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Song Premiere: "Audience of Thoughts" by Sonny Falls

21 March 2022

The second single off the album Audience of Thoughts cements the effort as a raucous release. “I wanted the song to shred,” the musician behind the project told the Big Takeover.

Video Premiere: "Is It True?" by Aaron M Olson

18 March 2022

The song is a sunny, shimmering, irresistibly pleasant tune reminiscent of Brian Wilson that perfectly suits a video sequence in which a smiling young girl blows bubbles while prancing across the lawn.

Video Premiere: "Lie" by Spencer Hoffman

18 March 2022

The Honyock co-frontman’s creative new video finds him performing on a miniature set built entirely from recycled materials.

Song Premiere: "Afterlife" by Jeremy & the Harlequins

17 March 2022

New York rock n’ rollers, Jeremy & the Harlequins are premiering their new single, “Afterlife” exclusively on the Big Takeover. “Afterlife” is featured on the band’s upcoming album, ABRA CaDaBRA, out May 20 on Pasadena Records.

Video Premiere: "New Song" by Secret Monkey Weekend

17 March 2022

The song appears on the band’s debut album of 11 original songs, released on their own Secret Monkey Records. It was recorded at Mitch Easter’s Fidelitorium Recordings and was engineered, produced and mixed by Don Dixon (R.E.M., the Smithereens).

Song Premiere: "T-Rex" by Moral Panic

16 March 2022

Guitarist/vocalist Daniel Kelley says the song is “about that dude that graduated high school five years ago but still throws parties at his parents’ house when they are outta town and still brags about the glory days.”

Song Premiere: "Ghostwalk" by Static Phantoms

16 March 2022

A supernatural flash of new wave and dream pop, it’s the latest from the Kansas City duo’s forthcoming debut album. Listen to the single premiere exclusively on The Big Takeover.

Song Premiere: "Grow Old" by Andy Frasco & the U.N.

15 March 2022

The second single from their forthcoming album, Wash, Rinse, Repeat, is a heartfelt guitar-led number, expressing sincere, unconditional love. Fans of the blues-rock band from L.A. get a chance to hear it first via our exclusive premiere.

Video Premiere: "Life and Lies" by Lee Rogers

15 March 2022

The robust, resplendent songs on his new album, Gameblood, absorbs all the senses of the listener, with his open-hearted, lyrical storytelling evoking both tender wisdom and elegiac musical craftsmanship.

Video Premiere: "Hot Eyes" by El No

14 March 2022

Offering a little more focus and hocus pocus on this one, the group boasts that it is heavy on mid-‘80s “hood culture” energy on their new record, Hoodlums. Check out a video from it right here.

Song Premiere: "Heavy Cloud" by Van Chamberlain

14 March 2022

The Brooklyn-based indie-rock band’s philosophical message is that what’s past is prologue, and the future holds promise, but neither will count unless you make peace with the present.


Album Premiere: Density by Surrealized

11 March 2022

The Seattle trio of super-multi-instrumentalists steep themselves in nu-disco, synthwave and future bass on Density, which comes out Friday. But it’s a remarkable story of triumph that makes Surrealized a truly one-of-a-kind band.

Video Premiere: "Man Listening to Disc" by Liily

11 March 2022

The video features the ferocity of Liily’s raging live show, warped with bouncing strobes and black lights. It’s a raucous good time, and a perfect indicator of their amazing presence in a live capacity.

Video Premiere: 'Lost in the Costco' by Touched by Ghoul

10 March 2022

The Big Takeover is touched to be able to premiere a cartoonish yet nightmarish new video by the band. The song is featured on TBG’s new album, Cancel the World, which they eerily titled before the pandemic began.

Song Premiere: 'Coordinates' by Ashlynn Malia

10 March 2022

The Los Angeles-based indie-pop artist continues to explore her acoustic singer-songwriter side with her new single, a haunting song about longing and loneliness.

Song Premiere: "Love You So Good" by Sloan Brothers

9 March 2022

When clubs shut down in 2020, the live recordist from Georgia began charting his own path by writing songs. Before he knew it, Simpson had an album in his hands. His friends in the Athens music scene contributed parts remotely for the upcoming LP, System Update.

Video Premiere: "Volcano Dreams" by Simona Smirnova

9 March 2022

On her forthcoming LP, Bird Language, the Lithuania-born, New York-based vocalist/composer forgoes the fictional narrative elements that characterized her previous releases, instead crafting a sonic portrait of the artist and the world that has shaped her.

Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows

Album Premiere: Ad Hoc by Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows

8 March 2022

The experimental pop group originally self-released Ad Hoc in May 2018. The new vinyl version, is released by Earth Libraries and will come with a free digital bonus track, “Thick of It,” for those who buy the vinyl.

