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Queue; Photo Credit: Rebecca Aronow

Video Premiere: "More" by Queue

26 January 2017

Ethereal indie rock band Queue lines up a live performance video that glides by with reflective, guitar-driven finesse.

The Holiday Crowd; Photo Credit: The Holiday Crowd

Video Premiere: "I Need This Bed To Myself" by The Holiday Crowd

25 January 2017

Canadian Anglo-pop band The Holiday Crowd carries the jangle-pop torch on its latest up-tempo single and video.


Video Premiere: Pure Phase Ensemble 6 feat. Anton Newcombe documentary

24 January 2017

Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre), along with Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh) and 6 top Polish musicians, took part in psych-rock SpaceFest! as Pure Phase Ensemble 6.


Video Premiere: "Don't Mention The War" by Peter Holsapple

23 January 2017

Peter Holsapple (the dB’s and Continental Drifters) returns with his first solo venture in more than 20 years.

Gregory Uhlmann; Photo Credit: Maren Celest

Song Premiere: "Forgo The Thought" by Gregory Uhlmann

20 January 2017

Composer and songwriter Gregory Uhlmann merges minimalist chamber-pop with introspective folk on his meditative new album.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults; Photo Credit: Ali Copeland

Video Premiere: "Starlet" by Letting Up Despite Great Faults

19 January 2017

Austin, Texas-residing dream-pop trio Letting Up Despite Great Faults drops a new video before the release of its upbeat EP.

Blushing; Photo Credit: Jake Soto

Song Premiere: "Tether" by Blushing

19 January 2017

Austin, Texas-based dream-pop/shoegaze band Blushing channels the heady days of ’90s UK shoegaze on a captivating new EP.

Dan Webb; Photo Credit: Wilk

Album Premiere: Oedipus The King by Dan Webb

18 January 2017

Australian psych pop maestro Dan Webb drops a timely album about toxic politics right before Inauguration Day.

Rose Berlin; Photo Credit: Rose Berlin

Video Premiere: "Under My Skin" by SPC ECO

17 January 2017

Dean Garcia (Curve, S T F U, M A D) is joined by his daughter Rose Berlin on their ongoing atmospheric music adventures as SPC ECO.


Song Premiere: "Disappearing" by Mark Porkchop Holder

16 January 2017

Blues singer-songwriter and musician Mark Porkchop Holder brings his struggles and truth to his upcoming blistering debut album.

Modern English; Photo Credit

Song Premiere: "Sweet Revenge" by Modern English

16 January 2017

After 3 decades away, British post-punk innovators Modern English motivate with 2nd single from their upcoming album.

The Blue Aeroplanes

NEWS: Gerard Langley of The Blue Aeroplanes details his band's Top 5 Tracks

13 January 2017

In an exclusive scoop for The Big Takeover, Gerard Langley, poet and singer of The Blue Aeroplanes, gives a list, with details, of his Top 5 Aeroplanes Tracks.

Daydream Machine; Photo Credit: William Landers

Video Premiere: "Modern Prophecy" by Daydream Machine

12 January 2017

Portland-based post-punk/psych rock band Daydream Machine drops a new video ahead of its upcoming LP due in March.

Rein; Photo Credit: Jasmin Storch

Song Premiere: "Missfit" by Rein

12 January 2017

Swedish electro-punk queen Rein unloads a ferocious new single that packs an aggressive, yet exhilarating punch.

New Model Army - Winter

Jack Rabid's Best of 2016 list: Top 150 LPs (new recordings), Top 50 Retrospective/Reissue releases, and Top 30 stand alone singles and EPs

10 January 2017

The best bets on another great year for music, old and new. (Never mind the cranks, here’s the good stuff as ever.)

Rykarda Parsol; Photo Credit: Glass Coffin and popshop60sand70

Video Premiere: "The Loneliest Girl in the World" by Rykarda Parasol

9 January 2017

Rock noir artist Rykarda Parasol reveals a bittersweet video shot in Paris, France for her latest richly stark single.

The Can't Tells

Album Premiere: EP1 EP by The Can't Tells

6 January 2017

Brooklyn-by-way-of-Boston punky power pop band The Can’t Tells offers up a range of tunes on its new EP.

