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The Big Takeover Issue #93

S.W. Lauden

S. W. Lauden is the editor of Forbidden Beat: Perspectives on Punk Drumming. He’s also the co-editor of Go All The Way: A Literary Appreciation of Power Pop and the sequel, Go Further.

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Steve’s a father, husband, writer and drummer living in LA. Instagram: @swlauden.

Interview: Brian Walsby

9 November 2023

A conversation with artist and musician Brian Walsby about his background in ’80s fanzine culture, how music fuels his art, and his recent series of power pop drawings.

'Welcome Interstate Managers' Turns 20

21 September 2023

Fountains of Wayne’s opus, Welcome Interstate Managers, gave the band their biggest hit, but legions of dedicated fans will tell you that there’s much more to this album than just “Stacy’s Mom.”

Soaking Up The Summery Guitar Pop

2 August 2023

What makes for the perfect summer road trip song? We asked modern guitar pop musicians from Hurry, Dungeon of Skeletons, Tamar Berk, The Goods, The Summertimes, The Evening Sons, and Julez and the Rollerz.

Loki's Folly—Annie Kuchenmeister Interview

21 February 2023

Three young siblings from Minneapolis who deliver an energetic mix of indie rock and punk on their debut album ‘Sisu.’

Paint Fumes—Elijah von Cramon Interview

8 February 2023

Paint Fumes frontman Elijah von Cramon talks about the pronounced new power pop direction on his band’s latest album, ‘Real Romancer.’

'Stay Teenage'—Billy Tibbals Interview

27 January 2023

There’s a whirlwind of rock and roll activity in Los Angeles these days and Billy Tibbals is among a handful of talented young musicians at the heart of the action.

The Speedways—Matt Julian Interview

30 December 2022

The Speedways frontman discusses the evolution of the band on their excellent new album ‘Talk Of The Town.’

'A Thin Thread'—Phil Yates Interview

15 December 2022

The Chicago-based singer/songwriter discusses the latest Phil Yates & the Affiliates album, Illinois’ impressive power pop roots, and influences ranging from Elvis Costello to Guided By Voices.

Scratch 'N' Sniff—The Whiffs Interview

7 December 2022

An interview with Rory Cameron and Joey Rubbish about The Whiffs’ impressive sophomore album, ‘Scratch ‘N’ Sniff.’ Plus the exclusive premiere of “Shot Thru,” the second single from the new album.

Mike Patton's Top 5 Favorite Christmas Albums

25 November 2022

Mike Patton of the ‘A Christmas Story’-themed band Ralphie’s Red Ryders and the ‘Snow In Southtown’ holiday podcast shares his five favorite Christmas albums.

'Madman in the Rain' by Dot Dash—Terry Banks Interview

18 November 2022

The Washington D.C. trio deftly combines melodic hooks, jangly guitars and angular punk energy on their seventh album.

'The Midnight Society Soundtrack'—Matt Sharp Interview

15 November 2022

A wide-ranging interview with the frontman of The Rentals. He discusses his latest soundtrack project, his collaborations with Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, his timely track “Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad,” and more.

Tony Pierce's Top 5 Favorite LA Neighborhoods

4 November 2022

‘Hear In LA’ podcast host Tony Pierce shares his five favorite Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Eric Beetner's Top 5 Favorite Classic Crime Authors

28 October 2022

Author, musician and TV/film editor Eric Beetner shares his five favorite classic crime authors.

Dazy's 'OUTOFBODY'—James Goodson Interview

25 October 2022

OUTOFBODY’ is a kaleidoscopic combination of sunny ’60s pop hooks and gritty ’90s alternative rock guitars that feels thoroughly modern.

Big Star's '#1 Record' At 50

20 October 2022

Modern power pop artists discuss the lasting influence of this mythic debut album. Featuring Dazy, 2nd Grade, Nick Frater, Uni Boys and Radio Days.

Jan Radder's Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies

5 October 2022

Jan Radder’s excellent new memoir, ‘Immature Loser Punk,’ is a coming-of-age story about a misfit kid whose life was saved by punk rock and horror movies.

2nd Grade's 'Easy Listening'—Peter Gill Interview

5 October 2022

2nd Grade’s third album, ‘Easy Listening,’ is a shining example of modern power pop at its best.

'Bleed Your Heart Out'—Kate Clover Interview

29 September 2022

Kate Clover’s album, ‘Bleed Your Heart Out,’ combines punk energy, rock and roll snarl and more than a few heart-stopping hooks.

Rob Moss's Top 5 Favorite Songs to Play in Government Issue

23 September 2022

Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin frontman shares his favorite Government Issue songs to play when he was in the band in the early ’80s.

September Boys: Uni Boys Deliver Classic Power Pop

22 September 2022

The road to creating a classic power pop album isn’t always a straight line, but Uni Boys got there with ‘Do It All Next Week’.

I Want My 'MTV'—Mo Troper Interview

16 September 2022

Portland-based singer/songwriter Mo Troper is back with his fifth solo album, ‘MTV.’

Rob Janicke's Top 5 Favorite Rock Reads

23 June 2022

‘Generation Riff’ founder Rob Janicke shares his five favorite non-fiction rock books.

