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The Big Takeover Issue #86
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NEWS: Indie electronic/pop artist NAT shares her effervescent new single

21 May 2020

Singer-songwriter NAT reveals what it’s like to escape into love on a buoyant song featuring Jack Merucci.

Ex Norwegian

Video Premiere: Ex Norwegian live in session

20 May 2020

Melodic pop/rock band Ex Norwegian, led by Roger Houdaille, deliver resonant live versions of their tracks “Comfort Sands” and “Jet Lag.”

Altar of Eris

Album Premiere: Isolation EP by Altar of Eris

19 May 2020

Seattle-based post-punk band Altar of Eris unveil an ominously atmospheric and noir second EP that was recorded under quarantine.

The Wolfhounds

NEWS: Long-running indie rock band The Wolfhounds release new single "Can't See The Light"

19 May 2020

Long-running London-based indie rock band The Wolfhounds unleash a powerful number ahead of the release of a new LP in early July.

The Criminal World

Song Premiere: "Mox Jet" by The Criminal World

19 May 2020

Portland, OR-based post-punk/darkwave band The Criminal World unveil the atmospheric and driving opener off their upcoming mini-LP.

We Melt Chocolate 2

Video Premiere: "Blue Hair Girl" by We Melt Chocolate

18 May 2020

Italian shoegaze band We Melt Chocolate deliver a tasty delight with a hypnotic video for their drifting to driving track off their debut LP.

Jetstream Pony

Album Premiere: Jetstream Pony by Jetstream Pony

15 May 2020

UK indie pop/post-punk veterans Beth Arzy, Shaun Charman, Kerry Boettcher, and Hannes Müller release a captivating album as Jetstream Pony.


Song Premiere: "Nickel And Dime Blues" by Gangstagrass

14 May 2020

Renowned bluegrass hip-hop hybrid band Gangstagrass are back with a fresh and relevant lead single that tackles race and politics.

The Ar-Kaics 2

Song Premiere: "Can't Stand this Place" by The Ar-Kaics

14 May 2020

Virginia-based retro garage rock ‘n’ roll band The Ar-Kaics drop a briskly driving outtake from their upcoming compilation LP on Dig! Records.


Video Premiere: "Hit and Miss" by Boyracer

13 May 2020

Long-running indie rock/pop band Boyracer returns with an enjoyable fan-made video for a catchy and driving track off their upcoming LP.

Beat Hotel 2

Video Premiere: "Feel It" by Beat Hotel

13 May 2020

British power pop collective Beat Hotel are back with a lively music video for the catchy lead track from their eponymous EP.

Vision Video

Song Premiere: "In My Side" / "Inked in Red" by Vision Video

12 May 2020

Retro-‘80s-inspired post-punk/New Wave outfit Vision Video (named after the now-defunct video rental store) drops a captivating 2-song single.

Ghost Work

Song Premiere: "Statues in Spain" by Ghost Work

12 May 2020

Indie (post-)punk supergroup Ghost Work (Aaron Stauffer of Seaweed and members of Minus the Bear, Snapcase, and Milemarker drop a vivid single.

Todd Waner Moore

NEWS: Acoustic folk singer-songwriter Todd Warner Moore drops new album

11 May 2020

Kansas native, Hong Kong-living acoustic folk singer-songwriter Todd Warner Moore releases a warm and insightful 6th LP in only 2 years.


NEWS: Indie pop artist Harmless shares dreamy new single “Notice Me”

11 May 2020

Nacho Cano of music project Harmless recovers and returns, overcoming the odds after being hit by a drunk driver while biking.

Raygun Carver

Album Premiere: Moon Fields Yawning by Raygun Carver

8 May 2020

Michael Soiseth, the musician at the core of the band Raygun Carver, offers up a ruminative, but compelling Americana/downtempo LP.

Reliant Tom - Photo Credit: Corey Hayes

Album Premiere: Play & Rewind by Reliant Tom

8 May 2020

Brooklyn post-rock/electronic duo Reliant Tom release an emotionally vulnerable and primal album about grieving and catharsis.


