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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Matthew Edwards & the Futurists - Suit b/w Kindness (Last Tape Recordings)

4 April 2024

Time passes, the world turns, and, without fail, songwriter Matthew Edwards (The Music Lovers, the Unfortunates, the Hairdressers) re-emerges from his normal life with new music.

Two Headed Horse - Shimmer (OX4 Sound / Wooden Pyjamas)

4 April 2024

UK indie-folk outfit Two Headed Horse presents ‘Shimmer’, a winding and unraveling track about memories becoming entangled in myth. With newfound support from Chris Hawkins at BBC 6Music, this is the second single from their debut EP, entitled ‘I’m Not Hidden’. Slated for release in early summer, it was engineered, mixed and mastered by Mark Gardener at his OX4 Sound studio in Oxfordshire.

Quiz Show - Flotsam (Magic Door Record Label)

3 April 2024

**New Jersey-based* indie rock trio Quiz Show presents their Flotsam EP, released via Montclair, NJ-based Magic Door Record Label, following up their eponymous debut album, an electrifying collection full of protest, friendship and frustration, released in 2023 to wide acclaim.

Quiz Show is made up of Shudder To Think’s Chris Matthews and bassist Jesse Krakow, together with drummer Joe Billy, who replaces the original drummer Kevin March (Guided By Voices, The Dambuilders, Shudder To Think).

The Pulltops - 3-2-1 Go! (self-released)

3 April 2024

The Pulltops is a Milwaukee based duo delivering a hooky mix of Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock. Drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell were both eclectic record collectors, so they immediately clicked when they joined their first band together. While Mark always leaned heavier on old country and soul music, Tom drew stronger influences from the experimental and underground scene.

King In Yellow - Your Religion (self-released)

3 April 2024

King In Yellow, started by longtime friends and musical collaborators, Kyle McDonough and Nick Vining, is a musical fusion of timeless melodies and razor sharp rhythms. Drawing inspiration from the golden eras of rock and jangle pop, their music harmoniously blends raw energy and soothing gentleness. With avant-garde influences, King In Yellow crafts a unique sonic experience that transcends boundaries.

Dayna Stephens - Closer Than We Think (Cellar Music)

3 April 2024

Backed by a strong band, Stephens is almost impossibly solid throughout, his smooth, soulful tone a perfect fit for whatever approach a tune takes.

Nicolaas Walle - The Irony of Fate (ft. Lisa Patscheider) (self-released)

3 April 2024

Nicolaas Walle is a Half-Irish, Half-Dutch musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. He plays several instruments, including the guitar, bass (fretless and fretted) and synthesizer as well as holding a 1st-class honours degree in Creative Music Production from IADT. 
 He is also the producer, composer and instrumentalist behind the collaborative project Nicolaas Walle And Friends.

Nick Hudson - Kanda Teenage Honey (self-released)

2 April 2024

Brighton alternative pop artist Nick Hudson presents his new album Kanda Teenage Honey, an expansive collection of 16 tracks, recorded largely in a huge former Soviet movie studio in Georgia under the shadow of the Ukraine war. Born of geographical explorations amidst musical territory that is hardly touched on, this collection was preceded by the singles ‘For My Silence’ and ‘Khevsureti’, which recently garnered him coverage in Billboard.

Sam Anning - Earthen (Earshift Music)

2 April 2024

Though he made his bones as a go-to hired gun in the Australian jazz scene, bassist Sam Anning also spend three years backing up beloved Gunditjamara/Bundjalung singer, songwriter, and Aboriginal activist Archie Roach.

Phil Gammage - Reedemed (Self-Released)

1 April 2024

There’s a certain askance, left-of-center quality about Gammage’s music that prevents it from ever sitting comfortably in the traditional singer-songwriter genre, making the experience of listening to Redeemed all the more exciting and unpredictable because of it.

Brand of Indigo - Dreamer (self-released)

1 April 2024

A fresh County-Folk Rock project that is heavily inspired by the likes of Eagles, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Peter Frampton among others. We’d love to hear from y’all so be sure to connect with us on IG (brand.of.indigo) and keep rocking!

Darius Christian - Entitlement (self-released)

1 April 2024

Esteemed vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Darius Christian announces the release of “Entitlement” on March 29th, a single that delves into the heartache of separation and the power of resilience. Known for his soulful voice and collaborations with stars like Macklemore and Miley Cyrus, Christian offers a raw, emotional experience that resonates with listeners’ trials and triumphs.

