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Jen Dan: March 31, 2019

BAND/SINGER and SONG INFO, and VIDEOS appear when you click the READ MORE button.

1. Bad Religion – “Chaos From Within*
Yep, an astute encapsulation of what’s going on in the U.S., and elsewhere, socio-politically – and what’s been going on throughout human history, as only punk rock legends Bad Religion can do it – quick, concise, and kick-ass!
David Musto’s CONCERT REVIEW of Bad Religion and Circle Jerks at Riotfest from 2010.

2. rev rev rev – “Clutching The Blade”
And now a distinct sonic swerve into the massively abrasively scalding whiplash fuzz-rock attack with dire drum thump and dispassionately foreboding female vox by noise rock/post-punk band rev rev rev. New Album Kykeon will emerge later this year via Fuzz Club.

“Ripples” by rev rev rev

3. Life on Venus – “For the Kill”
Russian shoegaze/dream-pop five-piece release a dreamy and hazy new sky-gazing single from their greatly anticipated album. Not much info is known yet, but stay tuned in, as I’m hoping to do more in support of the band.

4. Beverly Kills – “Revellers”
Snarky band name aside, this Swedish indie act unveil a fleet, wistful, and captivating track that sounds so familiar, and yet…
Their debut physical release “In This Dim Light”/“Melodrama” limited edition 7” vinyl via Australianlabel Hell Beach.

“Dreamless” – live and acoustic

5. Fox Grin – “Eclipse”
And, again, this Nashville/Atlanta indie rock/orchestral pop duo drop a fleet, hazily wistful, and captivating track that sounds so familiar, yet…
MY ALBUM PREMIERE of Dusk by Fox Grin.

“Shangri-La” by Fox Grin

6. Sleepspent – “Noise”
This El Paso-based atmospheric rock band keep releasing consistently intriguing singles. This track is a kinetically restless indie rock noir number with founder Austin North baring his emotions as he alternately broods and flies to the sky with longing falsetto cries.
MY ALBUM PREMIERE of It’s Better If You Don’t Speak Or Think EP

“California” by Sleepspent

7. Moving Panoramas – “Baby Blues”
Such a gloriously sweeping and cantering track that’s filled with organ press, rich harmonies, and sweet-sweet-sweet female vocals from Austin-based indie at-times-country-tinged pop/rock band.
MY ALBUM PREMIERE with detailed write-up of each track on In Two by Moving Panoramas
SONG PREMIERE of “Radar” (from 2015)

8. Mid City – “No Surrender”
I just happened upon this track at SoundCloud. I knew about the band and was following them, but not so closely to know what they were up to – and they just burst out of the gate with this rip-roaring, romping, anthemic rock number. Think Interpol with lively and passionate vocal exclamations – and from Australia.

“Old Habits” by Mid City

9. Piroshka – “What’s Next?”
Yep, this super group have bowed another spectacular single, this time with a strong and relevant socio-political message. On the verse, Miki Berenyi regretfully confesses, “I’m terrified that the long-forgotten days when we were united are gone for good. The Lush-like chorus section, however, is a rallying call of hope, as Miki sings dreamily “We need to protest. We’ve got to find a new way to connect.”

MY INTERVIEW with the members of Piroshka
Elizabeth Klisiewicz’s ALBUM REVIEW of Brickbat, out now via Bella Union
MY NEWS about the formation of Piroshka

10. Drinking Boys And Girls Choir – “Keep Drinking!!!”
Another of my finds on SoundCloud (Gosh, I hope this site stays afloat!!) that I know nothing about, so let me do a little digging… And, wow, this ‘choir’ is a punk rock trio from South Korea! Coolness. And supposedly, if Wikip can be trusted, the members like to, ummm…, drink.
Their new album, Keep Drinking, was released on March 8th via Damnably Records

“Keep Drinking” – live – exhilaration!!