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The Big Takeover #84
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New Age Healers - Photo Credit: Owen Murphy

Video Premiere: "Satellites" by New Age Healers

24 April 2019

Seattle-based shoegaze/psych-rock band New Age Healers, led by Owen Murphy, drops a fun and trippy video for a dreamy and driving track.

Holy Tunics - Photo Credit: César Betanco

Song Premiere: "Upside Down In Wonderland" by Holy Tunics

24 April 2019

Brooklyn-based power pop/indie rock band Holy Tunics release a tuneful and upbeat lead single from their forthcoming album.

Cellista - Photo Credit: Temira Decay

Video Premiere: "Look Homeward, Angel" by Cellista

23 April 2019

San Francisco-located cellist/multi-disciplinary artist Cellista offers an involving contemporary dance video for a baroque classical music/ hip-pop track.

Earnhardt - Photo Credit: Polly Watson

Album Premiere: Earnhardt by Earnhardt

23 April 2019

Brooklyn-based hybrid band (Americana, classic rock, alt-country) release their self-titled 2nd album that’s chock full of heartfelt and tuneful songs.

Massy Ferguson - Rich Zollner Photography

Video Premiere: "Maybe The Gods" by Massy Ferguson

23 April 2019

Seattle-based veteran Americana-rock band Massy Ferguson deliver a rousing and engaging video/song from their upcoming 5th LP.

Danielia Cotton

Video Premiere: "She Too" by Danielia Cotton

22 April 2019

New Jersey-born, New York based blues-rock artist Danielia Cotton releases a socio-econo-politically powerful and relevant video.

Tim Baker - Britney Townsend

Album Premiere: Forever Overhead by Tim Baker

19 April 2019

Canadian singer-songwriter Tim Baker, of indie rock band Hey Rosetta!, releases his heartwarming, vibrant, and insightful debut solo LP.


NEWS: Renowned post-punk stalwarts The Membranes return with new single ahead of LP

19 April 2019

The band’s 8th studio album, What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away, will arrive on June 7th via Cherry Red Records.

Dinosoul live - Photo Credit: Tom Bush

Song Premiere: "Let Me Go" by Dinosoul

19 April 2019

Dark pop/indie rock duo Dinosoul drop a lyrically perceptive and sonically propulsive synth-rock track about positive change.

John Andrew Fredrick of the black watch - Photo Credit: Brendan Holmes

Video Premiere: "Get Me Out of Echo Park" by the black watch

18 April 2019

Prolific and renowned veteran musician John Andrew Fredrick and his bandmates deliver an uptempo, dream-vibe track from their next LP.

Eva Gardner - Photo Credit: Le Tanguerrant

Song Premiere: "Dirty Bird" by Eva Gardner

18 April 2019

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Eva Gardner electrifies on her gritty and uptempo lead single from her forthcoming debut solo EP.

Major Moment

Video Premiere: "Talking To Myself" (Lyric Video) by Major Moment

18 April 2019

Boston-based dynamic, yet insightful alt-rock trio Major Moment release a thoughtful lyrics video ahead of their 2nd LP.

The Harmaleighs - Photo Credit: Ruth Chapa

Video Premiere: "Sorry, I'm Busy" by The Harmaleighs

17 April 2019

Indie rock/pop/folk duo The Harmaleighs drop an engaging video for their upbeat and melodic lead single off their upcoming LP.

Deep Gold - Photo Credit: Courtney Mooney

Video Premiere: "Don't Worry" by Deep Gold

17 April 2019

Magnetic dark folk singer-songwriter Deep Gold (previously in Brooklyn band JOAN) delivers a surreal and eye-catching video directed by Nick Bazz.

Burning House - Photo Credit: Frankie Knight Photograph

Song Premiere: "Mimosa" by Burning House

16 April 2019

British alt-/psych-rock/shoegaze band Burning House delivers yet another incendiary track which comes up their highly anticipated debut LP.

An American Forrest - Photo Credit: Nicole Freshley

Video Premiere: "Rawhide" (Live at Blue Room Studio) by An American Forrest

16 April 2019

Modern cowboy/singer-songwriter Forrest Van Tuyl, as western music project An American Forrest, releases an appealing live performance video.

