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Big Takeover #85 - Vivian Girls
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WaterPenny - Photo Credit: Courtney Bowlden

Album Premiere: Forward Motion EP by WaterPenny

4 October 2019

Newly formed, Seattle-based Americana/folk-rock band WaterPenny release a reflective to dynamic, and always compelling, debut EP.

Mini Meltdowns

Album Premiere: Destined For Disaster EP by Mini Meltdowns

3 October 2019

Rock ‘n’ roll/power pop band Mini Meltdowns, with Jon Phillip (Limebeck, Tommy Stinson’s band) at its core, unveil their latest dynamic and catchy EP.

The Cordial Sins

Song Premiere: "You Are A Weight" by The Cordial Sins

3 October 2019

Ohioan alt-rock/dream-pop band The Cordial Sins reveal their driving and fuzzed-up second single from their upcoming EP.

Lady Lazarus

Video Premiere: "Golden Heart" by Lady Lazarus

2 October 2019

Alt-/dream-folk artist Melissa Ann Sweat, recording as Lady Lazarus, delivers a spare video for a minimalist track off her upcoming LP.

Happy Wheel

Song Premiere: "Crown Prince" by Happy Wheel

2 October 2019

Chinese synth-rock/pop band Happy Wheel roll along with an instrumental track that shifts through pop, funk, and rock with aplomb.

Black Sea Dahu

NEWS: New EP out from Swiss urban folk outfit Black Sea Dahu

2 October 2019

The band have also scheduled a European tour through the New Year in support of the elegant and catchy songs on their new EP.

Tombstones In Their Eyes

NEWS: Tombstones In Their Eyes offer new dream-psych kaleidoscope

1 October 2019

The LA-based dream-/stoner/psych-rock band unveil a 2-track taster for the upcoming album out via Somewherecold Records.

Jordan Sommerlad

Album Premiere: Your Favorite Palindrome by Jordan Sommerlad

1 October 2019

New York-based (by way of LA) indie pop/rock artist Jordan Sommerlad shares his first official nostalgic, yet modern solo album.


Video Premiere: "Silver Wave" by Ampline

30 September 2019

Ohioan heavy rock band Ampline drop a surreal animated video clip for their song contribution to a compilation from Aquabear Legion.

The Cabin Fever 2

Album Premiere: Alone Together EP by The Cabin Fever

27 September 2019

LA-based gloom-pop band The Cabin Fever revel in ruminative, cinematic tracks on their hazy and brooding new EP.


Video Premiere: "Aim For The Heart" by Federale

26 September 2019

Western/psych-rock ensemble Federale (spearheaded by Collin Hegna of Brian Jonestown Massacre) drop a kaleidoscopic video.

Song Premiere: "Interstellar Fantasy" by Summer Vapour

26 September 2019

Chinese indie pop band Summer Vapour gets a U.S. premiere of their dreamy and dancey synth-pop track out via Neo Soul Entertainment.

The Hussy

Song Premiere: "Ode To Self" by The Hussy

25 September 2019

Wisconsin’s psych/garage-rock band The Hussey burst out with a rough and rousing track from their upcoming LP via Dirtnap Records.


Song Premiere: "Sentimental Lady" by Medicine

24 September 2019

Cult U.S. shoegaze act Medicine (most known for cameo in The Crow and “Time Baby 3”) return with a vibrant lead single from their upcoming LP.

Grandpa Jack - live

Song Premiere: "Creatures" (acoustic) by Grandpa Jack

24 September 2019

Brooklyn-based power trio Grandpa Jack unveil the spacey to fiery lead single off their upcoming captivating acoustic EP.

Noctorum 2 - Photo Credit: Olivia Willson-Piper

NEWS: Marty Willson-Piper's Noctorum releases new EP to recoup funds lost to PledgeMusic bankruptcy

24 September 2019

Marty Willson-Piper (The Church) unveils Noctorum’s The Afterdeath EP post-Pledge Music shutdown to help fund next album.

