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The Big Takeover Issue #86
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The Room in the Wood - Mark Sant Angelo

Video Premiere: "The Earth Is Flat (Fool's Anthem)" by The Room in the Wood

3 July 2020

UK-based pop-rock band The Room in the Wood unleash a sharply, and rightly, pointed and socio-politically relevant song/video

Yard of Blondes

Album Premiere: Close to Home EP by Yard Of Blondes

3 July 2020

Los Angeles-based alt-rock band Yard Of Blondes release a heartfelt and dynamic performance video of their new EP while in quarantine.

Michael Ciravolo of Beauty in Chaos

NEWS: New album from alternative rock super-collective Beauty in Chaos

2 July 2020

Beauty in Chaos (helmed by Michael Ciravolo) features members of The Mission, Hate Dept, Pigface, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult on new LP.


Single Premiere: "The Point of the Point" b/w "Checked Out" by SAVAK

2 July 2020

SAVAK is back! With a blazing new single — in a most unusual format!

Josiah Wolf

Song Premiere: "The Insides Of This Side" by Josiah Wolf

1 July 2020

Multi-instrumentalist Josiah Wolf (Why?) drops an airy and atmospheric electronics and synths-based single from his upcoming solo EP.

The 65s

Video Premiere: "Keep the Lights On" by The 65's

30 June 2020

North Jersey punk-influenced rock band The 65s drop an atmospheric video for a vivid and driving one-off single via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

Bruce Sudano

Video Premiere: "Back in the Neighborhood" by Bruce Sudano

29 June 2020

Renowned veteran singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano returns with a nostalgic video for a reflective and heartfelt track off his latest record.

BT 86 cover

Announcement: Issues 81-86 of and Subscriptions to Big Takeover Now Available Digitally for the First Time, at Flipsnack! (And a Word To Our Overseas Readers!)

27 June 2020

Have you wanted to read our issues online? Now you can! We are offering digital subscriptions (as well as digital copies of our five most recent back issues, plus the latest issue) in the same exact form as the normal print mag, online at Flipsnack. You can now digitally subscribe, or order any of those individual issues straight from our page at Flipsnack!

The Special Pillow

Album Premiere: World's Finest EP by The Special Pillow

26 June 2020

Led by Dan Cuddy (Hypnolovewheel), veteran indie band The Special Pillow commemorate their 25th year with a catchy and carefully wrought EP.

Glass Spells

Album Premiere: Mirrors EP by Glass Spells

25 June 2020

San Diego, California-based synth-/dance-pop band Glass Spells drop a sleek and sparkling EP crowned with dreamy vocals.


Album Premiere: Catastrophic Entertainment by Cocktails

25 June 2020

San Francisco-based indie power pop outfit Cocktails release a punk and rock-influenced pop album that overflows with catchy and dynamic tracks.

Jeremy Beck and Horns

Album Premiere: Take Me By The Hand EP by Jeremy Beck & The Heavy Duty Horns

25 June 2020

New York City-based vintage soul/gospel/rock band Jeremy Beck & The Heavy Duty Horns release their Southern-steeped debut EP.


Video Premiere: "Touch 9" by Caustics

24 June 2020

New experimental music group Caustics (John Dieterich of Deerhoof, w/ Josiah Wolf, Devin Hoff, and Yasi Perera) drop an eye- and ear-opening video/track.

Vlimmer 3

Song Premiere: "Falter" by Vlimmer

24 June 2020

German darkwave outfit Vlimmer (led by Alexander Leonard Donat) releases a longing reverie/rumination as part of an 18-chapter story via Blackjack Illuminist.

The Specials - Neville Staple Band

NEWS: New single "LOCKDOWN" by From The Specials - Neville Staple Band

23 June 2020

Original Rude Boy Neville Staple, along with Sugary Staple and Steve Armstrong, release a new lockdown tune with accompanying video.

A Shoreline Dream

Song premiere: "Seek To Hide" by A Shoreline Dream

23 June 2020

Colorado-based alternative/dreamgaze act A Shoreline Dream release a fiery track from their upcoming album via Latenight Weeknight Records.

