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The Big Takeover Issue #87
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Fir Cone Children

Song Premiere: "Max & Hax" by Fir Cone Children

20 October 2020

Berlin-based dream-punk/indie rock project Fir Cone Children, helmed by the prolific Alexander Leonard Donat, drops a euphorically bright tune.

Sundae Crush

Video Premiere: "Good Boy" by Sundae Crush

19 October 2020

Seattle-based indie pop/rock band Sundae Crush delivers a tasty treat with the copacetic animated video for a catchy jam from their upcoming album.

Juanita Stein

Video Premiere: "Hey Mama" by Juanita Stein

19 October 2020

Howling Bells frontwoman Juanita Stein unveils a gently compelling performance video for a poignant song off her upcoming album.

the black watch 1

Album Premiere: Fromthing Somethat by the black watch

16 October 2020

Indie rock/jangle pop outfit the black watch, led by Renaissance man John Andrew Fredrick, releases a vibrant, melodic, and dreamy new album.

Gone From My Sight

News: Dark electro-ambient outfit Gone From My Sight unveil their new album

16 October 2020

NYC/San Francisco-based Quinn Raymond and Keith Watts release their spare and rhythmic ambient/electro-rock album today.

Henry Hall 2

Video Premiere: "13 Besties" by Henry Hall

15 October 2020

Endearing singer-songwriter Henry Hall (son of Julia Louis-Dreyfus) drops a fresh, fun, and falsetto-driven track/video from his upcoming album.

Freekbass and The Bump Assembly

Video Premiere: "Under Krameria" by Freekbass

14 October 2020

Irrepressible bass guitar master Freekbass and his talented crew bow an amusingly surreal performance video for a sizzling-cool instrumental.

Jason Simon

News: Jason Simon, Split Moon, and Alex E.T. perform livestream on October 15

14 October 2020

Jason Simon of Dead Meadow heads a 3-band bill, including Split Moon and Alex E.T., for a livestream event from Gold Diggers in Hollywood.

Candy Opera

Video Premiere: "These Days Are Ours" by Candy Opera

13 October 2020

Jangle pop stalwarts Candy Opera, who emerged during Liverpool’s 1980s musical golden age, unveil a new video for a track off their recent LP.

Fred Abong 1

NEWS: Fred Abong (Throwing Muses) gets under your skin on new "The Minit" single

13 October 2020

Musician Fred Abong (Throwing Muses) returns with an engaging taster from his upcoming album, Our Mother of Perpetual Help.


Video Premiere: "O Devilish Sailor" by Gibraltar

13 October 2020

Seattle-based indie rock/post-rock stalwarts Gibraltar release a passionate performance video for an equally vibrant and dynamic track.

Dan West

Video Premiere: "Falipa" by d'Animal

12 October 2020

Veteran musician, arranger, and composer Dan West delivers a sweet and heartfelt jangle pop tribute to his dearly departed cat Falipa.


News: Swiss music duo Egopusher return with a new ambient/film music album

12 October 2020

Egopusher just dropped their second full length via Quiet Love Records that traverses subdued cinema scores to synths-based ambient music.


Album Premiere: JEEN by JEEN

9 October 2020

Canadian indie rock/pop singer-songwriter Jeen O’Brien (recording as JEEN) releases a vibrant, dynamic, and reflective new album.


News: New indie rock/dream-pop band MILLY drops a captivating new song/video

9 October 2020

The music project was formed by Brendan Dyer and is now a full-fledged band that will release a debut EP in 2021 via Dangerbird Records.

Stream Train Hearts

Video Premiere: "Smoke & Cinder" by Steam Train Hearts

8 October 2020

Melodic indie rock band Steam Train Hearts (Wallace Dietz of the Silent Boys and Bruce Smith of Dismal Swamp Lords) release an engaging track/video.

