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The Big Takeover #84
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Pere Ubu #2, Vancouver circa 1980, by Bev Davies

Pere Ubu/ David Thomas interview: "there's always a way around stupidity"

5 December 2013

The audience is there simply to observe. It doesn’t matter whether they applaud every song or at the end or at all. It has nothing to do with the music. We are not on stage for them. We are there to make music in the presence of an Observer. This is all made clear if you have a fundamental understanding of Einsteinian Relativity.

Dave Davies by Ian Heath (edited).

An Interview with Dave Davies of the Kinks

9 November 2013

Dave Davies’ lofty position in the pantheon of popular music would be secure even without the existence of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the Kinks’ extensive body of work. His upcoming tour will feature songs from new album “I Will Be Me” alongside Kinks favorites. Davies discusses family foundations, sibling rivalry, and inspiration drawn from good times and hard times.

An Interview with Jacco Gardner

29 October 2013

JACCO GARDNER: Everything that is beautiful is sad at the same time, just because it’s so beautiful. I think that’s what melancholy is. Even beautiful memories can make you feel really sad at the same time so it seems very natural to me to combine them.

DTCV: Class Clown Goes To Hilarious Heaven

23 October 2013

We speak to the always-funny James Greer about his band DTCV’s stunning new album, Hilarious Heaven.

The members of Blouse.

An Interview with Charlie Hilton of Blouse

22 October 2013

We want to suck you in and take over your body!


Through the eyes of Silkworm, filmmaker Seth Pomeroy examines 1990s indie-rock

15 October 2013

From 1987 to 2005, Silkworm made records for a small yet dedicated audience, and seemed like a good bet to continue into old age before senseless tragedy struck. With the alternative-nation era as its backdrop, Seth Pomeroy’s documentary ‘Couldn’t You Wait?’ chronicles the trio’s existence and legacy. Here, the Nashville-based director discusses filmmaking, music, and — naturally — his favorite band.

An Interview with Frankie Rose

23 September 2013

I really liked collaborating but it became really clear that I just needed to put out something on my own for sure and have as my vision. It can be more difficult and bittersweet because there’s no one to bounce ideas off of and no shared responsibility. There’s only you and there’s high risk and high rewards but it’s my name on it and it’s mine for better or for worse.

The Nature of Chelsea Wolfe

23 September 2013

Singer, songwriter and Gothstar Chelsea Wolfe talks candidly about her new album, Black Metal and S&M.

Stephan and Adam of [aftersun]

An Interview with [aftersun]

25 August 2013

Most of the melodies were made walking down the street, riding on the train, at random, and then recorded onto cell phones. You then have an idea that turns into a song skeleton and we build a shape around that. I believe that most of the best songs are written spontaneously.

Mary Donnelly, author of "Boys Don't Lie: A History of Shoes"

An Interview with Mary Donnelly, author of "Boys Don't Lie: A History of Shoes"

20 August 2013

When I began the process, I thought I’d have a 200 page manuscript by the end of that summer. Gary Klebe said, “No, this is going to be like a Shoes record. It’s going to take longer than you thought, but it’s going to be better than you thought.” He was right. Three years later, it’s a 500 page, wide-ranging consideration of the entire music industry over the last 40 years. Not what I envisioned at first, but much better.

An Interview With Loud City Songstress Julia Holter

12 August 2013

JULIA HOLTER: It’s usually pretty intuitive but it’s hard to know at one point when my brain is doing what. I change things depending on the song sometimes..there are certain things you have to do quickly like getting ideas out. You have to catch in real time what your brain is trying to get out and it’s hard to know how much of that is your thoughts and how much is actually something you are consciously figuring out

LSD and the Search for God

LSD and the Search for God continues

16 July 2013

Six years back, San Francisco’s LSD and the Search for God released a five-song EP of top-shelf shoegaze, then went quiet. Now, with a series of new singles on the horizon, singer-guitarist Andy Liszt called to discuss LSD’s past and future trips.

Doing Lines and Talking Booze With FIDLAR

29 June 2013

Zac Carper of FIDLAR talks to The Big Takeover about their new self-titled LP, getting high, and a world minus Chris Brown.

Interview With Hugh Cornwell

24 June 2013

The ex-Stranglers front-man discusses his new album Totem & Taboo, God, Arthur Lee, Jan Svankmajer, Manuel de Falla, Henry Moore and more.

