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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Daniel Land of the Modern Painters

Daniel Land of the Modern Painters

14 May 2012

I generally find that intention doesn’t come into the music part of record-making all that much – you just kinda start, and then sooner or later a direction makes itself apparent, and the momentum of that carries you through to the end.

Petunia and the Vipers: Dancin' with the Fire

3 May 2012

It was easy to yodel after I heard some guy on a tape doing it in a very cool old-fashioned way. I mean, the style, the history, the nostalgia for a time different than the present, there was so much romance in the music that… learning anything musical from that era came charged with all these other feelings and sentiments.

Fan Modine: On Time, Friends, and Technology

16 April 2012

Fan Modine’s Gordon Zacharias talks about his third album, the creative process, and the life and times of the one-man studio wizard.

Anton Newcombe and Brian Jonestown Massacre: A Statement on Today's Music

9 April 2012

Mr. Newcombe drops some knowledge. We should all heed his words.

EJ Hagen and Alex White of Highspire

EJ Hagen of Highspire

8 March 2012

I quit painting many years ago to focus on music. And shoegaze / effect-based music was a natural fit for me due to the experimentation and lush beauty involved. It’s like painting for your ears.

Joey Shanks of The Blurries

27 February 2012

Everything we like about the Blurries is born from what we were doing wrong as Slider Pines. Even now, we use that band name (which is god-awful) as a reverse rally cry for doing things better, or just differently.

press photo of The Morning After Girls

A Brief Interlude with Sacha Lucashenko of The Morning After Girls

23 February 2012

Never attempt to recreate what’s already been done, where’s the thrill in that?

Dr. Dog in concert

Dr. Dog: The Show Is On The Road

18 February 2012

Dr. Dog talk about their new album, Be The Void, and touring.

Cardinal: The Legend Returns!

23 January 2012

Hot on the heels of the release of their first record in eighteen years, we are pleased to sit down with Eric Matthews and Richard Davies, who discuss the band’s past, their collaborative method, and music in general.

Still Corners: A Brief Chat with Greg Hughes

16 January 2012

In a spare moment post-conquering America, we speak to British-based Still Corners’ Greg Hughes about his band and their notable debut, Creatures of an Hour.


Heron: Upon Reflection

12 January 2012

A rare group interview with the heralded English folk group.

Engineers at Union Chapel

Mark Peters of the Engineers

6 January 2012

“I would hope that the real connection people would make with our music is a spiritual one…that lifts you to a higher mental state, and away from everyday consciousness.”

Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan: Embattered Idealism

13 December 2011

Pennsylvania’s Matthew Ryan recently released his 13th record, the poignantly affecting, I Recall Standing As Though Nothing Could Fall. He is a singer-songwriter whose craft has deepened with each release, striving to find what it is to be American, to be alive in these times.

DOA by Cindy Metherel

DOA's Joey "Shithead" Keithley on his new book, Talk-Action=0

6 December 2011

The only thing we couldn’t find was stuff from when DOA played with the Clash and a couple of things with the Ramones. But everything else I have in this endless amount of boxes of crap!

Bill Ryder-Jones: A Novel Soundtracker

14 November 2011

We have a lovely little chat with The Coral‘s former lead guitarist, Bill Ryder-Jones, on the occasion of his debut album, If….

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound: Soul Love If You Want More

7 November 2011

Chicago’s JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound have come out of nowhere and want to do nothing more than win you over with their exciting, respectful soul music. A friendly conversation with guitarist Billy Bungeroth finds him reflective on his album’s release day.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor on his new project CANT, Grizzly Bear and other musings

25 October 2011

Just from a creative stand point, to put myself out there like that was the scariest thing I’ve probably ever had to do and then to play it.


I Am Wrong: An interview with NoMeansNo's John Wright

10 October 2011
John Wright, drummer extraordinaire for Canadian jazz-punk-prog-core-blah -blah-blah legends, NoMeansNo, talks to us about touring the world, surviving the collapse of the music industry, listening to Foghat and a helluva lot more.

Jason Lytle: A Grandaddy's Reminiscence

26 September 2011

We discuss the past, the present, and the future with former Grandaddy leader, upon the release of the deluxe reissue of the band’s The Sophtware Slump.