Ben Morey and the Eyes

Video Premiere: "Cry Cry Cry" by Ben Morey and the Eyes

7 October 2020

New York-based Ben Morey and the Eyes offer up an engaging video for a track off their upcoming indie folk/alt-country-imbued album.

Philip Parfitt

Video Premiere: "All Fucked Up" by Philip Parfitt

6 October 2020

Veteran English musician/singer-songwriter Philip Parfitt unveils the video for a reflective and unhurried track from his upcoming album.

John Fryer

NEWS: Black Needle Noise puts a surprisingly dark spin on Louis Armstrong classic

6 October 2020

Renowned English producer and musician John Fryer, under the collaborative moniker Black Needle Noise, releases a track ft. Tom Berger.

Purple Witch of Culver

Song Premiere: "Eulogy for a Sunbeam" by Purple Witch of Culver

6 October 2020

Los Angeles-based experimental music duo Purple Witch of Culver deliver a piquant stand-alone jazzoetry ode (jazz and poetry blend).

James Houlahan

Song Premiere: "What Is Our Love" by James Houlahan

6 October 2020

L.A.-based indie folk singer-songwriter James Houlahan releases an engaging and up-tempo track from his upcoming album.

Tired Radio

NEWS: New Album from melodic punk band Tired Radio slated for a joint vinyl release in November

5 October 2020

The Brooklyn-based band will drop its debut album Patterns via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings, Engineer Records, and other international labels.

Long Tall Jefferson

Video Premiere: "Better Man" (Live Session) by Long Tall Jefferson

5 October 2020

Indie folk musician Long Tall Jefferson (AKA Simon Borer) and two friends unveil a delightful live performance video for a track off their new album.


NEWS: Art-pop/shoegaze duo Worthitpurchase reveal details about their new album Dizzy Age

2 October 2020

Nicole Rowe and Omar Akrouche of Worthitpurchase exclusively detail a Track-By-Track, with images, for their new album that releases today.


Video Premiere: "Chariot" by Sparxsea

2 October 2020

Indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Sparxsea unveils a lovely outdoors performance video for a reflective track off her upcoming LP.

Joey Molland

Song Premiere: "All I Want To Do" by Joey Molland

1 October 2020

Renowned veteran musician Joey Molland (Badfinger) releases a shining and melodic single about love and desire from his upcoming album.

Conan Neutron

Song Premiere: "Without the Poison… What Am I?" by Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends

1 October 2020

Rock band Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends unleash a roiling single about depression from their upcoming album about mental health.

Dogs At Large

Song Premiere: "New Disguise" by Dogs At Large

30 September 2020

Chicago-located psych-Americana band Dogs At Large unveil their upbeat, yet heartfelt second single from their upcoming 5th LP.

Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans

Video Premiere: "Warm Hands" by Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans

29 September 2020

Bristol-based collective Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans release a slow-burning confessional from their upcoming album.

Ehtan Gold

NEWS: Ethan Gold "The Last Dive" speaks volumes on risk of gentrification and pandemic costs

29 September 2020

This song is a taster of Gold’s forthcoming double album Earth City, an LP about the modern world. About longing for human connection, for love, the thrill of the city, for communion with nature.


Song Premiere: "On Windowsill" by OurDeadFathers

29 September 2020

Seattle-based psych-/alternative folk-rock band OurDeadFathers releases a bittersweet and melodic threnody from their upcoming album.

Chicago Soul Jazz Collective

Video Premiere: “Where do you go when you dream” by Chicago Soul Jazz Collective ft. Raul Midón

28 September 2020

Acclaimed Chicago Soul Jazz Collective, featuring renowned musician Raul Midón, delivers a kicky, yet laid-back jazz track and animated video.

Mt. Doubt

Album Premiere: Doubtlands by Mt. Doubt

25 September 2020

Scottish indie rock band Mt. Doubt’s third album gets a U.S. release today and band leader Leo Bargery insightfully details the LP’s tracks.

