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The Big Takeover #79
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Hayes McMullan Everyday Seem Like Murder Here Light in the Attic

Hayes McMullan - Everyday Seem Like Murder Here (Light in the Attic)

16 February 2017

In the 1920s and ’30s, Hayes McMullan played blues around his home in the Mississippi Delta.

The Forgotten Man Holy Moly

The Forgotten Man - Holy Moly (The Forgotten Man)

15 February 2017

Nomadic songwriter Wilson Getchell (Wall-Eyed) lands in North Carolina to form the perfect band for his eclectic talent.

Saint Mars - Ocean Blues EP (Grá Mór Phonic Records)

14 February 2017

On their debut EP, Ocean Blues, this band from Bristol, UK manages to combine the sunniest of vocal harmonies with the gloomiest of Gothic melodies.

Cover art for the cassette release from Robert Scott called RePort.

Robert Scott-RePort (Thokei Tapes)

11 February 2017

“Robert excels at everything he touches, ranging from chiming jangle pop and on to gritty post punk. His work always is a standout, and his voice is unmistakable.”

Dr Boogie Peanut Butter Blues

Dr. Boogie - "Peanut Butter Blues"

9 February 2017

Never ones to stay quiet for long, Los Angeles rock’n‘roll heroes Dr. Boogie drop a song into cyberspace just to remind us that they’re still kicking.

Tulipomania - Don't Be So Sure/Who Let You Know

Tulipomania – “Don’t Be So Sure” / “Who Let You Know” [7”]; This Gilded Age (Sursumcorda)

6 February 2017

For those still tentative about diving into this atypical, atmospheric Bristol, PA trio’s 2016 fourth LP This Gilded Age, this double A-side 7” of two of its tunes is a tempting toe-dip.

Eric Frisch - Music Under Sea (Self-Released)

6 February 2017

Music Under Sea has neither an entire foot in the music of the 60s or the pop today it inspired, but will nevertheless have fans who love either.

Cheshires - Cheshires

Cheshires – Cheshires (Cheshires)

4 February 2017

Birmingham, AL’s Remy Zero released three major label LPs during their original 14-year run, before disbanding in 2003. This new trio comprises two original RZ members, along with their touring guitarist/drummer, and preserves RZ’s penchant for brawny alterna-rock.

Vaureen - Violence EP

Vaureen - Violence EP (Self-Released)

3 February 2017

Brooklyn-based alternative rock band Vaureen displays its captivating range with a 3-song cycle of psych-rock, sludge rock, and shoegaze-tinged post-rock.

Glenna Bell - Lone Star: Songs and Stories Straight from the Heart of Texas

Glenna Bell – Lone Star: Songs and Stories Straight from the Heart of Texas (Glenna Bell)

2 February 2017

Texas-born-and-bred Bell again avoids modern country clichés on her fifth LP, and first since 2010’s Perfectly Legal: Songs of Sex, Love and Murder.

Louise Distras - "Aileen"

Louise Distras – “Aileen” (Louise Distras)

1 February 2017

On this hard-hitting new single, about serial killer Aileen Wuornos, London’s provocative, powerfully-piped Distras breaks free from stringent punk structures. It blends a ‘60s British Invasion/Merseybeat and girl-group sound with more contemporary, crunchy power pop.

Foresterr The Town Dies Screaming Puddlejumper

Foresterr - The Town Dies Screaming CS (Puddlejumper)

1 February 2017

Holbrook, Long Island’s Foresterr brave the fashion punks, cover bands and emo-kids-who-think-they’re-hardcore dominating their local scene with an uncompromising brand of spastic noise rock.

Astral Cloud Ashes - Too Close to the Noise Floor (Self-Released)

31 January 2017

On his debut album, Too Close to the Noise Floor, released last year, Antony Walker effortlessly combines the weirdness and constancy of The Pixies with the larger-than-life pop of XTC.

Biznaga Sentido del Espectáculo Slovenly

Biznaga - Sentido del Espectáculo (Slovenly)

30 January 2017

Madrid, Spain’s Biznaga deliver their first domestic LP of punk rock en Español just in time for the leader of the free world to announce his war against the majority of the Spanish-speaking world.

Verena von Horsten - Alien Angel Super Death (A Tree in a Field Records)

28 January 2017

Alien Angel Super Death doesn’t willingly give away much at first, but it generously rewards listeners who readily approach it with complete emergence.

