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Glenn Dickson - Wider Than the Sky Itself (self-released)

4 July 2022

During the pandemic the clarinetist developed a new artistic vision, centered on blowing his horn while manipulating electronics live, and it’s that aesthetic he documents here.

Guided By Voices - 9:30 Club, Washington DC (June 18, 2022)

2 July 2022

Guided By Voices storm the capital in preparation for the release of yet another strong record.

The Last Optimist - This Moment is Gone (Last Optimist Records)

1 July 2022

Belanger has carved out a niche with a unique delivery and down-to-earth lyricism that is entirely his own, and This Moment Is Gone is sure to help find comfort and solace for many listeners.

Brynilde - The Sound of the Winter Sun (Self-Released)

1 July 2022

The Sound of the Winter Sun completely ignores any and all current music trends, and it is all the better for it as Brynilde creates an album that is as timeless as it is mysterious.

Steve Tibbetts - Hellbound Train: An Anthology (ECM)

1 July 2022

It sounds like hype, but it’s the truth: there’s no one like Steve Tibbetts.

Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood/Avalon (half-speed vinyl remasters) (Virgin)

1 July 2022

Having shifted from the iconoclastic rock & roll of their early/mid-seventies work to a slicker, adult-oriented (and commercially viable) new wave pop, Roxy Music had set aside many of their quirks and most of its adventurousness to become a group of working professionals, rather than a gang of rock radicals.

Fabels - Minds (Qusp)

30 June 2022

Truthfully, there is really nothing else out there like there so it is incredibly difficult to define, but Minds is subtly confrontational and rewards attentive listening as much as it demands it.

Grace Solero - Metamorphosis (Wohone Records)

30 June 2022

London-based alternative rock artist Grace Solero presents “Metamorphosis”, the lead track from the forthcoming album by the same name. Raw, grungy, dreamy and atmospheric rock, this follows earlier singles “Orange Sky”, “Awake” and “Lucid Dream” with the latter recently played on BBC 6 Music.

1st Base Runner - Light Roars (Souvenir Sound)

30 June 2022

Light Roars plays like the most crystallized realization of Husmann’s concept.

Cooper Castelle - Welcome To My World (Self-Released)

30 June 2022

It’s awesome to see some great new music come from Seattle again, and Welcome to My World is a fantastic debut EP that doesn’t really sound like anything ever before made in that city.

Kirk Knuffke Trio - Gravity Without Airs (TAO Forms)

30 June 2022

Given the reputations of Knuffke’s cohorts here, one might expect free jazz cacophony. And while there are plenty of spontaneous compositions here, everyone here keys in on the presence of melody, making even the more rollicking free improvisations accessible to the unacclimated.

Pennies By The Pound - Burning Wish (Lilith)

29 June 2022

Finnish prog rock outfit Pennies By The Pound are back with their new single “Burning Wish”, an invigorating sonic offering and beautiful expression of optimism and adventure, channelled through the prism of fantastic British progressive rock. It is now available via the Lilith label. This is the first taste of their sophomore album, expected later this year.

Blunda - Brighter Days (Self-Released)

29 June 2022

It’s music that, perhaps, could only be made in Los Angeles, it invites the listener, wherever they are, to step back and appreciate life away from the recent events of the last two years

Matthew Shipp Trio - World Construct (ESP-Disk’)

29 June 2022

On World Construct, his umpteenth album in a career so prolific there’s no point counting, the jazz giant is in top form with his latest trio.

The Caughtery - The Uninvited (self-released)

28 June 2022

Following up their debut single “Fragile”, cinematic rock duo The Caughtery present “The Uninvited”, a stellar offering showcasing the talents of long-time Austin music veterans Lisa Tingle and David Gayler. This is the second offering from their forthcoming debut eponymous EP, set for release on July 15.

Cos - Grace (Self-Released)

28 June 2022

Grace is such an exciting album that reminds the audience of the fun playfulness to be had with the genre.

Glittermxxth - HIM (self-released)

28 June 2022

Glittermxxth is a singer, producer, auteur, multi-instrumentalist, lover of matcha tea, and hairless cats. A cyber-punk Sound Hunter who collects, collides, and complements wide-ranging sounds cooking them together in a Park Chan-wook – Ren Hang – esque bedroom overlooking pink glaciers. The first single, HIM, landed on 17th June 2022 and features the mixing and mastering skills of Richie Beretta (Diplo, Jillionaire, Beyonce) and Dave Kutch (Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Alicia Keys) respectively.

