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Big Takeover #81 Fall 2017
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Bad Galaxy

Video Premiere: "Prosperous Sun" (live) by Bad Galaxy

27 October 2017

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Alexis Pastuhov, recording under the moniker Bad Galaxy, delivers a riveting live performance exclusive to The Big Takeover.


Song Premiere: "Suddenly Last Summer" (The Motels cover) by Elk City

26 October 2017

NJ-based Elk City covers a classic The Motels tune while announcing the band’s signing to Bar/None Records.


NEWS: New Video for "Trapeze Artist Regrets" by Night Drive

26 October 2017

Texas-based modern synth-pop act Night Drive lights up on its latest video for a track of its debut self-titled album.


Video Premiere: "The Noose" by Retroglyphs

25 October 2017

Retro synthwave band Retroglyphs unveils a new ’80s throwback video to celebrate the impending release of a deluxe edition of its debut album.


Song Premiere: "Continuum" by Bowrain

25 October 2017

Contemporary composer, pianist, and producer Bowrain bows a new restless single off his upcoming mainly instrumental album.

Dave Wesley 8 - photo credit Bernadette Carroll

Album Premiere: Structures And Behaviors EP by The Mayhem Lecture Series

24 October 2017

Arctic dub DJ and producer David Wesley branches out with experimental music project The Mayhem Lecture Series that explores human behavior.


Song Premiere: "Unspoken Rule" by Robert Francis

24 October 2017

Singer-songwriter Robert Francis releases an engaging and insightful single from his upcoming lyrically trenchant album.


Video Premiere: "Flight" by Lusterlit

23 October 2017

Susan Hwang and Charlie Nieland of Lusterlist debut a new video inspired by Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem and filled with images that capture the magic of Brooklyn, NYC.


Video Premiere: "Keeper" by The Franklys

23 October 2017

London-based garage rock band The Franklys drops a dynamic video for its third single off of debut album Are You Listening?

Here's Little Richard by Little Richard

Song Premiere: "Slippin' and Slidin'" (demo) by Little Richard

20 October 2017

Rock ‘n’ roll living legend Little Richard’s debut album Here’s Little Richard gets the royal treatment with a deluxe reissue for its 60th anniversary.


Video Premiere: "Oceans" by The Yada Yada Yadas

20 October 2017

England-based indie rock band The Yada Yada Yadas blends melodic pop with feedback and fuzz on latest single with accompanying video.


Video Premiere: "Crystal" by Jaguwar

19 October 2017

German shoegaze/noise rock trio Jaguwar sparkles on a new dream-pop single and video released ahead of its next album in the new year.

TheSweetThingsTheLizColbySound poster

Song Premiere: "Dustianne" by The Sweet Things featuring Liza Colby

18 October 2017

NYC rock ‘n’ roll band The Sweet Things and The Liza Colby Sound team up on a new song released on the day of their joint tour kick-off.


Video Premiere: "Boson Blues" by Mooji

18 October 2017

Eclectic DJ Mooji drops a love story narrative cartoon video inspired by the famous CERN particle collider in France.

On The Wane 3 - photo credit Ruslan Onishchenko

Song Premiere: "Human Race" by On The Wane

17 October 2017

Ukrainian alternative rock outfit On The Wane drops a lyrically dark, but dynamic new song ahead of its upcoming album.


Video Premiere: "Always Here" by Stay

17 October 2017

Spanish psych-rock band Stay unveils an entertaining video for its fast-jangling indie rock single off of its upcoming EP.

Video Premiere: "Broke" by PLS PLS

16 October 2017

Atlanta-based indie rock quintet PLS PLS introduces its latest single, with video, from new album Jet Black.

Tim Buckley; Photo courtesy of Conqueroo

Song Premiere: "Anonymous Proposition" by Tim Buckley

13 October 2017

Manifesto Records releases never-before-heard audio footage of legend Tim Buckley from his performances in 1969 at the Troubadour.


Song Premiere: "People Not Ready" by Twin Rains

13 October 2017

Canadian electro/dream-pop duo Twin Rains publicly unveils a protest song that had been part of Rough Trade’s exclusive A Song A Day campaign.


Album Premiere: Blue Field by The Luxembourg Signal

12 October 2017

Members of dream-pop/indie pop band The Luxembourg Signal give a track-by-track rundown of their dynamic, yet reflective and melodic new album.


Album Premiere: Same As I Ever Have Been by Matt Patershuk

12 October 2017

Canadian country-blues/Americana singer-songwriter releases his robust to reflective, roots music-based new album.

Crying Vessel

Song Premiere: "One Last Taste" by Crying Vessel

11 October 2017

Darkwave and post-punk maestro Slade Templeton (as Crying Vessel) unveils even more brooding darkness and mystery.

Fool Heavy

NEWS: Fool Heavy details each track from New Album Gusto

11 October 2017

Long Island ’90s alt-rock-influenced, garage rock duo Fool Heavy exclusively details each track of its new album Gusto.

Astrobal and Laetitia Sadier 2 wide - photo credit Olia Eichenbaum

Video Premiere: "Australasie" by Astrobal ft. Laetitia Sadier

10 October 2017

French electronic producer Emmanuel Mario, recording as Astrobal, unveils a entrancing song, with video, featuring Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier.

John Davis

Song Premiere: "HFCS" by John Davis

10 October 2017

Singer-songwriter John Davis, formerly of The Folk Implosion, tackles corporate corruption and more on his upcoming concept album.