King Ropes - Dirt (Self-Released)

25 January 2017

King Ropes, an indie garage band from Bozeman, Montana, effortlessly couples the inventiveness of The Pixies and the alternative country twang of Wilco with remarkable results.

Album cover for Passage from Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk.

Ulrich Schnauss And Jonas Munk – Passage (Pedigree Cuts/Azure Vista Records)

22 January 2017

“Witness the gorgeous opener “Amaris”, which will thrill dream pop fans and remind you of late period Engineers. Rich with melody and grand passages, it is crammed with sparkling notes that chime pleasantly in your ears.”

Roxy Swain - Beneath Full Moonlight

Roxy Swain – Beneath Full Moonlight (Spade Kitty)

21 January 2017

I swooned over this fetching Chicago foursome’s “buoyant, shimmery” 2014 second LP Restless Hearts, which followed up their heftier 2010 debut The Spell of Youth. But Beneath manages to best them both.

Seneko - Self-Titled EP (Self-Released)

21 January 2017

For a set of solo recordings, it certainly doesn’t play like the work of one individual, and indeed the studio polish gives it a lush, full-bodied feel to the record that only aids Olshefski’s keen pop instincts.

Album cover for Foxhole from The Proper Ornaments.

The Proper Ornaments – Foxhole (Tough Love Records)

15 January 2017

“They have created a winning collection of medium tempo songs, sunny melodies only partially disguising the moody lyrical content.”

Saul Losada - Energy (Self-Released)

14 January 2017

While there’s nothing groundbreaking or innovative on this record, Saul Losada erects the foundations on Energy to set himself firmly in the lineage of blues rock’s most individual guitarists.

Ramsey - "Love Surrounds You"

Ramsey - "Love Surrounds You" (Self-Released)

13 January 2017

Electronic noir artist Ramsey offers another slow-burning stunner that features her tormented, yet alluring vocals.

MIss Ohio - White Hot: The best of Miss Ohio

Miss Ohio - "14" (Pyrrhic Victory Recordings)

11 January 2017

Long-standing NJ-based band Miss Ohio delivers American indie rock at its finest on its new single.

The Mumzees - Teal EP

The Mumzees – Teal EP (The Mumzees)

10 January 2017

On their 2015 first LP, I heard “Sonics/Shakers-inspired garage rock, Shellac-styled industrial/post-punk, and SLF Inflammable Material-era punk” in this college-aged Nashville band’s sound. That’s still accurate, as Teal contains many of the same characteristics as the full-length.

Haley Bonar - Impossible Dream

Haley Bonar – Impossible Dream (Gndwire)

6 January 2017

St. Paul, MN-based Bonar’s follow-up to her 2014 sixth LP Last War is even better, featuring more focused and finely-honed playing. As well, its arrangements are alternately aggressive and atmospheric, thanks to Bonar’s brawny and buoyant backing band.

The Whispering Tree - "Space Oddity"

The Whispering Tree – “Space Oddity” (David Bowie cover); “Mother” (Pink Floyd cover) (The Whispering Tree)

2 January 2017

This New York duo’s dreamy covers of these two familiar classic-rock staples are so assiduously crafted, and Eleanor Kleiner’s singing so stupendous, it’s like you’re hearing each song for the first time.

Thorin Loeks - Thirsty Hearts (Self-Released)

2 January 2017

Thirsty Hearts is an incredibly relevant and powerful record that speaks directly to the uncertain and transitory impasse in which we are currently living in.

Album cover for Known to Collapse's Transport Paradise album.

Known to Collapse - Transport Paradise (Green Chair Music Ltd)

29 December 2016

“Diverse arrangements and themes abound on this album. Put the needle anywhere, and you’ll be drawn into an intoxicating melodic drift that sweeps you along with it.”

The Modern Airline Bus Trapped Underground Mimic the Prayer Sounds

The Modern Airline - "Bus Trapped Underground"/"Mimic the Prayer Sounds" 7" (The Modern Airline)

21 December 2016

After five years of flying under the radar, Brooklyn’s The Modern Airline finally follow their eponymous 2011 debut full-length with a strong 7” that shows where they’ve been and where they’re going.

Album cover for Landing's Complekt album.

Landing - Complekt (These Are Not Records)

11 December 2016

“This truly is music for floating away forever into the clouds, an infinite journey with Complekt as the perfect soundtrack. Highly recommended!”

Album cover for the Getaway reissue by The Clean.

