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The Big Takeover #80 Spring 2017
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Album Premiere: As Light Return by The Telescopes

30 June 2017

Veteran musical visionary Stephen Lawrie, the sole constant of The Telescopes, reveals his 9th exploratory album.


Video Premiere: "Butterfly Sweater" by Twinfolds

30 June 2017

Australian indie rock band Twinfolds (once known as Vertigo) kicks it up with a kinetic rock groove from its upcoming debut EP.

For The Love of Chris Tressler - collage

Album Premiere: For The Love of Chris Tressler compilation

29 June 2017

The shoegaze/dream-pop community pays tribute to Chris Tressler, a passionate music enthusiast who passed away earlier this year.

The Tigerlilies; Photo Credit: Shane Lamb

Video Premiere: "Shipwrecked" by The Tigerlilies

28 June 2017

Cincinnati, Ohio retro punk revivalists The Tigerlilies channel their explosive energy on a performance video for their sing-along rocker.


Video Premiere: "Unnamed November" by Overlake

28 June 2017

Jersey City, NJ dream-pop band Overlake unveils a hazy performance video for a dreamy single from its recent album on Bar/None Records.

Labyrinth Lounge - photo credit Valerie Troutt

Video Premiere: "Trouble Won't Last" by Labyrinth Lounge

27 June 2017

Bay Area (relocated from NYC) soul and jazz act Labyrinth Lounge drops a new video for the first single off its debut album.


Song Premiere: "Lily" by Builder of the House

27 June 2017

Portland, Maine-based folk pop duo Builder of the House reveal a new single from its upcoming album on sonaBLAST! Records.

Glenn Hughes - Addiction

Song Premiere: "Way Back to the Bone" and "Touch My Life" (bonus - live) by Glenn Hughes

27 June 2017

Renowned singer-songwriter/music veteran Glenn Hughes releases a 2-CD edition (with bonus tracks) of his hard-rocking original album Addiction.

She Sir; Photo Credit: Jordan Cole

Song Premiere: “Pheromondo (Babysitter's Back)” by She Sir

26 June 2017

Post-shoegaze band She Sir drifts by with a dreamily exploratory, stylistically hybrid track off its upcoming album Rival Island.


Song Premiere: "Tired Voice" by The March Divide

26 June 2017

Jared Putnam, the artist behind The March Divide, drops an upbeat, pop-oriented single ahead of his 5th EP.

Fred Schneider and the Superions

Album Premiere: The Vertical Mind by Fred Schneider & the Superions

23 June 2017

The B-52’s main man Fred Schneider returns with the Superions for the release of their zany, fun, yes, even profound album via HHBTM Records.

CONVEYER - Photo Credit: Greg Thomas

Album Premiere: No Future by Conveyer

22 June 2017

American melodic hardcore/metalcore band Conveyer unleashes its powerful, dynamic, and relevant album via Victory Records.

Teen Vice; Photo Credit

Song Premiere: "Anti-Privilege" by Teen Vice

22 June 2017

NYC-based rock super-group Teen Vice (Tammy Hart, Joshua Ackley, May Dantas, Derek Pippin) unleashes a driving, electrifying track with culturally trenchant lyrics (and interview!).


Video Premiere: "Ray of Sunshine" (live - Belgrave Sessions) by KOYO

21 June 2017

Leeds, UK psychedelic/progressive rock and electronic band KOYO unveils a live performance video for a dynamically transporting track off its debut album.

Parsons Rocket Project -photo credit Isadora Pennington

Song Premiere: "Exit Launch" by Parsons Rocket Project

20 June 2017

Altanta, GA space/post-rock band Parsons Rocket Project jumps into the outer spheres with the first single off its debut album.


Video Premiere: "Weasel" by The Franklys

20 June 2017

UK-based garage rock/pop band The Franklys drops a high-energy track and amusing track ‘n’ field video off of its debut album.

The Heavy Blinkers - photo credit  Catherine Stockhausen

Song Premiere: "The Night And I Are Still So Young" by The Heavy Blinkers

20 June 2017

Long-running Canadian orchestrated pop/rock band The Heavy Blinkers delivers the title track off its vinyl LP reissue via Label Obscura.

