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Video Premiere: "Retreat" by Dzang

16 June 2021

Los Angeles-located music producer Adam Gunther announces his new electronica EP and shares the video for the lead single.

The Mystery Plan 2

Song Premiere: "Silver Lining" by The Mystery Plan feat. Big Supreme

15 June 2021

Charlotte, North Carolina-based indie pop collective The Mystery Plan and featured guest Big Supreme drop an engaging single.

AMMO - 2

NEWS: LA-based multi-instrumentalist AMMO has released her 2-track single "Rose + Crown"

15 June 2021

AMMO’s aesthetic can be described as ethereal/dreampop with percussive rhythms, lush, atmospheric guitar lines, and haunting vocals.

Eagle Johnson

Song Premiere: "One Sun" by Eagle Johnson

15 June 2021

Tennessee-based singer-songwriter/musician Eagle Johnson flies high with a warm and retro pop/rock single from his upcoming album.

Miles To Nowhere

Video Premiere: "i.LY" (live from the basement) by Miles To Nowhere

14 June 2021

Tempe, Arizona-based rock/punk/pop band Miles To Nowhere release a dynamic and tuneful skate punk number/performance video.

Sky Is Alright

Album Premiere: Sky Is Alright by Sky Is Alright

11 June 2021

London/Los Angeles shoegaze band Sky Is Alright melds dynamically restless dream-rock sonics with ethereal vocals on an enchanting album.


Song Premiere: "Blossom" by Sleepersound

11 June 2021

Wisconsinite indie post-rock band Sleepersound drop a shimmering and reflective single from their upcoming second album.

Amusement Parks On Fire

Video Premiere: "Boom Vang" by Amusement Parks On Fire

10 June 2021

UK-based acclaimed alternative dream rock outfit Amusement Parks On Fire return with a dazzling and driving single/video from their upcoming LP.

Pam Risourie

Album Premiere: So Be It, Eternity EP by Pam Risourié

10 June 2021

Parisian shoegaze band Pam Risourié unveil their captivating third EP joint-released by Pyrrhic Victory Recordings and French/UK record labels.

The City Gates 5 lighter

Album Premiere: Age of Resilience by The City Gates

9 June 2021

Canadian post-punk/shoegaze outfit The City Gates unveil their restlessly transporting and atmospherically mesmerizing new album.

Evan Cheadle

Album Premiere: Fault Line Serenade by Evan Cheadle

9 June 2021

Canadian singer-songwriter Evan Cheadle delivers a quiet, pastoral, yet powerful alternative folk album imbued with the cycle of nature.


Album Premiere: Tiny Circles by Jeweler

8 June 2021

UK shoegaze-inspired Minneapolis, MN post-/art rock/post-punk outfit Jeweler release a captivating and fully wrought debut album.

The Royal Opposition

Video Premiere: "Every Word Means No" by The Royal Opposition (feat. Mitch Easter)

7 June 2021

Legendary musicians of the Winston-Salem, NC sound celebrate with live performances that show their contribution to the roots of indie rock.

Whimsical 3

Song Premiere: "Gravity" / "Float" by Whimsical

4 June 2021

Shoegaze/dreampop outfit Whimsical release two restlessly buoyant and airy songs as a 7” single via Shelflife Records, with a new LP on the way.

True Body and Digital Hell split

NEWS: Virginia's True Body & Digital Hell team up on new split release

4 June 2021

Melodic, melancholic Goth-poppers True Body and dark trap/electronic act Digital Hell find common ground with their new cassette recording.

The Umbrellas

Video Premiere: “She Buys Herself Flowers” by The Umbrellas

4 June 2021

Indie pop outfit The Umbrellas are sure to impress with their new self-titled debut album, out August 6th on Slumberland Records.

Children Having Children

Video Premiere: "Too Little Too Late" by Children Having Children

3 June 2021

NYC-based outfit Children Having Children release an meditative music video for a lyrically relevant track about climate change.

