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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Kingfisher - Macondo (self-released)

10 November 2023

Modern indie-rock with melancholic melodies, waterfall-delay guitars and fast drums fuse and produce this Swedish yet international band founded in 2019. Composed of a Colombian guitarist and vocalist (Julian), Italian drummer (Nich) and Swedish bassist (Affe), Kingfisher is a pinch of everywhere. They have released multiple singles and a rip-roaring debut album, Two Magic Symphonies.

Todd & Karen - Juicy Gossip From The Mothership (Sublime Exile Recordings)

10 November 2023

Todd & Karen is a Norwegian-Irish indie pop duo consisting of Øyvind Berge and Ina Verdi-Ruckstuhl. Their musical style is a unique blend of quirkiness, sardonic wit, and lyrical indie, deeply influenced by the late ’60s Beatlesque psychedelia and the breezy sounds of American West Coast pop.

Hair - City of Eyes (self released)

9 November 2023

Formed in Los Angeles in 2019, Hair set out to bring powerful, riff-laden rock to the masses. Composed of Alec Alvarez (guitar), Dylan Nelson (bass), Arthur Siegel (drums), and Parker Biehn (keys), Hair dives headlong into the challenges of the 21st century while celebrating the powerful musical heritage of yesteryear. Their blistering live performances energize audiences and remind them that rock n’ roll is still very much alive.

All Day Sucker - Feel Better (big WOW Music)

9 November 2023

The culmination of All Day Sucker’s nearly two decades of playing, writing, and record-making, Feel Better spins what is very much an L.A. story, and at the album’s heart is the longtime creative partnership of vocalist Coyle and keyboardist-producer Summers, which stretches back to the late 1980s.

Sunny Kim, Vardan Ovsepian, Ben Monder - Liminal Silence (Earshift Music)

9 November 2023

Liminal Silence, the culmination of a long-standing collaboration between Korean singer Sunny Kim, Armenian keyboardist Vardan Ovsepian, and American guitarist Ben Monder, is an album that defies categorization.

Soul Asylum - The Complete Unplugged NYC '93 (Sony Music)

8 November 2023

To mark the 30-year anniversary of Soul Asylum’s iconic MTV Unplugged appearance, Soul Asylum: The Complete Unplugged – NYC ‘93 will be available on all major digital streaming platforms on November 10th.

Mark Joseph - Palisade Peach (self-released)

8 November 2023

American Soul is a fitting brand for Mark Joseph; since his 2017 album by that name, he has charted a relentless and soulful course through America, and Americana, from blues to country to psychedelic rock and everything in between.

Adam Deitch Quartet - Roll the Tape (Golden Wolf)

8 November 2023

Call it soul jazz, jazz funk, boogaloo, or whatever – there’s something irresistible about a good, danceable groove coupled with improvisational flair.

Pete International Airport - Tic Tac 7" ft. Rachel Goswell (Little Cloud Records)

8 November 2023

Portland-based Pete International Airport has released ‘Tic Tac’ 7” vinyl version via Little Cloud Records, pressed on translucent yellow vinyl. Featuring Slowdive goddess Rachel Goswell as both vocalist and co-writer, the single is complemented by a remix by the iconic Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) as the B-side.

Davvn - Care Less (self-released)

7 November 2023

Davvn is a Boston based electronic duo. Founded in 2017, Mike & *McCall8 met in college and began working on music from their shared love of 2000’s pop-punk. Their music took an entirely different direction and has expanded, bringing together ambient vocals with dynamic beats.

Enemy Darling - 100 Apologies (self-released)

7 November 2023

Enemy Darling are a newly formed duo from the south of England whose first single ‘100 Apologies’ was released this summer. Beginning as an acoustic showcase, the song shifts as the lyrics evolve to become a cry-yourself-to-sleep rock anthem for the broken hearted. But Enemy Darling cannot be contained within just one genre.