Mare Island 2; Photo Credit: Josh Katz

Album Premiere: Mare Island EP by Mare Island

19 June 2017

Indie rock band Mare Island (with members from The Velvet Teen and Loma Prieta) sets sail with its rich and melodic debut EP.

Conveyer - No Future video stills

NEWS: American melodic hardcore band Conveyer reveals new video from upcoming album

18 June 2017

Wisconsin-based melodic hardcore band Conveyer unveils an intense new performance video for the title track off new album No Future.

Gracie and Rachel veiled_Sam Margevicius

Album Premiere: Gracie and Rachel by Gracie and Rachel

16 June 2017

Gracie and Rachel unveil an illuminating debut album that showcases the duo’s journey through adventurous youth and creative collaboration.

Raj; Photo Credit: Sean White

Video Premiere: Series of 7 Videos by Raj and the 100's

16 June 2017

Prolific rock ‘n’ roll/pastoral folk creative Raj Sabhlok has recorded hundreds of songs, a series of 7 which premiere here in the video format.

Jesus On Heroine

Song Premiere: "Ardhanarishvara" by Jesus On Heroine

15 June 2017

Danish psychedelic shoegaze trailblazers Jesus On Heroine pushes further inward and outward with its hypnotic new single.

Quaeschning and Schnauss; Photo Credit: Thorsten Quaeschning

Video Premiere: "Rain on Dry Concrete" by Quaeschning & Schnauss

15 June 2017

German synthesizer masters Thorsten Quaeschning and Ulrich Schnauss join up for a joint instrumental album and unveil an entrancing video.

Bellman; Photo Credit: Line Loholt

Video Premiere: "Getaway" by Bellman

14 June 2017

Norwegian dream-pop creative Bellman unveils a beautiful video featuring bright, sweeping Nordic land- and cityscapes.


Song Premiere: "Rescue" by Nescora

14 June 2017

Brookyn-based Americana singer-songwriter Nescora releases the lead single from his forthcoming folk-rock album.

Chris Frain - Pattern Language

Album Premiere: Total Squaresville by Pattern Language

13 June 2017

Instrumental electronic music artist Pattern Language (AKA Chris Frain) premieres his solo analog synths-based album.


Video Premiere: "And I Drive at Night" by Black Helicopter

13 June 2017

Boston-based alternative rock band Black Helicopter touches down with a live performance video for a single off its recently released EP.


Song Premiere: "Chapel Hill" by Star Tropics

12 June 2017

Chicago’s Star Tropics drops a lively, yet brooding indie pop/dream-pop tune from its upcoming debut full-length Lost World.

New Politicians

Song Premiere: "Disarmer" by New Politicians

9 June 2017

New Jersey post-punk/alternative rock band New Politicians drops a romping, yet still moody number off its upcoming 4th EP.


Song Premiere: "Light In The Night" by Mise en Scene

8 June 2017

Canadian indie garage rock/pop band Mise en Scene drops a dynamic track off its vital and insightful upcoming album Still Life On Fire.

Tunabunny; Photo Credit: Jennie Cain

Song Premiere: "The Rest of Us" by Tunabunny

8 June 2017

Athens, Georgia’s very own Tunabunny drops a laid-back track about (dis)connection from its experimental rock opus (on double vinyl).

Willa Rae; video still

Video Premiere: "Love's Wastin' My Time" by Willa Rae & the Minor Arcana

7 June 2017

Dark Americana musical troupe the Minor Arcana, led by singer-songwriter Willa Rae, unveils a cheeky tale from the femme fatale perspective.

TheloniousMonkJohnColtrane - Riverside Recordings

NEWS: Reissue of Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings

7 June 2017

Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings to be reissued as Deluxe Vinyl Boxset June 9th via Craft Recordings.


Song Premiere: "Room For The Others" by A Shoreline Dream

6 June 2017

Colorado-based alternative/post-rock/shoegaze band A Shoreline Dream releases a darkly dreamy single from its upcoming LP.