Wayne Merdinger - Troubadour (Self-Released)

28 June 2022

Merdinger’s lifelong connection to these songs is immediate, making Troubadour a statement that is both a personal journey for the artist as well as representative of the story of American music since the 60s.

Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra - In the Valley (Stricker Street)

28 June 2022

Composer Todd Marcus has two things that immediately set him apart: he’s one of the very few bandleaders to focus on the bass clarinet as his main instrument, and he draws on his Egyptian American heritage for textures not usually found in the jazz idiom.

The Eargoggle – The Eargoggle Regales, the Eargoggle Revels (Very Special Recordings)

28 June 2022

The Eargoggle Regales, the Eargoggle Revels is a captivating, imaginative, and immersive experience. Is it an expansive double-vinyl set with a comic book that illustrates each of its 17 songs, or is it a comic book rendered by top talent that has a soundtrack song for each of its vignette-sized stories?

Ray Charles, his Orchestra, and the Raelettes - Live in Stockholm 1972 (Tangerine)

28 June 2022

Fans of the Genius may wish for deeper cuts or signature songs like “One Mint Julep” of “Hit the Road Jack,” but the band follows Charles through every playful twist and dynamic shift.

Righteous Fool - s/t (Ripple Music)

27 June 2022

The brainchild of the late drummer and Corrosion of Conformity co-founder Reed Mullin and HR guitarist Jason Browning, Righteous Fool added Mullin’s erstwhile COC bandmate Mike Dean on bass during the stoner punk icons’ hiatus, and Righteous Fool was born.

Bomb Cats - Third Street Melody (Self-Released)

26 June 2022

With a large turn to socially conscious music lately, the Bomb Cats are a refreshing blast of fresh air, reminding the audience to still have some fun occasionally.

Fabulous - Get Fucked By Fabulous (Supermegabot/Slovenly)

24 June 2022

Unless you were a dedicated reader of the British music press circa 1991-1993, you’ve probably never heard of Fabulous.

Weimar - Soho Rain (German Shepherd Records)

23 June 2022

Manchester art-rock quartet Weimar is set to release their debut album Dancing On a Volcano on CD via German Shepherd Records and digitally via the band’s own imprint Marlene’s Hat Records, 12 tracks exploring an eclectic range of styles and moods.

Ernest Moon - Unkind (self-released)

23 June 2022

Liverpool-based indie rock outfit Ernest Moon will be releasing their new album ‘Skipping to Maloo’ on June 15, offering us a preview of the lead single ‘Unkind’ in the meantime.

Joey Alexander - Origin (Mack Avenue)

23 June 2022

A mere eighteen years old, pianist Joey Alexander already has five albums, three Grammy nominations and performances for two presidents on his resumé. Origin earns a special place in his discography, however.

Caleb Nichols - Ramon (Kill Rock Stars)

22 June 2022

Is Ramon a thoughtful, intricate study of queer relationships in twenty-first century culture, or is it just an excellent pop record? The answer, unsurprisingly, is both.

NYO Jazz - We’re Still Here (Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute)

21 June 2022

An outgrowth of the lauded National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America, NYO Jazz is, obviously, the organization’s jazz outreach arm, recruiting hardworking and prodigious 16-19 year olds to keep the flame of one of America’s greatest contributions to culture burning.

Another Short Conversation with Afton Wolfe

20 June 2022

It’s been more than a year since I last sat down to chat with the eloquent and fascination Afton Wolfe and so it was high time to catch up with him, his music and what he has been up to in the intervening 12 months or so.

Keith Hall - Made in Kalamazoo (Trios and Duos) (Zoom Out)

20 June 2022

Drummer Keith Hall has a diverse resumé: Betty Carter, Sir Roland Hanna, Kenny Wheeler, Janis Siegel, New York Voices, TRI-FI and several years with singer/saxophonist Curtis Stigers.

Wild Up - Julius Eastman, Vol. 2: Boy Joy (New Amsterdam)

17 June 2022

The second in a planned seven-volume series dedicated to Eastman’s compositions, particularly those not performed in his lifetime, Julius Eastman, Vol. 2: Boy Joy showcases the earmarks of the composer’s style.

Stephen Philip Harvey Jazz Orchestra - Smash! (Next Level)

16 June 2022

Though music eventually overtook his interest in superheroics, his childhood infatuation remains a creative inspiration.