Untied Ghosts - Photo credit: Rui Neto

Video Premiere: "Melodista" by United Ghosts

23 June 2020

Dream-/psych-pop band United Ghosts release psychedelic touring video for a dreamy and Orwellian track from their new album.

Easy 2 - live

Video Premiere: "Radical Innocence" by Easy

22 June 2020

Notable Swedish veterans Easy drop a trippy, graphics- and lyrics-based video for a timely opus from their recent LP on A Turntable Friend.

Danbert Nobacon

NEWS: Danbert Nobacon (ex Chumbawamba) releases a relevant single/video about climate change

22 June 2020

Danbert Nobacon (ex Chumbawamba) is joined by Kira Wood Cramer, & The Axis of Dissent on the video for a track of their new double album.

Seven Ash Green

Video Premiere: "Where There Were Orange Trees" (the black watch cover) by Seven Ash Green

19 June 2020

Seven Ash Green (Heidi Berry, Sumishta Brahm, and Keith Williams) deliver a delightful performance of a the black watch cover song.


Album Premiere: There’s Never A Reason Not To Party EP by Slimfit

19 June 2020

Ohioan indie/college rock band Slimfit drop a spirited to reflective EP that captures the vitality and optimism of twentysomethings.

The Bye Bye Blackbirds 2

Video Premiere: "Baby It's Still You" by The Bye Bye Blackbirds

18 June 2020

Oakland, CA-based rock ‘n’ roll/power pop band The Bye Bye Blackbirds offer up a vibrant video that celebrates dynamic life forces.

Hawk 2

Video Premiere: "I Still Want You" by Hawk

17 June 2020

Indie rock/power pop supergroup Hawk (led by David Hawkins) drops an engaging performance video for a dynamic and emotive track.

The Asteroid No.4

Song premiere: "The After Glow" by The Asteroid No.4

17 June 2020

Renowned psychedelic/post-rock band The Asteroid No. 4 unveil their latest captivating single from their forthcoming album.


Video Premiere: "White Room" by DIVVAS

17 June 2020

Swiss art-pop duo DIVVAS drop an intriguing song/video from their forthcoming EP that explores what can go wrong with love.

Cold Beaches

Video Premiere: "Problems and Heartache (I Got Them)" by Cold Beaches

16 June 2020

Psych-rock/dream-pop outfit Cold Beaches (the brainchild of Sophia Nadia) unveils a captivating lead single/video from their upcoming LP.


Song Premiere: "Norwegian Suite" by Um

15 June 2020

At once muscular, cerebral, melodic and angry, Um’s tightly-controlled chaos is epitomized here, delivering moments that sparkle and terrify in equal measure.

Swallow the Rat 2

Video Premiere: "Cold Moon" by Swallow the Rat

12 June 2020

New Zealand (w/ one member originally from Texas) release an on-tour video for an austere, and socio-politically right-on post-punk number.

Permanent Collection

Song Premiere: "Breakaway" by Permanent Collection

11 June 2020

Alternative/noise/post-rock outfit Permanent Collection (AKA Jason Hendardy) unleash a blasting and propulsive track to crank to the max.

Stiletto Feels

Song Premiere: "That's Gonna Leave A Mark" by Stiletto Feels

11 June 2020

Stiletto Feels (founded by Geoff Earle) reveals a atmospherically simmering future electro-pop/old-school piano lament from their upcoming LP.

Robert Francis

Video Premiere: "Coast" by Robert Francis

10 June 2020

Renowned folk/rock ‘n’ roll singer-songwriter Robert Francis drops a captivating performance video for a heartfelt track off his upcoming album.

Soft Set

Song Premiere: "Never Die" by Soft Set

9 June 2020

Melodic pop-rock outfit Soft Set unveil a wistfully dreamy single, mixed by Mark Gardener of Ride, from their upcoming EP.

The Zombies - 3 LPS

NEWS: Three vinyl reissues for music legends The Zombies via Craft Recordings

9 June 2020

Fall in love again with The Zombies three times over with vinyl reissues of classic LPs, out July 31st via Craft Recordings.