The Scenics - One Chord Live

Video Premiere: "Here She Comes Now" (Velvet Underground cover) live by The Scenics

6 June 2017

Toronto’s proto-punk band The Scenics unveils a Velvet Underground cover from its One Chord Live on-stage performance

Ann CooganPhotoCreditAmosPerrine

Video Premiere: "Burn For You" by Anna Coogan

6 June 2017

Guitarist/singer-songwriter Anna Coogan reveals a socially relevant video from a song off her recent operatic rock album.


Video Premiere: "Sheep" (Gonjasufi cover) by Richie Dagger's Crime

5 June 2017

Seattle psychedelic R&B crooners Richie Dagger’s Crime reveal a collaborative performance video for a cover of Gonjasufi’s “Sheep.”

Wreck Loose; Photo Credit:

Song Premiere: "Hard Drugs" by Wreck Loose

5 June 2017

Pittsburgh-based piano-driven indie rock band Wreck Loose drop a lively tune from its upcoming debut album.


Video Premiere: "Coup de Grace" by Daydream Machine

4 June 2017

Psych rock/post-punk band Daydream Machine drops a cinematic black ‘n’ white video for its latest noir psych rocker.

Dog Island; Photo Credit: Hannah Spector

Album Premiere: Laniakea EP by Dog Island

2 June 2017

Dave Hanson of Dog Island music project arrives with his home-recorded, experimental, folk and/or pop-leaning new EP.

The Rifle

Song Premiere: "Down Deep Down" by The Rifle

2 June 2017

Tuscon-based indie rock band The Rifle releases a subtly enticing single off its new album which also arrives today via Baby Tooth Records.


Video Premiere: "Definition" by Street Eaters

1 June 2017

Truewave/punk duo Street Eaters delivers a lyrically relevant song and performance video that focuses on societal oppression and xenophobia.


Song Premiere: "Dog Days" by Bohannons

1 June 2017

Southern rock ‘n’ roll/ Americana band Bohannons drops a lyrically relevant and uplifting single off its upcoming third album.

Tombstones In Their Eyes - photo credit Karin Johansson

Video Premiere: "Always There" by Tombstones In Their Eyes

31 May 2017

LA-based space/psych rock band Tombstones In Their Eyes drops a druggy and dreamy single with accompanying video.

Alex Chilton; Photo Credit: Paula Burch-Celentano

Song Premiere: "Please Pass Me My Walkin' Shoes" by Alex Chilton

31 May 2017

Omnivore Recordings set to reissue 1995’s A Man Called Destruction by legendary Alex Chilton (Big Star) on August 25th.


Album Premiere: Roll Over, Dog... And Run! by Onionface

30 May 2017

Canadian primal rock band Onionface delivers an energetic, yet nuanced blast of tunage on its new punk-influenced rock ‘n’ roll album.

Big Takeover #80 magazine - Chrissie Hynde 2

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29 May 2017

Good news! Big Takeover #80 Spring 2017 issue with The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde on the cover has been completed and is shipping! It’s the perfect time for Big Takeover magazine subscriptions and back issues (like the big enchilada, complete set 1980-2017)! Or six children’s sizes for our T-Shirts (to go with several Mens’ and Womens’ sizes) in three colors, as well as our Big Takeover Beer Cozies and (signed if you like) Color 30th Anniversary Festival Posters!


Video Premiere: "Fantastical" by Michael Sackler-Berner

29 May 2017

Singer-songwriter/guitarist Michael Sackler-Berner unveils a whimsical claymation video for his funk-influenced song featuring Prince’s The Hornheads.

Kilbey Kennedy photo by Martin Kennedy

Song Premiere: "The Game Never Changes" by Kilbey Kennedy

26 May 2017

Renowned Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) join forces once more on an epic and transporting track from new album Glow and Fade.


Song Premiere: "New York And Me" by Matteo Scher

26 May 2017

NYC resident and piano-based singer-songwriter Matteo Scher delivers his ode to the city with a single from his upcoming EP.