless Your Heart in full for the first time, and the third will be a set of Allman Brothers classics. Guitarist/vocalist Duane Betts talks about releasing two albums in two years, the summer Spirit of The South tour, and what it was like playing shows in 2020.


Interview: Luke Gruntz and Ian Fraser of cleopatrick

4 June 2021

With a sound comparable to modern rock bands like Royal Blood, Muse and Death From Above 1979, the Canadian duo cleopatrick, made up of guitarist/vocalist Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser, have gone from basement shows to the Lollapalooza stage in a short amount of time. Learn more about the young band leading the “New Rock Mafia”.


Interview: Marisa Prietto of Bizou

3 June 2021

Without the ability to play shows in early 2020 to support their newly released EP, stillifeburning, due to the pandemic, L.A.-based Bizou used the time to write and record a full-length debut, Tragic Lover. Singer Marisa Prietto talks about the band’s formation, how the songs come together, and how having a former member of Smashing Pumpkins and Veruca Salt helps with the buzz.

A Short Conversation with Sugar Loaf Walker

27 May 2021

Having just dropped an album many years in the making, the wonderfully named Sugar Loaf Walker had a virtual sit down with me to talk about his travels both geographical and sonic, about the deeper meanings and themes found on this fantastic record and the art of the instrumental album in the modern climate.

Trade Wind

Interview: Jesse Barnett of Trade Wind

24 May 2021

There may have been a silver lining to 2020. Singer Jesse Barnett was forced to take time off the road with his band Stick To Your Guns and use it to write and record with his electronica-based project, Trade Wind. For someone who makes a living screaming, Barnett showcases his gentler side with compelling results.

Trapper Schoepp photo

Interview: Trapper Schoepp

21 May 2021

Trapper Schoepp discusses the challenging (and cathartic) process that led to his latest album, May Day

Silver Synthetic

Interview: Kunal Prakash of Silver Synthetic

19 May 2021

Guitarist Kunal Prakash of Silver Synthetic shares how the pandemic set the band’s Third Man Records debut back a year and discusses the rock scene of the band’s home town of New Orleans.

Christian O'Connor

A Short Conversation with Christian O'Connor

16 May 2021

With his latest single, Wherever The Hammer Falls recently premiered on this site, it felt like the perfect time to sit down with Christian O’Connor to find out all about the musical path that got him to this point, his influences, the creation process for his self-made video and his plans for the future.

Interview: Noah Lekas

14 May 2021

Poet Noah Lekas shared five entries from his first book, 2019’s Saturday Night Sage, with musicians and filmmakers and gave them free reign to create their own interpretations of his poems. How that all came to be is just one of the highlights of a recent conversation with the talented writer.

Interview: Morgan Wade

11 May 2021

Though her debut album has some twang, Morgan Wade’s music doesn’t fit snuggly into the country genre, there’s much more to it. We talked about defying genres, working with Sadler Vaden (Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit), and her impressive collection of tattoos.


Interview: Jason Singer of Michigander

5 May 2021

Everything Will Be Ok Eventually is the perfect title for an album written, recorded and released in the midst of a global pandemic. Jason Singer reveals Michigander’s origin story, his thoughts on Spotify, and best and worst tour experiences.

A Short Conversation with Afton Wolfe

1 May 2021

With the single “Dirty Girl” leading the way to a full album to follow, I sat down with the most eloquent Afton Wolfe to hear all about his past musical journeys, his inspirations and aspirations, the musicians that he admires and has worked with and where it all goes next.

Andy McFarlane of Far Lands

Interview: Andy McFarlane of Far Lands

30 April 2021

Not many artists wait until their late 30s to start their music career, but that’s exactly what Andy McFarlane did when he released 2017’s Oh What An Honor, Oh What A Drag. In this conversation, we talk about his late start, what took him so long, and his new album, There Be Monsters.

Portugal The Man photo

Interview: Portugal. The Man

25 April 2021

Portugal. The Man bassist Zach Carothers discusses the band’s latest release, Oregon City Sessions, as well as the band’s career overall

Linda Perry

Interview: Linda Perry

25 April 2021

Linda Perry reflects on her career as a performer (fronting 4 Non Blondes), hit songwriter, and film composer

The Loft Ghost Trains and Country Lanes: 1984-2015

The Loft - Ghost Trains and Country Lanes: 1984-2015

25 April 2021

“The Loft were a promising entry in the vast swarm of Creation talent, and seemed more likely than others to make it big. Trailing in the wake of The Smiths, they were right in the thick of guitar-based indie pop. Reveling in their influences, including The Velvet Underground, Television, and Modern Lovers, they released two killer singles: “Why Does the Rain” and “Up the Hill and Down the Slope”.”

Emily Kinney photo

Interview: Emily Kinney

24 April 2021

Emily Kinney is best known for her role on The Walking Dead – but she’s also a talented singer-songwriter, as she proves on her latest album, The Supporting Character

Peter Stampfel’s 20th Century: A “Roundered” Lesson in (Mostly American) Musical History

23 April 2021

I heard the anthology, and had my first hallucinogen, peyote, in October of 1959, and I just recently realized that both the peyote and the Harry Smith Anthology made me realize that the world was far more strange than I had dreamed, and far more vast than I had dreamed… So yeah, Smith is absolutely a template for this whole project.