Album Premiere: Kuang XI EP by Night City

7 March 2022

Collyn McCoy — a defiantly anarchistic, anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist multi-instrumentalist — unleashes his new metal/industrial project with an EP dropping Friday. Feast your ears (and eyes) on our exclusive premiere of the record — a stream presented in the form of a


Video Premiere: "Come See Me" by CADET A

7 March 2022

United Ghosts’ Axel Ray Steurwald returns as CADET A on a tuneful power pop/rock single and fun music video where he meets a musical alien.

Half String

Video Premiere: "A Fascination with Heights" (Alison's Halo remix) by Half String

5 March 2022

‘90s Beautiful Noise specialists Half String (championed by Big Takeover’s very own Jack Rabid) and Alison’s Halo team up on a dreamy remix and music video.

Ryan Struck of Scary Hours

Video Premiere: "Western Thirst" by Scary Hours

4 March 2022

Ryan Struck of Northern NJ hardcore punk outfit Scary Hours unleashes a furiously blazing and relevant lyrical and visual screed against Western imperialism.

Anton Barbeau 3

Video Premiere: ”Rain, Rain” by Anton Barbeau

4 March 2022

Veteran psychedelic rock/pop musician Anton Barbeau is at it again, releasing a tuneful, New Wave-leaning song/video from his upcoming LP.

Thompson Springs

Video Premiere: "Save the Trouble" by Thompson Springs

4 March 2022

Chicago-based alt-country band Thompson Springs release a music video for their latest tuneful and hopeful single from their upcoming LP.

Old Joy

Song Premiere: "Say When" by Old Joy

3 March 2022

Indie rock project Old Joy, headed by Alex Reindl, releases an engaging standalone single that precedes more new music slated for later this year.

Charming Disaster 2

Album Premiere: Our Lady of Radium by Charming Disaster

3 March 2022

Brooklyn-based indie music duo Charming Disaster unveil a dark, yet delightful album that thematically delves into the life of pioneering scientist Marie Curie and more.

Morning Eagle and Luxury Practice

Album Premiere: Luxury Practice / Morning Eagle split

3 March 2022

Indie alternative rock music projects Luxury Practice (AKA Alex Lombardi) and Morning Eagle (AKA Nick May) join forces on a dynamic and melodic split record.

Rain Perry

Song Premiere: "This Is Water" by Rain Perry (featuring Ben Lee)

3 March 2022

Musician Rain Perry unveils a contemplative and melodic track that features Ben Lee from her upcoming fifth album out this spring.


Song Premiere: "Sharp White Teeth" by Catnyp

3 March 2022

Missoula, Montana-based pop/rock artist Henderson K. Shatner, with bandmates as Catnyp, releases a tuneful and playful number from his upcoming LP.

Bits in Pockets

Video Premiere: "Collette" by Bits in Pockets

3 March 2022

Turkish alternative rock band Bits in Pockets unleash a kicky and timely relationship-during-the-pandemic-themed track with video from their forthcoming EP.


Song Premiere: "Another Man" by Walcot

2 March 2022

Charlotte, NC (by way of Chicago) band Walcot, led by Asher George, drop a relatable relationship-based single ahead of the release of their debut EP.

amy jay 2

Video Premiere: "Lucid Dreaming" by Amy Jay

2 March 2022

Indie folk artist Amy Jay drops a heartfelt and reflective music video for a track off her first full length that was influenced by life in New York City.

Andrew Leahey

Song Premiere: “Caught Like a Fire” by Andrew Leahey & The Homestead

2 March 2022

Andrew Leahey, the frontman of Andrew Leahey & the Homestead, lead guitarist for Elizabeth Cook, a longtime singer/songwriter, and award-winning music journalist is set to release the second half of an ambitious double album in May.

Song Premiere: "This Bird" by Jeff Hulett

24 February 2022

In summer ’21, the Snowglobe drummer grabbed some fellow collaborators (Jacob Church, Jonathan Schallert, Adam Poor and Lehman Sammons) and headed to the famed Sun Studios to record a few numbers. Those songs are what became Sun Recordings, releasing tomorrow. We unveil one of the tunes today.

Video Premiere: "Bulletproof Vest" by Fredrik Saroea With BIT20 Ensemble

22 February 2022

Rona Diaries: The Chamber Versions Live at Greig Hall is a 12-song companion piece of sorts to Saroea’s first solo record. Rona Diaries, re-recorded with the BIT20 Ensemble live at Grieg Hall during Norway’s 69th annual Bergen International Festival, and includes two chamber arrangements of DATAROCK songs as bonus tracks.