Alan Bishop

22 September 2011

Sun City Girl/Alvarius B./Sublime Frequencies principal Alan Bishop discusses life, liberty and getting bitten by a band member.

Big Troubles: On Making the Perfect Romantic Comedy

19 September 2011

New Jersey-based indie-pop band Big Troubles discusses their great leap forward and the making of their impressive new album, Romantic Comedy.

Mercury Rev: A Conversation with Jonathan Donahue, Part II

11 September 2011

In the conclusion of our chat with Mercury Rev leader Jonathan Donahue, we discuss the infamous day All Is Dream was released, the future of his band, and the philosophy that goes into being a middle-aged musician.

Mercury Rev: A Conversation with Jonathan Donahue, Part I

5 September 2011

In this first installment, we have a nice chat with Mercury Rev’s lead singer, Jonathan Donahue, on the occasion of the deluxe reissue of the band’s groundbreaking album, Deserter’s Songs, and we discuss the bleak environment that produced an album of stunning beauty.

DYS: More Than Fashion

11 August 2011

There’s an old saying. It’s a cliché, but a true one. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you think about it in a different way, in the early ‘80s for a hardcore band and especially for a straight-edge band facing additional pressure in terms of not conforming to society’s standards on that level, it was unbelievable in terms of the odds.

Slaves of Fear: Amon Amarth’s Fredrik Andersson on Christianity versus the Vikings

11 August 2011

Obviously I think it’s a shame what Christianity did to different cultures, not only to Paganism but to cultures all over the world when they kind of pushed their religion onto everybody else by force. Their ideology is everything that Norse mythology doesn’t stand for.

William Elliott Whitmore: Giving Thanks to the Working Man

7 August 2011

Iowa-based folk musician William Elliott Whitmore has something he wants to say to you, the working-man, as he discusses his latest album, the critically-acclaimed conceptual Field Songs.

The Siddeleys

Allan Kingdom of The Siddeleys: "Jangle Pop Cult Heroes"

3 August 2011

Guitarist for short-lived ’80s indie outfit reflects on his band’s small but significant contributions to the London pop underground, 25 years later.

Sic Alps

29 July 2011

Catching up with Mike Donovan and Ty Segall of Sic Alps.

Tunnel Canary: Musical Terrorists of Olde Vancouver

28 July 2011

“There’s a spiritual underbelly here that’s basically emerging, and we’ve got to get through the shit before we can get to the flowers.”

Sublime Frequencies and Group Doueh: Hisham Mayet and Doueh interviews!

25 July 2011

“I think Doueh tries to acquiesce to what he thinks western audiences will like, and he tends to get away from the foundation of what I know he’s capable of doing, when western eyes aren’t upon him. That’s a battle I have to fight with him all the time.”

Julianna Barwick

21 July 2011

“When I think of rhythm, I think of trains going over tracks and things like that. I also like the sounds in forests—whispering kinds of sounds and birds singing.”

Photo Image: Alicia Vega

A Polite Conversation with The Wooden Birds' Andrew Kenny

20 July 2011

We have a pleasant, interesting chat with Andrew Kenny, mastermind behind The Wooden Birds, and former leader of acclaimed Texas psych band American Analog Set.

Swans by Femke van Delft

Swans: A Whirlpool of Sledgehammers, Online: a concert description and Michael Gira interview

24 June 2011

I was looking at these hipster kids on the various music websites. It’s like I was thinking about raping them and killing them, only I couldn’t figure out which one – it was sort of from the point of view of a murderer that would be stalking these fashionable youngsters.

Man Man: Life's Fantastic!

22 May 2011

We have an exciting talk with the enigmatic Man Man frontman Honus Honus as he discusses his new album, Life Fantastic, and his upcoming work with his new band, Mister Heavenly.

The Elected: Time Off Will Be Worth It

8 May 2011

We talk with Rilo Kiley and The Elected mastermind Blake Sennett on the heels of the release of his third album, Bury Me In My Rings, a record made after a nearly three year hiatus from making music.

Sarah and Jayson Benn of Shivering Timbers

Shivering Timbers: The Dark Side of Nursery Rhymes

4 May 2011

Big Takeover catches up with Akron-based husband/wife duo to discuss their twisted take on children’s music and Dan Auerbach-produced debut.