John Fedowitz of Ceremony

An Interview with John Fedowitz of Ceremony

20 June 2013

I’m not into shoegaze music so much, it’s kinda boring. I want to hear a song. I think shoegaze was a great thing at one time, but now it’s all about delay and what pedals you have. I love crazy sounds and feedback, but there has to be a song.

Mark Mulcahy

A Rather Lengthy Interview with Mark Mulcahy

30 May 2013

After an 8-year hiatus, the influential “ex-singer of Miracle Legion” has overcome tragedy, revisited his roots, and redefined himself on new LP.

A Brief Conversation With Parlour Flames

29 May 2013

We have a nice, brief chat with Vinny Peculiar and Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs about their debut album, their new project, and the specter of the past.

The Stranglers Storm North America: An Interview with J.J. Burnel

28 May 2013

For the first time in 16 years, the Stranglers are returning to tour North America, where today they are releasing “Giants,” their 17th studio album. J.J. Burnel: “There are ups and downs. At the moment, we are in a very big up.”

Sanguine Hum: The Progressive Progress of Collaboration

20 May 2013

We have a chat with Matt Baber and Joff Winks of British-based Sanguine Hum, wherein we discuss the band’s recording process, their latest album, and the continuum of their friendship and musical collaborations.

Daisy House

An Interview with Doug Hammond of Daisy House

19 May 2013

Our future plans are to crush the pop world, make it bend to our will, and install Tatiana as the new un-spoilable, folk-rock, high priestess of pop.

Veronica Falls at Great Scott, Boston, MA

An Interview with Veronica Falls, Great Scott, March 7, 2013

22 April 2013

When people receive you quite well and like what you do, you can’t help but be influenced by that, and feel like you want to make something people will like. But we tried to do what we do, and make songs that we like, and not think about it too much.

The Orange Peels: The Sunny Dark Side of the Sun Moon

8 April 2013

Sunny indie-pop composer Allen Clapp’s latest album with his band The Orange Peels will shock longtime fans. We talk with Clapp about this darker direction and about taking risks with an established sound.


Cosying up to Seattle's Kinski

2 April 2013

Cosy Moments, out today, ends the space-rockers’ uncharacteristic six-year hiatus. Singer-guitarist Chris Martin explains.

Presents for Sally

A Conversation with Matt Etherton of Presents for Sally

2 April 2013

The fact that someone has taken something you have written, recorded and then taken their own time not only to listen to it, but write and tell other people means more than anything I could possibly put into words.

Anna-Lynne Williams of Lotte Kestner

An Interview with Anna-Lynne Williams of Lotte Kestner

15 March 2013

I can’t just sit around strumming a guitar for fun anymore. I can only last a few minutes. So having all these poems sitting around has helped me to finish songs more quickly, and the words are somewhat more intentional and vivid, because they were meant to be able to stand on their own.

The Ocean Blue

The Ocean Blue is Back: An Interview with David Schelzel

12 March 2013

‘90s dream-pop favorites return this month with Ultramarine, their first LP in 14 years.


Stornoway's Jon Ouin Talks 'Tales From Terra Firma'

5 March 2013

Catching up with the 4AD folk-pop outfit on the eve of their sophomore album’s release.

Absolution - The More Things Change

27 February 2013

In the late 80’s, the scene in New York City had more going on than just slam dancing and hell raising. The city was also a legitimate melting pot of kids of all races, all classes and all religions.

Joe by bev.davies

DOA calls it quits! A Joe Keithley interview

31 January 2013

When we started off playing punk rock, when I was a young man, the world was filled with warmongering, sexism, racism, greed – and it seems to me all these same things are still here. And they need fighting, they need people to rally against issues like that.

Her Vanished Grace

Going Deep with Charlie Nieland of Her Vanished Grace

28 January 2013

HVG has a weird intensity that makes it not regular pop, but also has a melodicism that is inviting. We kind of glower at you and serenade you at the same time.

The Vulnerable Boys of The Mommyheads

13 January 2013

Long-running and prolific band The Mommyheads’ latest effort is a radical, shocking departure from their long-familiar sound. Adam Elk talks about their stunning new album and what led them to making a prog-pop record.

Spotlight Kid

An Interview with Rob McCleary of Spotlight Kid

29 December 2012

It still amazes us when a support band turns up with a plectrum and a tuner and expect us to provide a full backline. We tend to tell them to get back on the tube and sort themselves out!

