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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Andrew Boles of No Alarms

NEWS: New Single and Video from indie pop/rock band No Alarms

12 February 2019

Detroit-based (via Texas) indie pop/rock band No Alarms (founded and led by Andrew Boles) releases an uplifting, energetic track and video.

Unknown Instructors

Song Premiere: "Out in the Cold" by Unknown Instructors

11 February 2019

Mike Watt, George Hurley (both of Minutemen and Firehose), and poet Dan McGuire recruit in-the-news J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. for their 4th LP.

Corey Philpot of Outward

Album Premiere: That's Life by Outward

8 February 2019

Sludgegaze artist Outward (AKA Corey Philpot) unveils his deeply personal, passionate, and potent LP, along with an exclusive track-by-track video.

True Sleeper

Video Premiere: "Heavy Life" by True Sleeper

7 February 2019

Italian solo project True Sleeper (Marco Barzetti of Weird. and Sonic Jesus) expertly blends heavy post-rock with dreamier shoegaze on new single.

Warbly Jets - Photo Credit: Erina Uemura

Video Premiere: "Propaganda" by Warbly Jets

6 February 2019

L.A. indie rock band Warbly Jets launch a socio-politically relevant video/song off their recently released vibrant EP.

Rose Berlin of SPC ECO

Song Premiere: "The Heart and Soul" by SPC ECO

5 February 2019

Ambient/dream-pop/downtempo duo SPC ECO (Dean Garcia and daughter Rose Berlin) drop a gentle to coruscating single from upcoming surprise LP.


NEWS: Mark Fisher announces new XTC Discovery Book, What Do You Call That Noise?

5 February 2019

The XTC Discovery Book What Do You Call That Noise?, which features all band members, as well as other artists, arrives March 4th.

Secret Smoker

Song Premiere: "Memo" by Secret Smoker

4 February 2019

Louisiana-based post-hardcore/-punk band Secret Smoker charge through with a pressing, kinetic single from their upcoming LP.

Amy Rigby

Song Premiere: "The President Can't Read" by Amy Rigby

1 February 2019

Renowned American songwriter Amy Rigby, recording with Wreckless Eric, lets the U.S. Occupier-In-Chief have it on a potent and relevant protest song.

I Am Casting - Photo Credit: Alex Boerner

Video Premiere: "Window" by I Am Casting

31 January 2019

North Carolinian singer-songwriter Cole Guerra, recording as I Am Casting, releases a politically relevant song/video off his upcoming LP.

Primer by Nicholas Alcock

Video Premiere: “Anesthetized” by Primer

30 January 2019

Detroit-based vocalist/producer Alyssa Midcalf (Parts) unveils a mesmerizing synths ‘n’ beats-steeped, politically relevant track/video from her upcoming LP.

Skydeck - Photo Credit: Eva Lazzaro

Song Premiere: "Tourniquet Too" by Skydeck

30 January 2019

Australian synth-pop/post-punk hybrid duo Skydeck drop their latest dispassionate, yet infectious single from their upcoming album.

Anthony Reynolds - photo by Thomy Kea

NEWS: Anthony Reynolds book explores life of Japan’s members following breakup (1983-1991)

29 January 2019

British indie label Burning Shed has announced it will be publishing a book bound to thrill lovers of the group Japan.

BrokenFieldRunnerbyMadison Stern

Song Premiere: "Put An Ocean Between My Self-Pity & Me" by Broken Field Runner

29 January 2019

L.A.‘s Broken Field Runner releases an emotive and airy first track from their upcoming record via Chicago-based label Jetsam-Flotsam.

Curtis Eller and The American Circus. Photo: Stephanie Leathers

Video premiere: "Radiation Poison" by Curtis Eller's American Circus

28 January 2019

A surreal and swinging rave-up from the band’s new “Murder Barn Session”


Album Premiere: Lamplight by paris_monster

25 January 2019

NYC-based electronic/acoustic garage rock duo paris_monster drop a vivid, gritty, and volatile debut LP.

Christina Castle - Photo Credit: Branden Bloom

Song Premiere: "American Hustle" by Christina Castle

25 January 2019

Australian singer-songwriter Christina Castle rules with bold, yet reflective pop single from her just-released EP.

Pixel Grip - Photo Credit: Oopey Mason

Song Premiere: "Plastic Enemies" by Pixel Grip

24 January 2019

Chicago atmospheric synth-pop outfit Pixel Grip delivers an enticing single from upcoming debut LP that melds synth-pop and electronica.

