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50 Foot Wave - Black Pearl (Fire)

13 April 2022

It’s easy to wonder why 50 Foot Wave needs to exist, since two-thirds of the band (singer/guitarist Kristen Hersh and bassist Bernard Georges) also comprise two-thirds of alternative rock pioneers Throwing Muses.

Renata Zeiguer

Renata Zeiguer – Picnic in the Dark (Northern Spy)

12 April 2022

Peerless dream pop from a Filipino-Argentinian magician.

Rodney Cromwell - Memory Box (Happy Robots Records)

12 April 2022

London-based indietronica artist Rodney Cromwell has released his Memory Box album via Happy Robots Records. Rodney Cromwell (the nom de plume Adam Cresswell) was a founding member of indie-folktronica band Saloon (who had four entries in John Peel’s Festive 50 & recorded three Peel Sessions) and also one half of acclaimed electronic duo Arthur & Martha

Beauty In Chaos - Behind The Veil (33.3 Music Collective)

12 April 2022

LA-based label 33.3 Music Collective has announced the release of Behind The Veil, the highly-anticipated new album from Beauty In Chaos. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Grammy-nominated producer Michael Rozon, This all-female featured collection brings back three BIC alumni – Tish Ciravolo, Cinthya Hussey, and Betsy Martin – as well as new family members Whitney Tai, Elena Alice Fossi, and Pinky Turzo.

Fabian Willmann Trio - Balance (Clap Your Hands)

12 April 2022

With Balance, Berlin saxophonist Fabian Willmann inaugurates not only his career as a leader, but also brand new Swiss label Clap Your Hands.

Paris Music Corp - Almost Lost (self-released)

11 April 2022

Texan electronic and ambient composer Paris Music Corp. a.k.a. John Andrew Paris presents “Almost Lost”, the second flowing single from his self-titled album, following up the lead track “Light Speed”. With 14 tracks on offer, this is his first record in half a decade, the previous release being the Rewind LP in 2017.

Zachary Cale - Skywriting (ORG Music)

11 April 2022

Born in Louisiana but based in in Brooklyn, singer/songwriter Zachary Cale blends rural and urban on his seventh album Skywriting.

Little North - Familiar Places (April)

11 April 2022

Familiar Places, the fourth album by Danish piano trio Little North, could be used as a model for a certain strain of jazz.

Weimar - The Girls of L.A. (German Shepherd Records)

8 April 2022

Manchester*-based indie rockers *Weimar present their new single “The Girls of LA” for release via German Shepherd Records the first taste of their debut album “Dancing On A Volcano”.

Ivo Perelman - (D)IVO/Magic Dust (Mahkala Music)

8 April 2022

The beginning of 2022 brings not one, but two new projects, each with two very different quartets.

The Keplerians - Spaceship Earth (Blim Records 360)

7 April 2022

High-vibing EDM / dance pop outfit The Keplerians *have released their new Spaceship Earth EP via *Portuguese label Blim Records. A futuristic ride into cosmic dance territory, this high-energy three-track offering is supercharged with punch, positivity and a sense of adventure.

Myra Melford’s Fire and Water Quintet - For the Love of Fire and Water (Rogue Art)

7 April 2022

For the Love of Fire and Water, the latest album from the rightly acclaimed pianist/composer Myra Melford, makes a statement on two fronts.

The Othered - Journey To The Edge (self released)

6 April 2022

Othered present their hard-hitting debut single “Journey To The Edge”, a heavy rock / metal anthem replete with signs of our times. On April 15, the duo will be releasing their full eponymous album on limited edition vinyl and digitally. They are a collaborative recording project by Henry Austin Lannan and Emily Palen (a.k.a. KnightressM1). Based in the San Francisco Bay area, this powerhouse project also weaves doom, metal and psychedelic prog—rock throughout their music

Tord Gustavsen Trio - Opening (ECM)

6 April 2022

Over the past two decades, Norwegian jazz pianist Tord Gustavsen and his trio have quietly become some of ECM’s biggest stars on the Scandinavian side.

Telefis - a hAon (Dimple Discs)

5 April 2022

Electronic mavericks and ex-pat Irish iconoclasts Telefís have released their debut album a hAon (Number One), a highly unique collection of 13 tracks, via Dimple Discs.

Cameron Graves - Live From the Seven Spheres (Artistry Music)

5 April 2022

While his two studio albums to date haven’t broken any new ground in the turbocharged fusion sweepstakes, they have celebrated the pure joy of ripping it up on one’s instruments and keeping the good vibes going as aggressively as possible.