Skarlett Woods - Letters to the West (self-released)

6 November 2023

Skarlett Woods new, sophomore album titled “Letters to the West” was recorded with producer Kevin Bowe and is diverse in sound, rich in prolific lyrics, deep in thought and above all is a lovely album! It is simultaneously filled with despair and hope. A concept album of stories and philosophical ponderings from adventures out west and living in western society. It speaks to the times of today and the times of the past while being emerged in a love story of what it means to be human.

Joe Lington - Black Desire (self-released)

6 November 2023

Joe Lington is a soul artist from Ireland. He sings in French, English and Cameroonian. Joe has released 4 Albums (TRUST) 2018 and (Nouveau depart ) 2013 (Focus )2021 and (Black Desire) 2022

Dr. Sounds - Astralnaut (self-released)

6 November 2023

Dr. Sounds, also known as Alexander Forselius, son of the drummer in the legendary rock band Tom Trick is a rising LGBTQ+ musician and producer who has made a name for himself in the ambient and electronic music scene. “Astralnaut” is their latest release.

Aly G - Build It Up (self-released)

6 November 2023

Brooklyn rapper Aly G presents her debut single and video ‘Build It Up’, her catchy yet conscious electro-rap clapping back at the urban renewal trend in Brooklyn. This release showcases and personifies Aly G’s socially conscious NYC vibe, as well as her whip-smart vocab, sly comedic observances, and rapid-fire delivery.

Rock of Asia - TAMI (Self-Released)

5 November 2023

TAMI is indeed a truly compelling affair that brings something fresh and alive to the genre, and it is at once challenging and accessible as the collective create a work of art that perfectly straddles both styles with ease.

Joe Lington - WTPA (self released)

4 November 2023

Joe Lington is a soul artist from Ireland. He sings in French, English and Cameroonian. Joe has released 4 Albums (TRUST) 2018 and (Nouveau depart ) 2013 (Focus )2021 and (Black Desire) 2022

Stretch Out Your Hand - The Sound of Mountains (self-released)

3 November 2023

The Sound of Mountains is the project of multi-instrumentalist, Christopher Morin. Originally from rural upstate NY, he had formed a 5-piece rock band based around Albany, NY where he was one of the primary songwriters and lead guitarist. However in late 2016, he relocated to Southern California. Eventually, The Sound of Mountains was born.

Myra Melford’s Fire and Water Quintet - Hear the Light Singing (RogueArt)

3 November 2023

Last year’s debut For the Love of Fire and Water instantly put the Quintet into the top tier of twenty-first century working groups, and Hear the Light Singing will ensure it stays there.

Nigel Brown - Here Comes The Truth (Columbina Records)

3 November 2023

Nigel Brown is a Singer Songwriter, Guitarist and Composer for Film and TV, based in London UK. His new album Here Comes The Truth is available now.

Koalra - Disasterclass (Gigantic Noise Records)

3 November 2023

Koalra are an emerging noise punk band based out of Chicago who fuse grotty, distortion-fuelled wall of sound with melody and often unexpected fragility. “Disasterclass” is out now ahead of an album of the same name expected at the end of the year.

IAN SWEET – SUCKER (Polyvinyl Records)

2 November 2023

Jilian Medford plunges headlong into desperate longing and crushing heartache.

The Forces - Voyages (Fuel Box Music)

2 November 2023

The Forces have been receiving critical acclaim for their unique fusion of Beatlesque psychedelia with hip-hop inspired beats. Their self-titled debut EP (2022) was three times featured as New and Notable on the homepage, and their music was praised as a ‘cohesive and wildly original body of work’ by The full album, Voyages is out now.

Tojo Yamamoto - 山本東条 (Tojo Yamamoto) (Forbidden Places Records)

2 November 2023

Veterans of the great noise rock wars of the 1990s, featuring members of The Mighty Skullhead, ZZ Top, Nine Pound Hammer, Supafuzz, Ted Bundy’s Volkswagon, Abusement Park and more. Making modern, noisy rock with just a hint of danceability and disgust.

