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The Big Takeover Issue #82
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Dirty Streets - Photo Credit: Bob Bayne

Video Premiere: "Dream" by Dirty Streets

8 August 2018

Memphis-based blues and psych-influenced rock band Dirty Streets drops a dreamier track with video from their upcoming LP.

PILES - Photo Credit: Bas Mantel

Video Premiere: "Drones and Piles" by PILES

7 August 2018

French experimental and intense drumming trio PILES pummel the eardrums with high-energy rhythms and intriguing patterns.

Carli Naff - Photo Credit: Morgan Court

Song Premiere: "Clean" by Carli Naff

7 August 2018

NYC transplant (from Arizona) singer-songwriter Carli Naff delivers an emotionally spellbinding first single from her upcoming EP.


Song Premiere: "The Far Side" by m1nk

7 August 2018

Darkly alluring UK-Greece duo m1nk (musician Barry Snaith and vocalist Erika Bach) unveil an atmospherically noir composition.

Lenny Zenith

Video premiere: Lenny Zenith, "What If The Sun"

6 August 2018

The pioneering transgender rocker goes all in on his solo debut.

Grandpa Jack - Photo Credit: Dada Shikako

Album Premiere: Grandpa Jack by Grandpa Jack

3 August 2018

Brooklyn, NY power rock trio Grandpa Jack release a heavy, dynamic, and textured self-titled album that delves into psychedelic rock.


Video Premiere: "Storm Cellar" by Elysian Fields

3 August 2018

Veteran NYC art-rock/dream-pop act Elysian Fields return to the fore with a mysterious rock noir album and European tour.

Ghost X Gardens

Song Premiere: "Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea" by Ghost X Gardens

3 August 2018

NY-based art rocker Ghost X Gardens pens a love letter to his temporary stay at the (in)famous Chelsea Hotel on his upcoming LP.

Pete International Airport - Video Still Credit: Paul Dillon

Video Premiere: "Western Shouting" by Pete International Airport

2 August 2018

East and West collide on a mesmerizing video/track by neo-psych-rock band Pete International Airport (Peter G. Holmström of The Dandy Warhols).

Silent Forum - Photo Credit: Jaydon Martin

Video Premiere: "How I Faked The Moon Landing" by Silent Forum

1 August 2018

Welsh indie rock band Silent Forum are set to release an infectiously poppy single and amusing game arcade-set video.

The Mommyheads - Photo Credit: Kevin Condon

Video Premiere: "First Baby Born of Cosmic Rage" by The Mommyheads

31 July 2018

Long-running indie rock/pop band The Mommyheads return after 6 years with a dynamic, gritty, and socially relevant song/video.

Autumn - Photo credit: Bobby Talamine

NEWS: Seminal '90s post-punk trio Autumn announce U.S. tour

31 July 2018

Long-running post-punk/gothic rock band Autumn released their latest album Chandelier early this year via Sett Records.

Citrus Clouds - Photo Credit: Mildrette Armenta

Song Premiere: "Golden Sun" by Citrus Clouds

30 July 2018

Arizona, home of ’90s Beautiful Noise scene, offers up another, newer radiant dream-pop/shoegaze band named Citrus Clouds.

TC&I - Photo Credit Geoff Winn

NEWS: XTC's Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers return to the stage after 36 years

30 July 2018

XTC co-frontman Colin Moulding and original XTC drummer Terry Chambers released their debut English-pop EP as TC&I last year.

Bauhaus live - Photo Credit: Judy Lyon

NEWS: Bauhaus’ David J announces solo UK dates & world tour with Peter Murphy

30 July 2018

David J of legendary post-punk/goth/artrock Bauhaus and renowned Love and Rockets released a heartfelt solo LP last year.

Cornershop - Photo Credit: Roger Sargent

Video Premiere: "Sugar Sugar" by Cornershop

28 July 2018

Venerable British band Cornershop return with.sweet, faithful cover of a classic tune by The Archies, and Tjinder Singh gives details about the single.

The Soft UndergroundPhotoCreditLisaMac

Album Premiere: Morning World by The Soft Underground

26 July 2018

NYC alternative rock duo The Soft Underground release a dynamic,and melodic LP that showcases ’90s alt-rock, psych-rock, indie folk, and more.

