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The Big Takeover #80 Spring 2017
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Irene Barber of Nearby

Video Premiere: "Breakers" by Nearby

13 September 2017

Erik Blood and Dust Moth collaborator Irene Barber goes solo as Nearby, dropping her debut EP and a personal, dream-like video.

The Dayoffs

Video Premiere: Love Love Love by The Dayoffs

12 September 2017

NYC-based, Russian-Japanese duo The Dayoffs drops a video for the short, punchy, but feel-good lead single off upcoming debut album.

Morgane Lhote - photo credit Elena Kulikova

Song Premiere: "God(d) Of Thunder Vs. Sukia" by Hologram Teen

12 September 2017

Morgane Lhote (Stereolab) returns as Hologram Teen with a trippy and interesting track off her upcoming album.

Cloud Repair - Cloud Repair

Song Premiere: "Polar Bear" by Cloud Repair

12 September 2017

Polar Bear delivers a bright, wandering psych-pop/garage rock hybrid single from upcoming debut album.

Re-TROS - Photo Credit: Re-TROS

Album Premiere: Before the Applause by Re-TROS

11 September 2017

Chinese indie rock/post-punk band Re-TROS goes on an exploratory sonic voyage on its inventive second album.

Liverpool Psych Fest poster

NEWS: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia September 22 - 23, 2017

10 September 2017

Renowned Liverpool Psych Festival gears up for the 2017 season on September 22nd to 23rd with a pre-show kick-off on September 21st.


Album Premiere: Sketchbook Traces by Sven-Erik Olsen

8 September 2017

Minneapolis, MN-based singer-songwriter/musician Sven-Erik Olsen releases a timeless debut album of engaging indie pop/rock tunes.


Album Premiere: Remembering Houses by My Little Hum

7 September 2017

San Francisco, CA-located indie pop/rock duo (and married couple) My Little Hum releases a sparkling and melodic debut album.

Jason Herring & The Mystery Plan - photo credit Evan Thomas

Video Premiere: "Electric Love" by Jason Herring & The Mystery Plan

7 September 2017

Jason Herring & The Mystery Plan unveils a mysterious video for its down-tempo, atmospheric single off forthcoming album.

Cymbals; Photo Credit: Emily Graham-lores

NEWS: Dan Simons of UK band Cymbals details songs that inspired latest album Light In Your Mind

6 September 2017

Dan Simons of UK indie synth-pop/rock band Cymbals offers a Spotify playlist of songs that inspired new album Light In Your Mind.


Video Premiere: "Down Now" by Benjamin Cartel

6 September 2017

Brooklyn-based story-telling singer-songwriter Benjamin Cartel (Kaiser Cartel) drops a performance video for a track off his upcoming 2nd album.

Bruno Merz -photo credit Dreda Blow

Song Premiere: "Whisper Turn" by Bruno Merz

5 September 2017

New Bohemian folk pop singer-songwriter Bruno Merz drops a lyrically inspirational single.

Today's Millennial Rockstar, Ayron Jones Is Announced On Theory Of A Deadman Tour

5 September 2017

Seattle’s Ayron Jones Announced On Theory Of A Deadman National Tour

Grant Earl LaValley; Photo Credit: Nathan C. Ward

Song Premiere: "Don't Let It Bring You Down" by Grant Earl LaValley (Neil Young cover)

5 September 2017

Singer-songwriter and desert-dweller Grant Earl LaValley pays tribute to legend Neil Young with a spare, haunting cover from his upcoming debut album.


Video Premiere: "Games" by The Velvet Hands

4 September 2017

UK garage rock ‘n’ roll upstarts The Velvet Hands unveil a lyrics video with a visually appealing twist for latest single from upcoming debut album.

She Dives; Photo Credit: Emma Holm Jacobsen

Album Premiere: Nebula by She Dives

1 September 2017

Experimental electronics-based Danish duo She Dives delivers its debut album that delves into the universal process of disintegration.

