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The Big Takeover Issue #86
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Boy Deluxe

Video Premiere: "So Slow" by Boy Deluxe

30 July 2020

LA-based electronic/dark pop duo Boy Deluxe (formerly Ever So Android) release a chill, but brooding tune with an engaging performance video.

Video Premiere: "Go Small" by Seeming

29 July 2020

Post-industrial outfit Seeming, led by New York-based Alex Reed, releases a highly relevant track/video about survival in our crisis-filled world.

Jonny Polonsky 3

Song Premiere: "You Turn Me On (Jim Sclavunos Remix)" by Jonny Polonsky

28 July 2020

LA/NYC-based veteran musician Jonny Polonsky (Puscifer, Big Nose) gets treated to a Jim Sclavunos remix of an alluring track from his recent LP.

Kat Leon of Holy Wars

NEWS: Holy Wars' vocalist Kat Leon graces new Beauty in Chaos single/video "Stranger"

28 July 2020

LA-based alternative rock collective Beauty in Chaos presents their new track/video featuring vocals by the fiery Kat Leon of Holy Wars.


Video Premiere: "Diss Track Omega" by Thomas

28 July 2020

North Carolinian and touring musician Thomas McNeely (Future Islands, Boulevards, Reese McHenry) drops a warm and wryly wistful tune/video.

Immaterial Possession

Video Premiere: "Tropical Still Life" by Immaterial Possession

27 July 2020

Dark pop/art rock band Immaterial Possession unveil a mystical and mesmerizing video for a hypnotic meditation from their upcoming album.

Even As We Speak

Album Premiere: Adelphi by Even As We Speak

24 July 2020

Renowned veteran Australian indie pop act Even As We Speak touches down with a cinematic and brooding to vibrantly shining cosmic-pop album.

The Neptunas

Song Premiere: "Secret of the Sea" by The Neptunas

23 July 2020

Veteran LA-based surf-pop/garage rock band The Neptunas resurface with a brisk and buoyant new tune from their upcoming album.

Lisa Mychols & Super 8

Video Premiere: "You & Me, Me & You" by Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8

22 July 2020

West Coast power pop artist Lisa Mychols joins up with Scottish musician Super 8 (AKA Paul Ryan) for a delightful ’60s-retro-pop/Northern Soul LP.

The Pull of Autumn - "Holiday"

Song Premiere: "Holiday" by The Pull of Autumn

21 July 2020

Pop/rock collective The Pull of Autumn, headed up by Daniel Darrow, drops a new single ahead of their next album release.


Song Premiere: "Suicide Hotline" by Glorybots

21 July 2020

Pop/rock project Glorybots (AKA Jalal Andre of indie rock band Echo Texture) launches a soaring, poignant, and life-affirming single.

Gareth Koch and Steve Kilbey

Video Premiere: "Nero" by Steve KIlbey & Gareth Koch

20 July 2020

Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Gareth Koch return within a matter of months with their second engrossing album that unearths musical history.

Thin Lear

Album Premiere: Wooden Cave by Thin Lear

17 July 2020

Matt Longo, under the moniker Thin Lear, unveils a warm, rich, and intimate chamber-pop album that revolves around life, love, death, and dreams.

Ryan and Pony

Video Premiere: "Thunderlove" by Ryan And Pony

16 July 2020

Ryan Smith (Soul Asylum) and Kathie Hixon-Smith (Hundred Flowers) of The Melismatics return as the dynamic and dear duo Ryan and Pony.

Chris Stamey et al.

Song Premiere: "It Must Be Raining Somewhere" by Chris Stamey & The Fellow Travelers (ft. Brett Harris)

16 July 2020

Renowned musician Chris Stamey (The dB’s) re-enters the jazz realm with a reflective and intimate upcoming album via Omnivore Recordings.


Video Premiere: "Self Care" by ultrviolence

15 July 2020

The usually brooding Nate Jespersen of rock/post-punk project ultrviolence delivers a mischievously uplifting video about self-care from his upcoming LP.

The Sea At Midnight

Song Premiere: "We Share The Same Stars" by The Sea At Midnight

14 July 2020

Chicago-raised, LA-based musician Vince Grant, recording as The Sea At Midnight, offers up a sweeping and heartfelt track from his upcoming LP.