James Spooner's Top 5 Favorite Black Female-/Non-Binary Fronted Punk Bands

8 June 2022

‘The High Desert’ author James Spooner shares his five favorite black female-/non-binary fronted punk bands.

Mark Palm's Top 5 Favorite Underrated Songwriters

27 May 2022

Supercrush guitarist/vocalist Mark Palm shares his five favorite underrated songwriters.

Jaret Reddick's Top 5 Favorite Stand-Up Comedians

20 May 2022

Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick shares his five favorite stand-up comedians.

Larry Jaffee's Top 5 Favorite 'Record Store Day' Releases

12 May 2022

Larry Jaffee, author of ‘Record Store Day: The Most Improbable Comeback of the 21st Century,’ shares his five favorite Record Store Day releases.

Hannah Judge's Top 5 Favorite Rilo Kiley Songs

28 April 2022

Hannah Judge of fanclubwallet shares her five favorite Rilo Kiley songs.

Ronnie Barnett's Top 5 Favorite KISS Songs

21 April 2022

The Muffs bassist Ronnie Barnett shares his five favorite KISS songs.

Jim Ruland—Top 5 Punk Books

'Corporate Rock Sucks': Jim Ruland Interview

11 April 2022

Author Jim Ruland talks about his new book ‘Corporate Rock Sucks: The Rise and Fall of SST Records.’

Hudley Flipside's Top 5 Favorite Punk Drummers

6 April 2022

An exclusive excerpt from the new book, ‘Forbidden Beat: Perspectives on Punk Drumming.’

Tim Hinely's Top 5 Favorite Venues

31 March 2022

Tim Hinely, founder of ‘Dagger’ zine and author of ‘Where The Wild Gigs Were,’ shares his five favorite venues.

U.S. Highball's Top 5 Favorite Glasgow Albums

24 March 2022

Calvin Halliday and James Hindle of U.S. Highball share their five favorite Glasgow albums.

Linus of Hollywood's Top 5 Favorite Classic Metal Albums

10 March 2022

Nerf Herder guitarist Linus of Hollywood shares his five favorite classic metal albums.

Drew Stone's Top 5 Favorite Documentaries

3 March 2022

American film director, producer, film editor, author and musician Drew Stone shares his five favorite documentary films.

Power Pop Now

24 February 2022

Mo Troper, Peter Gill of 2nd Grade and Ben Cook of Young Guv talk modern power pop and the music that inspires it.

Marissa Nadler's Top 5 Favorite Cover Songs

17 February 2022

Singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler shares her five favorite cover songs of all time.

Aaron Carnes' Top 5 Favorite '90s Ska Songs

10 February 2022

Aaron Carnes, author of ‘In Defense of Ska,’ shares his five favorite ’90s ska songs.

"You're Pretty Good For A Girl" by Lynn Perko-Truell

8 February 2022

Lynn Perko-Truell of Imperial Teen, Sister Double Happiness and The Wrecks talks about her time drumming with the (SF) Dicks in this chapter excerpt from ‘Forbidden Beat: Perspectives on Punk Drumming.’

Curt Weiss' Top 5 Favorite New York Dolls Songs

2 February 2022

Curt Weiss, author of ‘Stranded in the Jungle: Jerry Nolan’s Wild Ride,’ shares his five favorite New York Dolls songs.

Carolina Hidalgo's Top 5 Favorite Funny Punk Musicians

27 January 2022

Carolina Hidalgo, co-host of the No Dogs in Space music history podcast, shares her five favorite funny punk musicians.

Mo Troper's Top 5 Favorite Portland Albums

20 January 2022

Singer/songwriter and writer Mo Troper shares his five favorite albums from Portland, Oregon.

Ken Layne's Top 5 Favorite Mood-Setting Records for the American Desert

13 January 2022

Ken Layne, host of ‘Desert Oracle’ radio, shares five of his favorite desert albums.

Melanie Makaiwi's Top 5 Favorite Black Sabbath Songs

7 January 2022

Black Sabbitch bassist Melanie Makaiwi shares her five favorite Black Sabbath songs to perform live.

John M. Borack's Top 5 Favorite 'Get Back' Moments

29 December 2021

‘Beatles 100’ author John M. Borack shares his Top 5 favorite moments from ‘The Beatles: Get Back’

Peter Gill's Top 5 Favorite Power Pop Albums

22 December 2021

Peter Gill, front man for Philadelphia’s 2nd Grade, shares his Top 5 favorite power pop albums.

Parry Gripp's Top 5 Favorite Weird Al Songs

17 December 2021

Parry Gripp shares his Top 5 Favorite Weird Al Yankovic songs.

Absolution Is Out Of The Question

16 December 2021

Uncomfortable truths from Bob Mehr’s Replacements biography, ‘Trouble Boys,’ have created a sort of cognitive dissonance for some fans of a certain age.

Brian Walsby's Top 5 Favorite Punk Drummers

7 December 2021

Artist, cartoonist and drummer Brian Walsby shares his Top 5 favorite punk drummers.

Spike Slawson's Top 5 Favorite Panettone/Pandoro

2 December 2021

‘Tis The Season: Spike Slawson (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) shares his Top 5 Favorite Panettone/Pandoro