Dot Allison

Video Premiere: "Can You Hear Nature Sing?" by Dot Allison

2 June 2021

Acclaimed Scottish singer-songwriter Dot Allison (One Dove) unveils poignant and pristine lyric video/single from deeply personal upcoming album.


Song Premiere: "Escalator" by FLDPLN

1 June 2021

Dream-electronic artist FLDPLN (AKA Andrew Saks, formerly in Sway) unveils the blissful and nostalgic new track from his upcoming record.

Chris Connelly and Monica Queen 2

NEWS: Icons Chris Connelly and Monica Queen celebrate 20th-century Scottish history in "My Father Took Me Everywhere"

1 June 2021

Chris Connelly has teamed up with Monica Queen for a new collaborative album to be released on June 15 via Jnana Records.

Lawson Hull

Video Premiere: "Parking Lot" by Lawson Hull

1 June 2021

Australian folk-pop/rock singer-songwriter unveils a briskly sweeping jangle popper with performance video from his upcoming EP.

Chris Eckman

Album Premiere: Where the Spirit Rests by Chris Eckman

28 May 2021

Renowned singer-songwriter Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Dirtmusic) unveils an insightful and revelatory album via Drums & Wires Recordings.

Kramer and Jad Fair

Video Premiere: "I'll Give You the Moon" by Jad Fair & Kramer

27 May 2021

Renowned musicians Jad Fair and Kramer, as indie rock duo Jad Fair & Kramer, are set for US release of remastered/remixed version of their 3rd collab LP this June.

Anne Freeman

NEWS: Singer-songwriter Anne Freeman shares gorgeous new song "When I'm A Wreck"

27 May 2021

Oxford, MS singer-songwriter Anne Freeman unveils a moody and nostalgic track from her upcoming album via Muscle Beach Records.

Justus Proffit

NEWS: Justus Proffit announces Speedstar LP, shares single "Burning the Ground"

26 May 2021

The former hardcore music frontman is now set to release a densely melodic album this summer via the esteemed Bar/None Records.

AMMO - live

NEWS: Los Angeles ethereal dreamer AMMO brings melancholic escapism on "Total Recall" single

25 May 2021

The single was originally released as part of Do You Feel That Way Too? A Tribute to The Sound, aimed at increasing awareness of mental health issues.

Johanna Kuvaja 2

NEWS: Scandinavia’s Johanna Kuvaja returns with "Wanna Make Love To You" single

25 May 2021

Finnish vocalist Johanna Kuvaja is back with a soulful single that digs into the complexity of relationships in a culture of instant gratification.

Reno Divorce

Video Premiere: "Hopeless and Dopeless" by Reno Divorce

25 May 2021

Denver, Colorado-located veteran punk rock outfit Reno Divorce unleash a potent music video about substance abuse and making amends.

The Tremolo Beer Gut

Song Premiere: "Hey Hello" by The Tremolo Beer Gut

25 May 2021

The Tremolo Beer Gut, featuring Jon Spencer, Cristina Martinez, Jacob Gram Alsing, and Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, release a seductively slinky number.

Big Takeover magazine issue #88

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22 May 2021

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The Mistons

Album Premiere: World of Convenience by The Mistons

21 May 2021

Portland, Oregon-located rock ‘n’ roll/punk duo The Mistons (veteran musicians Sean Croghan and Micah Kassell) release their dynamic and direct new album.

Johnny Dynamite

Video Premiere: "Bats In The Woods" by Johnny Dynamite and the Bloodsuckers

20 May 2021

Brooklyn-based synth-pop artist Johnny Dynamite unveils a Gothic-/post-punk-inspired, restless and airy dream pop number from his upcoming LP.

Bad Brains - 9 LPs

NEWS: Bad Brains are reissuing their groundbreaking albums via Org Music

19 May 2021

The seminal hardcore Rasta-punk outfit who spearheaded the hardcore movement are delivering their relevant back catalog to the public.


Video Premiere: "Forgetful Sam" by Smiling

19 May 2021

San Diego-located indie rock outfit Smiling (helmed by Annie Shaw) releases a colorful and trippy video for a dynamic track off their upcoming LP.


