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The Big Takeover Issue #87
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Joan of Arc - Tim Melina Theo Bobby (Joyful Noise Recordings)

3 December 2020

Joan of Arc may have reached a career end, but they continue to be unstoppable.

Elvis Presley Nashville

Elvis Presley – From Elvis in Nashville (RCA/Legacy Recordings)

3 December 2020

The King meets the Nashville Cats in Music City. Fine country-pop ensues.

Nothing - The Great Dismal (Relapse)

3 December 2020

From humble beginnings, Nothing has grown into a truly excellent band, with a sure grasp on how it wants to sound and how to write for itself.

The Jigsaw Seen -Sleigh Bells Ring Ep

2 December 2020

The Jigsaw Seen go full tilt seasonal on the sublime Ep Sleigh Bells Ring

Black Unity Trio - Al-Fatihah (Salaam/Gotta Groove)

2 December 2020

Back in 1969, a Cleveland improvisational conglomerate called Black Unity Trio put out what may well be the first avant-garde jazz album released independently: Al-Fatihah, named after the first chapter of the Quran and self-released in an edition of 500 copies.

Toyah - Sheep Farming In Barnet [2CD/DVD + Vinyl Editions] (Cherry Red Records)

2 December 2020

Landing December 11,  Sheep Farming In Barnet is the sublime debut by Toyah, a fully realised release, 41 years after it’s initial incarnation

Kathy Crinion - Standing On The Edge [Feat. Adam James Deiboldt] (Whitethorn Music/ISG Records)

1 December 2020

The new atmospheric single from Irish songstress Kathy Crinion features the added charm of vocalist Adam James Deiboldt.

Perry Farrell -The Glitz; The Glamour [Box Set] (Last Man Music)

1 December 2020

The Glitz; The Glamour is an overview of Perry Farrell’s pre and post Jane’s Addiction work.

Keith Jarrett - Budapest Concert (ECM)

1 December 2020

Recorded two weeks before last year’s splendid Munich 2016 on his 2016 European tour in, of course, Budapest, the concert contains ninety minutes and two disks of spontaneous piano composition, plus a couple of standards to round off the encore.

The Bathers - reissues (Marina)

30 November 2020

Those with a taste for this kind of emotionally forthright chamber pop will wonder where the Bathers have been all their lives.

Little Richard

Little Richard – Lifetime Friend (Omnivore)

25 November 2020

Richard Penniman goes to church, ‘80s style.

Marty Willson-Piper – Nightjar (Schoolkids)

17 November 2020

MWP’s best solo work sees its vinyl debut. Don’t expect to be pinned to the wall by a pyrotechnic flash of frenetic guitars; this beautifully crafted album has a different and dreamier aim.

Swans - Children of God/Feel Good Now (Young God)

16 November 2020

Exploring religious themes, especially those that conflict with natural human behavio, Gira, Jarboe and the musicians wrestle with faith through love, pain, hate, defiance, supplication and indifference on this impressive, eclectic and frequently amazing album.

Juana Molina – ANRMAL (Crammed Discs)

14 November 2020

A freaky Argentine spellcaster conducts a dizzying head trip.

Les biches - Gentlemen Sailing Into Darkness EP

Les biches - Gentlemen Sailing Into Darkness EP (Commercial Suicide/Darkling)

14 November 2020

Their sound pushes and pulls against a sophisticated kind of minimalistic approach, a la ’80s Wire, New Order, and dare I say, Crazy Horse…

The Nels Cline Singers - Share the Wealth (Blue Note)

13 November 2020

Cline freely acknowledges the influence of a time when jazz fusion was more exploratory and avant-garde, less interested in technique and more concerned with telling stories in a way they hadn’t been told before. Cline and his Singers bring that sound into the twenty-first century on Share the Wealth.

The Death Wheelers - Divine Filth (RidingEasy)

12 November 2020

From hell they came, riding their monstrous motorcycles through the streets of Spurcity, bearing DTA, a hellish street drug capable of turning anyone who consumes it into a mindless zombie. Can nothing stop this filthy cult of madmen?

Colin Steele Quartet - Joni: Jazz Interpretations of the Joni Mitchell Songbook (Marina)

11 November 2020

Stepping onto the path blazed by Hancock thirteen years ago, Steele and his band – Dave Milligan on piano and arrangements, Calum Gourlay on bass, and Alyn Kosker on drums – gather nine songs by the Canadian songsmith and put their own spin on them for Joni: Jazz Interpretations of the Joni Mitchell Songbook.

Bobby Bare Shel Silverstein

Bobby Bare – Bobby Bare Sings Shel Silverstein plus (Bear Family)

10 November 2020

Two rascals conspire to create funny, touching character studies.

Stephan Thelen/Kronos Quartet/Al Pari Quartet - World Dialogue (RareNoise)

10 November 2020

Brilliant players plus a distinctive compositional take make World Dialogue a marvelous experience.