Pink Mexico in Brooklyn

Song Premiere: "Dirty & Stupid" by Pink Mexico

23 January 2019

Brooklyn-based garage rock band Pink Mexico delivers a roiling, yet tuneful noise rock track from their upcoming 3rd album.

The Room in the Wood - Sarah Ryan

Video Premiere: "Time Machine" by The Room in the Wood

22 January 2019

Liverpool-based The Room in the Wood (members of ’80s post-punk band The Room) unveil a mellow and engaging song/video.

Brim Liski - Photo Credit: Ryan Policky

Song Premiere: "A Different View" by Brim Liski

22 January 2019

Electrogaze duo Brim Liski (with one member from A Shoreline Dream) announce a new album and release a spacey single.

Song Premiere: "Third Eye" by OHAF

22 January 2019

Norwegian rock band OHAF (AKA One Hundred And First) releases a lyrically relevant, vibrant track that follows up their well-received debut EP.

Messthetics by AntoniaTricarico

Video Premiere: "Mythomania" (Live at Candyand) by The Messthetics

21 January 2019

Power-instrumental trio Messthetics (w/ members of Fugazi) unveil a vivid and dynamic Candyland Studios cut via a SofaBurn Records session.

Rose Ette - Photo Credit: Ryan Francisco

Album Premiere: Ignore the Feeling by Rose Ette

18 January 2019

Houston-based indie rock/dream-pop band Rose Ette unveils their engaging and tuneful debut LP along with a track-by-track synopsis.

Aneurysm by Tyler Hallet

Song Premiere: "Newport" by Aneurysm

18 January 2019

Hotly-tipped Boston-based punk/noise rock band Aneurysm unleash a raging and cathartic single from their upcoming debut album.

The Aints!

Jack Rabid’s Best Of 2018 (280 Nods): Top 160 LPs (New Recordings), Top 50 Retrospective/Reissue Releases, And Top 50 Stand Alone Singles And EPs

16 January 2019

My best bets on another great year for music, old and new. (Never mind the cranks, here’s the good stuff as ever.) Hope this little list inspires you to find, or give a second look to, a few cool releases you might miss otherwise that you end up truly loving.

Twilight Fields 2

Video Premiere: "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" by Twilight Fields

15 January 2019

Twilight Fields (the moniker of singer-songwriter Allister Thompson) pays tribute to Bruce Cockburn by covering his classic protest song.

The Boys Ranch - Photo Credit: Matther Hunter

Video Premiere: "The Barracuda" by The Boys Ranch

15 January 2019

Rock ‘n’ roll/surf rock 6-piece The Boys Ranch create a fun new dance on their delightful puppeteering (courtesy of Mr. Bonetangles) video.

Helium Horse Fly

Album Premiere: Hollowed by Helium Horse Fly

15 January 2019

Belgium-based noise rock band Helium Horse Fly unleashes a riveting and icily noir album that alternates between tension and catharsis.

Matt Shapiro - Photo Credit: Jesse Anders

Song Premiere: "Rockaway Girl" by Matt Shapiro

14 January 2019

Montreal-raised, NYC-based singer-songwriter Matt Shapiro dashes out of the gate with the uptempo, reverb opener from his upcoming EP.

Springhouse kalamashoegazer 1 by John Cooperider

Reformed Original Shoegaze-era band New York Band Springhouse, Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary, to Play Four East Coast Shows With Contemporary New Zealand Legends The Chills and Announces New Bandcamp site

11 January 2019

Fresh from their first show back together after eight years, successfully co-headlining November’s 12th edition of Kalamazoo, MI’s premier dreampop/shoegaze/beautiful noise festival, Kalamashoegazer 12 (appearing with Texas’s Ringo Deathstarr, California’s Soft Science, and five other stalwart groups), New York’s legendary proto-dreampop/shoegaze/indie-rock/post-punk trio—including our own Big Takeover editor Jack Rabid on drums and occasional lead vocals—is thrilled to announce they have added four shows on more home turf from New York to Washington D.C.—supporting The Chills, having once before played with them 29 years ago.


Video Premiere: "Zuni" by Grandchildren

10 January 2019

Philadelphia-based electro-folk/orchestral pop outfit Grandchildren release an engaging and melodic tune and natural world-centered video.

Cereal Banter - Photo Credit: Nicholas Gunzburg

Song Premiere: "Nepotism Prism" by Cereal Banter

9 January 2019

Experimental rock project Cereal Banter unleashes a wildly kinetic and riveting single from their upcoming concept album.