A Music Freak's Delight: Nardwuar and bev.davies new collaboration (a bev.davies interview)

24 December 2012

My Mom had it in her mind that (Nardwuar) was interviewing me and someone was going to be playing the tape, so she had to keep really quiet in the background… She and my son were, like, whispering and staying really quiet, and then Nardwuar goes, “TELL ME ABOUT THE NIGHT WHEN YOU WERE GOING TO PHOTOGRAPH IGGY AND HE PULLED HIS C**K OUT!” And I just went bright red.

The band Shoes

A Round Table with the Murphy brothers and Gary Klebe of Shoes

20 December 2012

The best music ingrains itself into your being and helps get us through our lives, marking milestones and watershed moments in our lives.

Bloody Knives at Beerland

A Virtual Chat with Preston Maddox of Bloody Knives

2 December 2012

All the cool modern shoegaze bands I know are punk rock people at heart, they show up on the stage to GO OFF, not to piddle with their reverb pedal and pretend to be cool.

Jason Lytle: Get Up and Go!

15 October 2012

We talk with Jason Lytle about his lovely new album, his philosophy of nature, his thoughts on touring, and what he’d like to do in the future.


An Interview with Clay Jordan of PacificUV

13 October 2012

In this day and age, everything needs to be sold with a catch phrase; if it takes more than 15 seconds or a sentence to explain, people are on to the next thing.

White Laces

White Laces - On Infinite Sustain and Songwriting

4 October 2012

White Laces sound like distant relatives of Swervedriver or Dinosaur Jr, but it’s easy to tell that right away that they are ultimately headed in a different direction, one that is unplanned and largely uncharted.

Life's Blood

Life's Blood - Us vs. Them

3 October 2012

If you’ve never heard of Life’s Blood, then here is everything you need to know. They are, first and foremost, a New York City hardcore punk band that is both fondly remembered by some and reviled by others.


Landing - On Returning to the Scene of the Crime

2 October 2012

Landing have been called many things, including ambient rock, slowcore, instrumental (even though they aren’t), shoegaze, Mormon (even though they aren’t) and even space rock, a tag which they’ve learned to embrace. All of these things have served them well in one capacity or another with different audiences since they began in the late 1990’s in Provo, Utah.

The Plastic Billionaires

The Plastic Billionaires - Reconstructing of a Modern Classic

2 October 2012

For The Plastic Billionaires second release, they undertook a monumental task. They decided to re-record Brian Eno‘s 1974 classic, Taking Tiger Mountain (by strategy) in it’s entirety.

Azure Blue: Third Time's The Charm!

24 September 2012

We talk with Swedish artist Tobias Isaksson, whose third band, Azure Blue, is a radical departure from his lovely sunshine pop of previous bands Irene and Laurel Music; his story is enhanced by the surprising commercial and critical success in Sweden and around the world.

it hugs back: a party laughing all the way to the bank

17 September 2012

Matthew Sims, leader of British band it hugs back, discusses the struggles and the hassles behind the making of their fine sophomore album, Laughing Party.

Andrew and Marc from Hammock

An Interview with Hammock, Stargazers Extraordinaire

22 August 2012

“We are both Southern born and bred. I think having that common background in the South, with all of its grandeur and undeniable flaws, pretty much permeates everything we do.”

Ray Davies by Ian Brodie

The Kinks' Ray Davies - a mini interview!

12 July 2012

Sid Vicious once got emotional about [a Kinks’] song with me in the Speakeasy Bar in London (forget which one), but I didn’t take it seriously…

SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say, by Chris Walter

SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say - an interview with band biographer Chris Walter

11 July 2012

It was like being the passenger in a stolen car piloted by reckless young men with a serious death wish, and every time I thought we were going to crash, they somehow steered around the obstacle and kept on going. Some nights I was physically and emotionally drained after writing all day, and I would lie in bed thinking about the story and wondering how they managed to keep going for so long.

Howlin Rain: Ethan Miller and the Art of Sequencing

2 July 2012

Ethan Miller, leader of San Francisco-based Howlin Rain, talks about the making of his band’s exciting new album, and the art of sequencing albums.

The Black Ryder

Aimee Nash of The Black Ryder expounds on her band's work

22 June 2012

It’s about making a monument to our imagination and trying to create something that is beyond ourselves.

Deep Cut video

Interview with Mat Flint of Deep Cut

20 June 2012

The songs are often straightforward pop songs, but they’re pop songs with a twist. I’m not saying that we’re avant garde or experimental, because we aren’t really, but I really hope that we are subversive in some way, even if it’s just subliminal.

Stevie Jackson 1

Stevie Jackson: Being Himself Completely

27 May 2012

A chat with the Belle & Sebastian guitarist about going solo, getting older, and Glasgow pride.