Tuff Sunshine

Video Premiere: "Two Kids In The City" by Tuff Sunshine

23 September 2019

Brooklyn-based indie rock/power pop band Tuff Sunshine (led by Johnny Leitera) unveil an eye-catching video for a kicky and tuneful track.


Album Premiere: Omens by Futurist

20 September 2019

Brooklyn-based alt-rock/psychedelic pop band Futurist launch their vibrant, soulful, searching, and psych-tinged second album.

R.W. Roldan

Video Premiere: "Lauryn's Song" by R.W. Roldan

20 September 2019

Veteran Americana/alt-country R.W. Roldan unveils a sweet and loving video for a heartfelt track off his latest album.

Kris Kelly - Photo Credit: David Mesa

Video Premiere: "Cracked Porcelain" by Kris Kelly

19 September 2019

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kris Kelly unveils a riveting narrative animated video for a poignant track off his debut chamber pop LP.

Midnight Divide - Firehouse

Song Premiere: "Inherent Vice" by Midnight Divide

19 September 2019

L.A.-based alternative rock band Midnight Divide show off a more nuanced side with a reflective confessional from their upcoming EP.


Video Premiere: "Everytime" by 7AM

18 September 2019

Slovenian alt-rock band 7AM unveil a laid-back track (touched with noise) and an eye-catching and creative artist-drawing-in-real-time video.

Watch Clark - Christy Wiseman

NEWS: Seattle’s Watch Clark dishes up synth-laden kaleidoscope on Couch LP

17 September 2019

Seattle-based synth-pop artist Watch Clark (AKA Paul Furio of Static Engine and SMP) drops a danceable and vibrant new album.


Video Premiere: "The Remedy" by Tigercide

17 September 2019

Southern California duo Tigercide unleash a powerful video for a mesmerizing darkwave track off their upcoming EP (and answer a few Qs).

Big Star - In Space

Song Premiere: "February's Quiet" (demo) by Big Star

16 September 2019

Legendary power pop band Big Star gets the reissue treatment via Omnivore Recordings for their captivating album In Space.

Big Cheese

Album Premiere: Wild to Be Born by Big Cheese

13 September 2019

Brooklyn garage rock band Big Cheese deliver a raging, raw, and robust slice of punk, grunge, and Americana-flavored fervor on their new LP.


Song Premiere: "Dog On The Door" by Magnapop

12 September 2019

Renowned alt-rock ’90s band Magnapop return with a tuneful and propulsive rocker from their upcoming album on HHBTM Records.

Fiona Silver 2

NEWS: NYC-based singer-songwriter/guitarist Fiona Silver releases new single

12 September 2019

On-the-rise artist Fiona Silver drops a feel-good garage pop single from her forthcoming EP.

dielines - Photo Credit McIsaac

Song Premiere: "Chasing Rabbits" by dielines

11 September 2019

Symphonic folk/post-rock hybrid band dielines unveil a beautifully dreamy and lush reverie about anxiety from their upcoming LP.

Elizabeth The Second - photo by Dario Campagnaro

Song Premiere: "No One Cares" by Elizabeth The Second

11 September 2019

Italian garage rock band Elizabeth The Second channels British rock on their brash and vivid single from their upcoming EP.

Stephen Clair

Video Premiere: "Strange Perfume" by Stephen Clair

10 September 2019

Multi-genre musician Stephen Clair showcases his rock ‘n’ roll roots with a narrative video for a vibrant track off his upcoming LP.

Creation Dream Machine

NEWS: Los Angeles to host Creation Dream Machine in collaboration with Alan McGee's Creation23 Records

10 September 2019

The event takes place Thursday, September 12, 2019 at The Monty Bar from 9pm- 2am Pacific time. 21+ event. No cover.

Lee Hazlewood - Light in the Attic Records

Song Premiere: "Run Boy Run" (demo) by Lee Hazlewood

9 September 2019

Light In The Attic Records is set to release a new collection of demos from renowned singer, songwriter, and producer Lee Hazlewood.

Shallow Waves

Album Premiere: Parallel States of Consciousness by Shallow Waves

6 September 2019

Toronto psych/alt-rock band Shallow Waves release a mini-album that is filled with a massive, dynamic, and fiery barrage of sound.