Dreams are Like Water

Album Premiere: A Sea-Spell EP by Dreams are Like Water

31 August 2017

Atmospheric New Zealand trio Dreams are Like Water unveils its captivating debut EP via California specialty label Vesper Records.

Soft Fangs

Song Premiere: "Jordan // Jackson Elementary" by Soft Fangs

31 August 2017

Brooklyn’s Soft Fangs (AKA John Kutkevich) stirs up memories of school and being taught the rules on a haunting indie rock tune.

When The Sun Hits

Song Premiere: "Lie To Me" by When The Sun Hits

30 August 2017

Nottingham, England-based shoegaze band When The Sun Hits takes flight with a single off its debut EP on Saint Marie Records.

A Million Machines; photo credit Eddie Schimara

Song Premiere: "Come Tonight" by A Million Machines

29 August 2017

Synth-pop/synthwave duo A Million Machines drop a smoothly futuristic track off upcoming self-titled debut album.

The Sighs; Photo Credit: Rob Marinussen

Song Premiere: "Wait On Another Day" by The Sighs

29 August 2017

Reunited band The Sighs release a brisk and engaging power-pop number ahead of its upcoming album on OMAD Records.


Video Premiere: "Hurt Me Bad" by The Dream Rebel

28 August 2017

The Dream Rebel delivers an engaging and dynamic performance video for his latest retro rock ‘n’ roller from his upcoming debut EP.

Greg Martino of Tino Drima

Video Premiere: "Drives Me Crazy" by Tino Drima

28 August 2017

San Francisco’s Tino Drima merges raucous punk and Big Band doo-wop and upcoming debut album on Frendship Fever Records.


Song Premiere: "1963" and "Suburban Mourning" (previously unreleased) by Luke Haines

25 August 2017

Prime solo material from British wordsmith/musician Luke Haines (The Auteurs, Black Box Recorder) slated for release as 4-disc box set.

Small Reactions Photo Credit Michael Morales

Video Premiere: "Cowboy Up" by Small Reactions

24 August 2017

Nerve pop band Small Reactions creates a big effect with a song/video that takes on and deflates the stereotype of the alpha male.


Video Premiere: "Snow" by OHMSLICE

23 August 2017

New York-based collaborative experimental music project Ω▽(OHMSLICE – get it?) unveils a video for a track off its upcoming exploratory album.


Song Premiere: "Waves" by The Dayz

23 August 2017

Eight-piece jam band ensemble The Dayz, led by Dax Callner, drops its forward-thinking, keyboards-heavy new single.

The Blue Hour; Photo Credit: Hailie Newman

Song Premiere: "One More Mystery" by The Blue Hour

22 August 2017

4AD-influenced atmospheric indie band The Blue Hour mesmerizes with the mysterious first single from its upcoming album.


Song Premiere: "In The Future" by Action Skulls

21 August 2017

Vicki Peterson (The Bangles), John Cowsill (The Cowsills), and Bill Mumy (Barnes & Barnes) join forces on upcoming self-described “Canyon Rock” album.

the Dead Boys, L to R:Jake Hout, Ricky Ratt, Cheetah Chrome, Johnny Blitz, Ginchy; Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano

NEWS: Punk rock legend Cheetah Chrome's (the Dead Boys) Top 6 Music Videos

18 August 2017

Renowned musician Cheetah Chrome of legendary punk rock band the Dead Boys (new album out soon!) picks his Top 6 Music Videos.


Video Premiere: "High School" (live) by The Brat

17 August 2017

Chicano punk rock band The Brat stirred up conventions in the late ’70s to mid-‘80s with its meshing of musical and cultural styles.

Underlined Passages; Photo Credit: Ramiro Hird

Video Premiere: "Feelings" by Underlined Passages

17 August 2017

Indie rock duo Underlined Passages traverses personal ups and downs on its upcoming dynamic, heavy, and melodically ethereal album.


Song Premiere: "In Glass" by Lotte Kestner

16 August 2017

Anna-Lynne Williams, formerly of Trespassers William, returns with a spare and haunting new album under the moniker Lotte Kestner.


