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The Big Takeover #79
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Song Premiere: "That Wave" (XTC cover) by Fassine

6 March 2017

The compelling and cinematically atmospheric London-based trio Fassine re-works an XTC song to mesmerizing effect.

R. Missing; Photo Credit: R. Missing

Album Premiere: Unsummering EP by R. Missing

3 March 2017

Mysterious darkwave entity R. Missing (The Ropes in disguise) reveals its lyrically bleak, synths and detached vocals-driven EP.

Album Premiere: An Infinite Void EP by The Bourgeois

3 March 2017

Tulsa-based trio The Bourgeois drops a mesmerizing EP that delves into hypnotic psychedelia, fuzzed-out rock, and delicate melodies.

The Creation; Photo Credit; Courtesy of Numero Group

Song Premiere: "How Does It Feel To Feel" (US version; Stereo Mix) by the Creation

2 March 2017

Renowned British Invasion band the Creation receives a definitive career comp via Numero Group, including the never-before-heard ‘stereo mix’ US version of “How Does It Feel To Feel”.

Lunar Twin; Photo Credit: Lunar Twin

Song Premiere: "Waves" by Lunar Twin

1 March 2017

Cosmopolitan down-tempo/chillwave duo Lunar Twin journeys through the mind’s eye to exotic expanses on its new record.


Song Premiere: "Clean Couch" by Someday

28 February 2017

Italian indie rock band Someday reveals its opening track from its debut album This Doesn’t Exist.


Video Premiere: "That's What We Do" by Fawns of Love

27 February 2017

California duo Fawns of Love harks back to icons Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins on its new dream-pop/shoegaze album and video.

The Vibrators - The Epic Years 1976-1978 box set

News: The Vibrators: The Epic Years 1976-78 box set via Cherry Red Records

24 February 2017

Seminal UK punk band The Vibrators gets its due with an upcoming 4-CD box set via Cherry Red Records.


Song Premiere: "Hello Cruel World" by The Flywheels

23 February 2017

Psych-pop duo The Flywheel’s new album is a shining tribute to its bassist, Eric Scott, who passed away just over a year ago.

Young Astronaut; Photo Credit: Jack Fairey

Video Premiere: "Chasing El Dorado" by Young Astronaut

22 February 2017

UK indie rock/pop four-piece Young Astronaut drops a reflective to upbeat single and story-telling video that takes place at a rollerskating rink.


Song Premiere: "Hope" by Analogue Wave

21 February 2017

After a three year hiatus, Dublin, Ireland-based electronic duo Analogue Wave unveils its new single off its upcoming album.

Lindsay Murray of Gretchen's Wheel; Photo Credit: Amanda Warner

Song Premiere: "Left Turn" by Gretchen's Wheel

20 February 2017

Singer-songwriter/musician Lindsay Murray of Gretchen’s Wheel address the passage of time and making each moment count on her new single.

Secret Shine; Photo Credit: Secret Shine

Song Premiere: "For You" by Secret Shine

17 February 2017

Seminal British dream-pop pioneers Secret Shine return with a captivating album that evokes the heady shoegaze days as well as showcases their indie pop chops.

Freakabout; Photo Credit:Huy Nguyen

Video Premiere: "Yellow Light" by Freakabout

16 February 2017

Lincoln, Nebraska four-piece rock band Freakabout tackles the topic of overcoming setbacks on a strong single and video.

CryFace; Photo Credit: Jessica Irgens

Video Premiere: "Stone Me" by CryFace

15 February 2017

American indie rock band CryFace blends slacker pop and garage rock on its latest single with accompanying video.


Video Premiere: "Say Can You" by Divisionists

14 February 2017

British power pop/psych rock band Divsionists drops a catchy, lively, and wistful pop-rock single and animated video.

The Two Tens; Photo Credit: Chris Barber

Song Premiere: "Bama Lama Bama Loo" (Little Richard cover) by The Two Tens

13 February 2017

LA-based garage-rock duo The Two Tens twists ‘n’ shakes through a rousing cover of Little Richard’s 1964 tune.

