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Amenra: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

31 May 2019

We spoke with vocalist Colin H. Van Eeckhout about his excitement to play alongside Yob, Mark Lanegan and Black Angels at this year’s edition of Psycho Las Vegas — the first to feature his long-running post-metal collective, Amenra.

Ralph Rolle - The Beats From The Bronx

29 May 2019

Ralph Rolle the backbone of Chic speaks to Kevin Burke about his career, the people he’s worked with, and all things drums.

Hangman’s Chair: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

29 May 2019

Guitarist Julien Chanut chats about the French sludge-doom band’s collective excitement to play the States for the first time, their recent collaboration with another Psycho participant — Perturbator — and whether or not they might debut a new tune.

Truckfighters: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

28 May 2019

We recently spoke with founding guitarist Dango about the fuzz-rock band’s history with Psycho, their expectations of playing in front of their biggest crowd ever in the U.S. — and why they’ve all but given up booze.

Michael Ciravolo - Beauty In Chaos: Re-Envisioned

26 May 2019

Kevin Burke spoke to Michael Ciravolo about his project Beauty In Chaos, the music, his influences and the star-studded upcoming release Beauty Re-Envisioned

Mork: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

24 May 2019

We spoke with frontman Thomas Eriksen about how exciting it will be to play America for the first time, to see Megadeth perform and to deliver a “black mass” that will sate the ravenous appetites of devout fans.

reptaliens by James Broscheid

Invasion of the Reptaliens

24 May 2019

“There’s sadness in everything but there is also hope everywhere you look. It’s similar to how we connect the dark aspects of life with the beauty of art and music. I’m not sure if you can even really have one without the other.” – Cole Browning

Soft Kill: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

22 May 2019

We speak with Tobias Grave, frontman of the self-described “sad rock” trio, about Psycho Las Vegas’ allure — and why he’s afraid to chill with fellow Psychos and tour mates Devil Master.

Goatwhore: Psycho Las Vegas Preview

20 May 2019

Goatwhore drummer Zack Simmons geeks out over the artists he’s most excited to see at Psycho Las Vegas, what his own band has in store — and what drew him to the festival as a fan two years ago.

Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids

9 May 2019

The Get Up Kids are set to their release their sixth album, with a renewed confidence in their sound.


Paws returns with their fourth album

15 April 2019

Scottish indie rock band Paws is back to reclaim their sound with epic songs and catchy hooks.

Warm Drag

Paul Quattrone (Warm Drag, Oh Sees, !!!)

25 March 2019

Paul Quattrone discusses his love for The Bomb Squad, how it feels to step out of the drum throne in his new project Warm Drag, and why dabbling in odd time signatures can very quickly ruin an artist’s ability to be taken seriously.



7 March 2019

PUP is set to release their third album with their own record label, and they discuss the new album Morbid Stuff’s theme, dealing with life on the road and how they continue to grow as a band.

Ava Luna

Julian Fader (Ava Luna)

26 February 2019

Julian Fader talks Ava Luna’s latest record, the near-discontinuation of their tenure prior to its release, and bandmates’ influences ranging from Enya to Cornelius.

L to R: Mick Conroy, Moose, Miki Berenyi, Justin Welch of Piroshka - Photo Credit: Neil Stewart


14 December 2018

Miki Berenyi (Lush), Moose (Moose), Mick Conroy (Modern English), and Justin Welch (Elastica) unite as stellar and relevant new indie rock/dream-pop band.

