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The Big Takeover Issue #87
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Recalculating-All Talk

Recalculating – All Talk (Recalculating)

31 May 2020

Those familiar with this Queens/Brooklyn post-punk trio’s 2018 debut No Banter will instantly notice the tenfold upgrade in their attack’s tightness, speed, and muscle on this sophomore effort.

Erroll Garner – Magician (Octave/Mack Avenue)

27 May 2020

Attention: Keyboard genius at work.

Teddy Thompson - Heartbreaker Please (Thirty Tigers)

27 May 2020

In part inspired by the dissolution of a romantic relationship, Heartbreaker Please finds the British native/American resident presenting a set of songs equally inspired by real life and artistic co-option of same.

Bloodshot Bill – Get Loose or Get Lost (Goner)

26 May 2020

Montreal’s Bloodshot Bill returns with second album for Goner Records.

Underwater Kites-Hot Feet

Underwater Kites – Hot Feet (RBM)

25 May 2020

Along with RBM, Johanna’s House of Glamour, and Neurotic Cage, Underwater Kites is another of Boston-based experimentalist Bruce MacLeod’s guises, with one prior LP and six EPs going back to 1999.

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads -Don't Blame Yourself (LBH Records)

25 May 2020

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads return with a new album Don’t Blame Yourself, it is a good time album that blends power pop and punk

Voice of Doom-Saint Blaise

Voice of Doom – Saint Blaise (Pyrrhic Victory)

24 May 2020

Along with gruff, Glenn Danzig/Dave Vanian-evoking bellower Evil Heim, and anchored by formidable 65’s guitarist/bassist Joe Pugsley and Ryan Struck (who play bass and drums here), it’s no surprise this New Jersey horror-punk quintet sound like a Misfits and Damned lovechild.

Winfield-Winfield EP

Winfield – Winfield EP (Winfield)

23 May 2020

Fans of this three-year-old Chapel Hill, NC quartet’s 2018 debut mini-album Giant will immediately notice the silkier, more incandescent stylistic shift on this follow-up four-song EP’s first two tracks.

Beauty in Chaos - The Storm Before The Calm (33.3 Music Collective)

23 May 2020

The third album from Los Angeles based Beauty In Chaos is their finest outing, The Storm Before The Calm is the inevitable slice of brilliance fans have been waiting for.

Full Counts-Next Up

The Full Counts – Next Up (Phratry)

18 May 2020

The second LP by Pittsburgh’s Full Counts – formed by 1990-94 Gumball bassist/singer Eric Vermillion and Cynics drummer Mike Quinlan, who were both also in FOOD – is even better than their otherwise superb 2017 debut, First Out.

Watch Clark-Backscatter Effect EP

Watch Clark – Backscatter Effect EP (Watch Clark)

17 May 2020

As he did on his 2019 debut LP Couch, Seattle’s one-man EDM virtuoso Paul Furio rotates between Depeche Mode/OMD/New Order synth-pop/new wave and tougher, Front 242/Nitzer Ebb techno/industrial on this follow-up five-songer.

Various Artists - The Sixth Wave & The Quarantine Sessions (Big Stir Records)

16 May 2020

Kevin Burke looks at two key releases from Big Stir Records, both of which donate funds to the Sweet Relief’s Musician Assistance Fund

Mark Lanegan - Straight Songs of Sorrow (Heavenly/[PIAS])

15 May 2020

Singer and songwriter Mark Lanegan has, in his long career, moved through psychedelic grunge, gothic folk rock, stark balladry and electronica-infused alternative rock. Given his eclecticism, noting that Straight Songs of Sorrow is different than anything else he’s ever done is really saying something.

Tyler Keith – The Last Drag (Black & Wyatt)

13 May 2020

Mississippi’s Tyler Keith is back with a solo album on the Memphis label Black & Wyatt.

Today is the Day - No Good To Anyone (BMG)

13 May 2020

No Good to Anyone doesn’t make anything easy for anyone venturing into its realm, but it’s also an album suffused with hope.

Lara Driscoll - Woven Dreams (Firm Roots)

12 May 2020

Pianist Lara Driscoll reveals a magic touch on Woven Dreams, her first album as a leader.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Viscerals (Rocket Recordings)

11 May 2020

With one hoof in the heavier end of the stoner rock pool a la Electric Wizard, and the other in the realm of postpunk headbangers like Killing Joke, the Newcastle upon Tyne outfit channels aggression into a tight-fisted series of disciplined explosions that are more punch than splatter.

High on Stress-Hold Me In

High on Stress – Hold Me In (High on Stress)

9 May 2020

Having backed Slim Dunlap, and opened for Tommy Stinson, it’s no wonder High on Stress evoke the rootsier side of hometown legends The Replacements; frontman Nick Leet’s emphatic, twangy drawl even conjures Paul Westerberg.

65's-Never Say Never

The 65’s – Never Say Never EP (Mint 400/Pyrrhic Victory)

8 May 2020

This three-songer blasts even harder than their 2017 “Wolves and Men” 7”, enhanced by the addition of second guitarist Ed Roessler to an already intimidating lineup of Joe Pugsley, Ryan Struck, and John Steele.

Lori Sims/Andrew Rathbun/Jeremy Siskind - Impressions of Debussy (Centaur)

8 May 2020

While the line between classical music and jazz seems to look more and more faded as the decades go by, Impressions of Debussy is still an unusual project.

It's Karma It's Cool - Woke Up In Hollywood (Kool Kat Music)

6 May 2020

On May 15th comes the debut long-player Woke Up In Hollywood by the UK’s It’s Karma It’s Cool. A stylish, and enjoyable piece of work.

