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roger weeks - "MY OWN WAKE" (If This Then Records)

13 June 2024

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter roger weeks is thrilled to announce the release of his new single “MY OWN WAKE” along with its accompanying music video, co-directed by roger and Rose Betts

Cloakz - "El Zero" (Mint 400)

12 June 2024

Philly indie rockers CLOAKZ just shared “El Zero,” the first single from their upcoming Control Program LP, which is set for release in August, 2024.

nicholas w/ Marcus Darling and Steven Rutledge - "loose leaf"

11 June 2024

Single Premiere: Chicago soul songwriter nicholas shares “loose leaf,” co-written with Marcus Darling and Steven Rutledge

Karen Haglof - "One Hand Up"

10 June 2024

One Hand Up is the fourth full length release by guitarist/songwriter Karen Haglof.  Like its predecessors, One Hand Up revolves around Haglof’s hard-hitting yet spry, stripped-down, playing and writing.

Young Legs - 'Rare Earth Dream' (Mint 400)

3 June 2024

Self-recorded and produced, Rare Earth Dream is a sonic odyssey spanning nine tracks, each a testament to Young Legs’ keen ear for arrangement and composition.

The Armoires: “We Absolutely Mean It” (Big Stir Records)

30 May 2024

The Armoires absolutely mean it as the video for their new single opens up the Art Nouveau-inspired world of their forthcoming album.

Jacob on the Moon - “Surface”

29 May 2024

Jacob on the Moon announces new album Live! From Earth with beachy soul single “Surface”

OmenBringer - "BTGGF"

24 May 2024

“BTGGF is an ode to the most beautiful and powerful women on earth; the song (and video) is an expression of self that ANY ONE can embody.”

The Scenics - "Jonathan Richman" (Supreme Echo & Dream Tower Records)

23 May 2024

“I want to be totally immersed in the music that I love & am writing….fuck ‘career’.”
-Ken Badger, The Scenics

Marisa Bloom - "Dairy Queen" (Pilot Light Records)

22 May 2024

“Dairy Queen” is the pop-punk summer anthem for anyone who’s ever wanted something they can’t have — like an Oreo Blizzard or an unrequited crush.

The Adventures of Anacleto

The Adventures of Anacleto - Silent Disco

21 May 2024

Chicago artist Alex Santilli is usually seen behind the kit. But today, he takes center stage as The Adventures of Anacleto to announce his second record Saturnia Vol 2. with the single “silent disco.”

American Sigh - "Virtue Signal"

17 May 2024

“I spent a lot of time thinking about the ways ironic detachment and nihilism permeates online culture and by extension into our day to day lives.”
Theo Matz, songwriter, American Sigh

Bug Seance - I'm Right Here (EP)

16 May 2024

Across six tracks, Bug Seance invite listeners on a captivating journey through a mosaic of heavy, effervescent, shoegazey soundscapes. Throughout, themes of solitude, mental well-being, friendship, and love are explored with unwavering sincerity.

Anton Barbeau - "Bop"

15 May 2024

“The new single from psych-pop mastermind Anton Barbeau’s epic Morgenmusik/Nachtschlager double album balances pure pop with Eastern prog, and the video features animated funeral donuts. What’s not to like?”

+/- {Plus/Minus} - "Calling Off the Rescue" (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

14 May 2024

On May 31, +/- {Plus/Minus} will release their highly anticipated album, Further Afield, via Ernest Jenning Record Co. Today the band is thrilled to unveil their latest single, “Calling Off The Rescue,” accompanied by a captivating band-created video.

Big Takeover Issue #94 (The Damned cover) About to Ship! If You Want It By Mail Straight From the Printer, Must Subscribe/Renew/Pre-Order Now! Existing Subscribers: Update Your Address ASAP!

11 May 2024

Good news! Big Takeover Issue #94 Spring 2024 with The Damned on the cover has been completed and will be out shortly! But hurry to order—pre-orders and subscriptions are best/crucial! And they are much cheaper than ordering after we have to turn in our mailing list to the printer.

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Madame Reaper & the Gentleman’s Club’s “Satanic Tango (Is)”

8 May 2024

Chicago indie-rock band Madame Reaper & the Gentleman’s Club combines synth-pop with a healthy heaping of gothic theatricality. The Big Takeover is happy to premiere their newest song “Satanic Tango (Is)”, which takes on a more literal interpretation of a Madame Reaper and features a Spanish-inspired sound.