The Clean - Getaway Reissue (Merge Records)

11 December 2016

The Clean need no introduction as they are a long established classic Kiwi pop band on the venerable Flying Nun label.”

Michael Van & The Movers - A Little More Country (Self-Released)

10 December 2016

A Little More Country just might be the perfect Christmas gift for the country fan longing for traditional Americana and country that doesn’t entirely sacrifice a modern sensibility.

Ministry Trax! Rarities Cleopatra

Ministry - Trax! Rarities 2x12" (Cleopatra)

7 December 2016

Before Al Jourgensen became defined by the metal industrial sound he pioneered, Ministry began as a synthwave band blending elements of post-punk, goth and electronic krautrock into a unified sound.

Gert Taberner - Fallen EP (Self-Released)

6 December 2016

While Taberner doesn’t as of yet have the most original of voices, it’s clear from the off that Fallen contains all of the makings for one, and all that remains to be seen is where he goes from here.

Emma Pollock - In Search of Harperfield

Emma Pollock — In Search of Harperfield (Chemikal Underground)

6 December 2016

A late look at one of the year’s best albums. The internal momentum of Pollock’s discography, seemingly impervious to the passage of time and lack of immediate rewards, remains its most striking feature.

Sonambient Harry Bertoia Clear Sounds Perfetta Important

Harry Bertoia - Clear Sounds/Perfetta (Sonambient/Important)

6 December 2016

Following the box set documenting Harry Bertoia’s complete Sonambient catalog comes a brand new release of previously unheard recordings that further the legacy of the legendary sculptor/composer.

Kuparilinna - Kuparilinna

Kuparilinna - Kuparilinna (Palatsi Finland)

4 December 2016

You might question the wisdom of a Helsinki band securing U.S. distribution for a debut LP sung entirely in Finnish. But one listen to this distinctive, charismatic two-year-old quintet, whose name translates in English to “Copper Castle,” and you’ll be captivated by their countless charms.

Album cover for The Magic Shoppe's Wonderland album.

The Magic Shoppe - Wonderland (Little Cloud Records)

4 December 2016

“This supercharged psych quintet records for the Portland, OR imprint Little Cloud Records. With a triple threat in the form of three guitarists (Josiah, Kate, and Tayler), these folks kick out the jams on this 8 song short album.”

Dino Jag - Breakthrough EP (Self-Released)

3 December 2016

Dino Jag is a musician who has clearly cracked the code for pop songwriting, and he winningly replicates this formula six times over the course of the simply enjoyable Breakthrough EP.

Danophone - Rerun (Self-Released)

2 December 2016

Purposely recorded with limited technology, Rerun is as warm and tender as it is personal and intimate from a musician with an immediately identifiable voice deserving to be heard.

Hey Colossus Dedicated to Uri Klangers MIE

Hey Colossus - Dedicated to Uri Klangers 2x12" (MIE)

1 December 2016

To celebrate their ten year anniversary in 2013, London noisemongers Hey Colossus assembled a “best of” compilation, originally released on cassette by S.O.U.L. with only 50 copies made.

Personal and the Pizzas Slovenly

Personal and the Pizzas - Personal and the Pizzas 12" (Slovenly)

29 November 2016

Having released a slew of 7“s and a lone full-length, New Jersey’s Personal and the Pizzas finally return with another long player that reminds us why they’re the greatest thug rock band in the world.

Saint Blasphemer - Simon Templar (Self-Released)

28 November 2016

A concept like this is a heavy one to cover, and by no means easy, but Saint Blasphemer tackles the job with deftness and heart on Simon Templar.

Fallen Asunder - S/T (Self-Released)

28 November 2016

Fallen Asunder occasionally gets lost in trying to sound too much like its influences, but it nevertheless remains a promising debut from a band who have clearly put everything into it.

The Smart Pills Lost Studio Recordings VCP

The Smart Pills - Lost Studio Recordings EP (Vince Conrad Productions)

28 November 2016

Inspired by the scene happening around them along with punk rock from England, The Smart Pills formed in New York City in early 1978, but relocated to Topeka, KS after finding themselves completely destitute.

Lafayette Regency - All My Friends Died in a Rock 'n' Roll Accident

Lafayette Regency - My Friends All Died in a Rock 'n' Roll Accident (Lafayette Regency France)

28 November 2016

France’s forceful foursome Heming Wave have now morphed into this trio. However, the brash and bracing U.K. Britpop influences that Heming Wave invoked have been sidelined in favor of a more strident, stentorian style.