Vivian Cook; Photo Credit: Matthew Roe

Song Premiere: "Just Kids" by Vivian Cook

5 January 2017

San Francisco-residing singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Vivian Cook makes her mark with a powerful new single.

Freel Freeze; Photo Credit: Emilie Marie Kjær

Video Premiere: "Give Me Your Heart" by Feel Freeze

5 January 2017

Scandinavian transgender electro-pop duo Feel Freeze releases a new video for its recent light and uplifting single.

Soul Scratch; Photo Credit: Elko Photography

Song Premiere: "It's Not Over" by Soul Scratch

4 January 2017

L.A.-based Soul Scratch channels classic 1960s soul on an emotional cut off its new album Pushing Fire.

Electric Floor; Photo Credit: Debora Chiarelli

Song Premiere: "Bluedive" by Electric Floor

3 January 2017

Italian electro/synth-rock trio Electric Floor explores moody New Wave with compelling vocals on its restless new single.

TheUse; Photo Credit: Michael Durek

Song Premiere: "Journey To Truth" feat. Black Saturn and Charvak R. Jagtap by TheUse

2 January 2017

NYC-based artist TheUse delivers an experimental electronic collaboration with cohorts Black Saturn and Charvak R. Jagtap.

Joel Gion; Photo Credit: Alex Hurst

Song Premiere: "Tomorrow" by Joel Gion

30 December 2016

Joel Gion, the renowned “Tambourine Man” with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, drops an exclusive track (and Q&A interview) that’s not on his upcoming album.

Daniel Land; Photo Credit: Sue Westwood-Ruttledge

Song Premiere: "The Beautiful Room is Empty" by Daniel Land

29 December 2016

British ambient/dream-pop artist Daniel Land releases a richly textured piece and final track off his new album.

Vertigo - Promo Shot

Video Premiere: "Get Away" by Vertigo

28 December 2016

Brisbane, Australia indie/alt rock band Vertigo spins its spirited debut single with the American premiere of its accompanying video.

Equinox - "Goodbye" single

Song Premiere: "Goodbye" (feat. Dementio13) by Equinox

27 December 2016

British spoken word artist Equinox drops a shadowy, ambient single driven by his voice and synth sonics from Dementio13.

Lost Tapes; Photo Credit: Jordi Santos

Song Premiere: "Teardrops" by Lost Tapes

26 December 2016

Spanish dream-pop duo Lost Tapes evokes a strong sense of nostalgia on new tune “Teardrops” and upcoming compilation album.

Goodbye Heart; Photo Credit: Ryan Feddern

Album Premiere: Keep Me Close by Goodbye Heart

23 December 2016

Goodbye Heart, the Seattle electronic/dream-pop duo with NYC roots, creates an emotional, multi-layered sonic experience on its debut album.

CaStLeS; Photo Credit: CaStLeS

Song Premiere: "Heed Your Desire" by CaStLeS

22 December 2016

North Wales-based psych-tinged alternative rock band CaStLes drops the mellow ‘n’ hazy folk number “Heed Your Desire”.

Chris Bowen; Photo Credit: Will Johnson

Video Premiere: "Picture" by Chris Bowen

21 December 2016

Singer-songwriter Chris Bowen spins a storytelling song and video conveying the inner strength of the protagonist at its center.

Rachel Mason; Photo Credit: Rachel Mason

Video Premiere: "Roses" by Rachel Mason

20 December 2016

Exceptional, thought-provoking multi-media artist and performer Rachel Mason collaborates with LA-based art team BeckandCol on new video.


Song Premiere: "Winter Tale" by Ummagma + A.R. Kane

20 December 2016

Shoegaze/trip-hop/acid house/post-rock pioneers A.R. Kane teams up with dream-pop duo Ummagma on a holiday season single.

Honeyrude; Photo Credit: Jess Ledbetter

Video Premiere: "Roger McClain" by Honeyrude

19 December 2016

Four-piece Honeyrude crafts ’90s-influenced reverbed rock ‘n’ roll shoegaze on upcoming debut EP and new single.

The Velvet Hands; Photo Credit: Brian Robinson

Song Premiere: "I Don't Mind" by The Velvet Hands

16 December 2016

British indie rock newcomers The Velvet Hands exude classic Stones ‘n’ Strokes laid-back swagger on their 4th single.