Les Biches Premiere "Shikotsuko" Video From 'The Mysteries' LP

7 May 2024

Today, LA space rock quartet Les Biches (lay-beesh) release the fourth video from their acclaimed LP The Mysteries—the mysterious and epic “Shikotsuko.” Conjuring elements of wall-of-sound alt-gazers such as Spiritualized or The Church with perhaps a touch of the reserved elegance of David Sylvian’s Japan, the track is a singular experience where night sounds give way to a deconstructed lullaby before descending into a crush of horns and guitars.

The Tide Bends - Glass Jaw (Mint 400)

3 May 2024

There’s a palpable excitement surrounding New Jersey’s The Tide Bends. Their latest single “Glass Jaw” feels like the calm before the storm, hinting at something seismic on the horizon.

Photo by Kate Hoos

Nihiloceros - Dark Ice Balloons (Totally Real Records) LP

2 May 2024

Dark Ice Balloons, the latest LP by Brooklyn indie/punk trio, Nihiloceros, premieres today exclusively on Big Takeover Magazine and available everywhere tomorrow via Totally Real Records. The follow up to their 2021 EP, Self Destroy, which garnered the band attention from fans and critics for its bleak take on the human condition, Dark Ice Balloons explores the places between the worlds of living and the dead. Both lyrically and sonically its a touch more hopeful than its predecessor, leaning away from standard pop elements in lieu of rich guitar textures and an intentionally uglier palette of sound.

Palm Ghosts

Palm Ghosts - “Pulse” & “Up the Down Escalator” (Sweet Cheetah/Poptek/TWLOHA)

25 April 2024

Palm Ghosts shares two new releases, “Pulse,” from their forthcoming Escape EP, and a The Chameleons cover, with sales to benefit To Write Love On Her Arms.


Video premiere: "Long The Way" by How???

23 April 2024

Today’s premiere is a dreamy, melody-drenched number that pleasantly reminds us of Animal Collective.

The North Country - San Antonio Pot Brownies (House of Joy)

19 April 2024

An experimental pop collective led by Andrew Grossman, Washington, D.C.’s The North Country has become synonymous with catchy indie-pop earworms and electrifying live performances. Their music delves into themes of digital fatigue, heartbreak, and socio-political critique aimed at the elite. With each song, The North Country challenges listeners to think critically while keeping them moving on the dance floor.

Mike Chick “Shake What They Gave You” Video Premiere

11 April 2024

“Shake What They Gave You” is breezy indie rock that nods its hat to
groups like Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Stereolab and Steely Dan. The song is one of
Chick’s most beloved on More Thrills, Less Hills, as it features random things like
shuffleboard, shakers and seasonings.

EP Premiere: Riot For Romance – Learning to Unburden Myself: Step One (Fair Vaux)

22 March 2024

Denver-based rockers Riot For Romance follow 2022’s self-titled debut with Learning to Unburden Myself: Step One. The trio’s sound is a glorious racket formed from post-punk and shoegaze roots.

Das Body releases eagerly anticipated sophomore album "True Vulture"

4 February 2024

Led by the magnetic Ellie Linden, Odd-Pop Quartet Das Body make a triumphant return with their eagerly anticipated sophomore album, True Vulture.

EP Premiere: "The Raven" by Magnet School

2 February 2024

Magnet School, the Austin Texas Alternative / Indie Rock legends & sonic sound manipulators are back with their new release The Raven – a 5 track mini opus of sonic tapestry.

Video Premiere: "Please Please" by Mythological Horses

1 February 2024

After a 5 year hiatus Mythological Horses returns with a proper 3rd album out February 2nd on Godless America Records taking the band to new musical heights of pure rock n roll balanced with the band’s early Anti-Folk beginnings.

Song Premiere: “June Meets Tulip” by Janus 4-14

30 January 2024

Branching out from what Jack Rabid has referred to as the “coffee and adderall” energy of the band’s last two albums, “June Meets Tulip” sees Janus 4-14 coming off as some kind of 90’s-tinged Elvis Costello fronting late-era Guided by Voices.

Song Premiere: “Dang Cold” by Mike Chick

29 January 2024

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Dang Cold” by Mike Chick.

Album Premiere: "Gaviota" by Scojo & the Keel

25 January 2024

Gaviota is an excellent collection of sun-drenched and introspective surf pop tracks from the brain of Scott Claassen, formerly of The Broken West.

Video Premiere: "Avalanche" by Joh Chase

22 January 2024

Joh Chase’s explosive new single is the perfect introduction to their new full-length, SOLO, which will be out on Kill Rock Stars in April.

Song Premiere: "Draconist" by Satyasena

19 January 2024

Big Takeover is excited tohost the premiere of “Draconist” by Satyasena.