Kristin Hersh

NEWS: Kristin Hersh Electric Trio kicks off West Coast & Midwest tour dates

5 September 2019

Renowned Kristin Hersh, along with Fred Abong (Throwing Muses) and Rob Ahlers (50FOOTWAVE). embarks on a West Coast and Midwest tour.

Bug Martin

Video Premiere: "Dharma Blues" by Bug Martin

5 September 2019

NJ-based singer-songwriter Bug Martin drops an atmospheric performance video for a plaintive track off his latest LP via Pyrrhic Victory.

The Muffs

Song Premiere: "To That Funny Place" by The Muffs

4 September 2019

Renowned gritty ‘n’ sweet indie garage rock/power pop band The Muffs return with catchy and varied LP via Omnivore Recordings.

The_Persian Leaps_Credit-to-Rouse-Productions

Song Premiere: "About Your Record" by The Persian Leaps

3 September 2019

The Persian Leaps delight yet again with the vibrant and engaging hybrid indie rock/power pop lead single from their upcoming album.

Another Heaven

Video Premiere: "Running Up That Hill" by Another Heaven

2 September 2019

Minneapolis sludgegaze band Another Heaven tackle a Kate Bush classic to mesmerizing effect ahead of the release of their 2nd EP.

All Eyes West

Album Premiere: Like Lightning by All Eyes West

1 September 2019

Chicago-based alt-rock band All Eyes West delivers an intense, propulsive, and passionate third album that verges on hardcore at times.

Tashi Dorji and John Dieterich - live - Photo Credit: Ben Peck

Album Premiere: Midden by Tashi Dorji & John Dieterich

30 August 2019

Renowned musicians Tashi Dorji and John Dieterich collaborate on an experimental, free-form electric guitar-driven album.

Mellotron Variations

Video Premiere: "Into the Sunrise" by Mellotron Variations

28 August 2019

Renowned musicians Pat Sansone, John Medeski, Robby Grant, and Jonathan Kirkscey team up on mellotron for an intriguing LP and live show.

The Cure Pasadena Daydream

The Cure Brings Pasadena Daydream Festival to Los Angeles

27 August 2019

The Cure headline the Pasadena Daydream Festival this weekend in Los Angeles, joined by alt-rock heavy-hitters Pixies, Deftones, Mogwai, Throwing Muses and The Joy Formidable.

Lost Bayou Ramblers

Song Premiere: "Steh" (live) by Lost Bayou Ramblers

27 August 2019

Grammy award-winning Cajun band Lost Bayou Ramblers let off some steam on a lively number from their upcoming live album.

The Dirty Clergy

Video Premiere: "Trials" by The Dirty Clergy

26 August 2019

Alabama-based indie/alt-rock band The Dirty Clergy offer up a hazy and melodic ’60s-steeped power pop track off their upcoming LP.

Disturbed Furniture

Album Premiere: Continuous Pleasures EP by Disturbed Furniture

23 August 2019

Reunited NYC-(and Club 57-)based veteran post-punk/art-rock band Disturbed Furniture release a spirited and stylistically diverse EP.


Song Premiere: "Ça Plane Pour Moi" by LANDROID

22 August 2019

Desert duo LANDROID (from California) delight with a vocally warmer and sonically post-punk take on a Plastic Bertrand classic.

Extra Arms

Song Premiere: "No Enemies" by Extra Arms

22 August 2019

Detroit-based indie rock/power pop Extra Arms offers up an amped-up, yet tuneful and heartfelt single from their upcoming album.

Tracy Shedd

Video Premiere: "Holding On" by Tracy Shedd

21 August 2019

Renowned singer-songwriter Tracy Shedd (The Band & The Beat) releases an engaging performance video for an up-tempo track off her latest LP.

Cielo Oceano

Video Premiere: "Space Has Always Reduced Me To Silence" by Cielo Oceano

21 August 2019

Multi-talented Tom Lugo (Stellarscope, Panophonic) and Andres Lugo (Pneuma) collaborate on a new shoegaze/space-pop project.