Friends of Hell - s/t (Rise Above)

4 April 2022

With a sensibility informed by horror flicks and Satanism, especially the variety of both found in the underground pop culture of the seventies, leader/drummer Tas Danazoglou leads his band of devilish brigands through a set of songs so scuzzy they irrevocably stain any rag that tries to clean them.

Port Nasim - It’s Murky Grey (Battersea Alternative Music)

2 April 2022

What truly sells the album is an emotionally charged desire to capture a snapshot of modern life at a singular moment in time.

Roxy Music - s/t/For Your Pleasure vinyl reissues (Virgin)

1 April 2022

We’ll admit it: it seems kind of ridiculous to review Roxy Music at this point.

Dave Douglas - Secular Psalms (Greenleaf)

31 March 2022

Commissioned by the City of Gent and the Handelsbeurs Theater to pay tribute to Jan van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece, the song cycle draws deeply from an overtly spiritual library, including the Latin Mass, the poetry of Christine de Pisan and, yes, one of the Psalms.

Gerald Clayton - Bells of Sand (Blue Note)

30 March 2022

Gerald Clayton’s last album for Blue Note was the joyous concert record Happening: Live at the Village Vanguard, which served as a clearing of the decks. That means it’s time for a Major Artistic Statement, which the pianist/composer delivers with Bells of Sand.

Julia Gaeta - Weight of You (self-released)

29 March 2022

Paris*-based *American artist Julia Gaeta presents her debut single “Weight of You”, an adrenaline-packed song inspired by the juxtaposition of dark reverie and grit that is Paris, tastefully combining sweeping hooks and industrial textures with ethereal sensuality and sultry grit.

The Hellacopters - Eyes of Oblivion (Nuclear Blast)

29 March 2022

The first album from the Hellacopters in fourteen years kicks off with exactly the kind of bang you’d want from this reunited Swedish action rock institution.

Lisa Hilton - Life is Beautiful (Ruby Slippers Productions)

28 March 2022

Her twenty-fifth record Life is Beautiful continues down the path on which she’s most comfortable: melodic hard bop and third stream compositions performed masterfully with her stalwart rhythm section.

Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding – Warm Chris (4AD)

25 March 2022

Sly folk-pop trickster from New Zealand plays intriguing head games.

Various Artists - Black Lives: From Generation to Generation (Jammin’colorS)

25 March 2022

Not just a compilation and collaboration featuring an international cast of musicians interpreting the black jazz tradition, Black Lives: From Generation to Generation is also a statement about racism, its continuing prevalence and impact on twenty-first century Earth, and what to do to combat it.

Knights of Swing - The Soundtrack

25 March 2022

A great film is one thing. A cool soundtrack is another. Put the two together and you have a fantastic combination. Knights of Swing, watch it now and revel in its story and fall in love with its music.

David Friend & Jerome Begin - Post- (New Amsterdam)

24 March 2022

Starting from a place of classical piano, the duo add electronics courtesy of Begin’s sound library for a set of songs that honor the traditional and the contemporary.

Keeley - Brave Warrior (Dimple Discs)

23 March 2022

Following the overwhelmingly positive global reception to Keeley’s debut “Brave Warrior” EP, London-based Dimple Discs is releasing the 4-song set on 10” vinyl via Shellshock Distribution on February 25. Limited to 500 copies, the EP features artwork by award-winning designer Bruce Brand at Arthole (The Darkness, White Stripes).

Mark Turner - Return From the Stars (ECM)

23 March 2022

Return From the Stars spotlights an exceptionally strong set of Turner originals played by a remarkable band.

Vonamor - Vonamor (Time To Kill Records)

22 March 2022

Vonamor is made up of sisters Giulia Bottaro, Francesca Bottaro and Luca Guidobaldi, with Francesco Bassoli and Martino Cappelli joining in for live performances. This project started in 2016. Initially focused on communicating images and composing scores for short films, they morphed into the trio we know today with their style, literary echoes, imperious art-pop and enigmatic aesthetics.

Jean-Michel Pilc - Alive: Live at Diése Onzé, Montréal (Justin Time)

22 March 2022

Veteran pianist Jean-Michel Pilc regularly takes the stage with no setlist or plan and delivers a captivating set of jazz improvisation, and Alive: Live at Diése Onzé, Montréal is no exception.