An Interview with Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls

25 April 2011

While I like a lot of experimental music, I really like the specific ways you can communicate through pop music that you can’t communicate with any other medium. I really like pure pop music. I feel most attracted to pop music made by experimental musicians just dabbling in pop music.

Blonde Redhead

Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead: The New Minimalists

5 April 2011

Big Takeover chats with Kazu Makino about their new album, skepticism and a certain song we might be hearing in the next Twilight film production.

Eat Sugar: 21st Century Brainiacs!

4 April 2011

We have a brief conversation with Cincinnati-based Eat Sugar, who talk about the recording of their latest album, ¡Levántense!, their live show, and their biggest influence.

SubtractiveLAD: The Redemptive Power of Kindred Spirits

28 March 2011

Canadian artist Stephen Hummel, better known as subtractiveLAD, talks about his latest album, Kindred, and the inspirational changes behind it.

James Blackshaw

James Blackshaw

24 March 2011

Despite having no musical training, his intensely minimal pieces are often described as spiritual, hypnotic, and beautiful. We chatted about his progression as an artist, and how he arrived at the new album, All is Falling.

Trash Can Sinatras

Frank Reader of Trashcan Sinatras: Legends of Obscurity

20 March 2011

Trashcan Sinatras lead singer Frank Reader talks about his band’s transition into middle age, the potential pitfalls of contentment, and the possibility of some TCS back catalog reissues.

A Tiny Chat with All Tiny Creatures

20 March 2011

We sit down for a brief chat with Thomas Wincek and Andrew Fitzpatrick of All Tiny Creatures.

Steve Howe of Yes

Steve Howe finds the edge

18 March 2011

Steve Howe’s career has ranged far and wide since recording a Chuck Berry cover in 1964, produced by legendary recording pioneer Joe Meek. Howe is best known as guitarist for progressive rock veterans Yes. Find out how The Libertines and Babyshambles may help to inform what is no longer just your dad’s “dinosaur rock,” and why there is fresh appreciation for the passion and meticulous craft that Howe and his bandmates deliver after four decades together.

Gerald Casale of Devo

Gerald Casale of Devo: Duty Again for the Future

28 February 2011

“Everybody’s too jaded and too stupid to be pissed off about what people are doing to them in government. People are being reamed, but they don’t care! They’re too busy with their apps!”

Cat Party

Cat Party: Heartache vs. headache

28 February 2011

Cat Party exist in the delicate space between punk and post-punk, but they’ve managed to avoid all the cliché pitfalls that have sunk the countless other bands who’ve tried to straddle this sound.

Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains

Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains)

19 February 2011

“It felt like a natural progression for me to explore and experiment with dub based ideas in my O.G’ness, but I have always been a fan of rebel music, all music.”

Music's Not For Everyone, Chain & The Gang

Chain & The Gang, Music Is Not For Everyone (K Records, Release Date 2/22/11) (conversation with Dion De Arroganto)

15 February 2011

The breakup of the USSR may also just be a way to talk about your parents divorce in drag. Just don’t underestimate the as yet anonymous female vocalists. Live, who knows? They might even induce that whirling dervish frenzy…

If Chain & The Gang’s main message was really at its deepest the Gregorian monkish spartan existence suggested in the title track, why is it so radically different from anything else on the album, an album that, on a musical level, may very well be the most seductive, populist album Ian Svenonius has yet created in over 20 years of recording and performing?

Sister Crayon photo by Eliot Lee Hazel

Terra Lopez of Sister Crayon

27 January 2011

Four kids from Sacramento are likely to be the next success story to come out of the Californian house show scene with their ethereal, contrasted and layered melodies. Sister Crayon vocalist Terra Lopez opens up about humble beginnings, dreams for the future, and her Jeff Buckley obsession.

Bison BC by Femke van Delft

Bison BC: The Good, the Bad, and the Shaggy

3 December 2010

I don’t like injustice, and cops – fuck, they got guns. I don’t like people with guns. I don’t like 22 year old cops walking around with guns – I think it’s stupid. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t think that’s political, it’s like logical, or something.