Gary Dranow - When The World is Too Much (Remix) (self-released)

1 April 2024

A force to be reckoned with, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions have been releasing numerous singles prior to the release of their Destiny Road Album released May 26, 2023. The album features the talent of Jerry Manftedi on bass and Jethro DeFries on drums, , and Tommy Mars on keyboards. Having gigged extensively in Southern California, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions are now looking forward to spinning magic in and around Salt Lake City and Park City, *UT

Herman Martinez - Immortal Jellyfish (Our Lady of Space)

1 April 2024

Herman Martinez is a singer/ song writer from New Jersey. Self described as “kinda good”, Season 2 is a rabbit hole full of rabbit holes where one breaks oneself down only to be rebuilt better than before in an act of human alchemy. A game changer in a game no one plays. Featuring Hank Yaghooti on drums and Ahmed Mahmoud returning as producer.

La Need Machine - These Old Jeans (Lead Backed Vinyl Music)

1 April 2024

La Need Machine is a fast-rising Seattle band with a fresh, genre-bending sound. La Need Machine combine the best of Indie Rock, Americana, Indie Pop and Punk-and-Roll for a sound that adds a new dimension to the “Seattle Sound”.

Heddy Edwards - Black Tunnel (self-released)

30 March 2024

Heddy Edwards is a singer-songwriter, producer, and poet hailing from the south suburbs of Chicago, now residing in the DC area. Her music is defined by her abstract and poetic lyricism, captivating melodies, and unique vocal tone and style.

Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic worlds of David Lynch and Sofia Coppola films to the ethereal sounds of musical luminaries such as Stevie Nicks, The Cranberries, and Alvvays, Heddy invites audiences on a journey into the depths of the human experience, where dreams intertwine with reality, and the boundaries of perception blur.

Aptøsrs - Elders (Sky Baby Records)

30 March 2024

Aptøsrs (pronounced like the dinosaur, “Apatosaurus”) is the new instrumental project from Independent Music Award-nominated composer/songwriter Paul Terry. Aptøsrs blends synthwave with cinematic orchestrations, lead bass guitar, piano, and drums that glitch between downtempo, breakbeat, and rock.

Kallai - Always/Never (self-released)

30 March 2024

Kallai celebrates the sounds of places that never were, and futures that may never be. Reverb-soaked guitars, synthesized haze, melodic bass lines, and flowing rhythms. Kallai was formed in the fall of 2023 by members of Trance to the Sun, Luscious Apparatus & Lost Echoes.

The Shop Window – Blues (Single) (Jangleshop)

29 March 2024

Kent, UK’s The Shop Window have digitally released their fourth single, “Blues”, ahead of their ambitious double LP, ”Daysdream” coming out in early May. “Blues” sparkles with the band’s trademark jangle, mixing in welcome infusions of RIDE’s “Twisterella” and Teenage Fanclub’s “Songs From Northern Britain” LP.

Chords of Indigo - Labyrinth (self-released)

29 March 2024

Singer-songwriter Lee Hornsby, aka Chords Of Indigo, is a new artist from Manchester, UK. Drawing wide-ranging inspiration from indie, modern rock, folk and pop, Chords Of Indigo’s music leans on anthemic, guitar-driven hooks and impassioned vocals. Musical influences and touchpoints include Death Cab for Cutie, Bon Iver, Sam Fender, The War On Drugs and many more.

Seasonal Falls - Lie Down (self-released)

29 March 2024

Seasonal Falls is the new recording project of Switzerland based songwriter Roman Gabriel (The Kind Hills, The Dentals), whose indie folk/pop songs are refined by Andrew Pelletier’s emotive vocals (Fur Trader). The heart-warming tracks capture the band’s passion for indie music in general and of the 90s in particular.

The sound of Seasonal Falls is inspired by artists like Elliott Smith, Pavement, Wilco, Sufjan Stevens, The Lucksmiths etc.

Then Comes Silence - Ride or Die (Metropolis Records)

29 March 2024

Sweden’s Then Comes Silence bring a new serving of their infectious post-punk with their new single ‘Ride or Die’, and in doing so the band bring us one step closer to the release of their seventh album Trickery forthcoming via Metropolis Records.

The Church - Eros Zeta and the Perfumed Guitars (Communicating Vessels)

29 March 2024

Created during the same sessions as last year’s epic album The Hypnogogue, The Church’s latest LP Eros Zeta and the Perfumed Guitars serves as Book 2 in the saga begun by its predecessor.