The Muffs; Photo Credit: Alison Dyer

Song Premiere: "The Best Time Around" (Demo) by The Muffs

10 February 2017

Seminal alternative rock/pop band The Muffs gets the reissue treatment for its influential 3rd album Happy Birthday To Me from 1997.

Visceral Candy feat Tim Stiles; Photo Credit: TBASA

Song Premiere: "Plastic Sleep" by Visceral Candy feat. Tim Stiles

9 February 2017

Visceral Candy mixes it up hip-hop/rock style with Passion Party’s Tim Stiles on an lively, lyrics-centric new single.

Scott Taylor; Photo Credit: Terri Haskins

Video Premiere: "Alabama Babe" by Scott Taylor

9 February 2017

Veteran soul and blues artist Scott Taylor offers up a saucy new video from a cut off his latest album Blues Kitchen.

The Rizzos; Photo Credit: Seth Applebaum

Album Premiere: No Parents No Rules 2: Beneath the Planet of No Rules EP by The Rizzos

8 February 2017

Brooklyn-based garage rock band The Rizzos serves up an EP that mixes new studio cuts with live classic rippers.

Neville Staple; Photo Credit: John Coles

Song Premiere: "Return of Judge Roughneck" by Neville Staple

7 February 2017

Legendary music-changing ska pioneer Neville Staple (The Specials, Fun Boy Three, The Special Beat) is back with a fun ska dance track.


Song Premiere: "CR-VUC" by Snowball II

6 February 2017

Shoegaze/indie rock/noise collective Snowball II rolls along with a refreshing single featuring Kurt Heasley of Lilys.

Cindy Lee Berryhill; Photo Credit: Joe Murray

Song Premiere: "American Cinematography" by Cindy Lee Berryhill

6 February 2017

Renowned singer-songwriter/guitarist Cindy Lee Berryhill returns with an album that lovingly celebrates her partnership with, and the life of, her late husband, Crawdaddy! magazine founder/rock critic Paul Williams.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Live

Album Premiere: Albums & Singles 1982-1989: 4CD Clamshell Box by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

3 February 2017

Cherry Red Records unveils the ultimate retrospective collection on UK 1980s (and still active) punk/goth band Red Lorry Yellow Lorry.

World War IX; Photo Credit: World War IX

Video Premiere: "Have You Seen My Drugs?" by World War IX

2 February 2017

Brooklyn’s World War IX carries the banner of vintage American punk music with a fun and manic video (with political commentary) for its latest single

Bastards of Fate; Photo Credit: Kent Moore

Video Premiere: "Dark Matter" by The Bastards of Fate

2 February 2017

The Bastards of Fate continues to puzzle and provoke with a new video for a single off its upcoming album on HHBTM Records.


Album Premiere: Doomsday EP by Reptilians From Andromeda

1 February 2017

Turkish underground garage rock/punk band Reptilians From Andromeda keeps it gritty, distorted, and real on its new EP.


Song Premiere: "Diminished Returns" by Crushed Stars

1 February 2017

Crushed Stars shines from the shadows on an introspective, ambient pop single from its upcoming album.


Monsterland to reunite February 24 for benefit show

31 January 2017

First show in 23 years by ’90s indie faves; one of three concerts to benefit radio station WFDU.

John Fryer; Photo Credit: Marquis

Song Premiere: "Swimming Through Dreams" by Black Needle Noise

30 January 2017

John Fryer of 4AD’s legendary This Mortal Coil returns with captivating collaborative music project Black Needle Noise.


Video Premiere: "Sun Don't Shine" by Allyson Seconds

30 January 2017

Allyson Seconds, wife of Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds, reveals a new video for a track off her latest California-pop album.

The Big Takeover #79

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28 January 2017

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RuckwaterPhotoCreditJarkko Metsälammi

Album Premiere: Bonehead EP by Rückwater

27 January 2017

Finnish three-headed stoner rock monster Rückwater runs amok on a raw, rampaging, riffs-filled new EP.