Single Premiere: "Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 - EPv1" by Dave Wesley

15 August 2017

Instrumentalist Dave Wesley drops a 2-track single that melds strong drum rhythms with ambient and chill sonic accompaniment.

Auburn Lull 2_photo by Jason Kolb

Song Premiere: "Silo" by Auburn Lull

15 August 2017

Shoegaze band Auburn Lull returns with its textural and reflective first single from its upcoming sonically exploratory album.

Pure Phase Ensemble feat. Anton Newcombe - photo credit Jarek Sopinski

Video Premiere: "God Drugs" by Pure Phase Ensemble 6 feat. Anton Newcombe

14 August 2017

Psych/space rock collective Pure Phase Ensemble 6, led by Anton Newcombe, launches its first performance video from Gdansk, Poland’s renowned SpaceFest!.


Song Premiere: "Corners of Your Mind" by Mark Crozer and the Rels

14 August 2017

NYC-based (by way of the UK) Mark Crozer and his band the Rels have returned with a new indie power pop/retro-pop album.


Video Premiere: Extract from documentary Dennis & Lois by Chris Cassidy

11 August 2017

Exclusive Ramones-focused extract from documentary directed by Chris Cassidy about legendary rock n’ roll super-fans Dennis and Lois.


Video Premiere: "Ciervo de Miyajima" by Tropico Duclos

10 August 2017

Uruguayan shoegaze band Tropico Duclos unveils a black ‘n’ white video for its dreamy and expansive, yet rock-edged single.


Video Premiere: "Embers Of Dead Fires" by Mr. Flannery and His Feelings

10 August 2017

Veteran musician Mike Flannery of Mr. Flannery and His Feelings drops a suspenseful video for his latest single off his new album.


Song Premiere: "Like a Drum" by Tree Machines

9 August 2017

Indie pop/rock band Tree Machines re-imagines the electronic pop genre with an inventive and hypnotic track off its upcoming album.

American Anymen band 2

Song Premiere: "Flag Burner" by American Anymen

8 August 2017

NYC’s outspoken antifolk outfit American Anymen tackles the fascism of Trump’s America in an angst-driven, protest-motivated single.


Video Premiere: "Breaking Parts" by LAPêCHE

8 August 2017

The members of Brooklyn indie rock band LAPêCHE unveil a new video and divulge details about their upcoming album in a quick Q&A.

GriffinRobillardPhotoCreditLuke Urbanczyk

Song Premiere: "Cracks in the Ceiling" by Griffin Robillard

7 August 2017

Boston-based folk-influenced singer-songwriter Griffin Robillard drops the lyrically bittersweet titular track off his upcoming album.


Song Premiere: "I Wanna Be With You" (live) by Raspberries

4 August 2017

Omnivore Recordings delivers a 2-CD/Digital set on renowned and influential power pop band Raspberries’ whose members reunited on stage 30 years after their prior live show.


Song Premiere: "Black Cat" by 68Creep

3 August 2017

Brookyn-based dark alternative outfit 68Creep delivers an ominous, slow-paced single with haunting vocals off its upcoming debut album.


Video Premiere: "Dissolution" by Victorian Halls

3 August 2017

Chicago-based electro-pop/rock duo Victorian Halls reveals an ominous to exhilarating video off its latest album out on Victory Records.


Song Premiere: "Seeing In Blue" by Castle Black

2 August 2017

Brookyn’s own indie rock/post-punk band Castle Black unleashes a gritty and rousing lead track off its upcoming third EP.


Video Premiere: "Television" Planes on Paper

1 August 2017

Washington state indie alt-folk duo Planes on Paper takes off with a relevant single/video about conversation-stifling partisan politics.

DieAlps! Photo Credit: Sarah Modene

Video Premiere: "I Can See It Now" by DieAlps!

31 July 2017

DieAlps! changes its baroque-pop sound to ’90s-influenced indie rock on its upcoming debut album on New Grenada Records.