Song Premiere: "Be Afraid" by SNST

7 May 2020

Veteran musician Chris Broach (Braid, The Firebird Band) ventures forth with his wife Sonja Rae as compelling synth-rock project SNST.

Scary Hours

Video Premiere: "Bullet Fairy" by Scary Hours

6 May 2020

North Jersey punk rock/anti-folk veteran Ryan Struck (The 65’s) returns to his punk/hardcore roots, unleashing an incendiary single/video.

I LIKE TRAINS - Photo Credit: Ben Bentley

Video Premiere: "The Truth" by I LIKE TRAINS

6 May 2020

Renowned indie/post-rock/post-punk band I LIKE TRAINS return with a politically trenchant video for a track off the upcoming album.

NEWS: Human connection gets a heartfelt soundtrack in Ethan Gold’s "Not Me. Us" single

5 May 2020

LA-based singer-songwriter Ethan Gold uses his gentle and perceptive new music as a call for unity in troubled times.

Diane Gentile

Video Premiere: "Perfect People" by Diane and the Gentle Men

5 May 2020

Veteran NYC musician Diane Gentile returns with her band the Gentle Men for a captivating pop-rock album out now via Velvet Elk Records.

Andee Blacksugar - Photo Credit: Hypnodoll)

Video Premiere: "This Is Crazy Town" by Black Sugar Transmission

4 May 2020

Brooklyn-based Andee Blacksugar (KMFDM, Peter Murphy’s touring band) unleashes relevant, industrial-driven music on his upcoming LP.

Anton Barbeau w/ Kenny backing band

Video Premiere: "Land of Economy" by Anton Barbeau & Kenny

3 May 2020

Renowned musician Anton Barbeau bows an engaging performance video for a revamped melodic track from his latest LP out via Big Stir.


Album Premiere: Tread Lightly by BOAT

1 May 2020

Tacoma/Seattle indie rock legends BOAT return after a 7-year hiatus with an engaging indie rock/power pop album that hits the sweet sonic/lyrics spot.


Song Premiere: "East Of The River" by Oozelles

30 April 2020

LA-based art-rock/jazz-punk ensemble Oozelles (w/ members of Warpaint, Dante Vs Zombies, Swahili Blonde, more) unveil a trippy single.

Liar, Flower

Song Premiere: "Geiger Counter" by Liar, Flower

29 April 2020

Katiejane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw, QueenAdreena, Ruby Throat) and her partner Chris Whittingham return as the totally transfixing Liar, Flower.

The Electric Mess

Video Premiere: Beneath the Yellow Moon video EP by The Electric Mess

29 April 2020

NYC-based rock ‘n’ roll/garage-punk band The Electric Mess offer up a unique 4-song video EP with some seriously entertaining A/V vignettes.


Video Premiere: "‘Seed of Evil" by Black Needle Noise and < PIG >

28 April 2020

Renowned music producer John Fryer (Black Needle Noise) and the legendary < PIG > (KMFDM) join forces on a new video.

Short Hair Domestic

NEWS: Iconic UK producer Tim Friese-Greene debuts first offering from Short-Haired Domestic duo

28 April 2020

Renowned producer and musician Tim Friese-Greene, along with his life partner Lee Friese-Greene, release an engaging single.


Video Premiere: "A Strange Place" by Loveblind

28 April 2020

International synthwave specialists Loveblind reveal a mesmerizing reverie/video from their stunning new LP via Saint Marie Records.

Lunar Twin - Photo Credit: Frank Sarafin

Video Premiere: "Slow Down" by Lunar Twin

27 April 2020

Downtempo/dreamwave duo Lunar Twin unveil a hypnotic single and accompanying video ahead of the release of their latest LP.

999 - Bish! Bash! Bosh!

Album Premiere: Bish! Bash! Bosh! by 999

24 April 2020

Legendary UK punk rock outfit 999 return after 13 years with a stormin’ and tuneful new studio album, out via Cleopatra Records.