A Short Conversation with Mark Lyons of The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

22 April 2021

Whilst many other artists have used lockdown to have a break from making music, The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show used it to write a whole new album. I sat down with Mark Lyons to learn about how the band came together, where they draw their inspirations and why they consider themselves to be the missing link between Joy Divison and The Muppets.

A Short Conversation with Pollux King

20 April 2021

“Anybody”, the latest single from Pollux King is a rallying cry for the outsiders and a message of unity to those people who don’ know where they fit in with society. It felt like the perfect time to sit down with the artist behind the name and ask why she felt it necessary to voice such a sentiment, how she got to where she is today and about the challenges of staying positive and creative during the pandemic.

Death from Above 1979

Interview: Death From Above 1979

14 April 2021

With the latest Death From Above 1979 album, Is 4 Lovers, Sebastian Grainger and Jesse Keeler took on the production responsibilities for the first time. In this conversation, the duo talk about how that went and how the delay in release due to the pandemic allowed them a second chance to get things right.

Daniel Lanois photo

Interview: Daniel Lanois

10 April 2021

Legendary producer Daniel Lanois has worked with U2, Peter Gabriel, and Bob Dylan, among many others – but now he’s releasing another album of his own, Heavy Sun

Lancaster, PA band Vicious Blossom.

A Short Conversation with Nate Zerbe of Vicious Blossom

3 April 2021

“Lancaster PA band Vicious Blossom is Nate Zerbe (vocals/guitar/lyrics) and a revolving collection of musicians that varies from release to release. The band combines dream pop and shoegaze with a side order of psych for good measure.”

Dead Poet Society

Interview: Jack Underkofler of Dead Poet Society

2 April 2021

Singer/guitarist Jack Underkofler says his band, Dead Poet Society, tries to keep things fresh and never write the same thing twice. The band’s debut, – ! –, defies categorization – it’s modern rock with elements of many different genres throughout the songs.

A Short Conversation with Mare Wakefield and Nomad

25 March 2021

Mare Wakefield and Nomad have both led adventurous lives, both in their formative days and since meeting each other, and their music is a reflection of their wanderlust and pioneering spirit. Folk, roots, jazz and Americana all swirl about in their songs and so with a new album about to drop, I sat down with them to find out about the lives and their music and what we can expect from the new release, as well as their hopes for the future.

Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum

Interview: Michael C. Hall, Matt Katz-Bohen and Peter Yanowitz of Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum

22 March 2021

The Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum trio, which includes actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under), keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie) and drummer Peter Yanowitz (Wallflowers, Natalie Merchant, Morningwood), shares how Hedwig and the Angry Inch brought them together and how they went about writing their debut album, Thanks for Coming.

Force Field PR promo photo

Lunchbox: Thermos Full of Pop

2 March 2021

“If you think about names of famous bands, after awhile it becomes a signifier for the band, it’s drained of content. Is The Beatles a good name? It’s a stupid name right? But The Beatles are THE BEATLES!” – Tim Brown

“At least, the silver lining is that when we can play again, people will care about live music and it will be special again.” – Donna McKean

Electric Jesus

Interview: Chris White (writer/director) and Daniel Smith (songwriter) of Electric Jesus

1 March 2021

Chris White (writer/director) and Daniel Smith (songwriter) discuss the inspiration behind both the Electric Jesus movie and the soundtrack which is loaded with ’80s Christian hair metal original songs.

Aaron Lee Tasjan

Interview: Aaron Lee Tasjan

22 February 2021

Singer/songwriter Aaron Lee Tasjan shares how he avoids the trappings of being easy to classify, how moving to Nashville was one of the best things he’s ever done, and has some fun answering questions about the “Thank You” credits on his new album, Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!.

A Short Conversation with Siamese Youth

18 February 2021

Berlin duo, Siamese Youth, make music which revels in the synthwave sounds of the mid-eighties. Their latest album, Echoes of Tomorrow, written during Lockdown, sees them embracing a broader sonic palette and adding new elements alongside their core sound. The bands new single “So Far From Home” is out now on New Retro Wave and the new album will be released shortly. I sat down with them to find out all about the making of their second album, how they coped with a year of isolation and what they are looking forward to once normality begins to return.

Teenage Wrist

Interview: Marshall Gallagher and Anthony Salazar of Teenage Wrist

14 February 2021

Marshall Gallagher and Anthony Salazar provide some insight into the new Teenage Wrist album and how a lineup change gave the duo a chance to bring new musical ideas to the table.

Get The Funk Out: A candid chat with Nevaris A.C. of Loud Apartment

9 February 2021

Loud Apartment is a band with a unique sound, one which crosses cultural and generic boundaries as easily as it does those relating to technology and musical era. With a new album, System Breakdown, now out, I sat down with Nevaris A.C. to find out how the band build up their singular sound, how it has remained creative during the pandemic and what the future holds.