NEWS: New EP by Dublin-based psych-pop quartet Keeley via Undertones-backed label

18 May 2021

The artist/outfit are signed to Dimple Discs, just released a restless lead single, will release the EP on June 18th digitally.

The Raging Nathans

Song Premiere: "I Could Never Fall in Love With You" by The Raging Nathans

18 May 2021

Dayton, Ohio-located punk band The Raging Nathans release a dynamic, yet dreamy track from their upcoming fourth album.

The Cucumbers

Video Premiere: "The Boss's Song" by The Cucumbers

17 May 2021

Hoboken, NJ-located indie pop stalwarts The Cucumbers return with an entertaining music video for a track off their upcoming album.


Song Premiere: "Deja Vu" by Clone / "Fall Away" by Swallow the Rat

14 May 2021

Post-punk bands, NYC’s Clone (ex-Dead Leaf Echo) and New Zealand’s Swallow the Rat, each unleash a gritty, guitar-driven track.


Album Premiere: A Haunting EP by Ghosttail

14 May 2021

Deeply self-deprecating new music duo Ghosttail materialize with their hazy and dreamy debut EP influenced by ’80s UK post-punk bands.

Love Ghost

Video Premiere: “Fade Away (Shave My Head)" by Love Ghost

13 May 2021

Acclaimed alt-rock (with emo/trap elements) outfit Love Ghost materialize with a powerful music video for a track that delves into mental health issues.

Jon LaDeau

Video Premiere: “Cemetery Road” by Jon LaDeau

13 May 2021

Brooklyn-based folk-rock singer-songwriter Jon LaDeau drops a searingly relevant music video in support of racial justice and civil rights.

Pieter Nooten and Marsella Hodges

Video Premiere: “Anonymity” by Pieter Nooten & Marselle Hodges

12 May 2021

Renowned musician Pieter Nooten (Clan of Xymox) teams up with the Blue Hour’s vocalist Marselle Hodges on an atmospheric video.

Chase Potter

Video Premiere: "Don't Roll Over" by Chase Potter

12 May 2021

Singer-songwriter Chase Potter unveils a warm, ’60s-touched, and nostalgic pop track/video ahead of his full length; with Q&A.

Chris Connelly and Monica Queen

Song Premiere: "Tae The Poets" by Chris Connelly and Monica Queen

11 May 2021

Renowned musicians Chris Connelly and Monica Queen announce and release the first single from their upcoming concept album about Scottish personalities Stella Cartwright and George Mackay Brown.

Lori Sky and Bilbosa

Song Premiere: "Neon" by Bilbosa feat. Lori Sky

11 May 2021

Italian pop-rock outfit Bilbosa teams up with Irish singer-songwriter Lori Sky on a emotive new tune from their upcoming EP.

Christian O'Connor

Song Premiere: "Wherever The Hammer Falls" by Christian O'Connor

11 May 2021

Christian O’Connor blends blues and rock traditions to create a perfectly poised, yet anthemic new single.

Dylan Sparrow

Video Premiere: "Black Mayo Of The Gowanus" by Dylan Sparrow

10 May 2021

NYC-based musician Dylan Sparrow releases a soulful and political track/video (with Martin Bisi cameo) about the Gowanus area in Brooklyn.

Best Move

Album Premiere: Mirror Image Twins EP by Best Move

7 May 2021

Sacramento, CA-located dreamy indie rock band Best Move unpack their nostalgic, melodic, and contemplative debut EP via Park The Van.

R. Missing 3

Album Premiere: Crimeless EP by R. Missing

6 May 2021

NYC darkwave/ambient noir duo R. Missing (Sharon Shy and ‘Toppy’ of The Ropes) return with an atmospheric single and remixes from GusGus and The KVB.

Willa Amai

Video Premiere: “Not A Solder (Live)” By Willa Amai

6 May 2021

Linda Perry protégée, singer-songwriter Willa Amai, unveils a heartfelt and yearning live performance video for a track off her upcoming LP.