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Chuck Foster: October 1, 2015

The Big Takeover Top Ten 10/2015 by Chuck Foster on Mixcloud

Changing weather…

  1. Wanda Junes – “Two Birds”
    Read my review.
  2. Band of Holy Joy – “Violent Drunken Strangers”
    Read my review.
  3. Thee Headless Kings – “A Love That Bites”
    Read my review.
  4. Suburban Lawns – “Gossip”
    Read my review.
  5. The Claudettes – “Ne T’en Vas Pas”
    Read my review.
  6. Odetta Hartman – “Batonebo”
    Read my review.
  7. Tarana – “Nanotronic”
    Read my review.
  8. Out of Dust – “Cycles set 2 part 2” [EDIT]
    Read my review.
  9. The Machinery of Other Skeletons – “Chug” (Noise Arcade remix)
    Read my review.
  10. Mulva Myasis – “Avalon Song”
    Read my review.

NOTE: As always, tracks are not ordered by preference, but rather organized for aesthetic value.


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