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Big Takeover #81 Fall 2017
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Kudzu 3 - photo credit Shay Rainy

Song Premiere: "No Backbone" by Kudzu

20 December 2017

Missouri post-punk/synthwave duo Kudzu releases the infectious lead single off its upcoming album on Push & Pull Records.

Blitz/Berlin; Photo Credit; Erin Leydon

Video Premiere: "The Tannhauser Gate" by Blitz/Berlin

20 December 2017

Canadian instrumental/film composition act Blitz/Berlin releases a video for an outtake originally composed for the Blade Runner 2049 campaign.

Japan Suicide photo credit Luca Sola

Video Premiere: "Circle" by Japan Suicide

19 December 2017

Italian post-punk/noise rock band Japan Suicide drops a dark and intense video for its recently released single.


Video Premiere: "Reckless Lover" (live - Escape Routes: The Sudden Sessions) by Handsome Ghost

19 December 2017

Indie pop duo Handsome Ghost unveil a live performance video as part of a stripped back session of songs from its upcoming debut album.

Jim White 1

Song Premiere: "Prisoner's Dilemma" by Jim White

18 December 2017

Veteran Southern Gothic/experimental folk artist Jim White delivers a jazz-tinged story-teller from his upcoming 6th solo album.

Vast Asteroid; Photo Credit: Julien Legay

Video Premiere: "Spacegaze" by Vast Asteroid

15 December 2017

Space/noise rock super-group Vast Asteroid unleashes an involving narrative video for an epic track off its recently released self-titled album.

TheMinnesotaChildPhotoCredit LaraAburamadan

Song Premiere: "Fireflies" by The Minnesota Child

15 December 2017

Indie folk/pop artist The Minnesota Child (AKA Ethan Buckner) delivers a sweet and warm tune from his upcoming EP.

Jeffrey Gaines Photo credit Joe Cicak

Song Premiere: "Bjorn Toulouse" by Jeffrey Gaines

14 December 2017

Long-standing singer-songwriter/guitarist Jeffrey Gaines returns with a new album in 2018 and reveals a bittersweet cut off the LP.

The Rotten Mangos

Video Premiere: "In Love With The Afternoon" by The Rotten Mangos

13 December 2017

Austin, Texas-based psychedelic rock (with a hit of pop) band The Rotten Mangos drops a fresh, retro-inspired video.

Mary And The Ram

Song Premiere: "The Dream" by Mary And The Ram

12 December 2017

British post-punk/electronic rock two-piece Mary And The Ram charges ahead with the sharply noir b-side off its upcoming single.

James Raftery

Video Premiere: "Everything" by James Raftery

12 December 2017

Electro-/synth-popper James Raftery, who once recorded as Rat Wakes Red, returns as solo artist with LP and joyous new video.


Song Premiere: "Right All The Time" by Moon Darling

11 December 2017

Seattle-based psychedelic rock band Moon Darling delivers a dreamy and fluid rumination off its intense and captivating new EP.

BT 81 - Slowdive cover

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9 December 2017

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Album Premiere: Penguin Party by Sarah Schonert

8 December 2017

Experimental multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Sarah Schonert unveils her third eclectic and involving full-length.

Joel Gion

Video Premiere: "Come To Light" by Joel Gion

7 December 2017

Psych artist (and long-standing percussionist in Brian Jonestown Massacre) Joel Gion offers a warm and laid-back song with accompanying video.


Video Premiere: "Nobody" by Kit & The Chardonnay Boys

7 December 2017

Nonchalantly saucy psych-pop/rock act Kit & The Chardonnay Boys delivers the goods on its new tune with accompanying video.

MISS+RESS; Photo Credit Stephen Yang

Video Premiere: "Nested Infinities" by MIS+RESS

6 December 2017

NYC musician Brian Wenckebach, recording as MIS+RESS, unveils a dreamy and spacey instrumental (guitar-based) reverie.


Video Premiere: "Rising Tide" by Twin Frames

6 December 2017

Ohioan bedroom pop trio Twin Frames delivers a smooth and buoyant live performance video of a number from its upcoming debut EP.

Heroes Of Toolik

Video premiere: "Quincunx" by Heroes of Toolik

5 December 2017

The latest from guitarist Arad Evans and his avant-folk ensemble does not disappoint.

MOTORCADE; Photo Credit: Jerome Brock

Song Premiere: "When The Hit Comes" by MOTORCADE

4 December 2017

Dallas, Texas-based MOTORCADE runs with a new ’80s-inflected synth single ahead of its debut album on Idol Records.

The Parson Red Heads

Song Premiere: "It's Hard For Me To Say" by The Parson Red Heads

1 December 2017

Oregon-located power pop band The Parson Red Heads reveals one of two bonus tracks off an expanded edition of its most recent album.

Grant-Lee Phillips; Photo Credit: Denise Siegel

Song Premiere: "The Wilderness" by Grant-Lee Phillips

30 November 2017

Grant Lee Buffalo frontman and solo artist Grant-Lee Phillips returns with a socially relevant second single off his upcoming 9th studio album.


Album Premiere: Glimpse EP by MOLLY

29 November 2017

Austrian duo MOLLY unveils its captivating and transporting post-rock (and post-punk/psych-rock) new EP, as well as an atmospheric concert video.


Video Premiere: "Begin To Remember" by Echo Us

29 November 2017

Echo Us (AKA Ethan Matthews) releases its 5th studio album today, as well as a reflective, yet spirited performance video.

Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers

Song Premiere: "King of Nothing" by Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers

28 November 2017

Seattle-based power pop/rock ‘n’ roll band Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers drops a honey of a single from its upcoming album.

We Are Parasols

Album Premiere: Inertia by We Are Parasols

27 November 2017

Industrial/darkwave trio We Are Parsols drops its darkly mesmerizing and dystopian second album on cassette as well as digitally.

Little Mazarn

Song Premiere: "White Fang" by Little Mazarn

27 November 2017

Lindsey Verrill, under the stage name Little Mazarn, releases a haunting folk song off her upcoming self-titled album.


Song Premiere: "Marina" by Speed the Plough

24 November 2017

Veteran New Jersey-based indie band Speed the Plough unveils a mesmerizing indie folk number from its upcoming 9th album.

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23 November 2017

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Rock Back: Stronger Than The Storm

NEWS: Patetico Releases Rock Back: Stronger Than The Storm comp to support Hurricane Victims

23 November 2017

Patetico Recordings releases massive Rock Back: Stronger Than The Storm compilation to support international hurricane victims.

BELLADONNA Photo Credit Lucilla Le Donne

Song Premiere: "Spiders of Gomorrah" by Belladonna

23 November 2017

Influential Italian rock noir band Belladonna reveals a cut from its upcoming 4th studio album that will be featured in the trailer of Nextflix series Godless.

By An Ion

Song Premiere: "Fenestra" by By An Ion

22 November 2017

LA-based electro-synth duo By An Ion delivers a shimmering and uplifting second single ahead of its upcoming EP.


Song Premiere: "The Wild One, Forever" (Tom Petty cover) by Azalia Snail

22 November 2017

Eclectic rock/pop artist Azalia Snail pays homage to Tom Petty with a song cover ahead of the release of her upcoming album.

The Racer

Video Premiere: "Spiral Staircase" by The Racer

22 November 2017

NY-based alternative/experimental band The Racer releases a slowly building, cinematic post-rocker with an image-collage video.

NEWS: SpaceFest! 2017 Music Festival in Gdansk, Poland December 1 - 2

21 November 2017

SpaceFest! 2017 psych/space rock Music Festival will transform Gdansk, Poland into East European music mecca from December 1st to 2nd.

Feverbones live Photo Credit: Brian Gray

Song Premiere: "It's Hard To Look Away" by Feverbones

21 November 2017

Texas-based indie rock band Feverbones delivers a pleasant reverie off its upcoming album on Austin Town Hall Records.

Cloud Person Photo Credit Oceanna Tout

Song Premiere: "Tread Light" (live) by Cloud Person

20 November 2017

Seattle-based indie psych-/stoner rock band Cloud Person rises high with a dynamic live single and accompanying video.


Video Premiere: "Boson of Love" by Jane Telephonda

17 November 2017

Icelandic indie rock/pop ensemble Jane Telephonda drops the title track off its new album that deals with the mystery of our existence.

autumn; Photo Credit: Craig Vanderschaegen

Album Premiere: the fall EP by autumn

16 November 2017

Long-standing alternative/goth band autumn releases a dark and dramatic 3-track teaser EP ahead of its upcoming album.

Wendy Sweetlove Photo Credit Monica Orozco

Album Premiere: Dirty Sunday by Wendy Sweetlove

16 November 2017

Soul singer and songwriter Wendy Sweetlove embarks on a solo career with the release of her soulful and enticing debut album.

Heatmap; Photo Credit: Destiny Montague

Album Premiere: Pulses by Heatmap

15 November 2017

Philadelphia/Brooklyn-based post-punk/math rock trio Heatmap release its stark, but melodic debut EP.

Squalloscope; Photo Credit: Anna Kohlweis

Album Premiere: Exoskeletons for Children by Squalloscope

14 November 2017

Visual artist, music producer, and lyrics writer Anna Kohlweis (as Squalloscope) delivers her uplifting to gut-punching 5th full-length.

LineAndCirclePhoto CreditCourtneyHalverson

Song Premiere: "Vicious Folly" by Line & Circle

13 November 2017

LA-based indie rock band Line & Circle delivers a melodic, restless, and reflective single off its lyrically incisive upcoming EP.


Song Premiere: "Happy When It Snows"/"You Trashed My Christmas" single by Seafang

10 November 2017

St. Petersburg, Florida shoegaze/indie band Seafang gets all festive on its single for the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club.


Album Premiere: Delano by Area Resident

9 November 2017

Canadian Doug Hempstead of multi-genre act Area Resident releases his captivating second album and gives track-by-track details.


Video Premiere: "I Envy Her So" by Cody Melville

8 November 2017

Veteran guitarist, songwriter, and producer Cody Melville bows a video for a track of his upcoming rock ‘n’ roll album.


Song Premiere: "Signs" by Traverse Town

8 November 2017

Boston-based alternative/synth-pop act Traverse Town drops a poppy single off its upcoming debut album.


Video Premiere: "Kiss" by Equinox and Feral Five

7 November 2017

Equinox drops a video for a single featuring indie outfit Feral Five off his upcoming electro/funk/post-punk-hued debut album.

Kristin Hersh - photo credit Peter Mellekas

NEWS: Kristin Hersh at Voices on the Hudson in NYC tonight

7 November 2017

Music icon Kristin Hersh performs tonight at City Vineyard in New York City as part of the Voices on the Hudson series.


Video Premiere: "Victoria" by Holy Tunics

6 November 2017

Brooklyn-based rock ‘n’ roll band Holy Tunics unveils a video filmed around Queens, NYC for a single off its forthcoming album.