James Rose - Photo Credit: Mickey Esdaile

Album Premiere: Lullabies to the Ocean EP by James Rose

26 July 2018

Los Angeles, CA/New Orleans, LA-based singer-songwriter James Rose unfurls a mellifluous, melodic folk-pop EP.

White Ring

Video Premiere: "Nothing" by White Ring

25 July 2018

NYC cult witch house act White Ring return after eight long years with a chillingly mesmerizing album that explores both tragedy and hope.

Tulipomania - Photo Credit: Edward Waisnis

Album Premiere: Off the Map EP by Tulipomania

24 July 2018

Philadelphia-based alternative/experimental outfit Tulipomania release a 3-track EP with a darkly slinky tune and two remixes.

Jeanne Vomit-Terror - Photo Credit: Chad Stockfleth

Video Premiere: "Jokes Come True" by Jeanne Vomit-Terror

24 July 2018

Avant-garde chanteuse Jeanne Vomit-Terror delivers a thumpin’ dancefloor-ready electro-pop/disco hybrid with odd-pop lyrics from debut LP.

Slimfit - Photo Credit: Andrew Marczak

Album Premiere: Sorry About That by Slimfit

23 July 2018

Ohioan fun-lovin’ DIY punk-pop/garage rock band Slimfit unleash a spirited and engaging indie album via Bandcamp.

Special Pillow - Photo Credit:Ken Cushman

Album Premiere: Sleeping Weird by The Special Pillow

20 July 2018

Hoboken, NJ’s The Special Pillow, led by Dan Cuddy (Hypnolovewheel) unfolds its vivid and bittersweetly dreamy 6th psych/indie pop LP.

Seasurfer - Photo Credit: Christian Klepp

Video Premiere: "Into Dust" by Seasurfer

20 July 2018

Dirk Knight, founder of dream-punk collective Seasurfer, and his current line-up unveil a hazy video for an ethereal noir track off their upcoming EP.

Album Premiere: Found Wild EP by Found Wild

19 July 2018

Tim Arnold and Keith Goodwin of Philadelphia-based indie band Good Old War team up on new music project Found Wild.


Song Premiere: "The Sun Has Died" by Swoone

18 July 2018

Siobhan de Maré (Mono, Violet Indiana) and Gary Bruce, as sophisticated and atmospheric duo Swoone, will release a debut LP soon.

ThePullofAutumnPhotoCreditMatthew Darrow

Song Premiere: "Laurasong" by The Pull of Autumn

18 July 2018

Supergroup The Pull of Autumn, with members from Fashion, Johanna’s House of Glamour, and Thowing Muses/Belly is set to release a new LP.

Evan Jewett - Photo Credit: Ron Harrell

Song Premiere: "Pink Grout" by Evan Jewett

17 July 2018

NYC-based (by way of California) singer-songwriter Evan Jewett releases a bass-steeped piano/synths rumination from his upcoming LP.

Not Of - Photo Credit: Mitch Barnes

Album Premiere: Hypocritic Oath by Not Of

17 July 2018

Canadian noise rock duo Not Of reveal their raw, dissonant, and explosive second LP and run down the deep meaning behind each track.

AustinBashanPhotoCreditShervin Lainez

Video Premiere: "Elephants" by Austin Basham

16 July 2018

Texas-based indie folk singer-songwriter Austin Basham bows a vintage-looking DIY video for a track off his upcoming debut LP.

AyaMaguirePhotoCreditCaitlin Knight

Album Premiere: The Sandcastle King by Aya Maguire

13 July 2018

Boulder, CO-located singer-songwriter Aya Maguire delivers a delicate to passionate debut LP that is an expression of her musical and personal growth.

EchoCourts-Photo Credit: JeanLucSwift

Album Premiere: Room With A View by Echo Courts

12 July 2018

Classic rock/pop band Echo Courts unveils a vivid, melodic, and captivating new LP and co-founder Kelly Fahey talks about the record.