The City Gates 2

Video Premiere: "Cape of Good Hope" by The City Gates

23 April 2020

Canadian post-punk/shoegaze band The City Gates unveil these atmospheric video for a captivating single off their latest album.


NEWS: Avant-pop artist Zilla With Her Eyes Shut drops her new album

22 April 2020

The UK-based singer-songwriter revels in pop, electronica, R&B, and ambient music on her latest LP out via Accidental Records.


Video Premiere: "You're Not An Island" by 6TH CROWD

21 April 2020

Electronic project 6TH CROWD (Dari Maksymova of post-punk band On The Wane) drops a lyrically/visually relevant video during the pandemic.

I Like Trains

NEWS: Leeds, UK indie rock stalwarts I Like Trains sign to new UK label, Atlantic Curve, with album forthcoming

21 April 2020

The reinvigorated indie alt-rock veterans will release new music in May, ahead of their 4th studio album via Atlantic Curve.

Jordan Rome

Song Premiere: “Charon” by Jordan Rome

21 April 2020

Kansas-located Jordan Rome roams through various genres on his output, including Western Americana on his mesmerizing new single.

Linda Draper - live

Video Premiere: "Good As New" by Linda Draper

20 April 2020

NYC antifolk singer-songwriter Linda Draper unveils a heartfelt video and will head back into the studio for another project later this year.

Global Giving

NEWS: Songathon Prompt Challenge for songwriters – How “Distance” Can Raise Awareness

20 April 2020

NYC’s Songathon Prompt Challenge competition asks songwriters around the globe to create music to help Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Galanos 2

Album Premiere: Three Songs EP by Galanos

17 April 2020

Kingston, New York-based art rock/post-punk band Galanos release a noir, gritty, and galvanizing EP via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

Killer Workout

Song Premiere: "Too Late" by Killer Workout

17 April 2020

Seattle-based dance-pop/retro-pop outfit Killer Workout drop a peppy and crisp track from their upcoming New Wave-inspired EP.

Proud Creature - Opening Creature EP

NEWS: Psychedelic electronica/ambient outfit Proud Creature unveils new EP

16 April 2020

The project is the brainchild of NYC producer Todd Brozman (Moon Casual) and the EP exudes soothing to compelling mood-influencing music.

You, Me, and This F-ing Guy

Song Premiere: "F.B.I." by You, Me, and This Fuckin' Guy

16 April 2020

Veteran NYC-based musician John S. Hall (King Missile) joins forces with Azalia Snail and Dan West on a quirky and rude-‘tude project.


NEWS: Dave Scotland and Peter Koppes (The Church) form band and release lead single from upcoming LP

16 April 2020

The new musical duo will drop their debut album in a few months’ time, but ahead of the LP’s arrival comes a transporting single.


Video Premiere: "Drive" by Rubaiyat

15 April 2020

Los Angeles-based doom-wop/indie rock band Rubaiyat drop a flowing video for a gently dreamy to fiery track off their debut EP.

Harry Stafford 2

Video Premiere: "Black Rain" by Harry Stafford

14 April 2020

Manchester-based blues rock musician Harry Stafford (Inca Babies) releases an urban Gothic video for a track off his latest album.


Song Premiere: "You&Me" (Oberkon Remix) by Felixity

14 April 2020

British pop songstress Felixity gets an Oberkon remix of her latest single, which comes off of her upcoming Love Sick debut album.

Charles Hayward 2

Song Premiere: "Helix" by Charles Hayward Vs. Harmergeddon

14 April 2020

Acclaimed drummer Charles Hayward (This Heat, Camberwell Now) teams up with A/V duo Harmergeddon on a new LP via God Unknown Records.

Blesson Roy

Video Premiere: "In Tune With The Moon" by Blesson Roy

13 April 2020

Take an appealing dream-pop/Americana journey with Terry Borden (Idaho, Pete Yorn) on a dreamy and earthy single from his upcoming EP.