Song Premiere: "Fellini" by Sandman Sleeps

22 February 2022

The Florida indie-rock band’s vocalist/guitarist spoke with us about their imminently approaching, independently released debut, Crisis Actor. Cristina Peck also shed light on the LP’s second single, which premieres exclusively on the Big Takeover today.

Album Premiere: Out of Place by Longboat

21 February 2022

Igor Keller is a rare example of someone who can dance gleefully through genres at will. On the new LP Out of Place, Keller sets aside his usual allegiance to the gods of rhythm. Shimmering, lush ambient waves of gain ebb and flow beneath cascading stacked vocals. Minimalist, grand percussion echoes like distant thunder.

Song Premiere: “When We Were Kings”/“Heroine" by Woolfy

21 February 2022

Primarily known for his electronic dance music, Woolfy’s back with another heartfelt, gentle, toned down indie-rock release with the double-singles “When We Were Kings” and “Heroine.” Both were inspired by Woolfy’s longtime hero, David Bowie.

Video Premiere: "Rewind" by Whimsical

18 February 2022

The shoegaze and dream-pop duo, are gearing up for the April 1 release of their fourth full-length album, Melt, by exclusively premiering a song and video from the record on the Big Takeover. “As soon as we heard the finished song, we both agreed it should be the opening track on the new album,” guitarist/songwriter Neil Burkdoll said.

Video Premiere: “Lucky Day” by Sarah Borges

17 February 2022

The Boston-based artist’s new single appears on Together Alone, Borges’ latest album, which drops Friday on Blue Corn Music. She recorded it remotely with lead guitarist Eric “Roscoe” Ambel; the LP also features members of NRBQ and the Bottle Rockets.

Song Premiere: "Alice Arrives" by Bart Davenport

17 February 2022

Returning to acoustic guitars and ’60s baroque pop tones, the soft-rock troubadour recently tracked 12 new songs in his home studio. “Alice Arrives” premieres exclusively on the Big Takeover today, ahead of the March 25 release of his new LP, Episodes.

Song Premiere: "Hell, I Don't Know" by Mountain Party

16 February 2022

An earthquaking anthem of rock and roll, this song is the first we’ve heard from the Georgia-based outfit in quite some time. Listen to the exclusive single premiere today — only at the Big Takeover.

Video Premiere: "More" by Millerd Meyers

16 February 2022

The Big Takeover exclusively presents the first premiere from Andy Meyers and Simon Millerd’s ambient improv duo: the video for a song from their first album, Bones, which drops in two days.

Song Premiere: "Passing Through" by Jack Irons

15 February 2022

As the Chili Peppers’ founding drummer and a key player on Pearl Jam’s ’90s albums, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is now expanding his repertoire with his fourth release as a solo artist.

Video Premiere: "TV Mom" by Teddy Grey

15 February 2022

The video, styled after The Brady Bunch, depicts just one of the romantic mishaps that the Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter brings into focus on his recently released double-album The Great Failed Romances of the Twentieth Century.

Exclusive: Deaf Club Announce New EP, Bad Songs Forever

14 February 2022

Due May 6 — roughly four months after the Los Angeles group issued their Productive Disruption LP — the new four-song EP will be available in part through Pearson’s Three One G. The Big Takeover broke the news courtesy of frontman Justin Pearson.

Album Premiere: Neon Inoculation (Mixtape) by Underlined Passages

14 February 2022

The Baltimore rock band threw out the rule book and recorded an album as a series of singles released on Spotify, culminating in a full-length. In addition, they sequenced the record in the spirit of the traditional cassette mixtapes that the members of Underlined Passages listened to in their youth.

Video Premiere: "Heart's Not in It - Down to the Well" by Julie Christensen

14 February 2022

The cofounder of influential punk band Divine Horsemen combined live footage and material shot on the road for the new clip. The video drops roughly three weeks after Christensen’s latest solo effort, 1 From Kevin — Songs of Kevin Gordon.

Song Premiere: “Love My Way” (Psychedelic Furs Cover) by Covert Stations

11 February 2022

Covert Stations, the fledgling music covers collaborative spearheaded by (Damn) This Desert Air singer Craig Cirinelli, has announced its first in a series of cover singles, which will begin rolling out this year.

Video Premiere: "Porchlight" by Atom Driver

11 February 2022

The New Jersey band, which features vocalist Chris “Crispy” Corvino from Deadguy, is unsheathing their martial-arts-centric video for “Porchlight” exclusively with us. The track appears on the outfit’s Is Anything Alright EP, out now through Nefarious Industries.