WellWellWell - Photo Credit: Andrew Mills and Max Kreutzer

Album Premiere: Poptimism EP and Ships EP by Well Well Well

11 July 2018

Get lost in your creative mind with exploratory indie pop duo Well Well Well’s 2-EP release, Poptimism and Ships, ahead of a collaborative ‘Choose Your Own Disaster Tour’ and zine.

Walter Lure & The Waldos -   Spencer Lloyd

Video Premiere: "Crazy Kids" by Walter Lure & The Waldos

10 July 2018

Punk legend Walter Lure (The Heartbreakers) and his band The Waldos unleash the raw and spirited track from their upcoming LP.

Linda Em - photo by John Dawso

Song Premiere: "Wild Fire" by Linda Em

10 July 2018

Irish singer-songwriter Linda Em unveils a passionate ballad with dual male/female vocals from her forthcoming EP.

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7 July 2018

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Fir Cone Children - Photo Credit: Ulrike Donat

Song Premiere: "Festival" and "Top Of The Shelf" by Fir Cone Children

6 July 2018

In a special premiere, Berlin’s dream punks Fir Cone Children drop 2 catchy songs from a child’s viewpoint off their upcoming LP.

Dentist - Photo Credit: Matthew Lyons

Song Premiere: "Upset Words" by Dentist

5 July 2018

New Jersey-based indie surf rock band balance assuredly between buoyant pop and aggressive, fuzzed-out rock on their upcoming LP.

Greg In Good Company - Photo Credit: Wolf Turner

Song Premiere: "American Way" by Greg in Good Company

4 July 2018

July 4th is the perfect day to celebrate our independence the “American Way” with romping roots rockers Greg in Good Company.

KINPhotoCreditDaria Adamitskaya

Song Premiere: "At What Cost" by KIN

4 July 2018

UK orchestral pop/rock trio KIN deliver another beautiful, nuanced, expansive to dynamic track from their monthly run of singles.

The Wrong Brothers

Album Premiere: Strange Machines EP by The Wrong Brothers

3 July 2018

London-based experimental art rock duo The Wrong Brothers release their noisy rock and groovin’ P-Funk-influenced EP.

PinioL - Photo Credit: Oofzos

Video Premiere: "Mimolle" by PinioL

3 July 2018

Seven-member French instrumental group PinioL deliver an intricate, hypnotic, and rhythmic math-/avant-rock number from its new LP.

KimJanssen - Photo Credit: Isolde Woudstra

Video Premiere: "Tors" by Kim Janssen

2 July 2018

Dutch singer-songwriter Kim Janssen, who was raised in Asia, unveils a bright and wistful symphonic piano pop number and international video.

DulceSky in studio

Album Premiere: A Prelude EP by DulceSky

29 June 2018

Long-running dream-rock/shoegaze band DulceSky returns with a richly vibrant, textured, and dynamic alternative rock EP.

Static Shore - Photo Credit: Sergio Contreres

Video Premiere: "Sun In My Wake" by Static Shore

29 June 2018

Seattle, Washington-based electronica/synthwave duo Static Shore drop a dreamy summertime video for a number off its new EP.

Rocket 3 - Photo Credit: Jennifer Hertzler Foust

Song Premiere: "What If" by Rocket 3

28 June 2018

Portland, Oregon-based indie pop band Rocket 3 a sweet, upbeat 3-chord track from its upcoming second album.

Raquel Bell - David Marshall

Video Premiere: "Swan" by Raquel Bell

28 June 2018

Experimental musician/dancer Raquel Bell drops a hypnotic video for a vocally intense and expressive track off her upcoming LP.


Song Premiere: "Go Low" by Film School

27 June 2018

Psych-rock/shoegaze band Film School returns after 8 years with a dreamy to rockin’ new tune from their inspired upcoming LP.

Lost Chocolate Lab - KBKastbauer

Song Premiere: "Squall" by Lost Chocolate Lab

26 June 2018

Seattle-based expansive rock band Lost Chocolate Lab bows an atmospheric shoegaze-inspired lead track off its forthcoming LP.

Tombstones In Their Eyes - Photo Credit: Cathryn Farnsworth

Song Premiere: "Silhouette" by Tombstones In Their Eyes

26 June 2018

Psych-/stoner/desert rock band Tombstones In Their Eyes drop a heavy, yet dreamy tune from its upcoming EP.