Muck and the Mires

Album Premiere: Take Me Back To Planet Earth EP by Muck and the Mires

25 September 2020

Boston retro-garage rock/power pop band Muck and the Mires release their dynamic, tuneful, and engaging EP via Rum Bar Records.

Beau Jennings 2

Song Premiere: "Hard To Party" by Beau Jennings & The Tigers

24 September 2020

Oklahoma-based musician and filmmaker Beau Jennings and his band The Tigers release an engagingly laid-back stand-alone single.

Roger Street Friedman

Song Premiere: "Poison in the Cut" by Roger Street Friedman

23 September 2020

New York-based singer-songwriter Roger Street Friedman delivers a thoughtful and relevant message about racism and healing on his latest single.

Hell Boulevard

NEWS: Goth' n' roll rockers Hell Boulevard open a new chapter with new Not Sorry LP

22 September 2020

If you have a penchant for death rock and Goth music, your sonic tastes will be satiated by the Swiss band’s new album.

Josh Werner

Song Premiere: "Traversal" by Josh Werner

22 September 2020

Multi-talented veteran American musician Josh Werner bows the vivacious lead single from his upcoming album via M.O.D. Reloaded.

Girls on Grass 2

Video Premiere: "Who's Gonna Cry" by Girls on Grass

22 September 2020

Brooklyn-based country-punk rock band Girls on Grass stick it to the man (well, Trump) on an on-target political track and puppet performance video.

A Love Electric

Video Premiere: "Losing Touch" by A Love Electric

21 September 2020

Acclaimed NYC/Mexico City music trio A Love Electric unveil a captivating video for a contemplative track off their upcoming album.

Hey Elbow

Album Premiere: We Three by Hey Elbow

18 September 2020

Swedish dream-/avant-pop group Hey Elbow drops a captivating self-produced sonic-concept album via Adrian Recordings.


Video Premiere: "Thursday Is The New Sunday" by LATITUDE

17 September 2020

San Francisco-based power pop band LATITUDE unveil an engaging video for a mellow track off their upcoming LP via Emotional Response.

Secret Sight

Video Premiere: "By The End" by Secret Sight

17 September 2020

Italian indie rock band Secret Sight releases an inventive video for an invigorating track from their latest LP via Seahorse Recordings.

PJ O'Connor

Video Premiere: "Indecisive Moon" by P.J. O'Connor

16 September 2020

New York native and singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist P.J. O’Connor bows an NYC-themed video for a heartfelt track off his upcoming LP.

Short-Haired Domestic

NEWS: Tim Friese-Greene's Short-Haired Domestic offer German kaleidoscope with new single

15 September 2020

UK-based indie music (and married) duo Tim Friese-Greene and Lee Friese-Greene are set to release their debut LP as Short-Haired Domestic.

The Wake

Song Premiere: "Hammer Hall" by The Wake

15 September 2020

Ohioan veteran post-punk/Gothic rock band The Wake enlivens the senses with a vibrant track from their upcoming album.

Holy Youth

Song Premiere: "Off The Radar" by Holy Youth

15 September 2020

Alabama-based indie rock band Holy Youth drop a catchy, dynamic, and vibrant track from their upcoming self-produced album.

My Dear Mycroft

Song Premiere: "The Ghost That Slows You Down" by My Dear Mycroft

14 September 2020

Brooklyn-based rock noir band My Dear Mycroft unveil a hauntingly ominous and emotive lead single from their upcoming debut LP.

Silent Era

Album Premiere: Rotate the Mirror by Silent Era

11 September 2020

Bay Area hardcore (post-)punk/metal hybrid band Silent Era unleash a compelling, socio-politically relevant new album via Nervous Intent Records.

Eddie Japan

Video Premiere: "Summer Hair" by Eddie Japan

10 September 2020

Boston-based retro-mod rock ‘n’ roll band Eddie Japan unveil a heartfelt performance video for a sweeping, yet bittersweet single.