Film Jacket 35; Photo Credit: Film Jacket 35

Song Premiere: "Beach Riot" by Film Jacket 35

16 December 2016

Athens, Greece (not Georgia!) garage rock duo Film Jacket 35 brings a lo-fi, laid-back energy to its psych/surf rock single.

Patrick Galactic; Photo Credit: Sunita Martini

Video Premiere: "Center of Command" by Patrick Galactic

15 December 2016

Folk/Americana and electronic/psych-blending artist Patrick Galactic unveils days of future past in his new video.

Hank Midnight; Photo Credit: Chloe Mossessian

Song Premiere: "Sterile Robes" by Hank Midnight

14 December 2016

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Hank Midnight gently shines on his lyrically disquieting alternative folk single.

The History Of Colour TV; photo credit: Tanja Pippi

Video Premiere: "Wreck" by The History Of Colour TV

13 December 2016

The History Of Colour TV spins a guitar ‘n’ drums-driven tragic tale on lead single and video off its upcoming third album.

Corner Suns; Photo Credit: Jerome Block

Video Premiere: "The Speed of Sound" by Corner Sons

12 December 2016

Dallas-based artists John Dufilho (The Apples In Stereo) and Brandon Carr (The Earlies) debut their new video as Corner Sons.

The Big Takeover #79

Big Takeover #79 Shipping Now!

10 December 2016

Good news! Big Takeover #79 Fall 2016 issue with Lush on the cover is shipping now! Great time to order or subscribe, or give a gift subscription to your friends and family for the holidays!

Al Jourgensen; Photo Credit: Brian Shanley

Song Premiere: "The Game is Over" by Ministry

8 December 2016

Al Jourgensen, the king of industrial music, is back with Ministry’s Trax! Rarities double album and a demo of an early, classic cut.

Dryer; Photo Credit: Dryer

Album Premiere: Bright Moon Bright Sun EP by Dryer

7 December 2016

Long-running New York-based indie rock band Dryer releases its first new music since 2002 with recent EP.

Shane Henry and Maggie McClure; Photo Credit: Chris Jensen

Video Premiere: "When I'm Home" by Maggie McClure & Shane Henry

6 December 2016

Singer-songwriters Maggie McClure (pianist) and Shane Henry (guitarist) collaborate on their new holiday-themed live performance video.

American Anymen; Photo Credit: Courtney Farren

Song Premiere: "Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did" by American Anymen + Lise

6 December 2016

New York antifolk band American Anymen partners with French songstress Lise on a bittersweet and heartfelt duet.

Ronley Teper - Video Still; Photo Credit Davide Di Saro

Video Premiere: "Lucky and Finnegan" by Ronley Teper

5 December 2016

Ronley Teper collaborates with director/animator Davide Di Saro on a surreal, animated video for her latest single.

Kurt Baker Combo; Photo Credit: Mary Wilson

Video Premiere: "Baby's Gone Bad" by Kurt Baker

2 December 2016

Veteran musician Kurt Baker and his Kurt Baker Combo drop a romping, retro-vibed video for “Baby’s Gone Bad.”

Film School; Photo Credit: Film School

Video Premiere: "Give Up" by Film School

1 December 2016

The original members of alternative band Film School are back with with a super psych-driven single/video.

onDeadWaves; Photo Credit: Cat Mook

Song Premiere: "Only You" (Yaz cover) by onDeadWaves

30 November 2016

onDeadWaves (Polly Scattergood, and James Chapman of Maps) unveils a hushed, haunting, hymn-like cover of Yaz’s “Only You”.

Rodney Cromwell Remix collage

Song Premiere: "Fax Message Breakup" by Rodney Cromwell (Hologram Teen Remix)

29 November 2016

Synthesizer pop maestro Rodney Cromwell gets his new tune remixed by Hologram Teen (AKA Morgane Lhote of Stereolab).

Symbion Project - Kasson Crooker

Video Premiere: "Cut Through the Noise" by Symbion Project

28 November 2016

Indie electronic band Symbion Project, led by Kasson Crooker, reaches out from the visually abstract void on its new video.