The City Gates 3

NEWS: Montreal's The City Gates unleashes "Siegfried 1969" featuring Alexander Donat of Vlimmer

14 July 2020

The moody (Cold War-era-themed) single previews the post-punk/shoegaze band’s next album that will come out this fall.

Woodhead 2

Video Premiere: "Lection" by Woodhead

14 July 2020

NYC-based Woodhead, the eponymous band led by Vern Woodhead, are back with a video for a track from their upcoming album release.

Faithless Town

Video Premiere: "What I'm Dreaming Of" by Faithless Town

13 July 2020

LA-based rock band Faithless Town offer up a hopeful single and video about unity during these unsettled and divisive times.

BT 86 cover

Announcement: Issues 81-86 of and Subscriptions to Big Takeover Now Available Digitally for the First Time, at Flipsnack! (And a Word To Our Overseas Readers!)

12 July 2020

Have you wanted to read our issues online? Now you can! We are offering digital subscriptions (as well as digital copies of our five most recent back issues, plus the latest issue) in the same exact form as the normal print mag, online at Flipsnack. You can now digitally subscribe, or order any of those individual issues straight from our page at Flipsnack!

Mia Doi Todd - Gea

NEWS: Renowned singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd premieres performance video today

11 July 2020

Great Performances will stream Mia Doi Todd’s filmed solo performance of five songs. ORG Music will also be reissuing her LP Gea on August 29th.

The Dragon Berries

Album Premiere: And the Moon Turned Red EP by The Dragon Berries

10 July 2020

Austin, TX-based alt-rock band The Dragon Berries take listeners on a dynamic male-centered, genre-hopping ride on their new EP.

Drug Couple

Song Premiere: "2027" by Drug Couple

10 July 2020

Brooklyn-based music (and life) duo Drug Couple unveil their lyrically reflective, vibrant ( alt-folk/dream-rock) lead single from their upcoming EP.

So Sure

Album Premiere: Caffeine Drip EP by So Sure

9 July 2020

Brothers Sean and Brendan Kelly of A Fragile Tomorrow are joined by Kyle Polk as the compelling new alternative music entity So Sure.

Young Antiques

Video Premiere: "Goin' Home" by Young Antiques ft. Kelly Hogan

8 July 2020

Reunited Atlanta, GA-based roots rock/power pop band Young Antiques drop a pensive and heartfelt duet with Kelly Hogan (Decemberists, Neko Case).

Short Hair Domestic

Video Premiere: "A song in Latin about the importance of comfortable shoes" by Short-Haired Domestic

7 July 2020

UK-based married musicians, renowned producer Tim Friese-Greene and Lee Friese-Greene, unveil a clever video for a track from their new band.

The Wolfhounds 2

NEWS: The Wolfhounds release new album via A Turntable Friends Records

7 July 2020

The new long-play from London-based, C86/John Peel faves The Wolfhounds is a stunning album that reflects the current zeitgeist.


Video Premiere: "Jack is the Pulpit" (Lyric Video) by Figg

7 July 2020

Seattle-based indie rock/chamber pop act Figg drop an uplifting lyric video for a track off their s/t debut album (recorded 10 years ago!).

Lara Taubman

NEWS: Folk/Americana musician Lara Taubman set to release new album

7 July 2020

The NYC-based (by-way-of-Virginia) singer-songwriter recorded the lyrically sincere and insightful LP at Wolfe Island in Canada.

Brick Briscoe 2

Video Premiere: "The Blue Jean Bridge" by Brick Briscoe & The Damn Dudes

6 July 2020

Veteran musician (and radio/TV personality) Brick Briscoe (with Jono Ori and Ed Cuervo of Skunkmello) rocks out on a tuneful garage rock number.


Song Premiere: “Magic World Pt. 3 - Life” by Okuden Quartet

6 July 2020

Polish multi-instrumentalist Mat Walerian, with New York avant-jazz piano icon Matthew Shipp and others, drop a rhythmic and funky track.