Gramercy Arms - After the After Party (Magic Door Record Label)

28 March 2024

NYC-based Gramercy Arms presents ‘After the After Party’, a wistful, happy-sad power pop gem about chances missed and taken. Following up their 2023 album Deleted Scenes, this is the first taste of their fourth album The Making Of the Making Of, to be released via Magic Door Record Label.

Sam Varga - Never Better (self-released)

27 March 2024

With just two short years in Nashville, Sam Varga has already established himself as serious writer and dynamic performer. Coming up in the fast paced punk scenes of his high school days and the blues of Austin TX, there is an edge and energy that makes his songs stand out in Music City. After quickly coming up through the writing ranks, he first turned his attention to his artist career with his debut single “Sex & Whiskey”. His follow up single “Mayday” was met with great acclaim and the promise of his debut EP Light Me Up. Sam’s sound and writing style is self described as “someone like Jackson Browne who grew up listening to a lot of punk”.

The High Llamas - Hey Panda (Drag City)

27 March 2024

The tracks come soaked in electronica touches formerly used as texture, and it’s not the synthwaves from the seventies and eighties, either.

The Flying Hasslehoffs - Life Is Beautiful (self-released)

26 March 2024

The Flying Hasslehoffs are a dynamic singer-songwriter duo emerging from the sun-drenched shores of Southwest Florida. Breathing fresh life into the indie rock scene, they craft original melodies that captivate and resonate. With each performance, they invite listeners on a sonic journey through heartfelt lyrics and innovative arrangements.

Michael Novak - Used To Be (self-released)

26 March 2024

Rumor has it Michael Novak was born in a grain bin just outside Volga, South Dakota. It’s never been confirmed or denied; he simply says “go check it out”. He grew up with a two-wheel trike, a gravel pit, the town inebriate, hamburgers, a one arm GI Joe and discovered that Keinbochs would delay his dreams. Never a quitter he’s now following up on pursuits commenced in his youth. His dream was to act, write plays and make music.

Julieta Eugenio - Stay (Cristalyn)

25 March 2024

The Argentine saxophonist and composer indeed stays the course set by her 2022 debut Jump, with another set of chordless jazz.

Ooberfuse - Dying Son (ft. Charlie Rishmawi and Miguel Khair) (Future Sound of Fire)

25 March 2024

Ooberfuse is an electro-influenced alt-pop songwriting duo based in London and composed of instrumentalist Hal St John and vocalist Cherrie Anderson. From showcasing at The Great Escape to opening for Rudimental in Beijing, Ooberfuse have developed a rare international touring niche, performing in countries from India to Iraq, to festivals in Beijing to Brazil.

Die Kammer - Ignoring My Safeword (Delicious Releases)

24 March 2024

Die Kammer is an Indie-Folk duo formed by musicians Marcus Testory and Matthias Ambré. They perform in different line-ups. As a duo, in a four-piece formation with cello and bass, as well as in a larger orchestral ensemble with viola, violin, cello, tuba, bass and drums.

Zakk Sabbath - Doomed Forever Forever Doomed (Magnetic Eye)

23 March 2024

While remaining faithful to the original recordings (a wise move, in this case), Zakk and his band do manage to put some of their individual touches on this material.

Northern Trails - Through The Grain (Tintonic)

22 March 2024

Northern Trails are rooted in Americana, 90s Britpop and Swedish indie pop tradition. The band dresses timeless and melancholic melodies in Americana costumes and adorns them with genre-crossing pearls.

Zombi - Direct Inject (Relapse)

22 March 2024

Zombi has always had its feet in two camps: electronic soundtrack music a la Tangerine Dream, Goblin, and, especially, John Carpenter; and seventies progressive rock/fusion, like Camel, FM, and Return to Forever.

Dramamine - When The Time Comes (self-released)

22 March 2024

Dramamine is an atmospheric blend of shoegaze and dreampop, from Philadelphia. The new EP, When the Time Comes, is now available.

Dark Miles - Your Heart Is An Empty Street/When The Lights Go Out (Dark Miles Records)

22 March 2024

Dark Miles is the solo project of Pete Miles (a.k.a. Pedro Lima), lead singer of the extinct rock band from Portugal, called MOSH.

MOSH were a band that existed between 2004 and 2010. With great popularity in the national underground rock scene, MOSH played at big festivals in Portugal and also as a support act for renowned bands, such as Marilyn Manson, Ill Niño, Soulfly, etc. Their video had frequent airplay on MTV Portugal and they were nominated for Best New Act by MTV in 2007.

Washing Machina - The Spontaneous Splendid (Lovely Records)

22 March 2024

Washing Machina was formed in Stockholm during the spring of 2021, amidst the COVID pandemic. The creative spark ignited when Mark, Karl, and Sara began exchanging musical ideas. Emelie was recruited on drums, completing the puzzle and solidifying the band’s unique sound.