ShapeShiftingAliens - Photo Credit: Niklas Rundquist

Video Premiere: "Fade Away" by ShapeShiftingAliens

8 January 2019

Swedish electronic alt rock duo ShapeShiftingAliens unveil a dystopian video for a electro-noir single from their self-titled LP.

Warbly Jets - Photo Credit: Erina Uemura

NEWS: New EP and Tour Dates for Warbly Jets

8 January 2019

The Los Angeles-based rock band Warbly Jets just blasted off with a new EP and will kick off tours of North America and China ASAP.


Album Premiere: Light Reading by The Earthly Frames

7 January 2019

Veteran musician Gabriel Walsh (The Solililans, Timesbold, more) ushers in his heady second psych/electronic/rock LP as The Earthly Frames.

The Flesh Eaters - Photo Credit: FrankLeeDrennen

Song Premiere: "Black Temptation" by The Flesh Eaters

4 January 2019

Renowed veteran punk rock outfit The Flesh Eaters (featuring members of X, The Blasters, and more) have reunited on an electrifying new album via Yep Roc.

LoFi Satellites - Photo Credit: Marc Belluomini

Song Premiere: "Static" by LoFi Satellites

3 January 2019

Californian indie psych-/alt-rock band LoFi Satellites beam down a melodic, gritty track from their upcoming EP.

I Am A Rocketship - gaya_ramachandran

Song Premiere: "Face Off" by I Am A Rocketship

2 January 2019

Altanta-based electronic/rock duo I Am A Rocketship deliver a potent and alluring genre-hybrid single from their upcoming 2nd LP.

Pas Musique - Photo Credit: Chris Carlone

Song Premiere: "A Finnish Bedtime Story" / "Electronic Brain" by Pas Musique

2 January 2019

Brooklyn-based, French-named electronic collective Pas Musique release two new tunes from their upcoming LP out via NYC’s Alrealon Musique.

"Theresa" by Cabinet of Millionaires

Video Premiere: "Theresa" by Cabinet of Millionaires

1 January 2019

British agit-electro outfit Cabinet of Millionaires comes out a winner with a pointedly relevant video featuring a Theresa May puppet.

The Room in the Wood

NEWS: New sci-fi-inspired EP out from British act The Room in the Wood

1 January 2019

British indie folk/rock band The Room in the Wood (Paul Cavanagh and Dave Jackson) have landed with a socio-politically relevant EP.

Big Tide

NEWS: New Single from British indie rock outfit Big Tide

1 January 2019

British indie rock band Big Tide, led by long-time musician Ben Thomas, release a chiming-guitar single from their upcoming debut LP.

Dani Bell & The Tarantist - Photo Credit: Kristy Walker

Song Premiere: "Free" by Dani Bell & The Tarantist

31 December 2018

San Diego-based indie rock band Dani Bell & The Tarantist release an alluring hip-hop/psych-pop hybrid off their upcoming LP.

J Hacha De Zola - Photo Credit: Robin Souma

Song Premiere: "On A Saturday" by J Hacha De Zola

29 December 2018

New Jersey-based wild musician J Hacha De Zola showcases just one facet of his diverse sound on a whirling cha-cha-cha number.

NEWS: Atmospheric ambient-rock artist Leava drops a new EP

28 December 2018

Seattle-based Simon Nicol, the man behind the moniker, experiments with sounds and techniques on his debut EP.

Phonseca - Photo Credit: Sarah Davis

Song Premiere: "Wait For Me" by Phonseca

27 December 2018

Bristol, England-based electronica artist Matthew O’Connor is set to release his electro-ambient debut album as Phonseca.

Slum Summer - Photo courtesy of Slum Summer

Video Premiere: "Merritt Parkway" by Slum Summer

26 December 2018

U.S./U.K. indie rock-pop band Slum Summer get heavy (metal and psychedelic) on a foreboding, Black Sabbath-like song and video.

SOAK - Photo Credit Ellius Grace

NEWS: Irish singer-songwriter SOAK shares poignant cover song for Christmas

25 December 2018

SOAK, AKA Bridie Monds-Watson, releases a new video for her cover of Chris Rea’s holiday classic and announces a few U.S. shows.

Craig Cardiff - Photo Credit: Latent Image Design

NEWS: Indie folk artist Craig Cardiff covers the Pogues' Christmas classic

24 December 2018

“Fairytale of New York” comes to life once again in this delightful cover that features Craig Cardiff and guest vocalist Ciara Lofaro.