PolSky - Rainbow Road (Disruptive Element Music)

2 November 2023

PolSky is an ambient post-post punk corporation, according to Kris Warren , its Founder & CEO. PolSky evolved from the bedroom laptop electronics of Kris Warren (vocals, guitar) to a fully-formed, energetic pop band with the appointment of the executive board; Senior Synth Architect, Ben Warn (keyboards), Rhythm Logistics Engineer, Alex Robertson (drums) and Low Frequency Systems Analyst Chris Norman (bass). 

The Drop Nineteens - Hard Light (Wharf Cat)

2 November 2023

There’s nothing particularly twenty-first century about Hard Light – no one’s trying to reinvent the wheel here.

Stuart Lawrence - One (self-released)

1 November 2023

Stuart Lawrence is a Portsmouth based singer-songwriter, and One is the first of 8 albums he has already written the songs for, and which will be release over the coming years.

Frenchy and the Punk - Cities In Dust (EA Recordings)

1 November 2023

NYC-based goth pop-alternative duo Frenchy and the Punk present their cover version of Siouxsie and the Banshees classic ‘Cities In Dust’, in celebration of the 38th anniversary of the original release by this game-changing post-punk outfit.

John Puchiele Ensemble - After Life (self-released)

1 November 2023

A composer for 4 decades, John Puchiele’s new release AFTER LIFE, is an aural & allegorical journey into the after life. As a former member of the Glass Orchestra, past releases include, Human & two Glass Orchestra compilation albums. His composition work includes performances, recordings, film/tv & dance

Joe Santa Maria - Echo Deep (Orenda)

1 November 2023

Joe Santa Maria is a great example of the new breed of jazz player – one who absorbs musical influences from across the spectrum of music and incorporates them into his own ideas.

Mansion on the Hill - Eye Hustling (self-released)

1 November 2023

Bassist Colin McCloskey, guitarist Carl Broll, and drummer Ryan Curry provide the foundation upon which the manor is built. Eddie Malandro serves as a guitar-strumming bard who regales listeners with vividly detailed tales of mystical mundanities over a sonic bed of twangy, twisting folk, and ‘ol fashioned rock n’ roll. Eye Hustling is their second album.

Rocket Kings - Paving The Way (self-released)

31 October 2023

Reading-based indie pop outfit Rocket Kings present their new full-length Paving The Way album, previewed by a playful video for the title track. With 12 tracks on offer, this is the band’s sophomore album, loaded with ukuleles, melodies, harmonies – like a sweet cocktail of The Beautiful South, Teenage Fanclub, Belle and Sebastian and The Cranberries.

Elk City - Undertow (Magic Door Records)

30 October 2023

New Jersey art-rock outfit Elk City present their seventh album Undertow. Founded by Renée LoBue and Ray Ketchem, Elk City is rounded out by Luna’s Sean Eden, Richard Baluyut (Versus) and Chris Robertson (Psychedelic Furs side project Feed, Punch Havana).

The Shop Window – A World Where We Remain (Single) (Jangle Shop)

29 October 2023

“A World Where We Remain”, the dreamy, jangly second single from The Shop Window is out November 10th. This gem from Maidstone, Kent’s indie pop merchants will be the lead track on an ambitious forthcoming third album, ”Daysdream” coming in 2024.

Tom Tikka and the Missing Hubcaps - Rainbows and Dead Flowers (One Media iP Ltd)

28 October 2023

Tom Tikka, a former Sony/BMG songwriter, best known for his work with Carmen Gray, began his solo career in 2020 and has since released two critically-acclaimed albums This Is My Happy Face and Better Man. New album Rainbows and Dead Flowers has already spawned to UK chart top ten singles.

Paul Bibbins - Disenchantment at a Distance (self-released)

27 October 2023

Paul Bibbins is originally from New Orleans, but in late 2005 Hurricane Katrina uprooted him to Texas; and he’s lived in the Dallas area ever since. The lyrics of his songs never come from personal experiences, he says that “it’s just not in me to write songs that way.” Disenchantment at a Distance is his latest EP.