Ghost Rhythms - Imaginary Mountains (LEM)

9 November 2020

With its fifth album Imaginary Mountains, Paris’ Ghost Rhythms continues on its idiosyncratic path as one of the most unique and gifted instrumental bands in the world.

dunkie - Working To Design (SWND Records) 

6 November 2020

dunkie have just released Working To Design, balanced between cinematic depth and melodic bliss, it is an album that requires investigation.

Aaron Parks - Little Big II: Dreams of a Mechanical Man (Ropeadope)

5 November 2020

Parks, guitarist Greg Tuohey, bassist David Ginyard and drummer Tommy Crane explore groove, mood and texture on the troop’s second LP Little Big II: Dreams of a Mechanical Man.

David Bowie - Metrobolist (Parlophone)

4 November 2020

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bowie’s classic The Man Who Sold The World, the album returns on limited edition vinyl in it’s original intended format of Metrobolist

Jorge Roeder - El Suelo Mío (T-Town)

4 November 2020

A veteran of bands led by John Zorn, Julian Lage and Shai Maestro, the Peruvian native and longtime New Yorker has played nearly every strain of jazz under the sun, and knows exactly what to do when alone in a studio.

Whit Dickey - Morph (ESP Disk)

3 November 2020

Call it free improvisation or spontaneous composition or whatever metaphor for extemporaneous music you like – it’s been the mainstay of the label, and field of rich soil for Dickey, for decades.

Metz Atlas Vending

METZ – Atlas Vending (Sub Pop)

2 November 2020

A roaring Toronto trio turns raw noise into severe, thrilling beauty.

The Seeds - Vampire (Hypnotic Bridge Records)

31 October 2020

The sixties pysch-garage rockers The Seeds return with a new single.

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs - The Safari Years (Cherry Red Records)

29 October 2020

Before anyone did anything, Wayne County had done it all, and this four disc set proves that point.

Iwan Gronow - Out On A Limb EP (Self-Released)

28 October 2020

Recently Iwan Gronow released his debut Ep, falling short of an album but with a glorious depth

Optic Sink

Optic Sink – Optic Sink (Goner)

26 October 2020

The best in Memphis synth-punk, direct from a crumbling future.

Twink - Think Pink | 50th Anniversary Edition

25 October 2020

Kevin Burke investigates the 50th anniversary re-release of a psychedelic classic, the indispensable Think Pink by Twink

Dandy Warhols And Bebe Buell - Femme Fatale (Cobraside) 

23 October 2020

A diamond worth mining from the plethora of RSD releases, Dandy Warhols and Bebe Buell who do a blistering take on Femme Fatale

Strangers In A Strange Land - Poison Chalice (Ace Records)

21 October 2020

Strangers In A Strange Land return, backed by a supergroup and legandary producer Shel Talmy

mxmtoon dusk

mxmtoon – Dusk (self-released)

20 October 2020

An introspective bedroom-pop star grows up gracefully.

Imelda May - Slip Of The Tongue (Decca Records)

20 October 2020

Writer Kevin Burke checks out the latest release by soulful-rockabilly songstress Imelda May

Dennis Davison - The Book Of Strongman (Pretty Plague)

13 October 2020

Jigsaw Seen vocalist Dennis Davison delivers a staggering musical statement with The Book Of Strongman

Raymond Scott Big Band

The Raymond Scott Big Band – Hemidemisemiquaver: Buried Treasures of The Raymond Scott Big Band (Real Gone Music)

12 October 2020

An innovative maverick fires up his exhilarating 1940s big band.

Moon Attendant - One Last Summer

Moon Attendant - One Last Summer (Graveface)

11 October 2020

A new indie/retro-psychedelic rock ensemble has launched in the form of this Brighton, UK super-collective named Moon Attendant.

Gangstagrass - No Time For Enemies

Gangstagrass - No Time For Enemies (AntiFragile)

11 October 2020

Acclaimed Brooklyn bluegrass/hip-hop trailblazers Gangstagrass take a stand on their latest socio-politically relevant album.

Sad13 Sadie Dupuis

Sad13 – Haunted Painting (Wax Nine)

2 October 2020

The Speedy Ortiz leader uncorks a bracing solo effort.

Album art for Visions by The Cult of Free Love

The Cult of Free Love - Visions (Northern Star Records)

28 September 2020

“The band may remind you of well known acts such as Chemical Brothers or Primal Scream. It is dance music that occasionally dips its toes in international waters, which ushers in a whole other layer of complexity to these grooves.”

Gillian Welch Lost Songs

Gillian Welch – Boots No. 2: The Lost Songs, Vol. 2 (Acony Records)

25 September 2020

An Americana heroine serves up prime leftovers.

The Boys - The Boys...On Safari (Captain Oi!/ Cherry Red Records)

21 September 2020

Released on September 25th, a comprehensive box set celebrating the Safari recordings by The Boys

Monk Palo Alto

Thelonious Monk – Palo Alto (Impulse! Records/Legacy Recordings)

18 September 2020

The piano genius in fine form, direct from a high-school auditorium.

Suzanne Vega - An Evening Of New York Songs And Stories (Cooking Vinyl Limited)

12 September 2020

Kevin Burke looks at the latest, live release from Suzanne Vega, along with the upcoming globally streamed shows .