Video Premiere: "Darkest Side" by XTR Human

9 June 2020

German post-punk band XTR HUMAN unveil an engaging performance video for a driving and dancey number from their new album.

Split Moon

NEWS: Psych-/drone rock/shoegaze band Split Moon drop a new tune on Bandcamp

5 June 2020

Split Moon releases an 11-minute lo-fi psych-rock freakout jam as a free download (or for a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund) via Bandcamp.

Folded into Bells - Airships on the Water

Album Premiere: Folded into Bells by Airships on the Water

5 June 2020

Airships on the Water (AKA Take Shapes’ Russel Hensley) offers a well-crafted, contemplative, and catchy second album via Somewherecold Records.


Song Premiere: "Couch Cooking" by Glazer

4 June 2020

The New Brunswick, NJ’s band’s latest is a roaring, madcap rollercoaster of indie-rock art-craft!

Coast Off

Song Premiere: "Unpredictable" by Coast Off

3 June 2020

Indie rocker David Roller, recording under the moniker Coast Off, drops a laid-back, but extremely infectious single from his upcoming album.

Alois 2

Song Premiere: "German Oak" by Alois

2 June 2020

Swiss indie pop band Alois drop a pleasantly escapist, tropical-tinged synth-pop track from their upcoming album via Red Brick Chapel Records.

The Republic Tigers

Album Premiere: Mind Over Matter by The Republic Tigers

1 June 2020

Alt-pop/rock band The Republic Tigers release a dynamic and stylistically diverse album after it languished nearly a decade in record label limbo.

Big Takeover #86

Big Takeover #86 Special 40TH Anniversary Issue (Guided By Voices cover) About to Ship! Important! Because of Store Closures, This Issue Is Only Available By Mail! Must Subscribe/Renew/Pre-Order Now! Existing Subscribers: Update Your Address ASAP!

30 May 2020

Good news! Big Takeover #86 Spring 2020 Special 40th Anniversary Issue with Guided By Voices on the cover has nearly been completed and will be out shortly! But hurry to order—this issue will not be sold in stores (that are closed for now!).

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Cough Drop Acid

Album Premiere: Cough Drop Acid EP by Cough Drop Acid

29 May 2020

San Francisco-based indie rock band Cough Drop Acid unveil a gently compelling and lyrically perceptive debut EP via Urban Scandal Records.

Household Gods

Song Premiere: "Shine Theory" by Household Gods

28 May 2020

Desert/post-rock band Household Gods (w/ members of Slint, Unwound, Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends, and LKN Band unveil a compelling single.

Vince Melouney - live

Song Premiere: "Women (Make You Feel Alright)" by Vince Melouney

28 May 2020

Renowned guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Vince Melouney (the Bee Gees) delivers his tuneful take of The Easybeats’ classic track.


Video Premiere: "I'm Sticking With My Henry" by Juniper

27 May 2020

NJ-based 15-year-old Juniper (with her father, Michael Shelley, and an indie all-star guest roster), delivers a delightful and tuneful debut LP.

Mark Gardener

Song Premiere: "Chained" by 2Square / Mark Gardener

26 May 2020

Renowned Mark Gardener of Ride returns with a captivating and lyrically bittersweet collaboration with French electronic producer 2Square.


Song Premiere: "Dance Alone" by Darwin

26 May 2020

California-based dark alt-pop artist Darwin drops a seductive, yet ruminative track that plays with light and darkness in its sound and lyrics.

Little Shrine

Video Premiere: "One More Chance" by Little Shrine

26 May 2020

Bay Area indie rock/folk punk outfit Little Shrine (led by Jade Shipman) drop an enjoyable and peppy video for a track off their latest LP.


Video Premiere: "Seconds" by Winfield

22 May 2020

Chapel Hill, NC-based indie rock/post-punk band with a dreamy edge Winfield unveils a hazy, but restless video for a driving track.


Song Premiere: "Bury Me Upside Down" by Vincas

21 May 2020

Athens, Georgia post-punk swamp rockers Vincas unleash a macabre track off their upcoming third LP via Learning Curve.