The World Palestine - Birds of the Deep

The World Palestine - Birds of the Deep (Self-Released)

5 May 2020

Les Easterby’s latest writings from a once-shut-out heart are perfect sympathies for the physically shut-in masses.

Vlimmer - Pulmo (Blackjack Illuminist Records)

4 May 2020

German based Vlimmer release their latest Ep Pulmo. A recording of dark musings in a nightmare landscape

Brandi Ediss - Bees and Bees and Bees (Futureman Records)

3 May 2020

Brandi Ediss releases the unique Bees And Bees And Bees, a sultry, soulful, and jazz-inspired work of brilliance

Matthew Shipp - The Piano Equation (Tao Forms)

1 May 2020

The Piano Equation lives up to its name, not only as a great example of a modern solo piano record, but as a distillation of ideas from one of the instrument’s foremost contemporary architects.

Joe Ely Pandemic

Joe Ely – Love in the Midst of Mayhem (Rack’em Records)

29 April 2020

A well-traveled Texas troubadour offers reassurance in tough times.

Gilfema - Three (Sounderscore)

29 April 2020

Combining highlife guitar lines with a swinging rhythm section playing in a difficult time signature, Lionel Loueke’s “Têkê” functions almost as the bible by which the group will adhere.

Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin Kynsi (Nuclear Blast)

24 April 2020

Oranssi Pazuzu is a Finnish quintet of blackened metallurgists who’ve little interest in blast beats, lo-fi shred, Satanism, corpse paint, or any of the other trappings of their chosen genre.

SPYGENIUS - Spite b/w Heaven Is Blue (Big Stir Records)

23 April 2020

SPYGENIUS release the new single “Spite” on April 24, all proceeds will be donated to the Matthew Seligman Tribute Fund

RVG - Feral (Fire)

23 April 2020

Australian quartet RVG proved themselves expert practitioners of explosive, melodic rock & roll on their remarkable debut A Quality of Mercy in 2017. Three years later, Feral picks up exactly where its predecessor left off.

E - Complications (Silver Rocket/Lokal Rekorc)

22 April 2020

On Complications, the band’s third album, E explores the nooks and crannies of high volume guitar rock, rarely reducing themselves to mere butt-kicking.

X Ray Cat Trio – Love, Blood & Monsters (Trash Wax)

21 April 2020

Leeds trio back with Love, Blood & Monsters on Trash Wax

The New Fools - Mershmellow (Everlasting Records)

21 April 2020

The New Fools sophomore release Mershmellow, offers nostalgia through a number of enjoyable stylistic changes.

Trees Speak - Ohms (Soul Jazz)

21 April 2020

If the music wasn’t so clearly sun-baked, we might think this was a long-lost artifact from the Germanic seventies.

Human Impact - s/t (Ipecac)

20 April 2020

A supergroup of sorts, Human Impact consists of Spencer, bassist Chris Pravdica (Swans), drummer Phil Puleo (also Swans, as well as Cop Shoot Cop) and electronicist Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop).

Locate S,1

Locate S,1 – Personalia (Captured Tracks)

17 April 2020

Christina Schneider takes a journey to the center of the mind.

Cherie Currie -Blvds of Splendor (Blackheart Records)

15 April 2020

On April 28th, Cherie Currie releases her solo album Blvds of Splendor on streaming platforms, including an updated rendition of “Queens Of Noise”

Possessed by Paul James - As We Go Wandering (PPJ Records)

14 April 2020

Konrad Wert, a.k.a. Possessed By Paul James, returns with his first album in seven years,

Iwan Gronow - Highest Symbol (Self-Released)

14 April 2020

Musician Iwan Gronow completes a hat trick of excellence with his latest single “Highest Symbol”


The Claudettes – High Times in the Dark (Forty Below)

13 April 2020

A brash Chicago quartet turns modern anxiety into snappy entertainment.

Avishai Cohen - Big Vicious (ECM)

13 April 2020

Joined by two drummers and two electric guitarists, Cohen draws from rock, pop, funk, electronica and ambient music for a blend that casts a net outside jazz while remaining firmly inside its value set – like a trip-hop take on seventies fusion.

Castle Ruins You're the curse

Castle Ruins - You’re the Curse (Self Released)

7 April 2020

The three-piece Castle Ruins are certainly not going to set the world on fire with musical evolution, rather their latest EP, You’re the Curse, is of the post-hardcore, late-period grunge style and that works well for me.

The Sellwoods – Eight Great Shakers (Chaputa)

7 April 2020

Portland’s Sellwoods offer dynamite instrumentals, more on new Chaputa 10”.

International Pop Overthrow Volume 22

International Pop Overthrow Volume 22 (Omnivore Recordings)

5 April 2020

“This 69-song edition showcases artists from 10 different countries, doing just about every sub-genre of pop music, including power pop, pop/rock, folk/pop, psychedelic pop, garage, indie-rock, and so forth.”

The Well Wishers - We Grow Up {Benefit Single} (Big Stir Records)

3 April 2020

The Well Wishers along with Big Stir Records stand up to the mark, and raise money for the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

the black watch - Brilliant Failures (A Turntable Friend)

2 April 2020

the black watch return with Brilliant Failures, an album which is anything but what the title suggests

Pearl Jam - Gigaton (Monkeywrench Records)

1 April 2020

Gigaton by Pearl Jam is a politically inspired, personally driven piece of mature, middle-aged grunge and it sways and erupts with a needed hopefulness


Waxahatchee – St. Cloud (Merge)

1 April 2020

Katie Crutchfield delivers emotional shock therapy with devastating efficiency.

Professor And The Madman - Séance (Fullertone Records)

1 April 2020

Trans-Atlantic supergroup Professor And The Madman drop the title track “Séance” from their upcoming album, summoning up the old school sounds of our youth