Queue; Photo Credit: Rebecca Aronow

Video Premiere: "More" by Queue

26 January 2017

Ethereal indie rock band Queue lines up a live performance video that glides by with reflective, guitar-driven finesse.

The Holiday Crowd; Photo Credit: The Holiday Crowd

Video Premiere: "I Need This Bed To Myself" by The Holiday Crowd

25 January 2017

Canadian Anglo-pop band The Holiday Crowd carries the jangle-pop torch on its latest up-tempo single and video.


Video Premiere: Pure Phase Ensemble 6 feat. Anton Newcombe documentary

24 January 2017

Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre), along with Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh) and 6 top Polish musicians, took part in psych-rock SpaceFest! as Pure Phase Ensemble 6.


Video Premiere: "Don't Mention The War" by Peter Holsapple

23 January 2017

Peter Holsapple (the dB’s and Continental Drifters) returns with his first solo venture in more than 20 years.

Gregory Uhlmann; Photo Credit: Maren Celest

Song Premiere: "Forgo The Thought" by Gregory Uhlmann

20 January 2017

Composer and songwriter Gregory Uhlmann merges minimalist chamber-pop with introspective folk on his meditative new album.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults; Photo Credit: Ali Copeland

Video Premiere: "Starlet" by Letting Up Despite Great Faults

19 January 2017

Austin, Texas-residing dream-pop trio Letting Up Despite Great Faults drops a new video before the release of its upbeat EP.

Blushing; Photo Credit: Jake Soto

Song Premiere: "Tether" by Blushing

19 January 2017

Austin, Texas-based dream-pop/shoegaze band Blushing channels the heady days of ’90s UK shoegaze on a captivating new EP.

Dan Webb; Photo Credit: Wilk

Album Premiere: Oedipus The King by Dan Webb

18 January 2017

Australian psych pop maestro Dan Webb drops a timely album about toxic politics right before Inauguration Day.

Rose Berlin; Photo Credit: Rose Berlin

Video Premiere: "Under My Skin" by SPC ECO

17 January 2017

Dean Garcia (Curve, S T F U, M A D) is joined by his daughter Rose Berlin on their ongoing atmospheric music adventures as SPC ECO.


Song Premiere: "Disappearing" by Mark Porkchop Holder

16 January 2017

Blues singer-songwriter and musician Mark Porkchop Holder brings his struggles and truth to his upcoming blistering debut album.

Modern English; Photo Credit

Song Premiere: "Sweet Revenge" by Modern English

16 January 2017

After 3 decades away, British post-punk innovators Modern English motivate with 2nd single from their upcoming album.

The Blue Aeroplanes

NEWS: Gerard Langley of The Blue Aeroplanes details his band's Top 5 Tracks

13 January 2017

In an exclusive scoop for The Big Takeover, Gerard Langley, poet and singer of The Blue Aeroplanes, gives a list, with details, of his Top 5 Aeroplanes Tracks.

Daydream Machine; Photo Credit: William Landers

Video Premiere: "Modern Prophecy" by Daydream Machine

12 January 2017

Portland-based post-punk/psych rock band Daydream Machine drops a new video ahead of its upcoming LP due in March.

Rein; Photo Credit: Jasmin Storch

Song Premiere: "Missfit" by Rein

12 January 2017

Swedish electro-punk queen Rein unloads a ferocious new single that packs an aggressive, yet exhilarating punch.

New Model Army - Winter

Jack Rabid's Best of 2016 list: Top 150 LPs (new recordings), Top 50 Retrospective/Reissue releases, and Top 30 stand alone singles and EPs

10 January 2017

The best bets on another great year for music, old and new. (Never mind the cranks, here’s the good stuff as ever.)

Rykarda Parsol; Photo Credit: Glass Coffin and popshop60sand70

Video Premiere: "The Loneliest Girl in the World" by Rykarda Parasol

9 January 2017

Rock noir artist Rykarda Parasol reveals a bittersweet video shot in Paris, France for her latest richly stark single.