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Jen Dan: February 20, 2019

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I’m going for a nocturnal, noir vibe for most of these songs, but some glow with a lighter sonic reflection. Cold, dark dissociation and bittersweet connection flows through this playlist. Effusive synths ‘n’ mechanical beats segue into burning to angular guitar lines and vice versa, depending on the track. But many times it’s the voice/emotions and lyrics that are the key that unlocks the aural treasure chest…

1. Perturbator – “Excess”
The famed French synthwave/electro-industrial artist James Kent is back with a wild ‘n’ slammin’ rollercoaster ride of an epic single, so hold on to your ears for dear life!

2. Be Forest – “Gemini”
This Italian post-punk band knows how to create a spellbinding Gothic atmosphere topped off with airily floating vocals… New album Knokturne is out now.

3. Ramsey – Hot cover of The Cure’s “Cold”
Multi-talented creative (singer, songwriter, musician, producer) Ramsey returns in all her vulnerable toughness. With broken emotions intact, she chills and thrills on this bruised and foreboding cover.
MY ALBUM REVIEW of Ramsey’s s/t LP
MY “SONG REVIEW of SINGLE “Love Surrounds You”

4. Sleepspent – “California”
The Texas-based band’s founder Austin North radiates slow-burning emotional turmoil so well, and that’s also mirrored in the roiling music when it reaches a boil. And watch out for North’s killer, all-too-fleeting falsetto; you will swoon…
MY ALBUM PREMIERE of _It’s Better If You Don’t Speak Or Think EP
MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “California”

5. Crying Vessel” – Cool cover of *Trisomie 21’s “The Last Song”
Premier darkwave outfit based out of Switzerland that continually produces ear-catching sleek, catchy, noir, and coolly warm (due to Slade Templeton’s deep, sonorous vocals) tracks.
MY SONG PREMIERE of “One Last Taste”
MY SONG PREMIRE of “Second Sleep” (Steve Monti Remix)

6. Outward – “For Sure”
DIY musician Corey Philpot from London,… Kentucky, that is, gets deep lyrically on his new LP That’s Life, but this number balances the heaviness of sludge rock with airy, brighter synths and Philpot’s dreamy vocals.

7. Piroshka – “What’s Next?”
A super socio-politically relevant song off this smashing ‘new’ band’s album Brickbat that hit stores February 15th via Bella Union. If you don’t know who’s in the group by now, I just can’t deal. LOL

8. Primer – “TVI
Alyssa Midcalf, one half of Parts, goes it on her own with recently released album Novelty. Her wounded vocal tone and bleak lyrics are arresting, but the synth-pop format and beats will get you going.
MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “Anesthetized”

9. Pixel Grip – “Plastic Enemies”
This Chicago-located queer-identifying synth act will release new album Heavy Handed via Feeltrip on April 12th. This track is a spare, but dreamily pulsating number that will have you swaying in no time.
MY SONG PREMIERE of “Plastic Enemies”

10. Hush Pup – “The Hours”
My new fave (Canadian) band (for now) due to their ethereal dream-pop sonics and vocals that recall the greats like Cocteau Twins and Lush.


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