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Jen Dan: November 8, 2018

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Time to reflect – and time to fly – on the wings of wistful dream-pop and dynamic shoegaze, with just a touch of melancholic indie pop.

1. Piroshka – “Everlastingly Yours”
The exciting news was recently announced that this new band made up of Miki Berenyi of Lush, Moose of Moose, Mick Conroy of Modern English, and Justin Welch of Elastica, will have their debut album Brickbat released on February 15th via Bella Union. This dreamy and reflective symphonic-pop number is the sweet lead single.
MY INTERVIEW with Piroshka
MY SONG PREMIERE of “Sweet Revenge” by Modern English from 2017.
Lush on cover of Big Takeover Magazine #79

2. Fawns of Love – “Someday”
Married musicians Jenny and Joseph Andreotti craft glistening and gauzy to sharp and shining dream-pop that recalls the legendary Cocteau Twins.
MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “That’s What We Do”
“Falling” at #15 on JACK RABID’s 2017’s TOP 30 SINGLES AND EPs

3. Uma & the Wandering Stars – “Get Out”
UK artist Uma Starets and her Wandering Stars collective form a perfect dream-pop to shoegaze opus here, with Starets singing in a bittersweet to soaring delivery her stark to hopeful lyrics about escaping a bad situation/relationship.

4. Perfect Body – “Fields”
This Welsh band radiate one swooningly woozy, My Bloody Valentinesque reverie to bask in with delight.

5. Curtsy – “A Better Pet”
Laid-back and lovely, yet brisk and buoyant indie pop with male and female vocals, running bass line, guitar chime, kicky drum beat, and a edge of fiery fuzz guitar from this L.A. band.

6. Lightfoils – “This Time Is Up”
Dynamically fast ‘n’ punchy, lightly warped and scintillating shoegaze with sweetly airy female vocals and harmonies from this Chicagoan band.
MY VIDEO PREMIERE of “This Time Is Up”
VIDEO PREMIERE of “Diastolic” from 2014
Big Takeover writer Elizabeth KlisiewicsALBUM REVIEW of Hierarchy from 2014.

7. Tears Run Rings – “Be Still”
Like the previous shoegaze track, this one also keeps it restless and propulsive with alternating and twining male and female vocals, bass line undertow, urgently intense guitar riffs, and a kinetic drum beat; from the Portland, OR-based band.
ALBUM PREMIERE of In Surges by Elizabeth Klisiewics from 2016.
VIDEO PREMIERE of “Belly Up” in 2016.

8. Swervedriver – “Mary Winter”
This U.K. alternative rock band was lumped into the ’90s shoegaze scene, but their sound is more dream/noisy rock full of expansive vistas, crunchy to burning guitars, and Adam Franklin’s deep, but hazy vocals. This track may be titled ‘winter’, but the atmosphere evokes a brilliant sun, dusty earth, and a long, inviting stretch of empty highway.
Search for “swervedriver” here at Big Takeover and you’ll find lots of super live show reviews and more!

9. Victory Chimes – “Halos”
Hypnotically brooding, simmeringly down-beat indie pop from Canadian psych-pop band founded and led by Jeff Louch.

10. San Carol – “Turn To Dust”
This French band (with lyrics in English) delivers a slowly drawn out lament filled with longing and regret highlighted by founder and leader Maxime Dobosz’s mournfully extended vocals.


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