Song Premiere: "Pilgrimage" by Elephant Stone

16 January 2024

Montreal psych-rockers Elephant Stone return today with “Pilgrimage,” the latest single from their upcoming album, Back Into the Dream, due out February 23rd, 2024.

The Damned, Darkadelic

Jack Rabid’s Best Of 2023 (400 Nods Again!): Top 200 LPs (New Recordings), Top 140 Retrospective/Reissue Releases, And Top 60 Stand Alone Singles & EPs

13 January 2024

My best bets on another great year for music, old and new. Hope this list inspires you to find, or give a second look to, a few great releases you might miss otherwise that you end up truly loving. (It’s tied with last year for my longest list ever!)

Song Premiere: "Estuary of Dreams" by Eunuchs

12 January 2024

“Estuary of Dreams” is the softest, folksiest song we’ve recorded yet…”

Video Premiere: “Got Me All Wrong” by KillerStar

10 January 2024

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Got Me All Wrong” by KillerStar.

Song Premiere: "One Wish" by Charles Moothart

9 January 2024

“It’s a genuine love song, but there is an element of self doubt and a desire to feed off of someone else’s power – flirting with masochistic undertones.”

Song Premiere: “Astum” (ft. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson) - Yonatan Gat Remix by Zoon

3 January 2024

Zoon has partnered with artist and producer Yonatan Gat on a remix of their track “Astum” (ft. Leanne Betasomosake Simpson), taken from their record released last year, Bekka Ma’iingan.

Song Premiere: "You’re a Star" by The Extensions

2 January 2024

Big Takeover is stoked to host the premiere of “You’re a Star” by The Extensions.

Video Premiere: "Everybody Learning To Fly" by Rebecca Pidgeon

29 December 2023

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Everybody Learning To Fly” by Rebecca Pidgeon.

Song Premiere: "Scarlet Tongues" by The Glass Hours

27 December 2023

The Glass Hours are American songwriters Brad Armstrong and Megan Barbera. Their music blurs between Sunday afternoon country-folk and the golden age of the 1970s. Their self-titled nine-song debut album will be released by Cornelius Chapel Records in early 2024.

Video Premiere: “Willows” by Black Polish

15 December 2023

“Willows” is a dreamy, melodic ballad drenched in emotional vulnerability with an added sense of clarity atop plucked strings, glimmering chords, and a head-bobbing hand-clapped time signature.

EP Premiere: "What Remains" by Bug Martin

14 December 2023

Self-proclaimed Philly hillbilly Bug Martin has crept out from the shadows of the last four years to delight us with his four-song collection What Remains, and we are stoked to be your supplier.

Song Premiere: "One Bird" by Trash Fiasco

12 December 2023

Representative of the power and noise Trash Fiasco is known for, the 70-second track feels like a fist-fight.

Video Premiere: “Lorain” by Hugh J. Noble

8 December 2023

Big Takeover is excited to share the video for “Lorain” the lead single from the new Hugh J. Noble album, Here In The Smoke, coming December 8th on Jigsaw Records.

Album Premiere: “Strange Empires” by Lions of the Interstate

7 December 2023

Lions of the Interstate will release Strange Empires, the group’s first full-length, on Braxeling Records this Friday. The LP, available on vinyl and CD, was produced and engineered by Michael Deresh (Risley, Tea for Julie) at his Lamplight Studio in Portland.

Album Premiere: "Girl Vanishes On Way to Jive Club" by Gaswar

6 December 2023

Described by Kevin Rutmanis as ‘tasty, tasteful, and undeniably sexy,’ Gaswar’s self-titled debut album is set to ignite the music scene. Comprising the formidable talents of Apollo Liftoff and Jeff Mooridian, both members of the notorious Minneapolis band, Hammerhead, Gaswar kicks off an exciting inception in their musical venture.

Song Premiere: “To Art Bell” by Canyons and Locusts

5 December 2023

“Lyrically, there’s significance to the title. It is sort of a crazy quilt nostalgia letter to his radio show on one level, but on a deeper level it is a love letter to a specific time period, that late ‘90s window – before 9/11, before the Patriot Act, before so many of us in America seemingly lost the ability to interact with and conceive of each other as humans instead of members of one of two particular thought tribes.” – Justin Keane

Song Premiere "Sympathy For Your God" by Jasno Swarez

4 December 2023

‘Sympathy For Your God’ is my take on the dangers of letting outside stimuli define who we see ourselves as. Our inner voices are not who we are, it is just a self protection mechanism meant to keep us safe in an increasingly confusing world and I have a lot of sympathy for those who can’t see past their own opinions. – Jasno Swarez