Inspired by bands like Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement, and Dinosaur Jr, their music weaves together strong pop melodies with avant-garde guitar playing, boldly venturing into unexplored sonic territories.

The Flavor That Kills - Book of Secrits (Shortwave Records)

16 March 2024

Taste The Flavor, become part of the universe. The New Album Book of Secrits is out now! The Flavor That kills is a band from Madison, WI, one full of bravado and swagger.

RIDE – Interplay (Wichita)

15 March 2024

RIDE’s seventh full-length (and third since their reformation 10 years ago) arrives March 29th. Most certainly worth the five-year wait since the last album, “Interplay” builds on their prior two records with cohesiveness and conviction.

Conflict Choir - The Real Thing (Conflict Choir Recordings)

15 March 2024

This alternative rock powerhouse is comprised of session musicians who have worked with members of The Scorpions, Ocean Colour Scene and more. Hailing from the UK, and formed from the ashes of 2020’s lockdowns, Conflict Choir emerged with a self recorded commentary on the state of the modern world – their album Strange Game; which the band is releasing track by track to slowly reveal their completed work.

Charles Lloyd - The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow (Blue Note)

15 March 2024

Concerned by the state of the world, the saxist brought together old and new tunes, with an ear toward inspiring melodies and arrangements.

speakeazie - Jamie, You're No Good For Me (Independent)

14 March 2024

A classically trained musician in her formative years, speakeazie’s roots earned her numerous accolades in the Sunshine State. Inspired by the depths of personal experiences and reflections, her narrative is a dance between the sultry past of speakeasies and the melancholic present of the indie scene. The artist released her debut album, Prohibition Hippie in 2022, allowing her to find a spot in the dreampop community.

faults. - Sweets (self-released)

13 March 2024

Prepare to be plunged into the freezing Nordic Noir universe of “Sweets”, a brand new music video by faults. – the audiovisual project by Swedish artist KC Dahlehan.

Created in the form of a crime drama by the artist alongside filmmaker Georg Bruno Baur, the video follows a dishevelled, paranoid couple on a drive through a dismal and icy landscape. With nods to North American thrillers of the 90’s and aughts, tension and anxiety build as viewers are left searching for clues to the protagonists’ ambiguous misfortunes…

Ivo Perelman/Mark Helias/Tom Rainey - Truth Seeker (Fundacja Sluchaj)

13 March 2024

The rhythm duo fits right into Perelman’s free improv vision, following him anywhere he chooses to roam.

Reptiel - Down Below World (Cubby Control Records)

11 March 2024

Reptiel was formed in San Francisco in 2009 by members of Bay Area underground indie rock bands The Cubby Creatures, Thee More Shallows and The Druggles. The REPTIELians claim to practice “ritual musick” in order to summon their stories and sounds, and only rarely do they perform live due to the various members’ agoraphobia, superstitiousness and excessive stage fright.

Paulcito - MVP (self-released)

11 March 2024

“Art-house pop-rock-psychedelic underwater guy. If you think the pop world starts and ends with Bowie, or at least understand Bowie and his kind are really a cut above in that upper league of good work, something better and more fascinating than the generic pop star, you might find something in the things I am doing with my collaborator Carl Dennis (aka CD Music).”


Billy Alexander - Hammer Of The Gods (self-released)

11 March 2024

After racking up countless road miles on tour with his band YYNOT, John Waite and Anna Nalick, producing, writing, and recording for various artists, and having two Billboard charting songs with his band Feel, *Billy Alexander8 is set to deliver his debut solo album Rock & Roll Diary.

Rodrigo Recabarren/Pablo Menares/Yago Vazquez - Familia (Greenleaf)

8 March 2024

With a rhythm section from Chile and a pianist from Spain, the beats here don’t reflect the danceable end of Latin America. Instead the trio draws on the Chilean chacarera and the Galician xota to find cultural beats that intersect and evolve.

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps and The Star Prairie Project - California Smile (One Media iP Ltd)

8 March 2024

Tom Tikka, a former Sony/BMG songwriter, best known for his work with Carmen Gray, began his solo career in 2020 and has since released two critically-acclaimed albums This Is My Happy Face and Better Man. New album Rainbows and Dead Flowers has already spawned to UK chart top ten singles.

Bloodstains - Bloodstains (self-released)

7 March 2024

Santa Ana, CA’s Bloodstains are back with their first full Lp and it’s an absolute corker!