CW pic by Alastair Thain

Catherine Wheel revisited - an interview with Dave Hawes

18 November 2018

“My first true punk concert was the UK Subs who came to Lowestoft in 1980. Then I saw The Damned a bunch of times from 1980 to ’82. It was just a magical time and I am so glad I grew up when I did. I don’t think kids today get that feeling from music but I hope I’m wrong.” – Dave Hawes

Pic by Anastasia Metluka

An interview with Just Mustard

7 October 2018

“We definitely don’t see ourselves as a shoegaze or a grunge band, I find those tags to be fairly meaningless, especially as those specific genres were more scenes from a time and place rather than a sonically defined music style, but we understand why we can be labelled as that.” – David Noonan

Photo by Chelsee Ivan

FRIGS - Defying Definition

23 September 2018

“Whether or not my feelings or emotions are properly translated, I always hope we can evoke some sort of feeling or reaction from our listeners (even if it’s pure hatred).” – Bria Salmena

David J - Photo Credit: Judy Lyons

David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, solo artist)

22 August 2018

David J, solo artist and renowned co-founder of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, recounts his time in Bauhaus, his upcoming world tour with Peter Murphy, the re-release of his second solo album, and much more.

A New Audience - A Conversation with Cold War Kids

22 April 2018

A conversation with frontman Nathan Willett on live shows, super fans, and a new generation of Cold War Kids.

EDEN (Jonathan Ng)

6 March 2018

A discussion with EDEN’s Jonathan Ng on touring, creating, and the ‘substance of music itself’.

Mint Field 1 by María Fernanda Mollins

Mint Field – Hecho en México

24 February 2018

“We like Spanish, we like that we can express ourselves in different ways and have a broad language to say it. Sometimes it bothers us that simply by singing in Spanish we reach this stereotype that we do not like; “Latin alternative music”. There is no such thing, it’s just music.” – Estrella Sanchez

Chad VanGaalen

Chad VanGaalen

10 January 2018

Chad VanGaalen chats about his new record, balancing the roles of father and bandleader, future artistic aspirations, and why one should never Tarboz themselves.

Conrad The Band

14 December 2017

Meet the listenable Bay Area Duo Conrad The Band

Amusement Parks On Fire: Eyes Back On The Road

7 November 2017

Nottingham-based dream-rockers Amusement Parks on Fire have returned after an unexpected seven-year hiatus, and we were able to sit down with visionary Michael Feerick to tell us where he’s been, what happened, and what’s coming next for this great, underrated band.

A Day with The Kickback

2 November 2017

Wanderings, public transit and ice cream with The Kickback

Pic by Andrew Volk

Catching Up With The Courtneys

23 October 2017

“The biggest struggle for me still seems to be convincing the average sound engineer that we are a rock band, not a vocal ensemble.” – Courtney Gavin

“One thing I can’t stand is when people describe music made by women as a consequence of their presumably limited skill and not as the outcome of deliberate artistic choices.” – Sydney Koke

Photo by Micki Rosi Richter

Lea Porcelain: An Interview With Markus Nikolaus

8 October 2017

“For some reason it can’t be explained, how to write a melancholic song – but if you write one, there is always a certain beauty, a pureness in it and the listener knows and feels, there is something very true about it. Really, a beautiful song has to be melancholic in some way, like a beautiful story always feels nostalgic too, in some way.” – Markus Nikolaus

Mark Crozer and The Rels; Photo Credit: Shawn Lynch

Mark Crozer (Mark Crozer and The Rels, The Jesus And Mary Chain, International Jetsetters)

4 September 2017

NYC-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Crozer took some time off between JAMC gigs to detail his active musical career.

Kique and Alma of The Car Crash Sisters

An Interview with Alma and Kique of The Car Crash Sisters

8 July 2017

“Many shoegaze blogs, magazines and radio stations started talking about us when our single. “Anyway” came out, and we have found out that the “shoegaze scene” is very like… brotherly, it’s like everybody knows everybody and supports everybody.”

Tim Kinsella - Joan of Arc

Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc)

7 July 2017

Tim Kinsella talks about his writing process, the decisions that go into the latest iteration of Joan of Arc’s touring setlists, and how being in a band after 20 years is becoming increasingly more manageable.

Greg Lawless of Adam Again remembers "Perfecta"

20 June 2017

Perfecta was the fifth album and unintentional swan-song by soulful alt-rock band Adam Again. The 1995 release has been long out of print, but is being prepared for high-end vinyl reissue by Lo-Fidelity Records. Guitarist Greg Lawless talks about why he believes Perfecta is even more essential than the Orange County, CA band’s avowed masterpiece Dig.