Roman Angelos - Music For Underwater Supermarkets (Happy Robots Records)

21 March 2022

London-based label Happy Robots Records has released the sophomore album ‘Music For Underwater Supermarkets’ by Brooklyn*-based electronic artist *Roman Angelos. This ten-track collection paints a sonic dreamscape where the mundane act of grocery shopping meets the future.

Michael Bisio Quartet - MBefore (TAO Forms)

21 March 2022

Bassist Michael Bisio prefers to ride the edge when he makes music, sometimes taking it like a bucking bronco and sometimes coaxing it into minding his vision.

Danilo Pérez featuring the Global Messengers - Crisálida (Mack Avenue)

18 March 2022

The Panamanian native creates his own international jazz ensemble the Global Messengers, pulling players from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute for the cosmopolitan statement Crisálida.

Joel Ross - The Parable of the Poet (Blue Note)

17 March 2022

Perhaps the vibraphonist of the moment, Joel Ross sublimates his oft-stunning technique on his instrument on his third album The Parable of the Poet in favor of emphasizing his skills as composer and bandleader.

Alone Again - Ava Vox (self-released)

16 March 2022

As the release date of her debut album Immortalised creeps closer, Dublin alt-rock / postpunk artist Ava Vox presents the single ‘Alone Again’, featuring bassist James Blennerhassett, who has worked with Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful and Van Morrison, as well as drummer Robbie Casserly (Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler, The Commitments, Riverdance). This haunting hymn is the second taste of the long-player, out March 25.

EEE - Eubanks Evans Experience (Imani)

16 March 2022

Decades of varied adventures come together on Eubanks Evans Experience, the debut album by the duo of guitarist Kevin Eubanks and pianist Orrin Evans.

Velvet Starlings - Technicolour Shakedown (Kitten Robot/Sound x3)

15 March 2022

Scribing another chapter in the book Garage Rock Will Never Die, Velvet Starlings gets with it on debut LP Technicolour Shakedown.

Ryan Keberle’s Collectiv do Brasil - Sonhos da Esquina (self-released)

15 March 2022

Inspired in particular by native composers Milton Nascimento and Toninho Horta, Keberle and his new band Collectiv do Brasil lean into the country’s penchant for refined euphony.

Panjoma - Sun and Moon (GRID Discs)

14 March 2022

Austin-based electronic outfit Panjoma presents the single ‘Sun and Moon’, ahead of their new EP of the same name, which marks the band’s return to the music scene after a eight-year break and they return with what they feel is their best work ever.

Doug MacDonald and the L.A. All-Star Octet - Overtones (Dmac Music)

14 March 2022

Quickly following up last year’s understated gem Serenade to Highland Park, guitarist Doug MacDonald expands his lineup for Overtones.

Charlton Lane - Mendip Soul Stew Vol 1 (KM Records)

12 March 2022

With his new album, Mendip Soul Stew, Vol 1 set to drop shortly, Charlton Lane offered me a taste of his mercurial music to pick through and evaluate. All I can say is that you, the listening public are in for a bit of a treat.

Walter Smith III & Matthew Stevens - In Common III (Whirlwind)

11 March 2022

One of the most interesting and fruitful ongoing projects in jazz, the In Common series from saxophonist Walter Smith III and guitarist Matthew Stevens brings together a new set of players for every album.

The Hoodoo Gurus - Chariot of the Gods (Big Time/Universal)

10 March 2022

Spurred on, like so many others, by the lack of live activity during the pandemic, the Australian legends got down to business writing and recording new songs for their first album in a dozen years.

The Monochrome Set - Allhallowride (Tapete)

9 March 2022

With Allhallowride, arch Londers the Monochrome Set enter their fifth decade of recording, and no worse for wear from the passage of time.

Richard Evans - Made of Stars (Cold Star Media)

9 March 2022

Manchester-based electronic artist Richard Evans presents his debut album ‘Sentinel’ via Cold Star Media, an eight-track collection that tells the story of humanity at a tipping point and a world trapped in a climate crisis.

The BRKN - Not The Same

8 March 2022

As they hit the road with The Dangerous Summer to tour The US, and with UK and European dates scheduled for later in the year, The BRKN have dropped the perfect single to whet your musical appetite. Whether you are new to the band or have been following them for a while now, “Not The Same” sums up their song-crafting prowess and energy brilliantly. Soak up the musical vibes and then book your tickets to the live shows…immediately.

Film School - We Weren’t Here (Sonic Ritual)

8 March 2022

We Weren’t Here, the band’s sixth LP, serves as an unofficial twentieth anniversary disk, and it’s more than worthy of any extra attention that accolade might bring.