Pale Moon

Album Premiere: Dust of Days EP by Pale Moon

15 April 2019

Icelandic/Russian neo-psych/indie rock-pop duo Pale Moon reveal an engaging and bright debut EP and reveal some info about the record.


Song Premiere: "Double Negative" by Second Still

15 April 2019

Los Angeles post-punk/coldwave band Second Still release a restless, noir, and magnetic second single from their upcoming 2nd LP.

Diminishing Jim - Photo Credit: Sarah Pech

Album Premiere: See You Soon EP by Diminishing Jim

12 April 2019

Connecticut indie rock band Diminishing Jim drop their engaging alt-rock/melodic synth-pop EP that incorporates ’80s/‘90s music styles.

Christine Shields - Photo Credit: Jude Mooney

Video Premiere: "Animals Eat The Sky" by Christine Shields

11 April 2019

Songwriter/performer Christine Shields unwraps a surreal, dreamy video which was directed by Charles Schneider and edited by Anthony Hays.

Song Premiere: "Sleep" by Blue Glass

10 April 2019

Seattle-based Blue Glass, the music project of Michael Shunk, unveils an atmospheric and restless post-punk number that recalls the classics.

Beth Rettig - Nando Carniel Machado

Video Premiere: "The Desert" by Where We Sleep

9 April 2019

U.K. outfit Where We Sleep (AKA Beth Rettig of Blindness with contributors like Debbie Smith and Axel Ray) unveils a mesmerizing track and video.

Marty Willson-Piper - live - Photo courtesy of Marty Willson-Piper

NEWS: Marty Willson-Piper album release on vinyl with bonus tracks for Record Store Day

9 April 2019

Renowned musician Marty Willson-Piper (The Church, All About Eve, Noctorum) releases vinyl format of Hanging Out In Heaven with two bonus tracks.

Alexander Leonard Donat of Feverdreamt - Photo Credit: Alexander Leonard Donat

Song Premiere: "Saije Daije" by Feverdreamt

9 April 2019

Prolific German musician Alexander Leonard Donat (Vlimmer, WHOLE) releases mysterious and alluring music under a new moniker.

Jackson Wargo of Snowball ii - Photo Credit: Kat Bing

Video Premiere: Music You Can Hear! (teaser) by Snowball ii

8 April 2019

L.A.-based shoegaze outfit Snowball ii release a cheeky infomercial-type teaser video with a bevy of musical guests reacting to the new EP.

The Campfire Flies - Photo courtesy of The Campfire Flie

Video Premiere: "Waiting To Shine" by The Campfire Flies

8 April 2019

Acoustic folk sextet The Campfire Flies, with members from Speed The Plough, The Cucumbers, and The Thousand Pities, unveil a nostalgic video.

Ozwald - Erick Frost

Album Premiere: Sweet Delirium by ØZWALD

5 April 2019

Psych-rock ‘n’ roll duo ØZWALD (Steve Stout of Blondfire and Lost Beach, and Jason Wade of Lifehouse) drop a vibrantly lively to hazily reflective debut LP.

Faux Co - Photo Credit: Dan Jarvis

Album Premiere: Radio Silence by Faux Co

4 April 2019

Chicago-based indie psych-rock/pop band Faux Co drop their reflective to dynamic debut album via Midwest Action.


Album Premiere: Sprig by Pikefruit

3 April 2019

Seattle-based indie synth-pop duo Pikefruit bloom with an engaging and sweet debut album that is perfect for the arrival of Northern hemisphere spring.


Video Premiere: "Put Away Your Knives" by The Neville Staple Band

2 April 2019

Original Rude Boy legend Neville Staple and his wife Sugary Staple release a heartfelt video for a powerful song against knife violence.

David J - Photo Credit: Louis Rodiger

NEWS: David J takes on gun violence on 7” Record Store Day single

2 April 2019

Bauhaus and Love and Rockets co-founder David J releases a powerful call to action against gun violence for Record Store Day.

von Stroheim - Photo courtesy of von Stroheim

Album Premiere: Love? Who Gets Love? by von Stroheim

2 April 2019

Belgium-based musical trio von Stoheim unveil a mesmerizing, heavy, and atmospherically foreboding album for the doomed.

The Proper Ornaments - Photo Credit: Anna Sampson

Song Premiere: "Apologies" by The Proper Ornaments

1 April 2019

London psych-/jangle pop band The Proper Ornaments unveil a hazily reflective and hypnotic track from their upcoming third LP.