Degrees - Pt V. (Aenaos Records)

27 October 2023

Swedish duo Degrees, hailing from Sweden’s darkest woods, is back after more than 10 years with a new album. Mikael Jakobsson (Svart Elefant, Animal Kix) and Rickard Folke (Boygirlme, L’obscurité, Blah!) recorded the songs of their fifth release Pt. V in 2012 but it was never finished until they decided in 2023 to finally release their last album with the help of the German indie label Aenaos Records.

Divine Horsemen - Bitter End of a Sweet Night (In the Red)

27 October 2023

When the Horsemen began in the mid-eighties, they were seen as the Flesh Eaters’ country cousins, with Desjardins’ patented noir lyrics set in friendlier, more melodic environs. As time passed, however, the line between the Horsemen and the Eaters blurred considerably, in part due to each band’s Red Rover membership, and that’s still the case here.

Frank Rabeyrolles - Japanese Dreams (self-released)

27 October 2023

A discreet and unclassifiable character from the “new” French music scene, Frank Rabeyrolles” has stood out since 2004’s Life Behind The Window, the first album of his *Double u project. His dreamy and hybrid music, oscillating between pop, electronics and songwriting surprises and seduces. “Japanese Dreams” is his latest single.

heavy on the heart - Catch Me If I Fall (Riffsville Records)

27 October 2023

heavy on the heart is a melodic rock band fueled by the soul & drive of 4 misfits with nothing to lose. heavy on the heart is Nikki Brady (vocals), Costas Themistocleous (guitar), Nick Kolokathis (drums) & Andrew Nicolae (bass).

Richard Evans - Dream of the World (Cold Star Media)

26 October 2023

Manchester-based synthwave artist Richard Evans presents his new retro-futuristic EP Dream of the World, released via Cold Star Media. Recorded at Cold Star Studios in July 2023, the inspiring title track is about remaining positive even in the darkest times, as reflected in the accompanying video.

Old Californio - Metaterranea (self-released)

26 October 2023

It’s funny how what was mainstream in one era becomes underground in another.

Travis – The Invisible Band Live LP (Craft)

25 October 2023

This limited 2xLP Record Store Day release captures a hometown performance of Travis’ 2001 album The Invisible Band.

John Douglas - John Douglas (Reveal Records)

25 October 2023

One of Scotland’s finest songwriters – John Douglas of Trashcan Sinatras fame – presents his debut solo album, released via Scotland’s Reveal Records, along with a self-filmed nostalgic video for the album’s opening track ‘Lost’.

Ben Freeman - Baby Mine (self-released)

25 October 2023

Ben Freeman is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, currently based in New York.

The Last Optimist - seed water sun (Self-Released)

24 October 2023

With everything produced by The Last Optimist, the results are deceptively ambitious and the true power of seed water sun grows by completely immersing yourself in the album.

Black Rose Burning - Ad Astra (PV Recording Company)

24 October 2023

NYC alternative rock outfit Black Rose Burning presents “Ad Astra”, the title track from their invigorating third album along with a clever new sci-fi video, announced as follows: “We travel into the microverse. We leave a dying planet there. We discover a new place to live. We’re the light that shines amongst the stars at night… Love Won, Love Lost and Outer Space.”

Billy Mohler - Ultraviolet (Contagious Music)

24 October 2023

Keeping his upward swing going, bassist/composer Billy Mohler returns with his quartet for his third album.

Jack Keyes - Home (Sparky Park Records)

24 October 2023

Jack Keyes is an indie folk artist from Louisville, Kentucky. Keyes’ sound stems from a love of classical music, pop, and a good story. Inspired by the soothing melancholy of Nick Drake, Judee Sill, and Elliott Smith among others, Keyes is also influenced by his experience as a teacher.