Album Premiere: Field Ceremony by Pia Fraus

9 October 2017

Veteran dream-pop/shoegaze band Pia Fraus returns after a decade with a melodic, harmonic, and sweeping to reflective new album.

Northern Asssembly

Song Premiere: "Man to Man" by Northern Assembly

9 October 2017

Danish folk/pop band Northern Assembly delivers a rhythmically spirited, harmony- and strings-drenched single.

Pale Seas

Song Premiere: "Heal Slow" by Pale Seas

6 October 2017

Atmospheric, melodic, and hotly tipped British guitar band Pale Seas arrives with its sonically and emotionally spell-binding new album.

Gad Whip

Album Premiere: In A Room 12" EP by Gad Whip

6 October 2017

UK avant-rock band Gad Whip delivers a rhythmic, emotive 4-song 12” EP via New York City’s Ever/Never Recordings.


Video Premiere: "Cardiac" by Shining Mirrors

5 October 2017

Brooklyn-based indie rock band Shining Mirrors introduces themselves with a ‘day-in-the-life’-vibed music video for their first single.

I'll Be Around - Michael Cuenca

NEWS: Info on and crowd-funding for post-punk music fest movie I'll Be Around

5 October 2017

Writer and director Michael Cuenca’s 3rd film spotlights the Xennial generation’s angst and its post-punk and postmodernism upbringing.

The Decrees; Photo Credit: Lewis Milne Photography

Song Premiere: "Sons of Rage" by The Decrees

4 October 2017

Scottish indie rock band The Decrees unleashes a fresh, dynamic, and melodic double A-side single


Video Premiere: "Habit" (Live Session) by Gabrielle Shonk

4 October 2017

Quebec indie-folk singer/songwriter Gabrielle Shonk unveils a new live video for a treasured song of hers off her self-titled debut album.

The Paranoid Style

Song Premiere: "Dominoes in Drag" by The Paranoid Style

3 October 2017

Elizabeth Nelson of The Paranoid Style rages less about politics and more about matters of the heart on her latest single.

Historian; Photo Credit: Anna Maria Lopez

Video Premiere: "Thrown on the Road" by Historian

3 October 2017

Psych-folk outfit Historian releases a yearning and stirring single (and desert-set video) from upcoming album Expanse.


Video Premiere: "Loneliest of Men" by Galanos

2 October 2017

New York-based ‘part punk, part surf’ band Galanos gets dark and explosive on a track (and video) off new album Deceiver Receiver.


Album Premiere: Jessamines by Miniatures

29 September 2017

Australian dream-pop band Miniatures gets a big release on Saint Marie Records of its dynamically sweeping and radiantly ethereal debut album.

Kings & Associates

Album Premiere: Tales of a Rich Girl by Kings & Associates

29 September 2017

Australian modern blues ensemble Kings & Associates bow its second album which is currently #1 on the Australian Blues Charts.

Red Rosie; Photo courtesy of Red Rosie

Song Premiere: "Can't Come Down" by Red Rosie

28 September 2017

Indie dream-pop duo Red Rosie releases a dreamy to reflective double A-side single with a reimagining of OMD’s “Secret” for the B-side.

John Fryer and Bill Leeb; photo credit Adam Scott

Video Premiere: "Shiver of Want" by Black Needle Noise

28 September 2017

Renowned sonic architect and producer John Fryer is joined by legend Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Delerium) for a collaborative track and video.


Video Premiere: "Escape to the Refuge of the Desert Virga" by Sluka

28 September 2017

Singer-songwriter/musician Sluka releases an enigmatic and panoramic video for his reflective, but expressive piano piece.

Boisterous Men

Song Premiere: "Another Life" by Boisterous Men

27 September 2017

Serbian down-tempo electro duo Boisterous Men goes on a mesmerizing electronic-soul trip with its debut tune.

Courtney Farren photo credit Brett Sullivan

Video Premiere: "Hard To Tell" by Courtney Farren

27 September 2017

Singer-songwriter Courtney Farren enlists Brett Sullivan of American Anymen for a Super 8-filmed video shot in the Big Apple.


Song Premiere: "Back To Your Door" by Robin Jackson

26 September 2017

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Robin Jackson drops a lyrically reflective, but upbeat track from his upcoming album.

Luke Callen

Video Premiere: "100 Miles" by Luke Callen

25 September 2017

Troubadour Luke Callen roams through a lyrically insightful, finger-picked guitar number off his recent debut album.

The Persian Leaps_Credit-to-Drew-Johnson

NEWS: Drew Forsberg of The Persian Leaps details new Bicycle Face EP track by track

22 September 2017

Drew Forsberg, the founder, guitarist, and vocalist of indie rock/power pop band The Persian Leaps, gives a behind-the-scenes view of the new EP.


Album Premiere: Big Intruder by Jordan Klassen

22 September 2017

Canadian chamber folk/pop multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Jordan Klassen bows his richly diverse, deeply engaging new album.

Ikebe Shakedown

Song Premiere: "Supermoon" by Ikebe Shakedown

21 September 2017

Bushwick, NY-based Ikebe Shakedown drops a rhythmically intoxicating, retro-cinematic instrumental groove from its upcoming album.

Rising Appalachia; Photo Credit: Chad Hess

Song Premiere: "Mississippi" by Rising Appalachia

21 September 2017

The sisters of roots music band Rising Appalachia put their own contemporary spin on an African American spiritual.

Jenn Vix; Photo Credit: Paul LF

Song Premiere: "Complicated Man" by Jenn Vix

21 September 2017

Electronic rock/pop artist Jenn Vix drops a dark and coolly alluring pop track from her upcoming Unlocked EP.