PLVNK - Photo Credit: Ashley Rhykeela

Video Premiere: "Cindy With An S" by PLVNK

1 April 2019

L.A.-based multi-genre band PLVNK release a fun storytelling video for their super-infectious and up-tempo hip-pop rocker.

Northern Noise Vol. I - Velouria Recordz

Album Premiere: Northern Noise Vol. I by Various Artists

31 March 2019

Montréal label Velouria Recordz is releasing a compilation LP featuring tracks from Province of Québec post-punk, dark/coldwave, and shoegaze acts.

Lonely Machines

Album Premiere: Gypsy by Lonely Machines

29 March 2019

Asbury Park New Wave/post-punk band Lonely Machines (with members of Mahogany, Monocle, Microfossils) unveil their debut album.

Harvey Pekar

Video Premiere: "Forever the Follow" by Harvey Pekar

28 March 2019

Cleveland hardcore punk band run through a restless, kinetic, and passionate track from their upcoming album via Steadfast Records.

Song Premiere: "Never Know Till it's Gone" by Jimbo Mathus

28 March 2019

Veteran Americana/rock musician and producer Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers) releases a reflective and heartfelt track from his upcoming LP.

EsterDrangPhotoCreditRyan Magnani

Video Premiere: "It's Too Late" by Ester Drang

27 March 2019

Veteran post-rock band Ester Drang unveil a mysterious video for an atmospheric and lush track off their recently released EP.

Kim Thompsett

Song Premiere: "Woebetide Hill" by Kim Thompsett

26 March 2019

British Celtic/folk singer-songwriter Kim Thompsett beguiles on a single from her upcoming bewitching second album.


Song Premiere: "Soul Alive" by LUCKYANDLOVE

26 March 2019

Electronic/synth-based duo LUCKYANDLOVE drop an alluringly mesmerizing and richly noir single from their upcoming second LP.

Charming Disaster - Shervin Lainez

Video Premiere: "Soft Apocalypse" by Charming Disaster

26 March 2019

Brooklyn punk-pop duo Charming Disaster release a joyful video and tuneful track about the end of the world ahead of their 3rd LP.

Dead Leaf Echo - Photo Credit: Patrice Hercay

Album Premiere: Pale Fire (reissue) by Dead Leaf Echo

25 March 2019

Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo’s atmospheric and flowing first release gets the vinyl reissue treatment by Moon Sounds Records.

The Listeners

Song Premiere: "Get Me Off Of Me" by The Listeners

25 March 2019

Brooklyn punk rock ‘n’ roll band The Listeners bash and fly through a tuneful single off their impending debut album.

The Spiral Electric - Photo Credit: Greg Gutzebahl

Album Premiere: The Spiral Electric by The Spiral Electric

22 March 2019

San Francisco heavy psych-/acid rock band The Spiral Electric drop a sprawling, yet potent and kaleidoscopic double album.

Something Is Waiting

Song Premiere: "Your Vintage Nu Rock Band" by Something Is Waiting

22 March 2019

Chicago sleaze rock band Something Is Waiting rips it like it’s MTV-nation 1989 on an caustically exhilarating track from their upcoming LP.

The Sh-Booms - Photo Credit: James Hand

Album Premiere: The Blurred Odyssey by The Sh-Booms

21 March 2019

Florida-located hotly tipped garage/soul rock outfit The Sh-Booms explode with heartfelt passion on their debut LP via Limited Fanfare.

Monnone Alone

Video Premiere: "Do it Twice" by Monnone Alone

21 March 2019

Australian indie pop band Monnone Alone (led by ex-Lucksmiths bassist Mark Monnone) drop a brisk power popper shining with vocal harmonies.

Sleepspentby Jesse Corbin Maynes

Song Premiere: "Noise" by Sleepspent

20 March 2019

El Paso-based atmospheric indie rock band Sleepspent (led by Austin North) unveil a deeply personal, dynamic, and passionate single.

The Jasmine Minks - live - Matt Jolly

Song Premiere: "Step by Step" 7" by The Jasmine Minks

19 March 2019

First band signed to Alan McGee’s Creation Records label, The Jasmine Minks are back with a captivating new 7” single.