The Room in the Wood - Mark Sant Angelo

Video Premiere: "The Earth Is Flat (Fool's Anthem)" by The Room in the Wood

3 July 2020

UK-based pop-rock band The Room in the Wood unleash a sharply, and rightly, pointed and socio-politically relevant song/video

Yard of Blondes

Album Premiere: Close to Home EP by Yard Of Blondes

3 July 2020

Los Angeles-based alt-rock band Yard Of Blondes release a heartfelt and dynamic performance video of their new EP while in quarantine.

Michael Ciravolo of Beauty in Chaos

NEWS: New album from alternative rock super-collective Beauty in Chaos

2 July 2020

Beauty in Chaos (helmed by Michael Ciravolo) features members of The Mission, Hate Dept, Pigface, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult on new LP.


Single Premiere: "The Point of the Point" b/w "Checked Out" by SAVAK

2 July 2020

SAVAK is back! With a blazing new single — in a most unusual format!

Josiah Wolf

Song Premiere: "The Insides Of This Side" by Josiah Wolf

1 July 2020

Multi-instrumentalist Josiah Wolf (Why?) drops an airy and atmospheric electronics and synths-based single from his upcoming solo EP.

The 65s

Video Premiere: "Keep the Lights On" by The 65's

30 June 2020

North Jersey punk-influenced rock band The 65s drop an atmospheric video for a vivid and driving one-off single via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

Bruce Sudano

Video Premiere: "Back in the Neighborhood" by Bruce Sudano

29 June 2020

Renowned veteran singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano returns with a nostalgic video for a reflective and heartfelt track off his latest record.

The Special Pillow

Album Premiere: World's Finest EP by The Special Pillow

26 June 2020

Led by Dan Cuddy (Hypnolovewheel), veteran indie band The Special Pillow commemorate their 25th year with a catchy and carefully wrought EP.

Glass Spells

Album Premiere: Mirrors EP by Glass Spells

25 June 2020

San Diego, California-based synth-/dance-pop band Glass Spells drop a sleek and sparkling EP crowned with dreamy vocals.


Album Premiere: Catastrophic Entertainment by Cocktails

25 June 2020

San Francisco-based indie power pop outfit Cocktails release a punk and rock-influenced pop album that overflows with catchy and dynamic tracks.

Jeremy Beck and Horns

Album Premiere: Take Me By The Hand EP by Jeremy Beck & The Heavy Duty Horns

25 June 2020

New York City-based vintage soul/gospel/rock band Jeremy Beck & The Heavy Duty Horns release their Southern-steeped debut EP.


Video Premiere: "Touch 9" by Caustics

24 June 2020

New experimental music group Caustics (John Dieterich of Deerhoof, w/ Josiah Wolf, Devin Hoff, and Yasi Perera) drop an eye- and ear-opening video/track.

Vlimmer 3

Song Premiere: "Falter" by Vlimmer

24 June 2020

German darkwave outfit Vlimmer (led by Alexander Leonard Donat) releases a longing reverie/rumination as part of an 18-chapter story via Blackjack Illuminist.

The Specials - Neville Staple Band

NEWS: New single "LOCKDOWN" by From The Specials - Neville Staple Band

23 June 2020

Original Rude Boy Neville Staple, along with Sugary Staple and Steve Armstrong, release a new lockdown tune with accompanying video.

A Shoreline Dream

Song premiere: "Seek To Hide" by A Shoreline Dream

23 June 2020

Colorado-based alternative/dreamgaze act A Shoreline Dream release a fiery track from their upcoming album via Latenight Weeknight Records.

Untied Ghosts - Photo credit: Rui Neto

Video Premiere: "Melodista" by United Ghosts

23 June 2020

Dream-/psych-pop band United Ghosts release psychedelic touring video for a dreamy and Orwellian track from their new album.

Easy 2 - live

Video Premiere: "Radical Innocence" by Easy

22 June 2020

Notable Swedish veterans Easy drop a trippy, graphics- and lyrics-based video for a timely opus from their recent LP on A Turntable Friend.

Danbert Nobacon

NEWS: Danbert Nobacon (ex Chumbawamba) releases a relevant single/video about climate change

22 June 2020

Danbert Nobacon (ex Chumbawamba) is joined by Kira Wood Cramer, & The Axis of Dissent on the video for a track of their new double album.