Kilbey Kennedy; Photo Credit: Martin Kennedy

Martin Kennedy (Kilbey Kennedy, All India Radio, Pray TV)

27 May 2017

Australian master soundscaper Martin Kennedy details his long-standing Kilbey Kennedy collaboration Steve Kilbey (The Church), their fantastic new album Glow and Fade, and his highly regarded downtempo/ambient music project All India Radio.


Nate Jespersen (Ultrviolence)

21 April 2017

Nate Jespersen of post-punk/darkwave Ultrviolence reveals details about the band’s resonant, restless, noir sound, his magnetic vocals and therapeutic creative process, and riveting upcoming EP.


Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog)

9 March 2017

Cristina Martinez of New York City garage/punk/blues rock legends Boss Hog (with husband Jon Spencer) reveals details about the creation of upcoming album Brood X and her NYC memories.


Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO, S T F U)

27 February 2017

Dean Garcia, the musical mastermind behind Curve (with Toni Halliday on vocals) and SPC ECO (with his daughter Rose Berlin on vocals), chats candidly about his collaborative projects, the current political/cultural climate, and his creative mindset.


Black Honey

8 February 2017

Izzy Baxter, the engaging frontwoman of UK indie rock band Black Honey, spills the latest details about the act’s ascendant trajectory.

COTE; Photo Credit: Jen Trahan


18 January 2017

Brooklyn-residing indie pop artist COTE brings her singer-songwriter chops and elegant, expressive vocals to her classic (circa 1970s) music.

Syd Arthur (Liam Magill)

20 December 2016

I had the opportunity to chat with Syd Arthur’s Liam Magill a while back. Check out some Q&A!

David Gedge of The Wedding Present; Photo Credit: The Wedding Present

David Gedge of The Wedding Present

1 December 2016

David Gedge, the renowned British veteran musician/singer-songwriter and founder of the indie rock/post-punk band The Wedding Present, is still going strong with a new double album.

We Three And The Death Rattle; Photo Credit: Paul Reno

We Three And The Death Rattle

14 November 2016

Amy Cooper and Jon Bennett of the UK-based indie/garage rock trio WTATDR dig into the details of their striking and seismic sound and upcoming second album.

Charlie Hilton by Brianne Wills

Interview with Charlie Hilton (Blouse)

12 October 2016

“I used to think that my impulse to write songs matched the very same need to write poetry or stories when I was younger. A sort of longing to abstract and simplify the disorder of emotion I felt inside.” – Charlie Hilton

Interview: Thousand Foot Whale Claw

27 September 2016

This past February, Austin’s Thousand Foot Whale Claw quietly released one of the best kosmische-laden albums of 2016. The BT spoke to Justin Goers (bass/synth/drum machine/guitar) and Adam Jones (synth/drum machine) through email about Austin, Holodeck Records and their newest album Cosmic Winds.


BREATHLESS: An Interview with Dominic Appleton, Ari Neufeld, & Gary Mundy

21 September 2016

“We wanted to be like all our favourite bands but they were so diverse that ultimately you just end up sounding like yourself, which is how it should be.” – Gary Mundy

Catching Up with Eron Bucciarelli

18 September 2016

“More people have mistaken me for Adam Levine from Maroon 5 than they have recognized me as Eron from Hawthorne Heights.” Drummer Eron Bucciarelli takes a break from touring to discuss fame, the summer of 1994 and how his band sued Victory Records.

Alex Brettin

3 September 2016
50FootWave - band

Kristin Hersh

29 August 2016

Trail-blazing independent music icon Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50FootWave, solo) reveals details about her past, present, and future in an engaging and insightful interview.

Post Death Soundtrack interview

Post Death Soundtrack

22 August 2016

Steve Moore and Jon Ireson of the atmospheric alternative rock/electronic/industrial music project Post Death Soundtrack enlighten with info about their musical history, recent album, genre-blending sound, and future plans.