Payton MacDonald, Billy Martin, Elliott Sharp & Colin Stetson - Void Patrol (Infrequent Seams)

15 June 2022

Void Patrol combines the talents of saxophonist Colin Stetson, guitarist/electronicist Elliott Sharp and Medeski Martin & Wood drummer Billy Martin, at the behest of Alarm Will Sound percussionist Payton MacDonald.

Vadim Neselovskyi - Odesa: A Musical Walk Through a Legendary City (Sunnyside)

14 June 2022

The Berklee-trained musician blends his two disciplines – jazz and classical – into a series of musical poems paying tribute to Odesa’s landmarks and historical occurrences alike.

Pasqualo Grasso - Be-Bop! (Sony Masterworks)

13 June 2022

Grasso continues his journey through pre-hard bop jazz with Be-Bop!, concentrating on the work of Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker.

Roxy Music - Siren/Manifesto (half-speed vinyl remasters) (Virgin)

10 June 2022

Four albums in, Roxy Music was about to enter its most commercially successful phase – but with a twist.

Billy Mohler - Anatomy (Contagious Music)

9 June 2022
Mohler and company make it all sound so easy – it’s clear that these musicians are comfortable with each other and trust their leader.

Chet Baker Trio - Live in Paris: The Radio France Recordings 1983-1984 (Elemental Music)

8 June 2022

Though more for completists than casual Baker fans, Live in Paris is a worthy addition to the Baker catalog.

Kaapstaad - Aula (Filter Label)

7 June 2022

Not long after releasing his chill and immersive debut single “Night”, Sweden*-based *Australian artist Kaapstaad has released “Aula”, the latest offering in his quest to bring distinct lo-fi chamber beats from the Baltic and beyond.

The Dirty Truckers - The Tisbury Joneser (Rum Bar)

7 June 2022

Singer/songwriter Tom Baker knows how to make loud, roots-informed, bar band rock & roll tunes that catch your ear, nod your head and, when you’re not looking, tear up your eye.

JD McPherson

JD McPherson – The Warm Covers EP, Vol. 2 (New West)

6 June 2022

An electrifying performer tackles rock’n’soul classics from Iggy Pop to Irma Thomas.

Charles Mingus - The Lost Album From Ronnie Scott’s (Resonance)

6 June 2022

Anyone even slightly familiar with jazz knows that Charles Mingus was a genius.

Just Like Heaven Fest: Franz Ferdinand

In Pictures: Just Like Heaven 2022

4 June 2022

The Just Like Heaven festival convened at the famed Rose Bowl on May 21, and the Big T stalkerazzi was out in force to bring you every second of the sordid action!

Parabola West - Stars Will Light The Way (self-released)

3 June 2022

New Zealand*-based *American folktronic artist Parabola West has released Stars Will Light the Way, a 13-track LP with cinematic sound offerings ranging from atmospheric pop to Northern European folk-influenced compositions, all recorded at the healing frequency of 432Hz.

Frank Sinatra - Watertown (UMe)

3 June 2022

When Watertown first came out in 1970, Frank Sinatra fans didn’t know what to make of it – which, in retrospect, seems odd.

London Plane - Come Out of the Dark (Declared Goods)

2 June 2022

NYC-based post-punk / alternative rock collective London Plane present their new single “Come Out of the Dark”, a glimpse of brightness amidst the invasion of darkness, both internal and external, imminent and eventual. This new taster of their long-awaited Bright Black album, an 11-track offering is set to release on June 17 via Declared Goods.

J. Peters Schwalm & Stephan Thelen - Transneptunian Planets (RareNoise)

2 June 2022

Though German composer, musician and sound designer J. Peter Schwalm and Swiss guitarist, composer and Sonar bandleader Stephan Thelen are well known for their consistent journeys into the outer limits, somehow the pair have not collaborated until now.

Revolution Above Disorder - Annihilator (Jacknife Sound)

1 June 2022

Revolution Above Disorder is the solo moniker of Vancouver*-based *Dubliner Stephen Nicholas White (The Orange Kyte, House of Dolls, Magic Shoppe), whose music is a melting pot of shoegaze, psychedelic rock and electronic-tinged post-punk. Droned-out while also melodic and sincere, White’s songs are augmented by synths, drum machines and heavily treated instrumentation with hypnotic reverb-soaked vocals.